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Found 64 results

  1. Here is a still wip (but nearly finished ) conversion of my wurrgog prophet for my bonesplitterz army, I want to add a little more fur to the lion head to better integrate it with the rest of the pelt, have to sculpt finger to the foot, fill a little gap between the hands and the vambrace, and more or less this is all. Hope you will like
  2. GreenGoblinStudio

    Grimgor Ironhide

    My favourite model growing up as a kid! Manage to track one down, in the background are my old converted Black Orks Available for commissions www.greengoblinstudio.com

    © GreenGoblinStudio

  3. Summoning in AoS mostly involves literal "summoning", like opening portals or raising the dead. So thus many factions tend to be locked out of that mechanic (whether meta defining or not) purely for fluff reasons. However Beasts of Chaos have a very specific summoning description. They don't literally open portals and materialize daemons or spirits (well mostly, I'm sure ones involved with the chaos gods can do that). Their primal energy and violence (and poor ungors they toss into a fire) attract neighboring beasts into the fray like sharks to blood. That sounds suspiciously a lot like the power of Waaagh where more fighting and violence attracts other greenskinz. Plus this wouldn't be the first time orruks could do this, if you rolled lucky you might end up with the "Reinforcements" with Stoneklaw's Gutstompas (albeit a replacement over a destroyed unit). So should Orruks/Grots gain some sort of Waaagh Point/Level system where some effects you could gain new or replenished units? Either gaining points for particular actions, or a Turn Level system like Daughters or Deepkin. Honestly this isn't a "destruction should get summoning to stay competitive" thing, it's just that the fluff seems to back orruks and grots at using massive overwhelming numbers especially when the waaagh mentality spreads, and how BoC summoning was described.
  4. Remus Prime

    Waaaight King With Black Axe?!

    There have been many champions of Gorkamorka through the ages. Thorak was a champion during the Age of Myth, and had a suit of Sigmarite armour forged by the smiths in Azyrheim, as a show of good faith from the general to her trusted weapon. Even death couldn’t stop his rampage, swearing he would fight eternally for his allies against the forces of Chaos.
  5. What with Legions of Nagash being more-or-less an allegiance wide battletome, what say you about a similar treatment being possible for Destruction? We already have tomes for a few factions, but goblins are feeling noticeably left out at present, and a book with allegiance abilities for a themed "Gordrakks Great WAAAGH" army would revitalise the left-behind factions and provide some newer and more interesting allegiance abilities tailored to each race. Sneaky for grots, smashy for orruks and chompy/stompy for ogors. Of course this is likely wishful thinking, but an ogor warlord can dream about things other than meat right?
  6. BunkhouseBuster

    Megaboss on Maw-krusha WIP

    WIP on my Megaboss on Maw-krusha. Megaboss needs a bit more work to be finished up, and then basing will happen at some point. Not sure exactly how I want to base it right now, but it'll happen one day. Colors used on the Maw-krusha are as follows. All colors are GW colors. basecoat in Steel Legion Drab Zandri Dust for the lower belly and wings Skrag Brown for the "armored" bits of the scaly hide Mournfang Brown for the raised parts of the scaly hide Rakarth Flesh for the spines, claws, and hooves XV-88 for the leather straps Screaming Skull for the teeth Leadbelcher for the metal bits Joekaro Orange for the eyes Agrax Earthshade EVERYTHING medium drybrush of Zandru dust on everything light drybrush of Rakarth Flesh on everything, medium-heavy drybrush on wings Layer Rakarth flesh on spines, claws, and hooves again Joekaro Orange and black for the eyes. In the course of painting this, I found that Mournfang Brown and Skrag brown go together REALLY well. Without any wet blending or fancy techniques, those two colors work together right out of the pot in a warm, natural way. I'll have to remember that for any other creature I paint in this color scheme.
  7. BunkhouseBuster


    Side picture of my Maw-krusha. I based the color scheme on a species of snake native to my home state. I hope the flash on my phone's camera is not too overpowering, but the lighting in my painting room is not good for pictures, and the flash actually showed the details better.
  8. BunkhouseBuster


    Side picture of my Maw-krusha. I based the color scheme on a species of snake native to my home state. I hope the flash on my phone's camera is not too overpowering, but the lighting in my painting room is not good for pictures, and the flash actually showed the details better.
  9. Hi all I'm a slow painter but these days I found a club where I can paint at least once a week and I finally made a few progress on various mini waiting for a long time. First, my Blood Warriors from the Storm of Sigmar box. As an eternal Slaanesh follower, I converted them a bit to become Slaaneshi enslavers :
  10. DinoTitanedition

    The Redfistz

    THE REDFISTS Boz gazed over his mob of Ardboys, as they readied for the attack. Aside from the quiet clanks of armour rubbing at each others parts, the tightening of leather strappings from plated metal and the sharpening of a blade and axes here and there, there was no other sound. A sense of pride went through him as he turned around and looked down fiercely at the small army of chaos humies, knowing that his boys were the best and baddest. They`ve already spotted the orruks, as they suddenly halted to build the monument for their god, a dogfaced beast with enormous wings like a bat. Soon it would bear the face of Gork....or Mork. 'That depends on da point of view' he thought. Not that it mattered. Soon their armour would fit neatly into his own, as they too wore the colors of the Bloodtoofs, the Ironjaw tribe him and his boys were aligned with. The collection of trophies would let everyone tremble. Tremble before the wrath of the Redfists... Hello everyone, and welcome to my AOS project! I've always had something for the blackorc models and Age of Sigmar has inspired me with it's simplicity, especially because of my dwindling hobby time. I've actually played only a little so far and this year I have not played any game at all. Anyway, I wanted to do somethinh orky and I like the whole range of the Ironjawz too whilst practicing to paint the color red. So a troop of Bloodtoofs started to shape before my eye and it didn't take me long to get started. In order to keep myself motivated for a long time, I set myself some smaller goals: - build a small force for AoS28 - Paint ten Arboys for demos - completely paint the contents of the Getting Started Box - paint a unit of each orruk ironjaw unit
  11. Morghot


    Ice Klaw Klan Brute

    © Morghot

  12. Trying to decide between two 1500pt mixed destruction lists. Started with Ironjawz starter set but really want to add Fellwater Troggoths as I love the models. Just intended for casual play. Which of these lists would be more competitive, which would be more fun to play, and which would look better together? Any suggestions on swapping some units around without straying far off theme? List 1 Leaders Orruk Megaboss Gitmob Grot Shaman w/ talisman of protection Orruk Warchanter Battleline Gitmob Grots w/bows x20 Gitmob Grots w/bows x20 Units Ironfist Battalion Orruk Ardboys x10 Orruk Brutes x5 Orruk Gore Gruntas x3 Fellwater Troggoths x3 Grot Rock Lobber Grot Rock Lobber List 2 Leaders Orruk Warboss on Boar w/ choppa and shield, talisman of protection Orruk Warchanter Battleline Savage Orruks x10 Savage Orruks x10 Units Ironfist Battalion Orruk Ardboys x10 Orruk Ardboys x10 Orruk Brutes x5 Orruk Gore Gruntas x3 Orruk Boarboys x5 Fellwater Troggoths x3
  13. Geoff Ozzy

    Non-Green Orruks/Ironjaws

    I'm feeling a bit bored of Green... so I'm looking for some ideas and colors (GW or Vallejo) to do a non-green Orruk/IronJaws skin color scheme. Some of the ideas I had were doing them in an orange'ish theme or doing them in a sand-skin theme. I've attached two pictures below and was hoping for some thoughts on how to achieve these results or if anyone has any other color ideas! Thanks and I appreciate everyone reading my first Topic Post! Geoff
  14. Dr_Keenbean

    Orruk Brute

  15. Gromolog


    2k list with destruction allegiance to get rampaging destroyers Megaboss x1 140 He would be General with battletrait of bellowing tyrant would help with shooting and then brutes as the attack element! and I would be able to take 4 artifacts and havent decided what I would want to take. warchanter x1 80 take a extra one for 160 points total or 1 maniak weirdnob 100 points to add some magic instead of extra chanter. brutes x3 540 Ardboyz x1 180 Ironfist formation 60 1 savage big boss 200 3 savage arrow boyz 300 kunnin ruk 60 to shoot twice in one turn for a combo of 180 shots using them as a block of 30 1 savage big boss 100 3 savage orruks 300 for the mando battleline! brutal ruk 40 The advantage would be use the savage arrow boyz to dumb arrows into enemy units and hold objectives that they can hold with the ironjawz basically as the assaulting force to advance forward being supported by lots of bloodthirsty savage arrowboys! any critiques or other possibilities please let me know down in the comments!
  16. Denizens Of The Deep Beware straying too far from the village my child and never stay out late, For where shadows lay and the earth opens up, Nothing but darkness and death await. For there amidst the crystal, the earth and the loam, Creatures feast, upon little boys bones. Bedtime tale, popular amongst Midlander Wet Nurses - Author Unknown A Destruction army blog inspired by horror, lovecraft, Goblins and the Dark. LeadersArachnarok Spider With Grot Shaman (280)Grot Warboss (80)Orruk Warchanter (80)Orruk Warboss On Wyvern (240)UnitsMoonclan Grots x 40 (240)Moonclan Grots x 40 (240)Grot Fanatics x 6 (180)Gitmob Grots x 20 (100)Orruk Brutes x 10 (360)Orruk Brutes x 5 (180)BehemothsWar MachinesBatallionsTotal: 1980/2000 I am aiming to start my first tournament in March 2017 and I wanted to create a new army with a strong theme. I love competitive games but I find that I get drawn into that, by the fluffy side. With that in mind I have chosen to create a Destruction army using Orruks and Goblins with a rich backstory. I want them to be distinguishable from all other armies and to have bases and terrain that can aid the narrative behind the army. I have chosen to create an underground dwelling force that thrive in crystalline caves under the nation of "Midland", a fairly generic freeguild nation. They emerge from their underground homes to hunt humans as a food source and as an enslaved work force. I will be using the blog to post short stories, photos of my army, list theory crafting and battle reports. Thanks for reading.
  17. Arael

    Orruk Warlord

    The warlord for my mixed Destruction army front side
  18. Arael

    Orruk warlord

    The warlord for my mixed Destruction army back side
  19. Arael

    Orruk warlord

    The warlord for my mixer Destruction army back side
  20. Arael

    Orruk warlord

    The warlord for my mixer Destruction army front side
  21. Hi! I am a newbie to AOS and have read a few threads on this forum about different factions of orruk. It looks like no one will include warboss on wyvern in their lists. Is he good for his points? Since i have picked up a greenskinz start collecting box, I would like to have him in my list too. Also,regarding to his command ability, is it it can buff orruks only with a +1 extra attack? Which means if I have 3 weapons, I can only choose 1 weapon and add +1 attack on it? Thanks for your help!
  22. The latest Orruk releases have lured me back to AoS. Listening to the podcasts and watching battle reports has made me excited to get some games in. Now its time to start an army. I'll follow up here with more on my theme, some WIP shots, and maybe even some fiction. In the meantime here are some choppas I've been making for my 'Ardboys:
  23. Aaron Schmidt

    Mixing Destruction Units

    I've been thinking about what I wanted my Orruk army to look like. I wanted to build up a force based around one of the IronJaw battalions and then support it with some Grots to add some tactical and character color. I know this sort of thing would work with open play, but this is also legit in matched play as well so long as the primary force has enough battle line units and not too many restricted units?
  24. Morpheine

    Ironjawz: Next Purchase?

    Good Afternoon! I have been lurking these forums for a few weeks now, and enjoyed reading up on the awesome theorycrafting, battle reports, and hobby blogs you've all posted! I'm a long-time 40k player who has recently decided to take the plunge into AoS since it's finally starting to catch on in my area. I'm always absolutely enthralled by applying some nice bright green skin to my ork models, so of course I had to jump headfirst into an AoS orruk army with the release of Ironjawz. I'm hoping to compete in the Summer Global AoS campaign that's happening now, and I was hoping you guys might be able to offer some advice on the next steps towards building my army? There are a lot of Order (Sylvaneth&Sigmarine) and Chaos players at my GW store that I have to watch out for. I'm not looking to powergame, but I'm just looking for advice on how to be competitive with this game system. Models I currently own: Gordrakk 5x Brutes 15x Ardboyz One issue that I fear with the Ironjawz is their lack of ranged abilities, so I was considering grabbing a Thundertusk or the like to make up for that. I've also read mixed reviews on the other models I was considering à la: Weirdnob Shaman, Warchanter, Gore-Gruntas & Rogue Idol; and was hoping someone could let me know if they live up to their hype? I'm not committed to exclusively Ironjawz nor am I afraid to pick up Bonesplitterz, or other assorted Ogor/Grot kits. I know it's a lot to ask, but any advice you guys might be willing to give would be greatly appreciated!
  25. An open play game, played over Skype, basically using every mounted model we had available to create a Mad Max-inspired scenario. Two mounted warbands clash, with Chaos trying to drive their vital cargo through the streets of a goblin-infested city! http://woffboot.blogspot.co.uk/2016/08/mean-streets-chaos-vs-destruction.html We ended up using some fairly dodgy proxy models (since all my greenskins were on the other side of the Skype connection, but the new snow map, and accompanying scenery, were a treat to play over.