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  1. Honestly me too. The wardokks are gold being sold as iron.
  2. You make a fair point. Grab two boxes, make a max squad and four big stabbas. That leaves two spare or for base decoration
  3. Seems fair enough. I'm thinking one or two max squads depending on points to generate waaagh points. You do raise a good point and I'll wait for the new battletome before making any financial decisions
  4. So I've recently finished collecting my Ironjawz starter army and want to expand. I don't feel like buying a new battlebox for the Kruleboyz but Bonersplitterz seem a simple addition to the army. I'd be playing at 1000 to 2000 points and I was wondering if anyone could help me with what to buy and how to run it. Thanks!
  5. No clue about the new 3rd edition universal artefacts. As well as triumphs and all that. I don't really have a generals handbook Thanks!
  6. Swap Amulet of Destiny for Metalrippa's Klaw for the rend. I'll give it a go when I can. Thanks!
  7. I probably should have been more specific. I have 2 SC boxes, two brute boxes. One MK, one Foot boss and one Weirdnob. Can anyone do anything with that? Sorry
  8. Just wondering if anyone has any decent 1000 point Ironjaw lists for 3rd edition. I have all the models bar gordrakk. Not many ardboys though
  9. Anyone got some nice Ironjawz 1000 point lists I could use? I have two SC boxes, a maw krusha a box of ardboys, and a box of brutes
  10. Ok then, taking into advice and events we've moved to 1000 points for our casual battles and I've made a list for it. How effective against nurgle and ogors will this be: Plague priest on Plague Furnace Plague monks x40 Stormvermin x10 Warp Lightning Cannon x2 Alternatively I can take out the stormvermin and ten plague monks for 3 stormfiends
  11. Ok so: I'm an kinda new player and I'm currently using Ironjaws as my army. My usual list consists of: Bloodtoofs MK Warchanter Ardboys x10 Ardboys x10 Piggos x6 Ironfist Battalion Command point 1500 points But the thing is I'm a stickler for lore-accurate stuff and of course ardboys aren't real Ironjaws canonically just orruks that follow them round, so what I want is to add a squad of brutes into the army without going over the 1500 point limit my friends usually use. What do I change? Is the MK using to many points? And do I use normal brutes or Morgoks Krushas instead? (pricing stuff my budget isn't much) I also have a 2k point list I could add that I need help with if you can be bothered. Many thanks
  12. This is really appreciated but I've never really liked the Pestilens models, I was wondering more about using things like Warp Lightning Cannons and hordes of clanrats, I don't know a lot about skaven so that's why I'm asking y'all
  13. Ok so, ever since I've gotten into Warhammer I've kinda wanted to make a skaven army. But my budget for this kinda thing isn't the best so I'm wondering what would be a good 1500 point army for skaven with as little cost. I'll be fighting against khorne, nurgle, and ogors most likely
  14. Well I was thinking about doing a joint model, using a brute or a Morgok model as the 'boss and then giving it the attacks of a normal megaboss, and then attaching it to the top squiq. I'd then use it as an MK replacement for 1500 pointers
  15. Off topic and five years late but this is the best I can find, can I do a megaboss on mangler squig conversion?
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