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  1. TheWilddog

    The Painting Contract - December 2018

    Last month got away from me a bit. The holidays sucked up all my hobby time. I only got mt Abhorent Ghoul King On Zombie Dragon 80% done. So this month I am going conservative and just pledging to finish him off.
  2. TheWilddog

    Crypt Flayer into Varghulf?

    He is on a 60mm round base.
  3. TheWilddog

    Crypt Flayer into Varghulf?

    I know you were looking to use the Horror body but here is my old style Vargulf with the Flayer wings slapped on. Gives him a little more flavor.
  4. TheWilddog

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    😂The 10 Cawdor I have mocked up will join my existing 110, bringing my total Ghoul count up to 120. Sad thing is I can envision a couple of lists that could use a few more! ! ! ! 😂
  5. TheWilddog

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    Love the Cawdor Necromunda kit. Think they make the perfect Flesh Eaters, have a great deluded monk vibe.
  6. TheWilddog

    Whachu Thankful For?

    This has been a pretty good hobby year for me so I have several hobby thank: I am thankful that I have had the spare time to focus a bit more on the painting and conversion side of the hobby this year. In the past I have been a little pressed for time and always seemed to just be getting stuff done for events. This year I had a bit more time for more hobby love. I am also thankful for the interest my son has taken in the hobby. He has always been somewhat interested but this year he really dived in, painting and really getting the plastic bug. We have had many quality hobby sessions and games together, which has been great. Overall a great year and I am looking forward to what the next will bring. Bring on some Destruction love GW!!!!!!
  7. TheWilddog

    CP having more variation

    I think this would be fine and would not add too much complexity to the game. It would be interesting to see what the impact of the regrow summoning costing 2 command points would be. It still seems pretty powerful but there is definitely a higher cost. My gut tells me it would still be good but it would take some testing to get a better feel. I think this is definitely a viable way for GW to go.
  8. TheWilddog

    Flash Eaters Crusading Army Banner?

    I did a banner for my AGKoTG and liked how it came out. I also had my foot AGK carry a reliquary from the old Bret kit. The great thing about the FEC delusion is that you can craft it to represent would you want.
  9. TheWilddog

    The Painting Contract - November 2018

    Been putting in some work on my FEC Abhorrent Ghoul King on Zombie Dragon conversion. Have a lot of paint down so hope to get it done by the end of the month as pledged.
  10. TheWilddog

    Back in the game (nurgle)

    I really like the basing overall and they work really well as is. The only observation I would give is that the green dominate color composition of the bases blends into the greens of the minis a bit. I tend to like a to have my bases contrast more with my minis. Maybe add some differing color tuffs and foliage to break up the greens and yellows. Again this is a minor suggestion and overall your work is top notch. I am enjoying the pics.
  11. TheWilddog

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    Nice post and good idea to brainstorm some of our ideas here. I agree Ghouls should come down, I would say to 80 and see how it goes from there. I agree that most of the battalions need a reduction. I think this is true across most armies and is a system wide problem that they will hopefully address with this GHB. I think they need to fix the battleline issue. The fact that Horrors and Flayers are only battleline with their respective courtiers make no fluff sense and makes for awkward builds. I say just make them both battleline for FEC armies. You have precedence with Brutes in Ironjwazs having a similar situation. I think its a good perk for small range armies. It will open up more builds and if you lower Ghouls they will still be enticing as an option. As for our Allegiance abilities they are a mixed bag. The Feeding Frenzy ability is mostly useless, just way too random. It would be nice if they actually made it useable. The Delusions are great fluff and flavor wise, but honestly Crusading is soooooo much better than the rest that it's not really a choice. I would like to see the other abilities pumped up a bit to allow them to be built around as well.
  12. TheWilddog

    AoS 2 - Bonesplitterz Discussion

    @JatorI think you hit the nail on the head when you worry about the lack of calvary. Speed and movement are the name of the game in AOS and I am afraid that this list can not get the combats you want and will have the terms of battle dictated by faster armies. I personally think our best lists right now are cav heavy lists like the one that Ian Spink did well with at Facehammer. Something like this: This list really turns hard into our current strengths, our speedy cavalry units and our awesome magic. I have run something similar in some local games against good opponents and have been quite satisfied. I think the list is pretty solid.
  13. I did read it, and enjoyed it. Yes you are right that it does show some nuance among the Death lieutenants of Nagash and that is great. However, I would argue that it falls in line with the same storyline that has always followed Death, even back to the End Times narrative; all the Death lieutenants (except Arkhan) bristling and scheming under Nagash's dominance, trying some ruse to gain some small amount of independence and ultimately being brought inline to start the cycle again. I want to see some actual change. I want to see Neferata or the Carrion King (I love my FEC) finally break free and start something new outside Nagash's sphere of influence. Finally give him a real threat to dominance over Death, instead of same reoccurring narrative that sees him eventually bringing opposition to heel. I think it would just add sooo much more narrative space. Think about the situation in Order. You have Sigmar of course, but then you have Malerion and Morathi scheming and using him for their own ends. You have Alarielle, allied but aloof. The Seraphon isolated and still seemingly dedicated to the great design of a lost world. Teclis and Tyrion in the shadows up to who knows what. The Fireslayers and KO in the middle playing all sides following their own agendas. Chaos has the great game between the Gods with differing visions on what the world should be and a conflict to bring those versions of reality into existence. Destruction is also a bit monolithic and hopefully that gets addressed soon. I just think Death needs some new narrative direction and the adherence to Nagash's dominance hinders that in my mind. I love the old bag of bones but Death needs some new life in it!!!!!!
  14. I agree that Nagash's control of Death makes it distinct from the other factions but I am not sure that is a good thing. I think that Death's monolithic nature does score some metaphorical fluff points (I mean the idea of Death as a cold, universal, unifying force does hit some good thematic notes), but ultimately I just think it makes for somewhat uninteresting narrative development. Death's basic narrative is locked in the cycle of Nagash's endless plan for total domination of the living, with its formulaic sequence of plot, put plan into action and be foiled again (usually by the Skaven). I just think that the narrative could be better served by focusing on other characters with more varied motivations. I mean we have some other great characters that ooze personality. Neferata is awesome and has a style and depth that I would love to see more explored. Even Manfred has some depth with his outward facade of strength, built around an inner core of cowardice. I don't mean to come off as negative, I love Death it is my favorite faction. I just think we have fallen into a little bit of a narrative rut and need to think of ways to liven it up a bit. :)
  15. TheWilddog

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    I think Arkhan is important to the list, but I believe that our monsters are the key. As I said they are SO mobile and the fact that they summon means they bring a lot more value than they did before. That hidden value in summoning seems to be the only way our faction can compete so it makes sense that lists that maximize that value are our best option. I also just think it has a lot to do with the current meta. With the general decline in shooting, our monsters are staying on the table a little longer and we get to use our synergies more, that is very important to our army and has definitely helped. Also magic is pretty huge right now and with all the AGK with have access to being decent casters that are mobile and at least have a chance of disrupting our opponents magic phase. Arkhan obviously super charges this and takes it to another level.