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  1. Not as much progress as I wanted but the wings are done.
  2. Awesome job all around, great paint job, great fluff. A plus hobby work.
  3. This is the point I came here to make. Congrats to him for sure. Winning a 5 round event is very difficult. Lord knows I have tried and failed many times. But it takes a certain amount of luck. And I dont mean good dice rolls. Its the path to victory. Not the toughness of the opponents, because that's how A Swiss style tournament deals with that.. but the matchups. You can play great opponents, but if you have decent matchups or avoid the gristlegores, nagash, and witch aelf spam then you have that edge. For example.. I recently played in a 16? team RTT (3 round - one day) where I came in second, but my opponents average record was 1-3. I was more then happy to take the store credit, but was under no illusion that I was the second best player that day. Far from it. It sounded like he actually played some pretty rock hard lists. Rd 2 was Legion Of Nagash Sacrament list, Rd 3 was the Stormcast gun line, Rd 4 was the Beastmen new build that has won a bunch of events in the UK and Rd 5 was a standard rock hard Daughters list. Sure he did not face FEC or the new Skaven but that sounds like a pretty hard gauntlet to run.
  4. Great match on Warhammer TV today from AdeptiCon. The Arch Ghoul King himself Bill Sousa with FEC verses Tom Lyons from Warhammer Weekly with Daughters Of Khaine. DoK took a minor victory in Knife To The Heart. DoK pushed us around a little bit. I think this game shows that Morathi when play well is a big foil to FEC. The only can take 3 wounds a turn thing really neutralizes out big baddies. Overall great game from both players though, definitely worth checking it out.
  5. Just this bad boy this month. My last AGKoTG took two months but I hope to crack this one out in one.
  6. I was really intrigued by this too. It seems that there is a growing number of Soulblight rumor tidbits out there. This and the earlier graphic promotion of upcoming Battletomes with a Vamp front and center (even if it was a stock picture, its inclusion points to something). The inclusion here almost necessitates new models. If they are rolling these factions out like Kill Team boxes then what would they put in it for Vampires even if it was a an old model repack? All the individual vampires characters are finecast. I guess they could throw in some Vargheists but that seems like a copout. Will be very interested to see where this leads, I can definitely get behind some new Vamp sculpts.
  7. Just got my first Archregent done. Really enjoyed painting up this model.
  8. This guy finished off my pledge for the month.
  9. Not sure what they will end up offering, it’s part of a fantasy football team, like Blood Bowl so I doubt the selection will be that large. On thier twitter page it says the KS will go up in April.
  10. Punga Miniatures is advertising an upcoming kickstarter focused on pirate rats. Man these renders look sweet. If the sculpts turn out half as good a briny Skaven army may take to the high seas.
  11. Just tried out Scale 75 Surfer Orc Flesh and instantly fell in love. Love this vibrant turquoise color. I was working with it for shoreline water effect on some test bases but now I want to find a big project to work with it on.
  12. Really sweet work, I am looking forward to seeing this bad boy painted up.
  13. Love the Scuttleboss, really like the deep orange tones. Keep the Trogg and spider love a coming.
  14. I honestly have had the opposite reactions. As we have moved further in AOS 2 I have enjoyed the game more and more. The command point system has really shifted the resource management of the game in a direction that myself and my group really enjoys. There is of course some imbalance with older books but they seem to be ramping up to at least attempt to bring most of the factions up to AOS 2 speed within a reasonable time frame. As for mortal wounds I agree with @Requizen. I like a system that is killy, where models are flying off the table. MWs have gotten more prevalent but I much prefer their impact to grindfests that bough down turn after turn and unkillable models. The negative reception to army terrain is one don't totally get either. I love it. It adds flavor to armies and some diversity to tables. In my experience people play with far too little terrain, I am for almost anything that fills up tables. I also love the different tactical problems it presents to me as an opposing player. I love seeing how my Deepkin opponents try to stick it to me with their huge boats and trying to figure out how I am going to deal with forests popping up everywhere from my tree loving buddy. The only pain I fell here is the trouble transporting some of it around. I am not looking forward to lugging my new Gitz Shrine around.
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