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  1. TheWilddog

    Team America AoS ETC 2019

    GL to all of the team. Bill I want to see some FEC busting in some international face!!!
  2. Speaking of dice rolling. A few years ago at Gencon playing Warhammer I was paired with this guy who insisted on chucking his dice like a madman. I lost count of how many times one went flying off the table. The first couple times I admit it was entertaining but by the end of the match I was pretty done.
  3. TheWilddog

    Nagash's Muster

    Been a little distracted from my Nagash Death army but I have 2 corpse carts to finish up that are now on the top of my painting que.
  4. These two get me a little bit too. I understand occasionally having some grey or trying something new out that you do not have, but constantly having an unpainted or proxied army is a drag.
  5. As you said there tons of options out there and it really depends on your needs. I have to say that if you are looking for a storage/transport option that also has some display uses, I have a Tablewar case and love it. Holds a ton, great for transport and minis look great in it when just stored. It is pricey but I have gotten my money out of it.
  6. Yeah I have never had too much trouble with this in casual games. However, I do have one friend who does push even my limits sometimes. He constantly jumps armies and is always seeming to learn a new rule set, so he drags games out quite a bit flipping through his stuff. I along with most of the guys in the group enjoy his company so I usually just have another beer and try to chat with one of the bystanders. I could see an issue arising if it was a casual meet up game with someone I have no social stock in.
  7. TheWilddog

    The resurrection selection...

    For the story. As I said my main fondness for the miscast table was centered on the fluff. I loved the tension when I tried to cast a spell that would devastate my opponent, knowing I could nuke myself as well. I have played hundreds of Warhammer games over the years, went to and performed well at numerous tournaments, but some of the moments I remember most revolve around those old miscast tables and the stories they generated.
  8. I am normally super laid back at the table, a true beer and pretzel gamer just wanting to enjoy the game and the whole game experience. However, the one thing that really yanks my chain at the gaming table is when an opponent is eating and starts handling my miniatures. I was playing a game the other night against a guy who is a pretty good friend. One of the guys at the shop ordered pizza and my opponent grabbed a slice off him. I of course did not mind until he picked up my FEC Varghulf to remove it with his greasy mitts. I could see the grease stain on my Varghulf from across the table. He apologized and it was all good but man I can not think of something that gets to me on the table more. I will take slow play, constant cell phone interruptions , anything, just don't touch my minis!!!! What are your casual gaming pet peeves?
  9. TheWilddog

    The resurrection selection...

    I know this might not be the most popular preference, but I loved the old miscast table for magic in several of the old additions. I always loved the idea that magic was inherently dangerous and magicians were constantly tempting fate by using their powers. Also I thought it let you have some more high-end spell effects because there was always the chance your wizard got sucked down the hole to balance it out somewhat. At a basic level I sometimes find AOS magic a little bland and would like to spice it up some. I think Endless Spells were harkening back to this but they do not seem to be getting that much use.
  10. TheWilddog

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    Congrats, love to see the FEC rocking it out. How large was the field and what else did well? I looked on the FB page and could only see 40k coverage/standings. Is there a place where the AOS stuff got put out?
  11. TheWilddog

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    This!!!!!!! I have about 100 as well and still feel short. Ugh, guess I need to crank through another 20-30.
  12. TheWilddog

    Stuck on where to start

    If you are looking for smashing fun, then Ironjawz is the pick. They are probably tier 2 at best but they are absolutely a blast to play and there is rumored to be an update and release coming for them sometime next year that should help competitively. As for the start collecting factions you have, they are all good but not really in the smashing category. Nurgle is generally a grindy defensive army. Fireslayers can kill stuff but is a more horde army that clogs and controls the board. While Sylvaneth is mostly a finesse army that relies on spawning Wildwoods and movement shenanigans. Hope you have fun with AOS and smash some stuff, WAAAAAAAAAAAAGH.
  13. TheWilddog

    Whispers in the dark

    Liking the look of the army, even if it was a speed paint. What are you thinking of adding? I personally love Lady Olynder. She is both a sweet model and a mortal wound machine.
  14. TheWilddog

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    The more I play this army the more I think the attrition game is the best way to run it. Against the most competitive armies I have had the most success with huge clumps of Ghouls backed with redundant buffers mixed with a few of our big bads (AGK on ZD or AGK on TG). These are our two strengths. This version of the game is so centered on objectives and massed troops that going elite seems a tough road to me.
  15. TheWilddog

    AoS 2 - Clan Skyre Discussion

    I have a pair of Wheels and have tried them in several games. They are of course not great but I have found them useful running up the field as a glorified distraction or to grab a secluded objective. They can be somewhat fast and that shines in most Skyre lists that are pretty slow.