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  1. The Plague Monk kit is just the worst. They are a much older kit and unfortunately show their age quite a bit.
  2. Been slogging through some glow rats. First batch done.
  3. I agree it would have been too big a hit but what do you think it means for the future? Are they going to go in a new directions with Skaven conceptually or will they still stick to the clan model? Should we expect our next big model influx to be Eshin or Moulder or something in a totally new direction?
  4. Quick question for you guys. Since the tread with some of the new books seems to be to cut out a lot of the old metal and finecast models when the army gets updated to AOS 2.0 (Free cities being the big one of course and the rumors of the trimming of the Ogres line) why do you think Skaven kept so much of its older stuff? We lost a few bits here and there, the Isle Of Blood stuff and a couple of characters, but keep a lot of the really old models. Just wondering what it means for us going forward and the future of the range.
  5. Am really digging these Unmade. At the very least I am going to pick some up to convert for my FEC. These look like perfect ghouls and even though I have over 120 there is always room for more.
  6. Also big shout out to Louise Sugden for inspiration and a kickass color scheme!
  7. Thx for the feedback all. After a bit more painting I am leaning on the blue and doing my squigs in the orange/yellow.
  8. Trying to decide between these two color schemes for my grots. I like the contrast of the yellow skin tone with the blue robes but I also love the brightness of the orange. What do you all think.
  9. Thx. I was just mocking up the flesh to see how it would go with the orange. I love a little flesh tone in my orc and goblin faces, but the skin is far from done. Just trying to settle on a scheme for the cloaks as it will be the dominate color of the army. I am a little afraid the orange will not play well with my red squigs. I will probably mock up a test squig rider and see how it looks.
  10. Been testing paint schemes for my squig heavy army. Am thinking sunset orange/yellow cloaks with traditional red squigs. What are opinions on this cloak? I am going for a bright army but can’t decide if this works or not.
  11. It is almost the exact wording of the other Legions in the LoN Book. So just like in Legion of Sacrament if you take Arkan the Black he must be the general.
  12. Nope, all the fancy FEC abilities are Allegiance Abilities. The only things that work are abilities on the warscroll like summoning. It seems to work just like allies but with some minor tweaks.
  13. This Kickstarter is finally live! It is funded and ready to go. Currently ten more days to get in on some pirate rat love.
  14. Repositioned some of my spider legs and converted up some spider themed fanatics. Really enjoying hobbying on these grots.
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