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  1. From the leaks it looks like we stand pat this GHB with no point increases or decreases. Honestly, I can live with this. Some stuff probably needed to come down, like Ghouls and some of the Battalions, but I was scared to death that the AGKoTG would get put up more. I am fine as long as my flying bat monsters still get to wreck havoc on the cheap. I also think the loss of Realm Artifacts hurts us some as the AQ Brooch was soooooo good for us, but oh well, will see how it plays out.
  2. Just some Greenstuff World bricks, with some bigger plastic blocks mixed in for variety (I cut some extra Greenstuff World plastic tombstones up for these).
  3. I did not get to start on big lady O last month. I hope to crank her out along with these other screamers.
  4. Got 4 heroes and some more bed sheet battleline done this month. Chugging along at about 1100 points.
  5. @Gwendar's point reductions look good, especially the Rat Ogres. I would love to see them come down. They are such a cool and fluffy unit but they have been sitting on my shelf for all of AOS. I think the Doomwheel could come down 20, it has been gradually creeping toward playability. The Hellpit Abomination should be lower, monsters are just so underused right now. I am not sure it would be run at 200.
  6. Just finished up this month’s pledge. I got my four heroes done: a Guardian Of Souls, Knight Of Shrouds, Lord Executioner and a Spirit Of Torment. After I got those done, I cranked out 3 more Spirit Hosts and 5 more Grimghast Reapers. That brings my units up to 9 and 20 and puts me around 1100 painted points.
  7. Priming from a rattle can be a chore. First thing I would suggest is always spray a test model. Have some old junkers laying around to test on before risking your good models. The temperature range is also key, but I have found that the number one factor that causes issues is humidity. I try to never prime if the humidity is above 40 percent. I have never had an issue with a GW primer in the temperature range at low humidity. Other primers can be hit or miss. I have had cans of Army Painter work fine, and others that just seemed to be bad, that I could not get to work under any condition. As for brush priming, the Vallejo surface primers work out pretty well, however the lighter ones tend to be a bit chalky. Also I have found that brush primers just don’t adhere like rattle can primer. If you go brush primer I would suggest some extra varnish coats to seal them. Air brushing on primer is also pretty consistent and if you have the set up a great option. Though I have to say it adheres better than brush on, nothing sticks like rattle cans. Those sprays just seem to adhere the best, in my experience. Good luck, priming can be an inexact science.
  8. Great army, they look sweet.
  9. Got a good start on the pledge this week.
  10. @Lowki While, the grey coachman is nice, the blue on that Dreadblade Harrow is sexy. I would vote for that scheme for the coachman, the blue just adds that bright pop.
  11. This evening was perhaps the perfect priming weather. Corax White went on smooth as silk.
  12. Local game store had a big reopening sale today so I stopped and snagged what ghost kits they had. Good haul! Not sure I needed Spirit Hosts 7-9 but man I love those models.
  13. I get it, that is a valid concern, over complexity can kill a game. From my 40k experience most lists are geared to use 3-4 stats, so it does not get too bad. It will be interesting how they alter command points in the new 40K edition (they indicated they were altering how you generate them). It might give us an insight into possible command point changes for AOS in the future.
  14. I have loved 40k’s stratagem system and would loved to see it implemented in AOS. It would take some tweaking but I have always found the command point system too limited and constricting.
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