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  1. Looks like the Radukar's Court and Radukar are "Temporarily Out Of Stock" on the US Store within a couple hours. Man at those crazy prices how many could they have sold?
  2. I have had them pop up a few times. They have not bothered me a bit. If that is what Ben needs to do to pay for the site, I have no problem with it.
  3. Saw a similar thread on another forum and it seemed fun. It’s almost the end of the year, let’s see some good that came from this awful year. Show us your favorite model that you got painted in 2020. Here is mine.
  4. Pungua miniatures expanded their ratmen model line. Some of these new sculpts look sick.
  5. Man I fell apart this month. I had been chugging along, making great progress on my Nighthaunt, then MTG Arena finally came out on IOS and I fell back into the digital card flipping addiction hard. A few weeks later and I have now emerged from my fuzzy MTG binge and can try to finish off my Nighthaunt next month.
  6. This is what is on the plate this month, a blob of 20 Chainrasps and finish big Lady O.
  7. I fell a little short this month. Only finished these 8 banshees. Got started on big Lady O but got distracted, will finish her off next month.
  8. I think the biggest parallel is the Fireslayer battalions from White Dwarf that came out before but did not get points in the 2019 GHB. I know most of the big American TOs ended not allowing them (one of my good friends was quite salty about it). This gives me fear for our stuff.
  9. I have thought about vampirates several times and from just a model perspective I would dive into these Punga minis. Love these sculpts.
  10. I am a long time player, going all the way back to 2nd edition Warhammer, and AOS has been my favorite iteration of the game. From a gameplay perspective I love the streamlined nature of AOS rules. The rules have never been more straight forward and as someone who has been teaching people to play this game for 20 years I think that the game is the most accessible, new player friendly that it has ever been. Teaching people to play 7th and 8th edition was like forcing people to take a standardized test instead of play a game. I know that some people lament the loss of the complexity of Old Hammer but I don't miss it one bit. As for the fluff, as someone who has played the game almost since the beginning I get the connection to the Old World setting. I loved some of the places of the Old World but even I have to admit that by the end of the setting the Old World had become stale. The limited and static nature of the setting had become a detriment and limited meaningful narrative evolution. AOS has breathed new life into the lore for me by opening up the setting. I really like the new high fantasy setting and all the possibilities that it opens up. Overall, I just love where the game is at and locally my scene before the pandemic was the most active and engaged it had been in a really long time.
  11. Man I hope GW releases this thing sometime in the future. It is the one Nighthaunt model I do not have. I always keep an eye out on ebay for one but the prices have jumped up into crazy town. Last night one went for 120.00 US shipped. It is a supper cool model and I would love to snag one but I don't want to have to sell a kidney. What do you guys think? Will GW ever put this thing out in a wider release? I think there is a chance especially given that the normal Guardian Of Souls is only available in the old starter set. At some point they will have to provide another way to get a GoS.
  12. My top two are Vampire Lord On Zombie Dragon and Abhorrent Ghoul King On Terrorgheist. Both are killy, mobile and beautiful models. Love these guys so much that I have 4 all together. Honorable mention goes to the Frostlord On Stonehorn.
  13. From the leaks it looks like we stand pat this GHB with no point increases or decreases. Honestly, I can live with this. Some stuff probably needed to come down, like Ghouls and some of the Battalions, but I was scared to death that the AGKoTG would get put up more. I am fine as long as my flying bat monsters still get to wreck havoc on the cheap. I also think the loss of Realm Artifacts hurts us some as the AQ Brooch was soooooo good for us, but oh well, will see how it plays out.
  14. Just some Greenstuff World bricks, with some bigger plastic blocks mixed in for variety (I cut some extra Greenstuff World plastic tombstones up for these).
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