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Found 10 results

  1. Long time no post. This time I'm posting a classic conversion of mine, which was inspired by the old marienburg landship forgeworld used to produce. This great kit was unfortunately long out of production at the time when I started working on this army. Nonetheless I wanted to do a model which paid tribute to it, and a steam tank conversion seemed a ripe candidate (fun fact: the original fluff in WFB for the landship was that it was created as something of a crude imitation of the steam tank, which they were unable to replicate). I searched for a super-long time for a suitable base model, because I didn't want to have to build the right shape from scratch from framing (I was concerned about symmetry issues). Luckily, a visit to a prominent hobby shop lead me to finding this bandai model kit, which made for a great basic shape to form the structure of the new model. Oh, and I was working from a steam tank kit that I'd partially painted and had lying in sub-assemblies when I began working on it, hence why some of the part already have some paint on em. First things I did with it was cut back a lot of the bandai kit and then gave it a flush, flat back part with a large piece of flat plasticard. After that I added some banding and basic trim, and then I added a whole heap of plasticard to cover up the original surface of the bandai kit because the detail on it was totally out of scale for Age of Sigmar. I also played around with adding a decorative mast from some left over dreadfleet bits, but I ultimately decided against it (too much clutter imo, and there wasn't a nice mounting point anyway). All the wood texture was just done by inscribing it in with the point of a hobby knife - quite simple and effective. Here's an undershot - all the rivets were carefully sliced off the hull of a kharadron hull that I managed to get for cheap on a bits site. A dab of plastic glue and job's a good one. Here you can see it finally coming together. I made a steam tank commander from greatsword parts (I had other plans for some of the original commander parts). As you can see I've added quite a few details and decorations to break up the surface. AND complete! (At least in terms of construction, not painting of course). On this pic you can see I've added some rungs (how else does the commander get inside?) leading up to the lowered part of the upper skirting/trim. I've also added back some viewing ports from the original steam tank kit, but I had to invert them just like I inverted basically the whole shape of the tank. I also added some decorative greenstuff heraldry with a creepy deep sea creature on the trim/skirting. Hope you enjoyed this entry, I'll be adding more entries soon.
  2. Welcome one and all to the grand opening of AoS2 - IRONWELD ARSENAL DISCUSSION (or Let's Chat: Ironweld Arsenal 2.0 if you'd rather) As we move into the second edition of Age of Sigmar this thread will exist as the one-stop destination to post and read Ironweld tactics, army lists, painted and converted models, background and anything else you can think to talk about. I will be regularly updating this OP when second edition AoS is out linking to new versions of my unit breakdowns and other tactics posts for the new version of the game (in depth tactics articles to finally appear when I've played a few games of the new edition and got a handle on it!), as well as anything else interesting posted by other members of the community. You say you're new to the game, collect Stormcast, have never heard of the "Ironheld Admirals" and would like to know who they are? The Ironweld Arsenal is composed of a cherry-picked list of all coolest units from the Dwarfs and Empire, the two coolest armies from Warhammer Fantasy Battle (the little heard of rectangle-focused game that preceded Age of Sigmar). Combining da Vinci style feats of artisan engineering with an Acme-level passion for blowing things to smithereens, the Ironweld Arsenal are the armoured fist, heavy support and air force of the Free Cities. Regrettably having no batteline units of their own, the Ironweld lend their services out to any Order army with good taste, with Ironweld war machines filling the much needed battlefield niches that the other factions lack the cannonballs to fill. IRONWELD RESOUCES: (to be added to I swear) Eight Lamentations: Spear of Shadows - Excellent Ironweld-centred AoS Black Library novel by @JReynolds, giving us our closest look into the Ironweld Arsenal so far! The old Ironweld Arsenal thread - I'm not holding myself responsible if the tactics in there get you trashed in the new edition, but hey, you might get something interesting out of it. My Ironweld Arsenal wishlist 26/6/18 - Fair warning, starts out reasonable, gets weird. Cogfort weird. Melcavuk's unofficial Ironweld Arsenal Faction Expansion - tga user @Melcavuk's rather awesome (currently ongoing) project fleshing out the Ironweld Arsenal into a complete faction. Melcavuk's Ironweld hobby blog - @Melcavuk's stunningly painted and converted miniatures accompanying his Ironweld Arsenal fan project - CHECK THIS THREAD OUT NOW Big thanks to @Chris Tomlin for letting me make this thread, I look forward to keeping it updated and continuing to push the Ironweld Arsenal with the rest of the community. Battleline Organ Guns for GHB 2019!
  3. I decided to keep track of my painting on here to help motivate me by showing my progress. I got started with Stormcast around 1 1/2 to 2 years ago. Since then, I painted almost 2000 points from the Khorne v. Stormcast starter box and the start collecting box, as well as the Tempest Eye box. I also have about 800 points of Ironweld Arsenal/Dispossessed from the Tempest Eye box and solo purchases. My next project is Moonclan Grots. I have 40 grots ready to be assembled. I played Hordes and Warmachine before, but never really painted my army.
  4. I bought this one in our small local store. I literally bought every human mini in this store. So this gunmaster was one of my more early Miniatures. But I managed to paint this guy in the course of one weekend. Had the idea for the basing at work and was immediatly hyped. Started building/painting right after coming home. It`s the first mini I started to put much effort into the head. I really like the thought of him, sitting for a while behind this pile of rocks. Checking wind conditions and such. Just wating for his target to appear and make this important single shoot. It`s a pity that my dice hate me and i never had this shoot in a game. I think he turned out quit nice. Unfortunatly their is a GW base chart now and he should be on a 1" round Making a gif from the process was even an idea from work. I like making gifs. Have made some for other non hobby stuff too. I hope you folks like it too
  5. My ordinator conversion in front of his cannons!
  6. I'm a totally new Freeguild player planning for an infantry/handgun style army, and I wanted to get opinions on the artillery available. From what I've learned through searching the forum, any crewed artillery must be kept out of range of enemy ranged units or the crew will simply be gunned down. I also read a lot of comments suggesting things like the Luminark and such are better because they are self contained and have no crew to kill. I'm just curious as a new player if veterans find artillery useful and which they prefer. Also how to best protect them from things that can show up from table edges and rush them. I also noticed in the Order Errata that the Empire Cannon is still a unit (and the Mortar I assume) seperate from the dwarf cannon, and that a Gunmaster within 1" can buff it since they still have the keywords Human and Engineer. Would you recommend this combo at all?
  7. Hi guys, Starting a fresh for 2017 having come into the hobby as a total newbie in 2016. With high hopes for Steamhead release later in the year these are my provisional list plans, any suggestions and discussion for list changes and general tactica are greatly appreciated (the only caveat being that I've no expectations of winning any seriously competitive tournies with this list). 1000 points Heroes - Warden King - General Runelord Cogsmith Auric Runesmiter Infantry - 10x Warriors w/ 1H & Shield 10x Warriors w/ 2H axes 10x Thunderers 5x Hearthguard Bezerkers Warmachines - Organ gun Clocks in at 940 points, I've been toying with the idea of adding a Gryph-hound to either guard against alpha strike or run up the board to either score early points or act as a roadblock. I realised to counteract the inherently slow nature of a dwarf list I'd need an alpha striking force of my own, I toyed with the idea of hunting down some Miners on eBay but I'd like to steer clear of compendium in general as I've seen tournaments that do not allow any compendium units, and I don't feel like the Miners are capable of achieving too much even though they are a cheap option for points. The Runesmiter and HB seem like the best option for a small Fyreslayers addition, although I'm unsure on what weapons are best to take. I've thought about Auric Hearthguard instead but feel like after the initial benefit of being able to pop up and guarantee attacks in that turn with the ranged weapons they're a little lacklustre otherwise. For 2k Heroes - Warden King - General Runelord Cogsmith Auric Runesmiter Infantry - 10x Warriors w/ 1H & Shield 10x Warriors w/ 2H axes 10x Longbeards w/ 1H & Shield 10x Thunderers 30x Quarrelers 10x Hammerers 5x Hearthguard Bezerkers Warmachines - Organ gun Cannon Gyrocopter Gyrocopter This clocks in at 1980, so no room for the Gryph-hound here. I'm aware the general consensus is to take larger units than the minimum, but I feel like to field a versatile dwarf list you can't afford to flesh out any other than the quarrelers. I'm not sure how much to expect from the gyro's, I certainly can't imagine them doing much damage but it looks like they're a very cheap option to provide mobility for snagging objectives and potentially sniping weaker heroes. What are your guys thoughts and experiences with these units?
  8. Hi everyone, While browsing through the GH, I realised that aside from the nifty Dwarf copters, I have most of the units in the Ironweld Arsenal faction. I usually use a few of them to support my Freeguild with a bit of firepower, but would it be pure madness to take an army made up almost entirely of Ironweld? I realise you would require battle line units from another faction, (freeguild handgunners perhaps?), but would it be viable? Lacking real leadership with a command ability is a definite con, but with copters seizing objectives and the Artillary Detachment battalion potentially allowing some additional shots in the hero phase, it could be worth a go! What do you think? Worth a shot (pun intended), or a bit filthy?
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