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  1. Could it be something as lame as just more options of spray primer? Although that wouldn't really warrant a trailer.. My hope is a sophisticated painting app of some sort. That would really be something new and awesome.... I mean, you can get an airbrush from many different places already..
  2. Yea, the bell/grey seer is the main reason I am buying the box
  3. How good are Plague monks in a non Pestilens army? Do they have value in a mixed Skaven list? I doubt I will ever do a full on Pestilens army but will have some from the SC box
  4. any decent rumours to suggest anything for Seraphon tomorrow?
  5. I have decided not to start FEC as I originally intended and am going full on Skaven so Id like to trade my Carrion empire FEC Half for a Carrion Empire Skaven half. I am in London, UK and want to keep it UK only to save on postage. I am fine with meeting locally (or Darksphere/barhammer) if you also live in London. EDIT: I also have 3 Crypt Horrors/Flayers + 10 Ghouls from the Start Collecting box (+Warscroll Battalion rules sheet) that I can trade along with this if you have any more Skaven or Seraphon/LoN
  6. Bought Shadespire and some Skaven from @mastercrafted Packaged well, no problems, very friendly and good communication. Thanks mate.
  7. Did you follow a guide or is it straightforward and obvious? I'm doing mine tomorrow
  8. Interesting, I do not own one yet but have thought about getting one as its a great looking model.
  9. So I was thinking about picking up another Carrion Empire box to add to what I have. I will be able to make this list and it will use exactly all of my Skryre models. Is it any good? LEADERS Arch-Warlock (160) Warlock Bombardier (100) Warlock Bombardier (100) UNITS 3 x Stormfiends (260) 3 x Stormfiends (260) 3 x Stormfiends (260) WAR MACHINES Doomwheel (160) Doomwheel (160) Doomwheel (160) Warp Lightning Cannon (180) Warp Lightning Cannon (180) TOTAL: 1980/2000 or for a 1500 army, drop 2 Doomwheels and a WLC? It is kinda similar to Kirjava13 suggestion for Primes
  10. Yikes, I did a bit of looking and I thought Acolyte conversions were easier. I hope someone starts selling 3D printed conversion bits!
  11. Im am thinking of picking up a Pestilence Start Collecting box to run this 1000pt list. It will get me a Grey Seer, WLC and potentially 10 Acolytes. Arch-Warlock (160) Grey Seer (120) - General 3 x Stormfiends (260) 10 x Skryre Acolytes (120) (will convert from Plague Monks) Doomwheel (160) Warp Lightning Cannon (180) TOTAL: 1000 eventually I will use my Clawlord + x20 Stormvermin and buy x40 Clan Rats but for now I was thinking of trying out a Skryre army. EDIT: I am thinking of getting Carrion Empire and can then build this 1500 point army Arch-Warlock (160) Warlock Bombardier (100) Grey Seer (120) - General 3 x Stormfiends (260) 3 x Stormfiends (260) 5 x Skryre Acolytes (60) Doomwheel (160) Warp Lightning Cannon (180) Warp Lightning Cannon (180) TOTAL: 1480 or Arch-Warlock (160) Warlock Bombardier (100) Grey Seer on Screaming Bell (200) - General 3 x Stormfiends (260) 3 x Stormfiends (260) 10 x Skryre Acolytes (60) Doomwheel (160) Warp Lightning Cannon (180) TOTAL: 1440 EDIT: Should I post this in the Skryre thread? Or is this the main thread now?
  12. Yea, tbh I don't get it either... I'm trying really hard to though!
  13. Wow, well this is exciting! Any point in getting Carrion empire vs more Start Collecting boxes (more dragons)? If I am to start a FEC army now would it be better to go x2 FEC SC or 1 FEC SC and Carrion Empire?
  14. Which of these would be good to start of with? ATM I haven't read anything about skaven but am interested.
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