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About this blog

A blog for my nautical cities of sigmar army.


Entries in this blog


The Krakenmund Steam Tank

Long time no post. This time I'm posting a classic conversion of mine, which was inspired by the old marienburg landship forgeworld used to produce. This great kit was unfortunately long out of production at the time when I started working on this army. Nonetheless I wanted to do a model which paid tribute to it, and a steam tank conversion seemed a ripe candidate (fun fact: the original fluff in WFB for the landship was that it was created as something of a crude imitation of the steam

The Sea Witch

One of my conversions for my city of Krakenmund. I always wanted to have a monstrous mermaid-like creature in the army but I'd originally planned to base it on the DoK melusai kit. Instead I realised I had a nurgle nightmare hulk from the gellerpox infected side of the rogue trade kill team box, which had a wonderful tentacled arm. Combined with the top half of a sorceress and some other bits and greenstuff and we get the Sea Witch of Krakenmund.



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