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  1. Well, in my opinion there are plenty of synergies found on the warscrolls of most StD units. You already named Chaos Lord. Chaos Sorcerer Lord comes to mind, too. Some of the mounted characters offer buffs for cavalry. Archaon buffing Varanguard also works. And that´s just from memory. If you run a list full of StD units in one of the God-themed armies you almost get a second layer of synergy. Sounds good. Go for it. Since the release of Battletome DoT I have been thinking about an all mounted StD army under Tzeentch allegiance, but I couldn´t find some list I like the look of right now.
  2. Bullgors or Varanguard? Hi all, just wanted to get your opinion on wether to run Bullgors or Varanguard. I want to field a rather low model count, somewhat elitish army that basically consists of Flamers, Exalted Flamers and either Bullgors (phantasmagoria of fate battalion) or Varanguard (maybe the Varanguard battalion, I´m not sure yet). Reasons are I love these models. Though I´m currently not able to decide wether to run Bullgors or Varanguard. That´s why I like to know your opinions here. I´m leaning more towards Bullgors, but they do not really scale, meaning I´m not able to field Bullgors + battalion in smaller games. This has to be a 2000 pts list. On the other hand, Varanguard offer Tzeentch keyword on their warscroll, meaning I can run them even in the smallest games. Or should I get a unit of Varanguard for smaller games and build a 2000pts force based Bullgors? So many decisions... Any advice you like to share? Thanks in advance
  3. I don´t see a problem here. It´s a unit that took 11 wounds, therefore the modifier is 11. Why do you ask that question?
  4. That or Kairic Acolytes as Battleline. These would give you higher numbers. Flamers seem to be the definition of a glas cannon with their 20 pts per wound on a 5+ save.
  5. Hi, just a short question: I read somewhere that Flamers can be battleline now. Which of the Covens offer that rule? Can this be combined with the Changehost Battalion?
  6. Why don´t you just run Depraved Battalion full of Minotaur–alikes in Slaanesh Allegiance? Underwhelming + overpowered = nice to play? At least it´s the route I´m going to go now...
  7. In addition: have a look at the Bloodstoker warscroll! As I read it, it also buffs the steeds...
  8. Hi all, I´ve got a lot of these models lying around: https://www.games-workshop.com/de-DE/Goblin-Warriors-2018 Do you think they would be a good count-as for Nurgle Marauders? Just slap some shields on them (maybe the ones from Ungors) and you´re good to go? Unfortunately they are rather small compared to the original Marauders but they are on the same 25 mm base...
  9. This post seems to consist of some good advice, though it is almost impossible to follow because of those abbreviations. Do you really think every person knows every single abbreviation?
  10. I can hardly decide between Blood Sisters (the half-snakes of Daughters of Khaine) and Gloomspite Troggoths. I like both model ranges and both are rather elitish with some interesting support units. What would you choose and why?
  11. Thanks for all the replies concerning Blood Sisters! If I´d like to include one of the "horde" units of Daughters of Khaine, what should it be? Witch Elves or Sisters of Slaughter? And one more question: I can hardly decide between Blood Sisters and Gloomspite Troggoths. I like both model ranges and both are rather elitish with some interesting support units. What would you choose and why?
  12. I go to tournaments with lists / armies I like due to a certain aspect. This might be theme or nicely painted models or background stories or... Once there, I like to give my best and try to finish as high as possible. If I was a tounament player who plays to win tournaments, I would go that exact same route as posted somewhere above: I´d buy a meta dominating army and pay for it to be painted. Simply because there is no other reason to get that army but winning games. There is nothing that would interest me besides the models are needed to play the game. I did this playing Warmachine/Hordes. HTG
  13. He is faster, better protected and after summoning his dudes he has earned back his points. What´s not to love?
  14. Hi all, short question: What about the half-snakes of Daughters of Khaine? I like the models and the fact that you can build an army with these as battleline is really interesting, though I´ve never seen anyone playing them nor did I see a tournament list in which the snake–ladies appear. Therefore: 1) Are they any good? 2) What about an army consting of these snake-ladies? Is it well suited to be played in casual games and local store tournaments? Thanks in advance HTG
  15. Hi all, I´m pretty excited about that release, though I wonder about the missing high rend attacks. Can´t see how this army is able to reliably slay the foe (think about Bonereapers with reroll saves for example). Well one question: Chariots for example are battleline in a SLAVES TO DARKNESS army. On the other hand you can build an army that is all NURGLE and SLAVES TO DARKNESS. That army could be run with NURGLE Allegiance. Would Chariots be battleline in auch an army, because the army is a NURGLE, SLAVES TO DARKNESS army? Same aplies to Tzeentch, Khorne and Slaanesh. If that´s possible I think you could get a pretty good NURGLE army.
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