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  1. It´s pretty much the same as in 40k to be honest: Nurgle defend objectives while other parts of your army go for the kill. Nurgle units are resilient, but they lack true killing power. That is especially true when it comes to battleline units. I guess that you can still have lots of fun playing Nurgle and that there are still new things to try. Nurgle is not only all of Maggotkin, it´s also every single Daemon that may have the mark of Nurgle as well as every single Slaves to Darkness unit that is allowed to bear the Nurgle keyword as well as all of Skaven´s Clan Pestilens!
  2. Do Cypher Lords really come with 28 mm bases (one of 3 base sizes included)? I wanted to use the AoS shattered bases...
  3. I think it works exactly that way. Essentially you´re trading 2 activations for one activation later in the turn. That way you can get the chance to react to some of your opponents actions which might be a huge boon! For example: hold one fighter back to capture taht treasure marker...
  4. Will post pictures soon. EDIT:
  5. Hi all, just thinking about Gloomspite a second time. Because I think that the mounted squigs are a bit over the top against new players, what is your opinion on the following list? Dagger: 3 Shootas (195) Shield: Boss, Herda, 2 Squigs (475) Hammer: Herda, 2 Squigs (325) --- 995 points
  6. Hi all, just got my copy of Shattered Stormvault terrain set for Warcry and while it is one great deal, there seems to be some flaws: 1) 12 out of the 36 terrain cards included need the core set terrain to build the battlefield shown. 2) some of the victory condition cards in the core set force you to put a marker on a platform at least 3" above the ground which Shattered Stormvault terrain set just doesn´t offer. It seems to me that this is the same with the Mausoleum set. Well, there are simple soulutions to both flaws, but nevertheless it seems that GW either wants to sell the core set or they didn´t notice these flaws. Besides these problems the Shattered Stormvault terrain set is a pretty good deal I highly recommend to you! In fact, I will get a second (maybe a third) in short time just to build battlefields for AoS and 40k too.
  7. I´d like to get two sets of untamed beasts just so I can run different warbands. I like that spear throwing guy and the wild cat and therefore I´d like to have 2 of each. On the other hand, with 55 points for the least expensive trooper you can also try to run swarm tactics... The above call for godsworn hunt warband from shadespire is also a good one. Lots of conversion possibilities...
  8. If I remember correctly, in M2E you could only count on outactivating with one model. You were allowed to skip a certain number of activations if you were fielding less models. M1E didn´t have such a rule as well as offered an unlimited number of chain activations which made shooty alpha strikes pretty lethal in the right cicumstances. This was addressed by M2E.
  9. Ok, to point out why I don´t think Warcry can be seen as a competetive game: Any serious tabletop with small number of models that uses the "I go – you go" mechanic of any kind has some rules to prevent that the player with more bodies on the table certainly gets the last activation(s) in a round. That is called "to out-activate your opponent" and means that you can savely hold back your strong fighters to activate them last while your opponent is not able to react. Such a rule is NOT EXISTANT in Warcry and therefore I think Warcry in the current state will never be competetive. Out activation is just too huge. The question wether the dice are too meaningful or not is just not relevant IMO as long as out-activation exists. (Note: I do know that you can just activate a fighter and let him "wait" (don´t know the engish word for that rule where a fighter waits to reactivated later), but you loos activations doing so and so might your opponent react.)
  10. You´re right, but I just wanted to point out that not each and every tabletop should be rated based on competetive playstyle. I think Warcry is not created for competetive games.
  11. Yes, yesterday I noticed the same. The mounted squigs (Hoppas or Boingrots) don´t seem te be matched by any of the Warcry "original" warbands. It´s a shame. These guys are truly terrifying with their high speed, high strenght, high number of attacks and lifepoints. Can´t say that I see any kind of balancing here. Had a similar setup yesterday: Dagger: 3 Shootas (195) Shield: Herda, 2 Squigs (325) Hammer: Squig Hoppa Chief, Squig Hoppa (450) --- 970 Had a blast plaing that list. I didn´t want to go too heavy on the leader therefore I refused to run a Boingrot Chief, but in a more serious set up (yesterday I demoed the game to someone) I´d run a Boingrot Chief. Best thing out of that warband: you can build it out of the Zarbag´s Gits box with the addition of a Hoppas Box (maybe just sell the spare parts) and overall it´s easy to transport, meaning in a small carrying case you can store the models for two great games: Shadespire and Warcry. Absolutely love it!
  12. The unpredictable results is one thing that thrills me regarding Warcry. In fact IMO it is the reason why this game is a GAME and not a competition. Look at it as if it were a board game. You need less than an hour to play the game, therefore you can play several games per evening. Who cares about prediction if each player coincidencely wins some of these? The "need" for "competition" somewhat decreased the fun playing tabletop games for me. I highly enjoy all of these random happenings in Warcry. For me it´s more like a story told by the dice than any kind of player based competition.
  13. Thanks for that deep inside! Great read.
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