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  1. Do you need them to be battleline?
  2. Thanks all for your great advice. In fact speaking of cavalry I meant "mounted" ie it could be any kind of mounted force. That being said based on your answers a lot of options came to mind. Thanks you!
  3. Hi all, just wanted to know wether there is a well working all cavalry army out there. I´ve never seen one, though I´ve seen plenty of cavalry units in mixed armies. But to be honest, they all didn´t work that well. IMO the lack body count as well as damage output the turn after their charge. But I do not know every single cavalry unit out there. The reason I ask this question: I´ve never run a cavalry army and I thought this might be a good project. So what´s your opinion on this topic? Can it be done?
  4. I can´t give you any meta-insights, but it seems to me that your collection is a good base for a DoT army. Things you should consider: - which coven do you like to play? Eternal Conflaguration seems to be out of the equotion, but you can run any one of the other 3. Just look at the boni you will get. - Tzaangors (either on foot or disc) are still some pretty good melee units and the Skyfires can still be used for character sniping due to destiny dice. - I think you should decide wether to field the pink horrors right from the beginning or to invest in 1-2 Gaunt Summoners who can summon them in you first turn. - Chaos Warhounds which you can ally in are extremely good screening troops. I do not understand why nobody seems to use them. Their footprint is way larger than every screening unit DoT can field, they are faster and auto–run 6". For a mere 30 points more than an equal amount of Brimstones. - To find the right balance between melee and shooting/magic always was/is the real challange when it comes down to list building with DoT. Although our melee units are good and there are some melee centric agandas right now, DoT is not a melee army. On the other hand you can hardly avoid melee therefore you need something that will help you win combats.
  5. You could use the lower part of a Soulgrinder / Defiler and make it more like a mechanical spider. Or the Gloomspite Gitz Big Spider.
  6. A City of Sigmar army with some Stormcast Eternals and/or Kharadrons will give you some good shooting options. Or you can go full Stormcast Eternals (ie "Shootcast").
  7. Sounds good. That´s the stuff I´m looking for...
  8. Is this you color scheme for the whole army? Outstanding! Totally stoked by it.
  9. Right now I even lack the battletome. I asked just because I wanted to know if it´s any good before I go and get some stuff.
  10. A bray shaman speeds up all your Brayherd units, though that is minor benefit if you like to run warherd units. In addition a bray shaman is able to cast a lot of good endless spells like the taurus.
  11. Yesterday I noticed that there is something about the Rogue Idol, at least it´s included in many lists. And because I pretty like that model I´m right now thinking about an army with some Rogue Idol and plenty of Ardboyz. Might this work well? Maybe with some wizards included? Thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks for the answer. Yesterday I niticed that there is something about the Rogue Idol, at least it´s included in many lists. And because I like that model more than a Mawcrusha I´m right now thinking about an army with some Rogue Idol and plenty of Ardboyz. Might this work as well? Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi all, what about an army including 1-2 Mawcrushas and a horde of Ardboyz? Is it viable? Would you recommend it? How strong is the "green" magic, ie the Orruks wizards?
  14. Have a look at this bat rep: These are the NON-multi-part-models, meaning no weapon options. This is based on the assumption you´re talking about the Start Collecting which also includes a Khorgorath...
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