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  1. There is even more to this theme: 1. Tzeentch: offer Hero on Chariot as well as Chariots that count as battleline. There are even warscroll battalions including chariots. 2. You can also run chariots as battleline in Slaves to DArkness Allegiance, though there is no hero on chariot available. On the other hand, they offer a nice supporting hero for their chariots (Lord on demonic mount). 3. You can freely include the Slaves to Darkness chariots in any Chaos Allegiance (Khorne, Nurgle,...) because they can all get the appropriate keyword. 4. There are Khorne "chariots" (skull cannon) as well as a hero on chariot. I think Slaanesh might be the best of all. That combination aof fall back and still be able to charge in conjunction with mortal wounds after a successful charge is just insane.
  2. Squig Herds offer almost the same wounds/points ratio than Stabbas, but hit harder and offer less bodies. It's up to you wether you feel the need for more bodies or not. If "more bodies" is all you want to get, go with stabbas/shootas instead, because your Troggoths already offer some severe damage potential. If your decision is based on aesthetics, then it's up to you...
  3. Well, I´m not the most experienced player, but what I noticed in ANY tabletop I´ve ever played: to know your own army in and out, all its secrets, its trenghts and weaknesses is better that running the actual hot ******! Don´t bother with doubts about how weak your army is, just play it and learn to fight with it. That being said personally I´m still thriled by a bell GUO accompanied by a unit of 30 Plaguebearers. Though I struggle with dealing enough damage. Sometimes not dying isn´t enough to win a game.
  4. I'm in the same boat here. I'll go with one Runefather on Magmadroth and one Runesmiter on Magmadroth. Reasons are that the Runesmiter is a good supporting piece for the whole army and only fielding 2 Magmadroths, Lofnir is not the best choice IMO. Therefore I like to get the most out of my fighting Magmadroth. => Runefather on Magmadroth. That being said, you can build a Runefather as well as a Runeson out of 2 boxes and with a pin or magnet you can build them interchangeable. If you're interested in Lofnir, I think that Runefather, 2 Runesons and 1 Runesmiter on Magmadroths is a good base. But I wonder wether the "hero" Lodge is better suited to Magmadroth heavy builds. You loose the additional traits, but you gain more artefacts. IMO Lofnir is only really worth it if you're heading towards 5 Magmadroths and/or wanting to field Auric Hearthguard in a good amount.
  5. Hi folks, I currently own Bombardier Warp Lightning Cannon Doom Wheel 6 Stormfiends What's your advice on additional purchases to get a 1250 pts force as a side project? Thought about a Verminlord, but I'm not too sure.
  6. it seems to be allowed. Why not?
  7. To be honest, I think it´s not the best list. too few attacks / damage per point. The cheapest Magmadroth equals in 10 Hearthguard which seems to be the better buy most of the time. That being said, I really love the models and will paint a bunch of them.
  8. Got my battletome. I'm heavily thrilled by that army. So many choices, don't know where to start... Magmadroth heavy? Hearthguard Berzerker Spam? Shooty approach? Elites? which lodge... No matter how strong this army might be, I enjoy the many routes you might go regarding army composition.
  9. From the GMG Video(if I got everything right): Vulkites 160 pts per 10 / 10 to 30 per unit / no discount Runefather 100 Runemaster 120 Runesmiter 120 Runeson 100 Battlesmith 140 Chosen Axes 200 complete Runefather on Magmadroth 280 Runesmiter on Magmadroth 260 Runeson on Magmadroth 240 Doomseeker 100 Herthguard Berserkers 120 per 5 / 5 to 30 per unit / 600 per full unit / battleline if Runefather is general Battalions in 140 to 160 range -------------------------------- Another review: ---------------- It seems to me that elite Fyreslayers might be playable. Either with the "alpha strike" Lodge or based on Magmadroths. It´s pretty nice because it means that you are not forced to get 100 naked models painted before your first battle.
  10. I'm thinking about a "special deployment" list using Vulkite Berzerkers with a Runesmiter, some Idoneth units accompanied by the character that allows for special deployment,... and some strong shooting in addition.
  11. From the General´s Handbook Errata: Page 62 – Pitched Battle Profiles, IntroductionAdd the following section:‘ARMIES WITHOUT ALLEGIANCE ABILITIESIf a faction army does not have a set of allegiance abilities, then you can use its Grand Alliance allegiance abilities instead. For example, if you had an Eshin army you could use the Grand Alliance Chaos allegiance abilities, and if you had an Order Draconis army you could use the Grand Alliance Order allegiance abilities. Note that if allegiance abilities exist for a faction army, you must use them.’ But it´s simple. All you have to do is include one "Order battline unit" which is not from your chosen faction and which you need to fill battleline requirements. That way you have to play Grand Alliance Order.
  12. I´m overly thrilled by the infos given so far. I´ve been waiting to get a Fyreylayers army on the table since I painted The Chosen Axes. Of all Duardins, I´m most interested in Fyreslayers. Can´t wait to see the final rules. Do we still need 30 men units of Vulkites? Can we run a more elite force? What about the Magmadroths? Does the Runesmiter still allow for zunneling? So mny questions to answer...
  13. I'm heavily considering to get one of those Slave to Darkness Battleforces that were released last xmas. I feel that it'll build some nice Khorne army right now.
  14. The one thing I noticed is that the Nightvault Evocators (don't know the name) are the perfect add on to your AoS Starter Set Evocators giving you a pretty looking 5men Evocators unit on a budget. In fact, you can get both sets for few bucks via ebay / online shops.
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