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  1. Thanks for your insights. I winder why is this army a 4-5 drop? I do not know the rules for the battalion, this might be the answer. In addition: is the Troll Hag really needed? What does she exceptionally well do? There is a very similar list I like to run but without a Hag and instead some Fanatics as well as a second Fungoid Cave Shaman. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi all, I´m about to start SCE and therefore I wonder wehther there are any "must have" models. Models that share rules you most often like to have in your forces.
  3. Some great ideas here. I´m painting some Tzentch Followers right now and there is that Soulgrinder lying around for years now... Thanks!
  4. You should have a look at the new FAQ/Errata for the Broken Realms Morathi Book then. They now can even get MARKS of Chaos!!! I think you can run that army at least for 1.5 years. Then there will be new shiny toys... Some battletomes are out for several years now (Maggotkin of Nurgle for example) some got rereleased in short distances (Stormcast Eternals) – nobody knows.
  5. I´d say you should head towards - 2 Boxes of Blightkings - 1 Box of Marauders - Harbinger of Decay - Feculant Gnarlmaw - 1 box of Plaguebearers to summon Then play some games with it and look what you´re missing. Develop from there.
  6. Your math is a bit off here. It´s EITHER Prehensile Proboscis OR Foul Mouthparts, not both. Therefore it´s max 8 melee attacks per drone with the Locus included. And all those attacks don´t have any rend and are low damage. Prehensile Proboscis and Plague Swords: 6 attacks on 3+ / 4+ (the different order mathematically is no problem) means 6 * 2/3 + 1/2 = 2 wounds before save; Venomous Sting: 2 attacks on 4+ / 3+ leads to 2 * 2/3 + 1/2 * 2 (W3 damage averages 2 damage) = 4/3 wounds before save, but with rend -1; Therefore a 3 drones unit equals in around 10 damge before saves. Against 5+ this is something like 6 damage in total. For a 190 points unit! See above. IMO it´s Chaos Marauders. Better offense / higher numbers. They offer everything your drones won´t give to you. Have in mind that Plague Drones don´t count as battleline. A 30 men blob of Plaguebearers is my main winning piece (if I win at all). But I see your point. 30 Plaguebearers + 20 Marauders as battleline are 460 points. Maybe something like this: Allegiance: Nurgle Leaders Lord of Afflictions (190) Battleline 20 x Chaos Marauders (160) - Flails 30 x Plaguebearers (300) Units 3 x Plague Drones (190) Total: 840 / 1000 (To be honest: this is not the list you´re looking for! It´s not a drones–list, it´s a mix of good units with a unit of drones.) Problems are that all of these units like to recieve certain buffs. The Marauders work well with a Chaos Sorcerer Lord, the Plaguebearers (and all other troops of course) like to have a DAEMON hero with Witherstave nearby, all high attacks units like to recieve the Blades of Putrification spell (Rotbringer Sorcerer needed). Almost all MORTAL units lack the disgustingl resilient rule therefore they like to recieve the CA of Harbinger of Decay. Therefore you have to decide which support hero you like to include and which route you go then. 1000 points is rough when it comes down to synergies. Let´s say you´re settled on Lord of Afflictions and a unit of Plague Drones. You need battleline then: LoA buffs all kind of Blightkings, therfore Putrid Blightkings might be the way to go. You now have models with high number of attacks, but low rend and low damage. That´s where Blades of Putrification spell comes to mind. That leads to a Rotbringer Sorcerer of some kind. One last word of advice: I like to run an allied unit of 10 Chaos Warhounds because they are one of the best screening units we can get and due to their special rule (always run 6") they are able to capture objectives early on. You´re welcome!
  7. For fun, why not? For serious play? I doubt. AoS is all about holding objectives and you normally need numbers to hold an objective. All the drones are pretty expensive (around 60-70 points per model for the daemon ones and around 95 points per model for the Puygoyle ones). Yes, they are tanky, but all your opponent has to do is get more models in reach of an objective to steal it from you. No fight needed. And if you try to shift him off the objectives – well, Nurgle units don´t really excell in killing other units. That being said, if you like it, go for it! I regularly run a lord of afflictions as well as a Daemon Prince due to the look of the models. I use them to grab lone objectives and / or to summon Plaguebearers on top of objectives. LoA and Daemon Princes are rather killy too, offering you some needed offense. But I can´t see a distinctive role for the other drones be it Pusgoyles or the Daemon ones. A Lord of Afflictions + a min unit of Pusgoyles is around 400 points, enough space to get some stuff that is better in killing things. And to be honest I doubt that anybody out there has really tried to run a list full of drones. THerefore experience might be rather limited, most advice will be based on "reading the warscrolls" and the fact that an army full of elite models but without any serious damage dealing capacity doesn´t seem to properly work.
  8. That´s true. to be honest I can´t imagine a battleforce box due to low number of NURGLE sets out there. Everything specifcally NURGLE is already available in these two well priced start collecting boxed sets. Just build your own. Converted or scratched built.
  9. Totally overlooked that flesh hounds are now part of mortal Khorne. It´s great! Now I have to paint my Khorgorath(s). :)
  10. How is this possible now? I can´t find a rule that says you can take fighters from different warbands. It´s just monsters and heros from a different faction you can take. Did I overlook anything here?
  11. I highly recommend to NOT start with 1250 points for intro games. It is too much to think about. In my limited experience I noticed that - 500 points is enough - keep an eye on equally large armies - show some of the basics of the armies used, ie magic and shotting for Tzeentch,... - don´t worry about army composition or battleline restrictions - just use the warscrolls – no additional rules out of the battletomes – as you already described That being said your list looks to be solid. I´d ditch the Acolytes though. With the Flamers this army is still legal if you´d take the Eternal Conflaguration. I´s also ditch the Gaunt Summoner and used a Tzaangor Shaman instead. Spare points can be used to upgrade the Enlightened to Skyfires on Disc. Something like: Allegiance: Tzeentch Leaders Lord of Change (380) Tzaangor Shaman (150) Battleline 20 x Chaos Marauders (160) - Flails Units 3 x Flamers of Tzeentch (140) 6 x Tzaangor Skyfires (400) Total: 1230 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 0 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 70 This army offers some synergies (Tzaangor Shaman / Skyfires), is more "tzeentchian" regarding shooting and magic, has good mobility and fields enough bodies. Skyfires instead of Enlightened because (a) they are shooty and (b) they are still good in melee.
  12. Thanks for your answer. But if I had access to a battletome, I hadn´t ask the questions. I simply hoped that I could get a short overview.
  13. Hi all, I know that you can play in a "classic" Ironjawz list in Ironjawz allegiance as well as Orruk Warclans allegiance. But what is the difference? What are the pros and cons of each allegiance? Thanks for your answers! HTG
  14. I second this. I also tried a Daemon Prince (due to a nice scratch build I did) and ´m about to paint a Chaos Lord on Karkadrak. To be honest, when it comes down to model selection Rule of Cool trumps every other reason more often than not.
  15. In addition to what has already be mentioned by @Dreadmund I like to point out that a unit of 30 Plaguebearers is my best unit when it comes down to holding objectives or to slow down opponents. They are extremely ressilient though lack the damage output. On the other side they are just 20 points more than 10 Blightkings. And because you need Plaguebearers for summoning, why not just get some more. 15 Chaos Knights fill a similar role, their defensive stats are almost equal, though they do not offer that minus to hit that Plaguebearers natively have. With a unit of Plaguebearers and a Lord of Blights you can essentially give 2 units -1 / -2 to be hit in combat and/or shooting. Against shooting the bonus is even better but I don´t exactly it´s value right now. Have a look into your battletome. You need some fast moving heros in my opinion due to the fact that such a model allows for objective stealing via summoning. Something like: move 12" with your hero, summon a Feculent Gnarlmaw, then finally summon a unit of 5 Plaguebearers onto an objective. It allows for covering huge distances. I often try to field a cheap sorcerer just to put in the back lines far away from the opponent to be able to cast Foul Regenesis without fear of being canceled. On the other hand if that +2" is important to you strategy, just use the appropriate command trait.
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