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  1. Namarti Thralls led by the priest who allows for deepstrike Hearthguard Berzerkers led by a rune smiter (also deepstrike) Khinerais I'm still thinking to start a 1000 point project. Just like the models and the theme. a min battalion of skyborne slayers comes to nearly 1000 points and would allow for a 2000k all deepstrike list.
  2. Well, there are some beautiful models in Grand Alliance Order that do not only look amazing, but also allow for a whole "deepstrike" force. Skyborne Slayers would compliment such a collection. That's it. It's all about the option to deploy nothing at the start of the game.
  3. If I run a Grand Alliance Order army I can use the Skyborne Slayers battalion, right?
  4. I can´t see a single reason to not run MSU with Flamers. There are no unit buffs what so ever which are good on larger Flamer units. Or did I miss something?
  5. I don´t know wether my suggestions suck or not, I simply miss the experience. But since 5th edition army book I always wanted to run a Knights of Tzeentch list, ie a list that is based on Knights and any kind of mounted warriors. The first problem that arises here is a lack of battleline which can be solved by running Eternall Conflagration (Flamers as battleline) or Hosts Arcanum (Screamers as battleline). In both cases you get battleline units that compliments the fast moving approach of Knights. Flamers give you some outstanding shooting which never is a bad idea in a melee focused list. Screamers offer some fast moving objective grabbers. IMO both the trait and artifact of Hosts Arcanum are better than those of Eternal Conflagration, but personally I prefer a strong base of Flamers to round out my force. Therefore I´m currently painting an army that offers Knights and Flamers in Eternal Conflagration. Unfortunately due to Covid19 there is no practice I can talk about.
  6. I´d run a unit of 10 Chaos Warhounds then. As allies of course. They have a huge footprint and can easily screen your whole army. They naturally run 6" which is also a boon. I quite like them. Throw away chaff that is fast and cheap.
  7. These days the realm rules were changed to the ones in the GHB. Realm spells were ever only usable if the battle was fought in that realm. There is or was no "choose one of the realm spells for each of your casters when you build your army" kind of thing. In short: Army building process => choose the artifact if you wish game set up => determine the realm in which the battle is taking place, every caster can use that realm spell during the game
  8. Hi, may I ask you: why do you run Changeling and Bloodmaster? What is your idea behind that choice?
  9. I thought about something similar but I do not have any experience with Slaanesh.
  10. Then maybe some endless spells? Well, that´s what I meant. To get the most out of that Gaunt Summoner you need 50 models. If you don´t have that, it´s just an overcosted and squishy caster. Once more, that´s what I meant: if you really like the idea of something, just go for it. As a beginner you have to learn the rules and the basics of tactics and strategies. IMO this can be done with every single army no matter how "competetive" it is. If going Khorne, an allied Bloodstoker might be a good addition then. As well as a Daemon Prince of Khorne. Both enhance your chances for alpha strikes. There is simply so much you can do with this book.
  11. You don´t have to give your entire army the same mark. Just because you included a Gaunt Summoner doesn´t mean your army hast to be Tzeentch. It all depends on the model pool of your friend. Does he own Marauders? Than the subfaction that allows for "summoning in" Marauders might be a good idea. Does he own Daemons? If not, the Gaunt Summoner is not that big of a deal. If he rely likes Knights, why not a full Knight army? Knights are battleline in StD and therefore you won´t need Warriors. Powerwise Marauders are the best unit in the book, therefore a Marauder heavy force could be a thing. List building also depends on the internal synergies. For example, the Chaos Lord on Manticore has a command ability that only benefits Chaos Warriors. My first advice would be to throw together every single model he likes to play, give everything the mark of Nurgle (it has two good effects, one offensive, one defensive) and just play some games. You´ll see what works for him and what not. A Chaos Sorcerer Lord of any kind always is a good addition because of his rerolling saves ability that doesn´t need a command point nor a dice roll to work. It´s great! The one on Manticore has a good anti hordes spell and is more resilient, the one on foot has a very good support spell. In the StD battletome there is written that a model with more than one marks has to choose which mark are used for the battle. It´s on the page with the Allegiance ability, I think first column, maybe 3rd or 4th paragraph.
  12. I think you´re still including to many weak units like Lord of Plagues and the plain and simple sorcerer. You gain 40 pts by point reductions. If you really want to get most out of the new points, you should include more of the points reduced stuff like more Blightkings, Lord of Afflictions,... I lost all my battles due to not beeing able to dish out enough damage. I cannot see how your list will solve this problem. IMO you need speed to get the best possible scenario play. Speed is also important when it comes down to summoning which is another base of good scenario play.
  13. I quit WHFB with the release of 8th edition when suddenly I had to buy 100+ additional models to stay in the game with my armies. Increase of points being played, increse of numbers per unit to get all the rules benefits was horrible. When AoS was released I was pretty interested in the game but it was hard to find people who wanted to play that game. IMO the lore of AoS is still kinda goofy, but on the other hand GW at least tries to give as a fresh setting. And all those new armies are pretty nice when it comes to background and models. These days I´m more of a collector becuase it it still isn´t easy to find someone who wants to play the game. Overall I think that AoS is the best WHFB GW ever created and I hope that the player base will increase. One huge advantage of AoS compared to 40k is that GW refuses to release rules over different books like they do in 40k. In AoS you really only need your battletome nost of the time.
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