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  1. "The Swords of Ulric, also known as the Sons of Ulric are a Middenland regiment of Templar's and fanatics dedicated and funded by the Ulrican Church of Middenheim. The formidable training of the Swords of Ulric consists not of marches or military drills, but instead on patrols and war parties led out of the city itself and into the hazardous regions of the Drakwald Forest, where they hunt out the tribes of beastmen that have taken residence in the land. Initiates hoping to join this famed regiment must accompany such excursions into the forest; only those that fight with honour (and survive) in the gruesome endeavour shall be admitted into the regiment. It is left to each soldier to equip himself in the blue and white colours of Middenland, but once he becomes a full member, most of the funding for equipment and supplies are administrated by the Temple of Ulric. Since the regiments founding, in the days when Count Mandred Skavenslayer rallied the Empire behind him and became Emperor, the Sons of Ulric have borne yellow shields into battle, a tradition that still hold true today. Also by tradition, each shield must bear a variation of the same device; a red wolf, signifying Ulric embattled. The grim northerners have little room for formal ceremony, but what they lack in parade-ground discipline, they make up for with uncommon savagery and dedication on the battlefield." - Uniforms and Heraldry of the Empire The heart of any Free Peoples army is the humble Freeguild Guard. There is something intrinsically cool about some basic human dude running into battle with little but a sword, shield, floppy hat and scant armor (let along some without shoes). This is one of the main reasons I love this army, normal humanity fighting against giant daemons, superhuman Chaos tribesmen, ferocious Orcs and the ethereal ranks of the undead. It's all well and good, being a superhuman Stormcast running into battle with god-forged weapons, but when you are Hanz the baker from Middenland with your hand me down panoply of war and facing a Greater Daemon of Slaanesh, things are a little different. Stats are similar to the Crossbowmen I previously covered: 1 wound each, 5+ save (better than the Crossbow 6+), Bravery 5 and a move of 5". Nothing great. All Freeguild Gaurd with Halberds, Spears and Swords can take Shields. The Freeguild Guard have a variety of weapons to take, each with their unique traits: Stats are the same for all Melee weapons: 1" range, 1 attack, 4+ hit, 4+ wound = 1 damage Halberd - Has -1 rend. Spear - Has a 2" range. Sword - Has the parry ability - +1 save in the combat phase. Militia Weapons - get a shooting attack. Ranged - Militia Weapons - 14" range, +5 to hit, +4 wound = 1 damage. For this blog I will be referring to Swordsmen only, as I believe they are the strongest option here. Positives Shields - "You can re-roll save rolls of 1 for a unit equipped with Shields." Parry - "You can add 1 to save rolls for Freeguild Guard equipped with Swords in the combat phase." These two abilities make Swordsmen the best anvil for your Free Peoples army. In combat they are now a 4+ save re-rolling 1's. Add the Freeguild General on Horse with the Indomitable command trait and that is how a 3+ re-rolling 1's. Taking these guys in a 40 man unit with this kind of save is a serious lump of wounds that your enemy has to deal with. Standard Bearer - "Models in this unit may be Standard Bearers. If you roll a 1 when taking a battleshock test for a unit that includes any Standard Bearers none of its models flee. " As with the Crossbowmen, their Bravery of 5 is horrendous. Luckily these guys also have the Standard Bearer allowing for rolls of 1 to be an automatic pass for the unit in Bravery checks. Again i'll re-affirm how important this is as it stacks with the Order Battle Trait Defiant Avengers (allowing you to re-roll battleshock tests) and the Freeguild General on Horses banner (roll two dice for Freeguild units with 24" of the Freeguild General). In brief, ALWAYS keep these guys within range of the Freeguild General with Banner. NOTE: Couple the Parry, Sheilds and Standard Bearer and the +1 bravery for each 10 models in the unit and this makes this unit highly resistant to basic damage and battleshock. Massed Ranks - "Add 1 to hit rolls for Freeguild Guard if their unit contains 20 or more models. Add 2 instead if their unit contains 30 or more models, and add 3 if it contains 40 or more models." This can make the Freeguild Guard very killy against other horde units they will encounter. A 40+ man unit is hitting on 2+ and wounding on +4. Add a Hold the Line! from the Freeguild General on Horse and/or a Wildform spell from an Amber Battlemage and you are looking at 2_+hit, 2+ wound on 40 attacks. Couple this with a Knight-Azyros (Re-rolling 1's to hit) nearby and you have some scary Freeguild Guard just through highly reliable weight of attacks. Negatives No save's against mortal wounds. You'll need a Luminark or Jade Battlemage (with Lifesurge) to help them with this. Lose the +1 save from Parry ability in the shooting phase. Low movement - 5". No rend (unless you take Halberds, but then you lose the Parry). Awkward in large units. Weak combat in small units. Recommendations / Comments Take them in units of 20+ as core battleline for your Great Companies. Protect your shooting units! Use them as an anvil. Whilst the Massed Ranks ability is nice I recommend keeping them alive as much as possible, retreat them from combat when you can to increase survivability and to draw the enemy into ambushes (from your shooting, cavalry or Griffon Generals). 40 wounds with these defensive characteristics is hard to move. 40 dudes is very awkward to move around the table, especially in a Great Company that may include 30+ other models. Practice using large units (that's a rule for any horse army player). You can c**k-block your other units (*cough* Demigryphs) by not manouvering these guys correctly. Remember, they get +1 bravery for each 10 models in the unit when taking battleshock, therefore a unit of 40 is Bravery 9. Always support with a Freeguild General on Horse with a banner. Keep them blobbed if you have an Indomitable general as it states wholly within 12" for this unit to benefit from the +1 save. Use the Knight-Azyros (Re-rolling 1's), the Freeguild General's Hold the Line! ability and the Amber Battlemages Wildform to increase their combat potency Take them in units of 10 for screening units. 80 points is super cheap and they don't lose any significant defensive capabilities from 10 to 40 man units (except the stacking bravery from 20+ models).
  2. "The Sterntower Marksmen are a newly formed regiment out of Steingart. They are garrisoned as part of the line of sentry post and signal towers that guard the low foothills of the eastern Wissenland, under the shadow of the imposing Black Mountains. Always at the ready to launch their signal flares to signify invasions, the watchtowers are essential for border defence. The Marksmen share the Sterntower with several other Imperial regiments - Halberdiers and Spearmen - with whom they have established a front-line camaraderie. Sergeant-at-Arms Hans Schwarzblut is the tower officer, in command of the Sterntower Marksmen and a unit each of Halberdier and Spearmen. He is a veteran of many battles against marauding Orcs and his tight discipline keeps all the troops at high alert. Unwilling to sit and wait, Schwartzblut often orders patrols up into the narrow mountain passes." - Uniforms and Heraldry of the Empire Crossbowmen are one of the strongest units in the Free Peoples arsenal, providing robust mid-range shooting and a nasty surprise for enemies who recklessly charge them or the Great Company they are in. On paper they don't look that fearsome. A 20" range, 4+ to hit and 4+ to wound isn't that great. 1 wound each, low bravery, low movement and a terrible save. Where they shine is in the synergies with their in-built abilities and the rest of the army. Positives Pipers - Stand and Shoot 2.0! If an enemy ends it's charge within 3" of the Crossbowmen they can open up and shoot with their Crossbows at the charging unit. You lose the Reload Fire (below) ability when you stand and shoot (enemy will be within 3"). But what is truly amazing is that if another ranged Free Guild unit is charged you can support them without being in the same Great Company as the rule reads "Once per turn, if an enemy unit ends it's charge move within 3" of a unit that includes any Pipers, they can signal their unit to stand and shoot; each model can then shoot it's Crossbow at the charging unit". Standard Bearer - Whilst their save and Bravery is bad, the Standard Bearer allows rolls of 1 to be an automatic pass for the unit in Bravery checks. This is important as it stacks with the Order Battle Trait Defiant Avengers (allowing you to re-roll battleshock tests) and the Freeguild General on Horses banner (roll two dice for Freeguild units with 24" of the Freeguild General). In brief, ALWAYS keep these guys within range of the Freeguild General with Banner. Abilities Piercing Bolts - Each time a you roll a wound roll of 6 or more for a Crossbow, that attack is resolved with a Rnd of -1 instead of (-). Why is it good? Give your Crossbowmen Hold the Line! (1+ to hit and wound) and that means -1 rend on 5's and 6's. With 60 shots from the Reload Fire ability (below), that can get scary. Reload Fire - Freeguild Crossbowmen can shoot twice if their unit has 20 or more models and there are no enemy models with 3". Why is this good? You can move and still punch out 60 shots (as long as no enemies are within 3"), this means you can support your Swordsmen on the move without any negative effects (unlike the Handgunners). You can also do 60 shots with the Great Company support (again no enemies within 3") in the enemy charge phase even if the enemy hasn't charged (because the enemy just has to be within 3" of the unit being supported). Negatives 6+ save Bravery 5 5" move Get picked off easily by long range units (looking at you SC Vanguard). Recommendations Keep them 3.5" from the front line of your Freeguild Guard (so as to not jeopardise the Great Company support and your 60 shots). Keep them within range of the Freeguild General (for the banner and Idomitable (Command Trait)). Keep themwithin range of the Luminarks 10", 6+ ward save (if you have one). Use Hold the Line! (+1 to hit, +1 wound) from the Freeguild General to give them 3+, 3+ (though they can't move) Make them insane by getting two command points, giving them Hold the Line! and Rousing Battlecry command abilities (+1 hit) from the General on Horse and General on Griffon and then have an Azyros in range of their target (within 10" targetting unit get's re-roll 1's). Bathe in the sheer ****** of 2+ to hit (re-rolling 1's) and 3+ to wound on 60 shots. Use them to support your Freeguild Guard. These are your damage dealers, they are essentially ranged Greatswords.
  3. Welcome to the first entry for my Free Peoples blog. I have been working on this army since 2015. It's been a passion project of mine since first seeing the Empire army in the 8th Edition army book. I had always wanted to start an Empire army but never though I had the painting skills to do them justice. In 2015 my best friend James was painting up his Bretonnian army. We reconnected (we had deployed together in the military and became good friends) after a couple of years and we got talking about Warhammer again. I had picked up the 8th Edition Empire book whilst we were deployed. I read the whole thing front to back, immersing myself in the awesome lore. After speaking to James I picked up the Empire Battalion Box and started my journey. Unfortunately I was deployed again in mid 2015 to early 2016, missing out of the transition to Age of Sigmar. When I came back the Empire was still alive in the form of the warscrolls and was not yet referred to as the Free Peoples faction (except in the keywords on the Empire Warscrolls). I spent most of this time hobbying, including re-basing the few miniatures I had completed prior to deploying (a single unit of twenty Averland halberdiers). Over the next 3 years I built up my army to what it is today. I vowed not to play the army at an event until I had 2000 points of playable Free Peoples painted. Below is the photos of my army at Cancon 2019, the first time I had taken the fully painted army to an event. The point of this blog will be to keep track of my hobby and gaming progress with this army that I love so much. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the content.
  4. Thanks Duck, glad you like the list. The good thing about the Handgunners is that they are effective as sniper teams and flank protectors in units of 10, with the Long Rifles (3x in that list) you can snipe characters at 30" ( and combine this with the Cannon @ 32" range shooting, that could be nasty). With the Greatswords you have to get them into combat with their very low movement (5"), at least with the Handgunners they are cheaper, can shoot out to 16" and have a 30" sniper champion. As for the unit of 30x Handgunners, they suffer from moving which is huge as they are mid-range shooters, this makes them susceptible to long-range shooting. Hiding a 30x man unit is hard, but hiding a 10 or 20 man unit in scenery is easier. Also if you split the units you get more 30" long rifles. You'll be surprised by the damage output a unit of 10 Handgunners can do with Hold The Line! and not having moved. The Great Companies are built to exploit the potency of our shooting, hence the 30x Crossbows and 20x Handgunners split into two different Great Companies, as they can be activated separately. Also remember that with the supporting Great Company fire you don't have to target the enemy charging the Great Company, so you can split that fire to other threats. Hope this helps mate ")
  5. Hey Duck, With what you have provided and using my experience of playing the Free Peeps in quite a few 2000 point games at tournaments, I think you enjoy the list below. It's not going to blow anyone's socks off but it is well rounded and has a good set of tools for armies you'll be encountering on the battlefield. So what are point of interest? Ethereal Amulet - Ignores modifiers, both positive and negative. This will keep the General on Griffon at a flat 3+ save ignoring rend (and also your Indomitable). This will allow him to go out and about. You can also still cat Mystic Shield on him making him 3+ re-rolling 1's. Jade Battlemage - Can cast one spell and dispel one. The spell Lifesurge is amazing - Casts on a 5, pick a unit within 18" and heals D3 wounds, also has a 6+ ward save (wounds and mortals) until your next turn. Two Great Companies - Splits your shooting into two companies creating two problems for your enemy to deal with. It's also good as you can use one company to defend a flank whilst the other pushes forward on the attack. Make sure to keep your General with Banner in the middle for the 24" battleshock shenanigans. Outrider - Good objective grabbers and scouting. Can be made better with the Rousing Battlecry and Hold the Line! abilities. These guys can also support the Griffon General. Cannon - Free Peoples have a lot of mid-range shooting. The Cannon gives you the ability to reach out and touch people (not in a good way :D). I'd prefer the Luminark for it's laser beam and buffs but we make do. Extra Command Point: 1 extra command point, this comes in handy with activating the General on Horse and the General on Griffons command abilities in one turn, turning your Crossbows, Handgunners, Outriders or Griffon into damage beasts!. Would love to know what you think Duck. I'm excited to hear how you go with the Free Peeps Allegiance: Free Peoples - Mortal Realm: Shyish LEADERS Freeguild General on Griffon (280) - Shield & Greathammer - Artefact : Ethereal Amulet Freeguild General (100) - General - Stately War Banner - Warhorse Battlemage (110) - Specialisation : Jade - Allies Knight-Incantor (140) - Allies UNITS 20 x Freeguild Guard (160) (GC1) - Swords and Shields 30 x Freeguild Crossbowmen (300) (GC1) 10 x Freeguild Handgunners (100) (GC1) 20 x Freeguild Guard (160) (GC2) - Swords and Shields 20 x Freeguild Handgunners (200) (GC2) 10 x Freeguild Handgunners (100) (GC2) 5 x Freeguild Outriders (120) WAR MACHINES Cannon (140) - Allies TOTAL: 1960/2000 EXTRA COMMAND POINTS: 1 WOUNDS: 152 LEADERS: 4/6 BATTLELINES: 6 (3+) BEHEMOTHS: 1/4 ARTILLERY: 1/4 ARTEFACTS: 1/1 ALLIES: 390/400
  6. For solid Allies I recommend: The Luminark of Hysh - All Order units within 10" get a 6+ ward save against wounds and mortals. 30" laser beam that can one shot 5 wound characters (re-roll 1's if that Azyros is near the target). Has a Battlemage on it. +1 to Unbind for Wizards nearby. Cheap. Knight-Azyros - Can keep up with your Griffon General / Horse Generals. Re-roll hit rolls of 1's for friendly units that target an enemy unit within 10" of the Azyros. Once a battle Lantern that does D3 mortals to each unit with 8", D6 for Chaos plebs. Battlemage - Grey, Jade or Amber variants. -1 hit spell (Grey) , healing / +6 ward save spell (Jade) and +1 wound for friendly unit (in melee) spell.
  7. Greetings from Australia! Names Brandt, from Sydney, Australia. Started playing Warhammer Fantasy just after the End Times started. Had a military deployment so missed out on most of the drama for AoS. Have re-based all my Empire on rounds, then they turned into Free Peoples. Army is themed around elite regiments from the Empire Heraldry and Uniforms book. Core theme is Averland (with Von Kragsburg Halberdiers, Marius Lietdorf) then Sterntower Marksmen (Wissenland), Ironside Handgunners (Nuln) and Deathjack Archers (Stirland). I initially started as a Necron player when I was a teenager but always wanted to play Fantasy but didn't think I would be able to paint the more intricate Fantasy models. Now a bit older and wiser and really enjoying the customising side (love doing custom bases and kitbashing). Looking forward to contributing and being part of a like minded community. Cheers guys. PS: I've added some photos to show what I'm all about.
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