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About Me

Found 10 results

  1. "Leos von Liebwitz was the younger brother of Countess Emmanuelle von Liebwitz of Nuln, who died under mysterious circumstances." "Hans Leitdorf, brother of deceased Marius Leitdorf, was the Grand Master of Knights of Sigmar's Blood. Though he had a claim on the title of Elector Count of Averland, he decided his position in the Order to be of greater importance. Ten years before End Times, Hans Leitdorf along with witch hunter Tibalt Greer had led the Knights of Sigmar's Blood into Sylvania to destroy the Black Dame of Kervheist. Many good knights had died back then. When the End Times finally befell the world, Hans led his knights against the forces of Mannfred von Carstein. The Grand Master single handedly fought his way through a horde of Skeleton Warriors to reach the Vampire Lord, but was ultimately slain in their ensuing duel." The Freeguild General on Foot / Horse is an essential unit for a Freeguild army. Simply this guy makes your weaker units hit harder and more resilient. He is a great platform as he has so many options at his disposal. He's not much to look at, 5 wounds, 5" move, 4+ save and a Bravery of 7. But he get's better once you start loading him out with the panoply of war he has available. He has the same weapon's options as the Freeguild General on Griffon (which I will review in the future). Sigmarite Weapon - 1", 5 attacks, 3+, 4+, -1 rend and 1 damage each. Great Weapon - 1", 3 attacks, 3+, 3+, -2 rend, D3 damage each. Freeguild Lance - 2" range, 3+, 4+, -1 rend, 2 damage each. Pistol - 9" range, 1 attack, 3+, 3+, -1 rend, 1 damage. The most viable options are the Freeguild Lance or the Sigmarite Weapon because they can be taken with Freeguild Shield and the Stately War Banner (see below). Take the Pistol and lose the shield, take the Great Weapon and lose the Freeguild Shield and Stately War Banner. Warhorse - The warhorse increases the Generals movement to 12" and allows the Warhorses' Steel-shod hooves attack - 1" range, 2 attacks, 4+/4+, 1 damage each. Take this, the General costs the same. ABILITIES Stately War Banner - This is an optional upgrade for the Freeguild General that substantially improves the battle-shock immunity of your army. With this the Freeguild General gains TOTEM and all Free Peoples units at 24" test battleshock with two dice and choose the lower. By itselfs it's strong but along with the benefits of the Freeguild unit banners and Defiant Avengers (Order battle trait) At 24" all units roll battle-shock with two dices, re-rolling failures and all 1's are auto-success. Add the Freeguild Regiment Battalion and it's 1's and 2's are auto-successes. TAKE. THIS. EVERY. TIME! Charging Lance - Give this mustachioed gent a Lance and he can add 1 to his damage characteristic on the Freeguild Lance if he charged. Not bad, but not great. Freeguild Shield - Give's him a save of 3+. You can take a shield and banner, so like the banner TAKE. THIS. EVERY. TIME! COMMAND ABILITY Hold the Line! - If a Freeguild General uses this ability, pick up to three Free Peoples units within 15". These units cannot move or charge during your turn, but you can add 1 to all hit and wound rolls for them until your next hero phase. This is an excellent command ability. It supercharges all your units turning Crossbows, Handgunners and Greatswords into absolute monsters. Yes you can't charge or move, but you rarely charge, you want the enemy to charge you to activate those nasty Great Company supports and the feared Stand and Shoot. This will make your enemy think twice about charging you. Get your troops up the table with your General, plant your feet on that objective and unleash unholy volleys of gunfire, crossbow bolts and greatsword blows with +1 hit and +1 wound. The fact you can choose three units at 15" is great as it's not wholly within and you will rarely have your units outside arms length. Long live the Empire death-star! NOTE: If you have Hold the Line! on a Freeguild Guard and/or Freeguild Greatswords unit, you can still counter-charge in the enemy turn and not lose the ability. Positives Cheap - 100 points! Why not take two? Freeguild Shield - 3+ save. Stately War Banner - stacks with Defiant Avengers and the Freeguild Guard, Crossbows/Handgunners and Greatswords banners. Can take a Stately War Banner, Freeguild Shield and one of the weapons options. This guy doesn't skip arm day. 12" move on the Horse. Hold the Line! command ability is amazing, turns your basic b*tches into rabid killers. Negatives Screams "Kill Me!" to your opponent. This guy is a linchpin in your army. General on a Horse sits up high making him a tasty target for sniper/ranged units. 5 wounds. Mediocre in combat, but that isn't where you want him. Hot Takes Use cover! Run all day with this guy, who care's, you don't want him in combat and it doesn't turn off his abilities. Solid core hero and general for your army, load him up with Indomitable command trait (+1 save for Free Peoples units wholly within 12" in the combat phase and if they didn't charge). Battle-shock banner aids in making your army highly resilient to checks. Keep him with your Great Companies, he gets Look Out Sir! and is essential in buffing up your weaker units. Consider taking two for redundancy. Take the General on Foot to hide behind cover. Must have for a Free Peoples army - makes Free Peoples across the a more efficient and resilient force. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SAD NEWS: As of writing this the Freeguild General on Foot / Horse no longer exists on the GW webstore. He went last change to buy about a month ago. With the announcement of the Cities of Sigmar Battletome, finger's crossed we see him come back in a new model or repackaged as he is an essential part of the Free Peoples.
  2. This one was bought with the first bunch of minis at the end of february. I started him not much after but at the end it took about one month to finish him. This was the first mini I painted in steps with other stuff in between. In the end I`m happy how he turned out. I think he`s a worthy geneal to make the free guilds to Hold the line! But i have to admit that the model itself is not the most beautiful for me. There are more human models which will suit better as a general. Here are 2 WIPs which i will use as proxy for the general. One is the Ludwig of Schwarzhelm model which is far more detailed and has more life in it: And the other one is a Valten on horseback. The base will be too large for matched play. But damn, he just needs these two wolfs Somebody of you folks knows the warscroll of the freeguild general? Do you think it`slegal to have sword, shield and the banner? Or does the banner rule out other weaponry?
  3. Freeguild General made from a Warlord Games Polish Winged Hussar on a converted Stonehorn.
  4. WIP Freeguild General on Counts As Griffin.
  5. (pretty sure this came up before but search function didn't show any results) Can general benefit from his command ability himself if the ability says "pick a KEYWORD unit " or "all KEYWORD units within...", and he has this keyword? Are there exceptions?
  6. Hi! My friend have a darkling covens army, and with the new rules he have some improvement. But when he put a socerer as general the rival usually kill it fast. But I read long time ago about put the unit champion as general, in the darkling covens rules he win 2 command habilityes. Is that possible in the new generals 2017? I dont read anything about it Thanks for help!
  7. I ran a Chaos Warband in skirmish yesterday with a Skaven Deathrunner as my general and fairly quickly I ran into confusion. I suspect the issues would be the same in a full game of AOS (albeit it would probably be less likely to have a Deathrunner General in a AOS game). The Deathrunner of course starts as two models that act separately and are treated as separate units, one of which is the general and the other is an illusion, but it is unknown which is which unit one is killed and there is a d6 roll to determine if that was the real deathrunner, or if one of the models attacks. My question, or what came up is if I take the cunning deceiver trait do both models have the 10 inch bubble? The folks I played with decided that I could pick one model each turn to have the bubble, but that sort of stopped making sense as in the middle of a round when it turned out the deathrunner with the bubble was revealed as the illusion, and my bubble just disappeared ...so that didn't seem to be the best solution, but there were worries if two bubbles was too powerful. In addition to buff bubbles, the same basic question could come up with limited range targeted buffs; if I have Lord of War or Inspiring Presence can I pick either unit to measure from as far as the units in range of the buff, or what? Thanks!
  8. Close up of my Freeguild General on Griffon. Siegfried Stormhart riding his twin-headed Griffon, Darktalon. painted by bottle.
  9. My Freeguild General on Griffon. Siegfried Stormhart on his twin-headed Griffon named Darktalon. painted by bottle.
  10. When I first heard about Age of Sigmar, I was skeptical. It had been some 15 years since I last played a Games Workshop game (circa 3rd edition 40k) and while I never had much of an attachment to the Warhammer Fantasy world, the fact it was just destroyed and replaced with something else was a little weird. After I gave it more thought and saw how streamlined (NOTE: This is not the same thing as "dumbed down" which is a common anti-AOS retort I've seen) it was, and the fact there were no points, I had a revelation: Finally, there was the style of game that I had long since wanted, being able to buy a force, and add things to it as you went along and just use them next game, without fiddling around with points to fit them in. The idea that I could decide after a game, you know I really want to add a unit of Retributors, and then just buy them and assemble them and next game just set them down with my force, was great. I had long lamented the concept that you needed an X point list to start playing, it's discouraging to new players who need to spend a large amount of money just to get started and to those starting new armies because you can't start small when everyone is playing 2,000 point games; my experience has been that if you aren't playing the same points everyone else is it's very hard to get a game in because people would rather play at their preferred points level than bring the points down to entertain a new/expanding player. In fact this very thing stopped me from getting back to Warhammer several years prior, because I didn't want to immediately start playing at 2,000 points or whatever the preferred points was just to start getting a game, and the impression I got was that people did not prefer to want to play at lower points. As I read reviews, I saw more and more people slam the game for the "lack of balance", seemingly ignoring the fact that you were supposed to A) Not be a ****** and try to game the system and B) Have a chat with your opponent to decide what made sense. Still, I saw lots of posts laughing about how one could do something stupid like field 10 Nagashes or 16 cannons or other unrealistic things that never would happen, forgetting again that if someone tried that, they would likely not even get a full game as anyone setting up against it would call them out, likely not play, and worse that person would then get a reputation as "that guy" to be avoided since they try to game the system. When The General's Handbook was announced, and the world rejoiced. Points, finally! The game is "complete" now. It will be balanced. And I felt a lump in my throat, because I knew what that meant: That any other way to play is now dead and buried. Points, once introduced to the game, will consume any other style and become the default way of playing. Communicating with your opponent goes out the window, because you no longer need to; the points are the only communication you need. When The General's Handbook finally came out, and not everything had points, that fear grew larger, because it meant anything without points might as well not exist. And that proved to be true: Those nice battalions in the Start Collecting boxes, or the larger boxed armies, or the new (Christmas 2016) battleforces? They don't exist, because they have no points. Grombrindal, the legendary White Dwarf himself, has zero reason to be bought by most players because he has no points, so you can't use him, and GW has stated that not everything is intended for all three playstyles, which as a result means they won't be used at all. As I feared, Matched Play quickly subsumed everything else to become the only way to play Age of Sigmar. The General's Handbook might as well have started on page 98 (that's the section where Matched Play begins). My problem with this is twofold: First, Matched Play is one of the styles to play, not the only style. It's clearly intended for tournament type events where you need something to balance and can't reasonably chat with your opponent. Yet here we are, I would wager, where the vast majority of games have boiled down to two questions: How many points? Which of the six Pitched Battle scenarios will we use? Everything else may as well not even be there because god forbid a scenario require deployment other than the standard. All those interesting Battleplans from the various campaign books and Battletomes might as well not exist anymore, because they aren't roughly even Pitched Battles with roughly even Matched Play army construction. The game goes from being wildly varied to droll and boring, with most of the options gutted because nobody wants to take the time and effort to be responsible hobbyists. But wait, you say. We need points. Otherwise nothing will stop someone from fielding nothing but the most powerful units. Except yes, things will. Someone who does that is going to face the same problem that someone doing the hypothetical "ten Nagash" list is going to face, that is they will be labeled a ******, refused a game and then get a bad reputation around the group until either they are forced out or learn to play nicely. Warhammer, perhaps more than any other wargame, is a social game. There is an implied agreement to not game the rules. There is an implied agreement to not try to out cheese one another. A little communication goes a long way, and could still go a long way. There is no reason other than not wanting to bother with talking anyone beyond asking points that Matched Play is now, for many people, the only way to play. Perhaps the biggest issue with Matched Play is what it implies. You see, before Matched Play , the onus was on the player. If you saw someone who tried to game the system by taking only the best units, or infinite summoning, or the hypthetical ten Nagashes, or any other boogeyman situation, you knew they were a ****** who had zero regard for their opponents and only cared about themselves. With points though, you can still in many cases field very powerful units, even game the system in other ways, because the points aren't balanced across the board (look at any hypothetical power list), except now the player can pretend they aren't really a ******, that they're playing by the rules so there's nothing wrong or that the rules are to blam. Communication, responsibility and accountability take a backseat because there's a fallback that absolves the player from any of those things. Note I'm not at all saying Matched Play is bad. I'm saying that Matched Play being the default way to play is bad, not because of what it is but because it cuts out a large swathe of the game, for fear of hypothetical situations that never actually happened and likely will never happen except with the rudest of players who literally don't care about anything other than saying they won a game, and it's just as likely those players wouldn't play Warhammer because of all its flaws as a competitive game. Matched Play is perfectly fine, dare i say it necessary, for tournaments, and I'm glad it exists. I just dislike that Matched Play has become, for many of us, the only way to play Age of Sigmar and anything that isn't Matched Play no longer has a place in the game. In short, I feel that Matched Play should remain an option for Age of Sigmar, not the option. There is IMHO more fun to be had by using Open Play and actually communicating and not being a ****** than there is just throwing down with a 2,000 point list and pretending that it's somehow balanced because it has 3+ Battleline units, 0-6 Leaders, 0-4 Behemoths and 0-4 Artillery. Plus, this puts the onus back on the player to play responsibly. And as a result the game will be better off. Keep Matched Play where it belongs: The domain of tournaments and structured leagues. For everything else, show some responsibility towards an enjoyable game.
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