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  1. Hey @Akylas I’ve magnetised the wrists on mine. Super easy job. He’s so beefy, I switch his weapons with those I had left over from my bullgors!
  2. The best ones I’ve seen are those that Season of War use on their YouTube battle reports. They sell the on their website. https://seasonofwar.com/store/objective-markers
  3. Maybe you’re right - but I’m finding in practice I need to slow things down! Game 5 is now just a repeat of Game 4! Clearly the aptitude of both teacher and student have a huge effect on the teach, and I’ve certainly erred on the side of caution, but here’s one of the challenges: Last night we played Game 4. Just by adding the Battle Trait rules for Orruk Warclans added a huge amount of new information for the new player. Two new Command Abilities, and two new abilities. Then there were new spells, and then Realm Rules. But it’s interesting hearing how others have tackled i
  4. So my feeling is that playing with the big stuff early on grabs attention and creates excitement. I wanted to allow the new player to be able literally get their hands on a Megaboss on Mawcrusha game one - even without traits it’s a great model with plenty of different rules to practice. Adding mount traits (and command traits and artefacts no doubt) are an easy addition and gel with the whole ‘adding layers’ approach I’ve taken, so shouldn’t be an issue for the new player.
  5. I've ticked off another hobby goal this year - getting a family member interested in AoS! So that got me thinking on how I should introduce the game. Fortunately, we live in the same house and there's not much open or available outside - so I had a captive student and plenty of time and so I've planned out one way to slowly teach someone brand new to wargaming and the Warhammer world and present it here for others to use (and add your own experiences). We are currently at Game 4! Player A is the teacher, Player B is the student. In this example Player A plays FEC,
  6. Finished my army. 2,000pts of Khorne Ravagers (with some extra bits in case of fortunate rolls on the Eye of the Gods table!).
  7. Ha! I cut up one of my daughter's 'scrunchies' and stuck that on the ends of a few of my grot spears whilst I waited for my purchases to arrive.
  8. Love the idea of an all cavalry list (I used to field an all Orc & Goblin cavalry list in WFB!) and when I was looking at a theme for my new S2D army I looked at the Ruinbringer Warband and thought - that's for me! Sadly, in order to get the most use out of the Ravager's Battle Trait, I've had to include a couple of foot heroes (and Be'Lakor because he's ace - really looking forward to getting the new model!). I too have gone down the Ravagers route for my list - I've been building and painting it since last September and have just the one unit to finish! Allegiance: Slaves to Da
  9. Ah, those I couldn’t proxy. eBay was my friend in sourcing those.
  10. All my old Orc models have been reassigned to my Ironjawz army as Ardboys. As long as you are clear what is what to your opponents it really shouldn’t be an issue. I’ve used goblins as moonclan grots too without any issue. Enjoy getting a bit more life out of your ageing models!😍
  11. Great show as ever. Good luck Les and Terry!
  12. Amazing coincidence! I looked to do this yesterday!😍 So, how do you do it?
  13. Cheated? Wow. People need to get some perspective.
  14. Thanks for the answers @BrocknerTheBear & @LBromley83👍👍
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