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  1. In a world full of demigods, demons, mad gods, undead, and talking trees all fighting for dominance, I love the idea of regular old humans fighting for their right to exist and make a difference but I just can't get behind the cannons and pantaloons of the free guild. I would love to have the knights in shining armor of Bretonnia if they brought them back.
  2. I recently played a few games with a Khorne player and because I am a Khorne player myself I have a few questions. The battletome states "In addition to any other prayer they can chant, each PRIEST in a Khorne army knows one blessing from the Blood Blessings of Khorne". Does this mean that they can pray for something like a blood boil and then turn around and also chant a blessing like Killing Frenzy on the same phase? Second, I heard there was a errata allowing slaughterpriests to dispel endless spell after they have been successfully cast. I haven't been able to find any such errata. Does anyone know if this is true and where to find where this is stated? Third, in the battletome it states "At the start of the hero phase, you can use 1 or more Blood Tithe points to receive 1 reward from the Blood Tithe table below." Since it does not state who's hero phase does that mean Blood Tithe can be redeemed in your your own hero phase as well as your opponents? Or can they only be redeemed in your own hero phase?
  3. The bestigor's despoilers ability says "Add 1 to hit roles for attacks made by this unit that target enemy units with 10 or more models. In addition, you can re-roll hit rolls of 1 for attacks by this unit that target Order units" If I add 1 to a hit roll then it is impossible to roll a 1. Does that mean that I can not add a +1 to hit against Order units that have 10 or more models (just re-rolling 1's). Or is the intent that I can re-roll 'unmodified' rolls of 1 in this case.
  4. If I want to use Karanak's "Call of the Hunt" ability in matched play do I first need to set aside the points for the flesh hounds I am summoning? Or do I get those flesh hounds for free once I get to my quarry?
  5. Thanks. I decided that's exactly what I am going to do. I was pretty disappointing at first that I couldn't focus on demons but those three are pretty great models so they have grown on me, along with Khorgorath that comes with the starter kit. An enjoyable narrative on the army has me excited for my next purchase. It still is not a easy answer on what to do for PtG. I expect my friend will have to put the carnasaur aside for now (until our armies are bigger) or wait for me to get my bloodthirster.
  6. I understand that named characters cannot have command traits as they already have their own set of special abilities. Does that mean if I have a named character in my army that I am expected to make someone else my general in order to get those command traits in my army? It seems paradoxical that a named character would be in my army and NOT be the general.
  7. That is what I would love to do. My difficulty comes in knowing what armies are fairly matched. There doesn't seem to be any simple mathematical equation to determine which army is better than another. Just experience and some guesswork. The goal would be to have the winner determined by smart strategy and some exciting nail biting dice roles. Not by whomever can afford to pour the most models on the table. Obviously I can defeat his carnasaur by putting more and more models on the table. But how many and of what composition can I put them down before the battle is slanted too far in one direction or the other? I thought that is what pitched battle points were for, Or Path to Glory. Now I don't know how to get to a fun balanced battle other than to say "Let try this and see what happens".
  8. I realize that this conversation for me has evolved far from the original question. I probably should start a different thread about it. After discussing it here and doing more reading online it seems that a deamon army, as I originally envisioned, is going to be a pretty rough go. I'll need to mix enough mortals, that for for the cash I am spending, I could start a whole different army. Many of the demons I bought will be on the sidelines to make room for the bloodbound I need to remain competitive. And the demons I keep on the table could have been just a well or better served by a similar mortal unit. Bloodletters have their uses but I will have to buy even more of them to see them shine. Bloodthirsters are still good but I haven't gotten one yet and could use the cash to start a whole different army. Every time I field my Bloodcrushers I'll be wondering if Skullcrushers would have meshed better with all these mortals. At first I assumed that the pitched battle points would provide a way to make sure both sides were equally balanced and if I followed those rules I would be competitive against any other army that did the same, building whatever army had the most attractive looking models. That turns out not to be the case, especially at lower point levels, but also at higher point totals as well. I am seriously considering abandoning Khorne and trying a different army, since I am going to have to shell out more money either way to be happy with what I have on the field. Don't take any of my frustration personally guys. You all have been a great in helping me understand all this.
  9. This is getting frustrating. Seems to have a good Khorne army I need to mix in some mortal units to buff them. Much of the buffs they have work just as good or better with other mortal units. And for every daemon unit there seems to be a mortal one that is just as good or better for the same price. So what the heck did I buy all these daemons for? What do I get with them that I couldn't have gotten better with a Bloodbound starter set? So i need at least a Bloodsecretor, which comes with a Lord of Khorne, which has a nice command ability that affects mortal units. Except that I have daemons. So I could have done something similar with Bloodreavers buffed by the Bloodsecretor and gotten more help from my Lord of Knorne. Then Khorne has all these other nice mortal units that do not buff or and are not buffed by my daemons. I see lots of synergy between the mortal Khorne followers but that synergy seems limited by mixing in daemons instead of just using mortals. I just wanted to play an cool evil looking army of demons from hell swarming over the mortal realms, spreading blood and carnage across the land. Instead the demons arrived from hell only to have some slaughterpriest shrug and say "It's alright guys. We got this."
  10. Y'all have me considering adding in at least some mortal units. Am I reading Wrathmongers right? If he kills one of 'em with his carnasaur I get temporary control of it to kill his own army? Would that apply to both his melee and ranged attacks? I imagine that does not extend to moving his carnasaur toward any other units though. Most likely sending in the Mighty Lord would get him killed (two out of three times there is no reality split and the carnasaur would eat him right after). But still that would put the fear of Khorne into him.
  11. That was very helpful. A little disappointing perhaps, but helpful none the less. The Path to Glory rules seem to indicate that you can't combine units. "Your followers need to be organised into units. The follower table tells you how many models the unit has. Follower units cannot include additional models..." So that is disappointing too. I like the idea of a Khorne army but I am not a fan of how a lot of the models look, except for the daemons. Based on the fact that there is a all daemon start collecting box, and that warbands are split between daemons and bloodbound, I figured that a daemon army was a valid way to put together an army. Based on what I am reading, I am wondering if that was a mistake on my part. We did play around a little with adding another unit of bloodletters instead of something else. Attacking the Carnasaur with 20 bloodletters, a lot of bloodletters died very quickly and then more died from battleshock. We didn't bother continuing that experiment. As I understand it, there is a bonus to hit with bloodletters if the unit as 20 models. So as soon as I loose a single model I loose that bonus. That is unless I start with 30 or more models in the unit.
  12. Seraphon: -Saurus Oldblood on Carnasaur -10 Saurus warrior -10 skinks Deamons of Khorne - 1 Bloodthrone -1 Skullmaster -10 Bloodletters -3 BloodCrushers But honestly his warriors and skinks didn't cause the main problem. The problem is that half my army died before anyone one in my army had a chance to attack. At the time we played "Shifting Objectives" from the 2018 GH.
  13. We were planning to start a Path to Glory campaign which does not use the points and is designed for smaller armies. And the math still pretty much comes out the same. The only strategy I found that has me winning at least sometimes is to ignore everything else and unload everything on the Carnasaur. And if I attack first and rolled well and his other units don't get in the way too much, and I can get everybody in place quickly I might take it down and have a unit or two left over to fight the rest of his army.
  14. If we both had similar strength heroes on each side I would agree with you. But if my strongest unit attacks first (Bloodthrone) and causes 4 wounds, it won't hurt him too much before he counter attacks and wipes out whatever I have left.
  15. A little quick math and I get over 14 wounds from this one monster per turn in the combat phase. (2 2/3 from Sun Stone Spear, 1 7/9 from Forelimbs, 10 from massive jaws) plus 1 in the shooting phase from Sun Bolt Gauntlet. Plus he has Blood roar that has him roll in the battle shock phase against my roll so I loose units on a low or high roll of my battle shock. So even if I survive all that, I still loose in the battle shock even on a good roll.
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