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  1. Anyone with their own table always could use more terrain. There are lots of terrain pieces available on etsy.
  2. I started this hobby about two years ago. At the time I carefully reviewed each faction, picked out what I thought were the best looking models, and got to work with my demons of Khorne. It was fun even if I lost most of the time and misunderstood a lot of the rules. Since then I have moved on to Sylvaneth, and now my third army is my Gutbuster Ogors. Not to mention Warcry and Beastgrave. I love them all, but my Khorne army is special. Blood, skulls, and heavy metal rock. What is not to love? Of course my painting skills have gotten better over the past two years. The stuff I paint now looks way better than a lot of my first Khorne models. Sometimes I get out a Blood Warrior and just cringe at how horrible it looks. I feel a little shame putting them on the table when I have so many other better looking models. Not everything is horrible, but most of them would look so much better if I were painting them today. So I have been thinking about what to do with my beloved first army. Should I attempt to repaint them? Expand my Khorne army in some new way and just keep my old models in the back where no one will see them? What every happened to the first set of models that you ever painted?
  3. Ogor Underguts: Spend your days eating and blowing stuff up and looking for more stuff to eat and blow up. Often blowing stuff up first and eating it later. Sometimes some of that stuff is still wriggling around after blowing it up. That's fine. Just clobber it till it stops wriggling. Our most revered celebrities are all first class chefs. Basically we follow a giant version of Guy Fieri with a bazooka. We are the only faction that cares enough about the after battle party to drag a cooking pot the size of a small house to every occasion. And no matter what your personal beliefs and politics are, we don't care. We'll be your best friend until you run out of snacks. And woe be unto the party host that runs out of snacks.
  4. Of course Khorne is the most obvious anti magic Chaos faction imaginable. Unless you are counting prayers and judgments. More model choices than almost every other faction. Not very shooty though.
  5. I want to agree. This is basically the seat of power for Archaon. Not even Sigmar and the Stormcast have been stupid enough to assault him directly there yet, electing to attempt closing the realmgates to the eight points from the outside in a seven pronged attack rather than assault Archaon directly in the realm gate wars. And Archaon has been leading the forces of evil since before the birth of the mortal realms. Katakros is a young upstart compared to the battle field experience of Archaon. Yet Katakros is not stupid. He would not attempt an invasion of the most highly prized strategic location in all the mortal realms unless he had a plan and thought he could win. He must have a idea of how to pull this off. Being a Chaos fan, I hope Archaon will kick his bony butt crying all the way back to Nagash.
  6. In that case it would be considered a retreat and the unit would not be able to charge or shoot (with the exception of some other battalion ability), correct?
  7. Can a Sylvaneth unit teleport using their "navigate realmroots" ability when they are within 3" of an enemy unit? On a related note, can a branchwraith summon a unit of dryads and then have the dryads teleport in their movement phase using the same ability? I do realize that generally other units with similar abilities can teleport away from a unit when they are within 3", but the wording of the Sylvaneth ability gives me pause. "Instead of making a normal move in your movement phase, 1 friendly SYLVANETH unit within 6" of an AWAKENED WYLDWOOD can navigate the realmroots" A unit with 3" of an enemy cannot make a "normal move". Does that mean it can't teleport either?
  8. In regards to the "Halo of Blood" artifact from the Bloodlords Slaughterhost of Khorne "The bearer fights at the start of the combat phase, before the players pick any other units to fight in that combat phase. The bearer cannot fight again in that combat phase unless an ability or spell allows it to fight more than once." I understand that this would allow the bearer to fight first in their opponent's combat phase, but I am confused about what happens in the bearers combat phase. Would this mean that during my combat phase I would pick the bearer of the artifact to fight first, then pick another one of my units to attack before my opponent? Or would it mean I would pick the bearer of the artifact to fight first and then my opponent gets to pick a unit after that?
  9. Standard 4' x6'. Usually 10 pieces of terrain (4 larger pieces and 6 smaller). We tend to avoid using scenery rules like mystic, deadly, volcanic, etc as to keep the game less complicated. Its harder to convince him to play recently. Before the Ironjawz got their new battletome I would win every time. Since the Orruks new battletome I have played him once with my incomplete Sylvaneth army. He easily won that battle but I don't think it was a great indicator of things to come. We were playing "Battle for the Pass" which starts both armies pretty much clumped together on opposite ends of the table longways. I didn't have any wyldwoods built yet. Ironjaws went first, sent in his Mawkrusha with a really lucky charge roll and killed off 20 dryads in the first turn. He had the Mawkrusha buffed such as to have a 2+ save and -3 rend. Being that is was a small 1000 pt battle (that's all he has right now) and everything pretty much fell apart on my side of the table against it. It was the first time for me playing Sylvaneth and I made several tactical errors. I knew I would be at a disadvantage from the start but I wanted to get some experience figuring out the best way to play my new faction and it was the first time the Ironjawz player had won in a while so I consider it a "win/win" all around.
  10. I could write everything down on our next battle and report everything with pictures but I imagine that would be a very large post not everyone would appreciate. I am also worried having so many details would generate so many contradictory opinions at every stage as to make the feedback impossible to make sense of. On the other hand what do I have to loose? Perhaps we can leave the table up for a few days and I can divide each turn into its own post
  11. Sorry to confuse some of you. The Ironjawz player maybe stuck at 1000 points but I have 2000+ more and we typically play 2000 point games. I tried meeting engagements. They are fun, particular if you want to only go with 1000 pts. I had thought that perhaps a smaller board might mitigate some mobility advantages Seraphon have. I was wrong. Starting from the back edge had me running to grab an objective while Seraphon would just teleport to their own objectives. By the time I could beat him back it was mathematically impossible to catch up on victory points.
  12. I should also put some context here that we all started playing at the same time. The Seraphon playing is not some old experienced player squishing novice noobs. Perhaps he is really smart, or perhaps I am real dumb. That is my purpose in the original post to figure out how to be a little smarter in this context.
  13. I really appreciate all this feed back. Sounds like a big part part of the problem is the composition of my army, and fixing it to counter these tactics will likely be as expensive as starting over with a new army. Fortunately I am almost done with my Sylvaneth army so I will get another chance to change the equation there. Though I do really like the idea of a Murder Host as I can start first and get where I need to be faster. I might have to try that. Our Ironjawz friend has it even worse and I can now see why he has struggled even more than I. As we were building our armies we would play smaller battles with the models we had ready. He only has 1000 points ready now and a big chunk of that is his Maw-Krusha. With so few models in the board that has left lots of room for Seraphon to teleport and the small point limit heavily favors the flat summoning rate of the Slann. His Maw-Krusha seems invincible and wrecks anything it can get to, but it is only one unit. It can't be everywhere at once.
  14. Yeah - I have seen the same charts showing Seraphon close to the bottom. Which is why I am so confused by why I am doing so poorly, and why I am hoping there is some tactic or rule I am missing that would explain this.
  15. I am not sure if I agree with your math. If the Saurus Oldblood attachs a bloodletter unit or flesh hounds and uses their command ability, my quick math shows them doing 6 wounds with their jaws alone. Then another 3 with their spear, plus 1.5 wounds on the gauntlet shooting. There is some forlimbs in there somewhere. If they are not dead by then the battleshock with finish them off. Surgical strikes against Slann won't work as it is hidding behind a rock that I probably can't get to and will only teleport away if it looks like I might get there. While teleporting does happen in the hero phase and the summon happens in the moment phase, that does not prevent him from teleporting his Slann closer to me and in cover somewhere, and then summon the beast close to me. The the beast then charges me ruins all my plans. Another tactic I have not found a good way to counter. Slaughterpriests do indeed slow him down (he really hates it when I blood boil him twice in my turn). Especially if they are near my skull alter, but so far it has not been enough to push him back and get the objectives.
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