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About Me

Found 4 results

  1. Hey folks, so i watched the last view days some of the reviews out there and saw a good mix of opinions from different content producers. Just wanted to chat (while waiting for the game) about some rules i could see be a bit problematic. Ahead of the following things, i'm aware that nobody can have a "real review" currently, cause alsmost nobody finished the game completly. And all my knowledge is based on this reviews (i've no copy, sadly ^^ ). Rules i want to hear some opinions about: Enemy groups seems to spawn always at the furthest portal from the heroes (would'n be a ambush table or something be cool) This allows a lot of easy killing the enemies cause the players have a lot of time to plan and prepare. No range attacks from the enemies (except torgilius) Kiting the enemys Stun abilities from the heroes (e.g. Zeitengale) In some reviews i saw that they're stunning the enemies (is based on a role, so not guaranteed) was also easy even for the big guys. Thought it would be cooler if the big baddies e.g. ogres, Halgrim, ... also get an additional "defence-role" agains things like this? "Treasure" missions give you +influence and +fear: the idea is to go there for cool items while you let down the citizens and baddies, so you lose something. You remove a lot of the "realmstone" cards from the item cards and can go for them. But the reviewers said it feels like wasted time, cause the players can only carry one item per hero. Sure you can always drop a "bad" item for a "better" but this seems to feel verry grindy, for maybe 4 good items after ~1-2 hours. Good thing is, that this is "optional" so you don't need to do this missions iirc. In all reviews the first 3 missions seems to be really easy, which i think they ment to be easy, right? But what makes me curious is that a lot of reviewers seems to be bored after only 2-3 missions and feeling the grind already. We'll see. I'm totally neutral, cause i ordered it already, so no regretting, just want to chat about the game
  2. Hi everyone as I saw this image of Sigmar I just thought that it was incredibly detailed and that it wouldn't be very hard to make a real miniature out of this. Since Nagash and archaon are playable, do you think that one day Sigmar will be too ? What do you imagine his rules would be ? Personally I imagine either a miniature the size of a bloodthirster or naggash jumping ahead agressively with both his hands lifting a gigantic hammer (something like the Kratos image) costing around 900 points and being even killier than gotrek while being a even better support piece than katakros for stormcast. OR If gw doesn't feel like doing an actual Sigmar mini they might do an avatar of kaine type mini : an avatar of Sigmar which would be around 500-600 points and be a buffed up celestant prime maybe with more of a buff giver vibe (like katakros). What do you think ? Do you picture something else ?
  3. We all have our favourite alliance/faction in AoS. I want to know why your favourite is better than everyone else’s. So what is your favourite and why is it the best.
  4. Hey people! This lasts days we had a lot of new threads in this forum about what is wrong and what is right, wish-lists and what we need (or don’t need). This thread will not be really different but I want to focus on roles. Reading the Strength/ Thougness or the Horde discussion, I was thinking, why people are upset about that things? I want to believe that’s because some units don’t behave like they should. Some examples written in S/T discussion were about why Dwarfs or Chaos Warriors have worst “to wound” than a simple goblin (with Horde buffs) even if they use better skills or better hand-crafted weaponry . So, simple question, what should standard units do? And for standard units, I mean units that are generic enough to have an specific role. Some examples that I have in mind: Battleline units (Horde). Battleline units (No-Horde). Cavalry (Light). Cavalry (heavy). Archers (generic). Archers (special)*. Elites (generic). Elites (Special)*. War-machines. Transports. Monsters (Troop--monsters). Monsters (Giant-monsters). I know that there are a lot of hybrid units but I want to focus on simple generic roles (without heroes). * (special) units are just there for harashers, units that can unbind or use spells, etc...
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