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Found 36 results

  1. Hi folks, this is my 1st post actually I was just wondering who do you think is going to win the battle for the eight points? I think that since the Ossiarch just got introduced with Katakros depicted as a one of the greatest generals who has ever lived, they need to make him suceed to establish how threatening he can be. On the other end Chaos has been on the defensive since sigmarines got into the fight and they could also use a victory.. What do you think? Is this going to turn into another stalemate or a decisive victory?? Can't wait to read your opinion!
  2. Hi everyone, Here are 3 rules that arose from a match up with Sylvaneth today and the new rules: 1) How does Archaon's re-roll hit rolls of 6 affect exploding sixes of Winterleaf and Mortal wounds generated off normal 6s by Drycha? Would you get the extra hit but not the mortal wound? Get both but have to re-roll? Get neither and re-roll? 2) When a monster dies with 'My Will' on them and the warscroll has a profile do you use the lowest bracket on the weapons? 3) So another 'My Will' question - 40 mauraders have the buff on the when they die they are spaced out 1 inch apart across the mid section. RAW says the unit can fight in melee if they are killed but does not state they can pile in. Does this a) mean they can only hit (1 inch range) the unit in base contact, if no targets are eligible they are removed b) they can pile in 3 inches to closest target and then fight like in the Khorne book, which states the words 'pile in' 4) unit of X is in a circle deployment 6" around an objective. Unit gets charged by 2 separate units (Y and Z) and they end up 6 and a half inch away from the objective. The first unit Y wipes unit X, can unit Z with no eligible target pile in 3inches and claim the objective? Thanks in advance and apologies if any of these are obvious they caused us a few problems to suss out.
  3. I gave classic Archaon a new base so he can ride again!
  4. So, with a potential storming of the allpoints by Katakros, who do you think would win in a Katakros/Archaon showdown? The (n)Everchosen vs. the (mostly) Undefeated? Who's the better tactitian? How far will Katakros get? I mean, he probably won't conquer the Allpoints, but will he be able to establish a foothold in what could be the single most tactically important location in the realms? Find out next on...hang on, wait a minute, what? Anyway-Katakros or Archaon?
  5. Hey all wretched disciples of the dark gods, I got my grubby little hands on Archaon and some Varanguard NiB real cheap, could not resist. So, now I would like to build myself a nice little army around them. The Everchosen faction does not really appeal to me, it's way too limited in scope. Instead I am thinking a mainly Slaves to Darkness-based warhost with Archaon as general, Chaos allegiance so everything goes really. Looking for advice and suggestions since I am rather new to them. Help a new recuit out, will you? ?
  6. Hi all, First off, this list isn't supposed to be competitive, I just like all the models and love running 'elite armies' (I run Custodes in 40K). Anyway, in the previous edition my list was something like this: - Archaon [General] - 3 units of Varanguard - and for allies 2 units of Tzaangor Skyfires I can no longer do this now, since Skyfires are 220 points for 3 and there's another limit on allies as well, but you probably know that anyway. So the list I have now is a simple: Everchosen 2000 points (Actual 1900) Leaders - Archaon [General] = 660 points - Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch = 180 points Battlelines - Varanguard [3] = 280 points - Varanguard [3] = 280 points - Varanguard [3] = 280 points Warscroll Battalions - Overlords of Chaos = 220 points Total - 1900 points It's a pretty generic one, but that's what I've gone for. I'm assuming I either do some Endless Spells stuff with the remaining points or filter it into Command Points (Not sure how they work yet as I need to pick up my books). What do you guys think, shall I drop the battalion for some allies etc.? Thanks for any help in advance
  7. hi all, I am looking to make a Archaon list want the destiny dice ability from tzeentch. this is my first draft and would like some tip and advice. The only thing that needs to stay is Archaon himself and i would like to avoid pink and blue horrors(i just don't like them). also if you have any suggestion for a fun nurgle list with archaon in it feel free to share it. Allegiance: Tzeentch Leaders Archaon (700) - General - Lore of Fate : Bolt of Tzeentch - Lore of Change : Tzeentch's Firestorm - Lore of Virulence : Sumptuous Pestilence - Lore of Foulness : Magnificent Buboes Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch (120) Magister (120) Lord Of Change (300) Units 3 x Varanguard (300) -Fellspear - 3 x Fellspears - Allies 10 x Chaos Marauders (60) -Axes & Shields - Damned Icon - Mark of Chaos : Tzeentch 10 x Chaos Marauders (60) -Axes - Damned Icon - Mark of Chaos : Tzeentch 10 x Chaos Marauders (60) -Flails & Shields - Damned Icon - Mark of Chaos : Tzeentch 1 x Chaos Chariots (80) -Greatblades - Mark of Chaos : Tzeentch 3 x Tzaangor Skyfires (200) Total: 2000 / 2000 Allies: 300 / 400 Leaders: 4/6 Battlelines: 4 (3+) Behemoths: 2/4 Artillery: 0/4 Wounds: 108
  8. since skaven belong to chaos is it possible to make a decent army that combines archaon and skaven? it doesn't have to be competitive since it would be more for fun. if it is allowed in the official rules does anyone have any tips or suggestions for me to look at?
  9. Got a very simple question here; Are you allowed to have two of the same named Character on the field at once in pitched battle? For example; if I had Nagash in my army and my opponent also has Nagash in his army would we both be able to play Nagash or not?
  10. Something ominous on the SkyreCam If you're looking for Age of Sigmar, Shadespire, 40K, Bloodbowl, Necromunda or other games in London, then head down to the South London Legion any Wednesday afternoon. This Wednesday will be our dedicated AoS night for the month (but feel free to rock up and play other games too). There will be the usual mixture of 2,000 point games going on. If you have a smaller force, then someone should be happy to give you an introductory or demo game as well. AoS Last week, Archaon took on Ben Savva's @Age of The Erstwood phenomenal Skryre Mechanicus army. It was a bad match up for the cunning rats, although a mortar took out my Gaunt Summoner turn one. The focus has switched to the GT Heats - not long to go now. We're also in the early stages of planning #BigBash which will be an all day narrative megabattle between several of our armies - thinking 10 February - Archaon and 4 Exalted Greater Daemons vs Nagash, Mortarchs and 6 Flappies - what's not to love? Conor has played a few games with his Disciples of Tzeentch army already and is playing again. Craig and John are bringing Khorne. Are #CraigRolls a thing of the past? Tom is making a special guest appearance from Brighton with Nighthaunt/Darkling Covens. I’ll be trying out Archaon within the Fatesworn Warband for the third time vs Alex's Clown Car (and Alex has used Archaon this year so knows what to expect). Runedaddy has a go at Derpghar. I finally found uses for that oversized axe and Kairic Acolytes. Bloodbowl Another classic game of Bloodbowl last week - I killed two of Rob's Skitz Skatz (would have been 3 but for his travelling apothecary), but even his heavily depleted team managed two one turn touchdowns to win 3-1 and take back the lead in the league over Matt. Rob taught me how to defend against one turn touchdowns after the game. Who will lead over Christmas? Marathon (Rob's movement 10 Gutter Runner somehow avoided death by foul) has scored 6 Touchdowns! New players are also welcome! Shadespire I taught Craig the game in 20 minutes two Fridays ago and he loved it. Very close game. Ben Savva then played Craig. The only way is up for me with my 3-games 3-Losses record. Should be a perfect second game to fit around a main game in an evening. Or you can just play 4 games back to back . 40K Nathan and Simon Weakley went to a one dayer on Saturday. Lots of excitement from Sami, John and others for the Blood Angels and Dark Angels Codices. I'm flip flopping between 12 Dragoons/Baliistarii or a Cerastus Knight Atropos for my Raptors/Ad Mech list. Sami is doing well with the Necrons! Ben Raven, Nathan and Simon Weakley seem very excitable about Tyranids! It has slowly dawned on me that I already own a significant amount of models for a Daemons list or Thousand sons (might finally use 30 Tzaangor!). Shame the Exalted Greater Daemons in 40K got nerfed into oblivion, but hopefully can use them as regular versions. Craig is leading the way with his Ad Mech - awesome painting! One of the cohort of Bens owns this chap. Necromunda Simon Froley is leading the charge with James hot on his heels. I’ve dug out my old Van Saar gang! Very exciting game. Will be going strong in the New Year. I salvaged some metal Van Saar and other dudes. #DateWithDettol @Thanatos Ares @Leonardas @Bowlzee @Marc Wilson Give me a shout on the forum or post below and I can add you to our AoS WhatsApp chatroom (84,000 messages and counting - I swear fully half of it is John talking about Khorgoraths). You can find us here: Croydon Conference Centre 5-9 Surrey Street Croydon Surrey CR0 1RG @sthlondonlegion
  11. I've been thinking of a competitive way to use Archaon, I think the Tzeentch Arcanites tomb is vital to guarantee some dice roles, but I think other summoned units are needed for some good combo's Leaders Archaon (700) - General - Lore of Fate: Shield of Fate Lord Of Change (300) - Artefact: Phantasmal Weapons - Lore of Change: Tzeentch's Firestorm Gaunt Summoner (120) - Lore of Fate: Treacherous Bond Battleline 40 x Chaos Marauders (200) - Axes & Shields - Mark of Chaos: Tzeentch 10 x Pink Horrors Of Tzeentch (120) - Lore of Change: Arcane Transformation 10 x Pink Horrors Of Tzeentch (120) - Lore of Change: Bolt of Tzeentch Gaunt summoner hides in the Marauder squad with treacherous bond, gives them inspiring presence. Shield of fate and mystic shield should keep Archaon alive, the Horrors can support and buff the heroes, with the artifact and an Arcane transformation the LOC is decent in combat if needed. This leaves 440 points for summoning, it makes it pretty versatile but some good options I was thinking: 6x Plague Drones (440) kept close to Archaon to keep him from being swarmed using their large base size, they deal mortal wounds on sixes, and return models on a 1-3 battlshock roll thanks to the crown of domination, so are near impossible to kill Or if the enemy has a lot of heroes Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster (330) 10 x Bloodletters (110) the bloodthirster can trigger his command ability to almost guarantee a charge when summoned. Or even better, buff his whip attack with Arcane Transformation, he can now deal a potential of 12 (!) damage with it Or just loads of Daemonettes to counter Bloodletter hordes. Just thought I'd share as I hadn't thought of some of the ways Archaon could be used.
  12. i want to find a way to make archaon competitive. i think that between khorne and tzeentch it suits better in this one, because of the destiny dice and because he can get additional spells. so into the list! Leaders Archaon 700 (infusium arcanum, +1 to wound is essential) lord of change 300 (tzeentch firestorm), aspect of tzeentch herald of tzeentch on disk 120 (bolt of tzeentch) Tzaangor shaman 120 (shield of fate) Battleline 10 pink horrors 140 (arcane transformation) 2x 10 tzeentch marauders 120 other 6 skyfires 320 3 skyfires 160 tot 1980 tzaangor shaman and herald will use inspiring presence with archaon's command, while the lord of change boosts everyone except for the shaman in casting rolls. 30 wounds as battleline is minimal tho, but if i can keep advantage archaon will almost never die and one shot everything in his path thanks to infusium arcanum and destiny dice, which i can bring, with a bit of luck, back. 9 skyfires give the ranged support i absolutely need. in case archaon is pretty fine by himself i plan to cast shield of fate and mystic shield on them, trying to keep them alive as long as possible. the arcane transformation can make archaon do 5 attacks with the slayer of kings and the 2s can be used to make that hit for sure (otherwise they are pretty useless.), than getting one or two 5-6 is definitely possible on 4 rolls. also he can regain wound and is damn tough to kill. plus the wound output of skyfire+loc+herald is quite good, adding also other 2 mages that can do d3 wounds each sounds pretty good. tell me what u think ^^
  13. So had inspiration for a slightly different DoT list that is much more close combat oriented and wanted everyone's thoughts on it. Archaon - 320pts - Infusion Arcanum Lord of Change - 300pts - Rod of Sorcery, Pyrofire Stave, Bolt of Tzeentch, General, Incorporeal Form Gaunt Summoner - 100pts - Glimpse the Future Ogroid Thaumaturge - 160pts - Arcane Transformation, Wicked Shard 3 Skyfires - 160pts 3 Skyfires - 160pts 10 Marauders - 60pts 30 Warriors - 540pts 10 Marauders - 60pts 20 Blue Horrors - 100pts 10 Brimstone Horrors - 40pts Total: 2,000pts The idea I'm thinking of is since the smaller Archaon from the compendium is so much cheaper he is much less of an "all eggs in one basket" sort of play but he still comes with the potential to really enjoy some perks from DoT. (Plus I still adore that model and wanna play with it! ). The idea is to have the Ogroid transform Archaon early in the game to pump Archaon to +1 attack with the Slayer of Kings, then once Archaon hits combat he can dump Infusion Arcanum on himself so that he is getting +1 to hit and wound making his Slayer of Kings attacks pretty terrifying, especially considering that Destiny Dice can be used to guarantee insta death against the scariest stuff. Meanwhile the LoC and Summoner would be tasked with harassing with Shooting, MW spells and ensuring the destiny dice pool is pretty healthy. The Warriors are meant to be a central anvil that can hold an objective near forever. With Mystic shield giving them a 3+ save re-rolling 1s and the 5+ save against MW they should be pretty implacable. Meanwhile the horrors and marauders will play the zoning game and help control space on the board, and finally the skyfires will be tasked with sniping out certain annoying heros that may ****** with my plans. The LoC is the general to get him access to incorporeal form in case he gets charged and also for the +1 to cast command ability to ensure all the buffs have a better chance of casting. Thoughts? Suggestions?
  14. If Archaon joins a Khorne allegiance, can he be assigned a Daemonic Gift (weapon or adornment), since he is Khorne and Daemon on his keywords? The rules state that the gift is considered and artifact in regards to how many you can include in your army, but doesn't seem to limit who it can be given to.
  15. double post
  16. Here's my painted Everchosen army. 2k on the nose - thanks to the DoT Gaunt Summoner on foot being 20pts cheaper than the disc version! Hope you like the army. I have it for sale on eBay right now as I'm clearing space for a new painting project (either my FEC or my 4 mammoth chaos army ?) Link to eBay auction https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/252841750723 Khorne armour is tamiya clear red over a ruddy red, silver, red + purple glazed basecoat. nurgle armour is martian ironearth for a lovely cracked paint, rusty effect - painted over with some ruddy oranges. Slaanesh armour is dark purples with gloss varnish on the plates to give a laquered effect.
  17. Hi All, I'm trying to get my Slaves to Darkness to become viable after several crushing defeats. It seems one of the best ways to do this will be to give them all the Mark of Tzeentch and take the Tzeentch allegiance for the rules, command traits and artefacts. In regards to models I own, I have: 2x Start Collecting Slaves to Darkness 16x Warriors of Chaos (40 in total) 2x Soul Grinders 30x Pink Horros 3x Herald on Disc 3x Burning Chariot 10x Tzaangors 1x Archaon on horse 10x Chaos Chosen I really want to use Archaon (on horse) with the aim of using fate dice to get a double 6 to wound roll on the Slayer of Kings. I'd like to take a Herald on Disc as general with the Nexus of Fate (I think that's the correct Command Ability - to roll a dice each turn to potentially swap a fate dice for a 1 or 6) to improve the chances of this. Does anyone have any idea what sort of list I could put together to get the best use of this at 1000 (or 1500) points? I'm happy to buy some Chaos Marauders for cheaper battleline units, or some Blue/Brimstone horrors for splitting or cheaper units. If Tzaangors are the way to go then I could consider this, but I'd like to stay as close to Slaves to Darkness as I can. Thanks in advance!
  18. Tasman

    Cohort of Slaanesh

    Gonna try this. Comments? Cohort of Slaanesh Battalion 40pts Archaon the lesser 320 pts DP of slaanesh (general) 160 Lord on Boobsnake 140 Herald 60 5 seekers 120 20 x3 daemonettes 720 soulgrinder 280 sorcerer lord on steed (slaanesh) 140 2000 points Fulfills cohort requirements and brings a little extra goodness.
  19. Welcome to the second part of our list-tech series, wherein I explore the dark apertures of a mind so insidious, even the Lords of Chaos can’t come up with lists as broken as his. I refer of course to the mystical augur we know only as ‘Jim’. Jim comes up with thematic, non-legacy lists that we haven’t yet seen from the international tournament scene, or at least are not as prominent as we feel they could be. Last time we looked at a badass, Dragon-Riding ‘A(e)lfa Strike’ list. You can check out that post here. This week, Jim gives us something far more sinister. Kneel, mortals, before Archaon Rotbringer. The Destroyer of Worlds is blessed by all the Dark Gods, often taking on their different aspects - including Nurgle. Archaon Rotbringer Archaon has been seen on the tournament circuit, but seldom, if ever, gets to a podium. Despite his intimidating stats, he is quite unwieldy, and can get taken out more often than is appropriate for a Destroyer of Worlds. This list will work probably better with small Archaon, but our goal is to find ways to make non-legacy warscroll lists viable. We think this is a great way to get value out of big Archaon. The basis for this combo is Archaon’s ability to trigger the Command Abilities for all Chaos Heroes nearby, and the fact that the effects of abilities can stack. It should be noted here that some tournaments add a house rule that stops abilities from stacking, so if you are looking at running this list, check the Player's Pack well beforehand! The List Archaon - 700 Festus the Leechlord - 120 Harbinger of Decay - 140 Harbinger of Decay - 140 Harbinger of Decay - 140 Harbinger of Decay - 140 Chaos Marauders (x10) - 60 Mark of Nurgle Putrid Blightkings (x5) - 180 Chaos Warriors (x10) - 180 Mark of Nurgle Chaos Warshrine - 200 Leaders: 6 Battleline: 3 Behemoths: 2 Number of models: 32 TOTAL POINTS: 2,000 The Combos Deployment As a unit-heavy list, you have 10 deployments, and are unlikely to get the choice of first turn. This leaves you vulnerable to turn one alpha strikes, so deploy cautiously when up against alpha-strike lists by bubble-wrapping your heroes with the Marauders. Command Abilities Let’s crack straight into Command Abilities. Archaon’s Warlord Without Equal ability allows all other units in the army to immediately use their own command abilities. In order: Harbinger of Decay uses Morbid Vigour, allowing each model within 7” to ignore wounds and mortal wounds on a roll of a 5 or 6. A second Harbinger of Decay uses Morbid Vigour, allowing each model to within 7” to ignore wounds and mortal wounds on a roll of a 5 or 6. A third Harbinger of Decay uses Morbid Vigour, allowing each model within 7” to ignore wounds and mortal wounds on a roll of a 5 or 6. A fourth Harbinger of Decay uses Morbid Vigour, allowing each model within 7” to ignore wounds and mortal wounds on a roll of a 5 or 6. Let us pause here to explain how this works. In AOS, there is no such thing as a ‘Ward Save’. Listed above are four separate abilities, each of which lets each model within range ignore all wounds suffered (after saves) on a 5 or 6. For example; Archaon is within 7” of all four Harbingers. Say he gets hit by an arrow, and fails his 2+ armour save (he has Mystic Shield on of course). Now he has four more chances to ignore the wound on a roll of 5 or 6 - once for each Morbid Vigour ability in affect. This means that after Archaon fails an armour save, 19%, or roughly one-in-five wounds are actually going through. Effectively you would have to inflict 100 wounds to him to take him down. If you do factor in his save, which even up against -2 rend is a 4+ with Mystic Shield - that is 200 wounds he can statistically absorb. Plus he gets the extra save against mortal wounds thanks to the Chaos Runeshield. The rotten cherry on top of this disease-ridden combo is the Chaos Warshrine, adding an extra save on a six thanks to Protection of the Dark Gods. The Chaos Warshrine could then activate, allowing all units within 16" to re-roll failed Wound rolls with the Favour of Nurgle. Festus can then heal D3 wounds on one of your models with his Delightful Brews, Splendid Restoratives. The Putrid Blightkings can also heal nearby units D3 wounds with their Virulent Discharge. Magic Spells If you need to make Archaon invulnerable, Mystic Shield goes on him. Festus' Curse of the Leper is a nice debuff that can make key heavily armoured opposing units softer and softer. This combos very well with the Putrid Blightkings, who need the extra help with their lack of rend. Movement If you want to make the most of the protection combos, you need to keep your units pretty tightly grouped within range of the Harbingers. This is a disadvantage for when you have to divide your force for objective play, so you could divide the Harbingers between a few smaller pods if required. Marauders are a fantastic ‘chaff unit as they have Move 6, and can be very fast on the retreat, allowing you to block charges and then move on to contest objectives. As mentioned, they will not die in a hurry. Shooting None to speak of! Combat There isn’t much to say here. The synergy of the list is that the Nurgle units will not die. All units benefit from the combat buff from the Warshrine, but again it's the protective synergies that are taking you the distance. Army Cost This is a bit more of an expensive army to put together using the correct models. Archaon is the single most expensive model in the game at the moment (though if you can obtain the small version that might be an option), and the Harbingers are Finecast direct order only models. You can get around this by maybe converting some Chaos Knights. As is, however, the RRP is £321.50, and you will have 10 Marauders and 6 Chaos Warriors left over from their boxes. Unit Substitution This list could work well with a variety of Nurgle units. Epidemius is a great choice - hide him in your backlines somewhere. You could drop a few Harbingers for some more mobile troops like Plague Drones if the confined nature of deployment is too restricting. The Glottkin could be useful to double the amount of wounds the Marauder chaff can take to 100. You can even run the small Archaon if you want to be even cheesier than Jim - as long as he can trigger the Harbingers, you’re golden. Or at least a sickly shade of green (it’s Nurgle after all). The list would scale very well up to Warhost sized games. Weaknesses Once the heroes start dying, your synergies fall apart. The good news is, this is very hard to achieve. Tactical flexibility is a big issue. To maximse the synergy, your units must all be in close proximity, relinquishing a lot of battlefield control. One way around this is to split your army into two pods, sending two Harbingers with each. A well-timed Hand of Dust or Curse of Years will also bring tears to your eyes. On the Table Jim and I had a game play-testing this list. My army consisted of: Nagash - 900 Wight King with Black Axe - 120 5 Black Knights x 120 20 Skeleton Warriors with Sword and Shield - 160 20 Skeleton Warriors with Spear and Shield - 160 20 Skeleton Warriors with Spear and Shield - 160 20 Grave Guard with Great Blades - 320 Legion of Death Battalion - 60 We played the Blood and Glory battleplan. It ended up being a poor example of how the Rotbringer army could play. Jim moved Archaon too far out of reach of the buffs. He charged some skeletons and fluffed all his dice rolls. I retreated my skeletons onto his objective, and charged him with my Grave Guard. Over the next few turns I was able to take him down, as he did not have the benefit of the Harbinger buffs. Plus his dice luck failed. I almost won the game, but missed a run roll with Nagash which would have allowed me to claim all four objectives. As a result, Nagash wasn’t involved in the game at all. Jim stayed in the game somehow, using his marauders and Harbingers to sneak through my army lines with canny use of retreats and piling in, and was able to snatch all four objectives by turn 5. An incredibly exciting and tactical game, which I’m still buzzing about, but not one that shows off the main synergies of Archaon Rotbringer! I am always keen to hear from anyone who has tried this! Please let me know your thoughts in the posts below. Can you think of any other counters? Would you be keen on giving the army a try?
  20. Hello everyone, I am impressed by the people in this forum. I read a lot of topics and they helped a lot so I hope you could help me with this also. I really love chaos, especially "pure chaos" such as Slaves to Darkness'. I have only played a few games in AoS with Khorne Bloodbound and Skaven vs Stormcast but I would like to create a StD army from 0, so I thought it would be nice to hear your suggestions before buying anything. I would like (if possible) to create a 1000 points army and to expand it adding 500 points each step with other Chaos armies. For me the most important tips are: -The playability of the 1000 and 1500 points armies (normally I don't play larger games, so larger armies are OK but they don't have to be super perfect) -The possibility of creating an army around Archaon with miniatures that produce great combos with him (i.e. lord of slaanesh on mount), using mainly Chaos itself when possible (no other alliances). Is it feasible to include Archaon in a 1500 points army as I did? How to improve it? -What warbands are worthy? Is it good to pay points for it rather than including more miniatures? Here is what I thought (I mark with X the miniatures I have from long time ago, from warhammer 6th edition, BL = battleline): 1000: Chaos lord on Daemonic mount 140 Sorcerer lord 140 X 5 chosen 160 10 knights 200 BL 10 knights 200 BL 5 chosen 160 Warband?! I can't find the characteristics of chaos warbands ... 1500: Archaon 320 Lord of Slaanesh on daemonic mount 140 (combo with Archaon x2 attack phases) X Sorcerer lord 140 X 5 chosen 160 10 knights 200 10 knights 200 12 warriors 216 BL X 20 clanrats 120 BL X 2000: Archaon 320 Chaos lord daemonic mount 140 Lord of slaanesh mount 140 X Sorcerer 140 X 5 chosen 160 5 chosen 160 10 knights 200 10 knights 200 10 bloodletters 100 BL X Mortar skaven 60 Flamethrower skaven 60 10 daemonettes slaanesh 120 BL X 11 warriors chaos 198 BL X 2500: Archaon 320 Bloodthirster 360 X Chaos lord daemonic mount 140 Lord of slaanesh mount 140 X Sorcerer lord 140 X 5 chosen 160 5 chosen 160 10 knights 200 10 knights 200 10 bloodletters 100 BL X Mortar skaven 60 Flamethrower skaven 60 10 daemonettes slaanesh 120 BL X 20 clanrats 120 BL X 12 warriors chaos 216 BL X Thanks a lot for your time and your answers, I hope you could help me!
  21. So I am about to start work painting the big bad Archaon himself, but I struggling to choose a colour scheme. I want to do something different from the standard scheme that has been widely copied but I cannot decide what to do. (Being colour blind does not help) I am considering painting him in red and blue. With either Dhorgar in red and Archaon in blue or vice versa. I have a couple of inspirational pictures to show what I am going for. (I want to try for an internal glow effect on Dhorgar) obviously they are both way beyond my skill level but they illustrate the concept nicely. Any advice would be greatly apreciated. Thanks.
  22. In my warband I want to have a different character assigned as general so as to keep the trait that I gain. Can I still use Archies Warlord without equal ability? If not, it's no big deal as I usually forget to use the trait anyway.
  23. Hi all Im not a competitive player and I'm looking for a bit of advice on the best ways to buff Archaon if I'm going to play a competitive game against a 'gamey' player. At the moment I'm thinking of taking the following to buff him; 1) Lord of Khorne on a Juggernaut : for the +1 to wound 2) Lord of Slaanesh on a Daemonic Mount : for the double attack 3) Chaos Sorcerer Lord : for his reroll 1s spell 4) Bloodsecrator: additional attack I'd run with a unit of Varanguard and 3x 20 Bloodreavers . Thanks in advance for the advice!
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