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  1. Avatar Rage

    Noobranomicon (Beginners guide to Death)

    Quick update: The next lore update is coming soon. I will not be updating the Flesh Eater Court section until I am familiar with their new rules. I do not wish to misinform people, so that section will remain un-updated until I can give it a proper update.
  2. Hello merry modelling people. I am working on some ogurs this year and want to make the Tyrant the biggest and roundest ogur around. Does anyone have any advice for moulding fat rolls with green stuff on a model?
  3. Avatar Rage

    Death Wishlisting

    Looks like a lot of people have a death wish. Badum tish.
  4. Avatar Rage

    Noobranomicon (Beginners guide to Death)

    Your thanks are much appreciated.
  5. Avatar Rage

    Favourite AoS/ Warmmer Lore Tidbits.

    Lore nugget. Arkhan the Black got his name from chewing a local drug (I think it was a kind of poppy seed) while attending gambling dens. Before falling under Nagash’s command he was a criminal and a thug, not a mage. A far cry from what he is now.
  6. Avatar Rage

    New Podcast! Comedians talk Sigmar!

    Just listened to your first episode. Looks like you guys have got a new subscriber.
  7. Avatar Rage

    Back to Death. Need advice

    You might be a smidge better going 20-20 with those chainrasps. That’s just me though. I usually fill out the last few points with a banshee or cairn wraith. They are cheap, overlooked and can really do a lot of damage when used right.
  8. Avatar Rage

    Favourite AoS/ Warmmer Lore Tidbits.

    Back in WHFB dwarves had multiple words for gold. Each word for gold changes between different holds, living areas, backgrounds and quality. Regardless of where the scarf was from the meaning and connotation of the word is understood completely by others of the race. I assume (and have no reason not to believe) that the duradin still have this in AoS.
  9. Avatar Rage

    Noobranomicon (Beginners guide to Death)

    Thank you for the kind words. Keeps me motivated to add more.
  10. Avatar Rage

    Favourite AoS/ Warmmer Lore Tidbits.

    Time for some Sotek tidbits Although not one of the Old Ones that delivered the Slaan to the Old World he was considered to be an Old One. But that was not always the way. Tenehuahin was the one that received Soteks first calling and found a stone tablet prophesying the coming of the Skaven and their plagues, but also the coming of the forgotten Old One, Sotek. The Slann considered this to be heracy and ignored the prophecy, many even forbade the other Lizardmen from interacting with the prophet. The prophecy foretold that if the ratmen were sacrificed then Sotek will strike them from Lustria. So the Prophet sacrificed the Skaven in their droves. Soon an army grew around him and the spawning pools began spawning red crested Lizardmen, saurus and skinks alike. Soon the Slann took notice and requested to see the tablet. The Slann took the tablet for a brief time (by their standards), they came to the conclusion that it was a tablet left by the Old Ones. It was then with the Slann’s blessing that the skink prophet continued his campaign. Eventually the embodiment of Sotek appeared as an enormous serpent creature, accompanied by countless snakes. This avatar struck a killing blow against the Skaven force at the time, driving their invading force out of Lustria. From then on Sotek, god of serpents was revered along side the founding Old Ones. Going over this bit of lore does make me believe that Sotek could be linked to the Dracothion. A being that watched over the Lizardmen in their time of need. A great serpent to guide them. (Note that a lot of official art for the Seraphon have the red mark of Sotek)
  11. Avatar Rage

    Favourite AoS/ Warmmer Lore Tidbits.

    Oh another piece of Chaos lore that intrigues me. There is a sub Chaos realm that is neutral to all the gods and immune to their ever shifting powers. No god has influence here, but it is where they gather and plot their schemes that involve alliances between multiple gods. No god can gain power in this realm. Side note about the dark gods. I also love the little bit of lore that describes how the domains of the Chaos gods interact with each other and how when a rival God’s power expands it literally causes their domain to encroach on another’s. The expansion grows stronger among the direct rivals, so Khorne vs Slaanesh and Nurgle vs Tzeentch. The image of Khorne getting angry because beautiful Slaaneshi forests appear on his skull plains or Tzeentch getting annoyed at Nurgle because his plague garden has grown into his changing turf. This might be my last Chaos lore nugget for a bit.
  12. Avatar Rage

    Favourite AoS/ Warmmer Lore Tidbits.

    There is an Archaon book series from WHFB. Not saw anything from AoS..... yet.
  13. Avatar Rage

    Favourite AoS/ Warmmer Lore Tidbits.

    That's really interesting. It reminds me of another old bit of lore where it was stated that there was infinite Chaos gods. The question then would lie into whether these were individual gods in their own right attempting to rise to power (like the Horned Rat did in AoS) or merely less aspects or demons of the big four. Maybe tapping into these lesser aspects would not bring complete ruin or maybe it's the path of slow destruction.
  14. Avatar Rage

    The Hunter and the Sorcerer

    Wow those are fantastic
  15. Avatar Rage

    Newbie with legion of nagash

    Unfortunately that list is not viable. For a 1000 point army you need to have 2 battle line units. So you may want to split that skeleton unit in 2. That list would really be improved by using the Legion of Blood and replacing the skeletons with dire wolves though. You will have a solid core to a fast moving undead army.