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  1. How do people feel about adding a Warcry section to this guide?
  2. First Corvus Cabal is done. Used it as a test for the warband’s colour scheme.
  3. Thought I would share my Warcry gubbins as I finish them, maybe a bit of WIP. Kick it off with a quick snap.
  4. I had to go through a lot of bits but I think it’s looking good so far.
  5. Ossiarch Bone Reapers (Requires Ossiarch Bone Reapers Battletome) The Ossiarch Bone reapers are the Death equivalent of the Stormcast Eternals. This army is a small, focused force that maintains a lot features that makes a Death army so great. Their most defining feature is their use of Command Abilities. They have their own unique pool of points to use, which is a double edged sword. On one hand you can’t horde command points. On the other you have new points to horde that can be used by units other than a hero. Bonereapers have a fair few advantages over other elite armies. For a start they are immune to battleshock. This is combined with a decent amount of regen and wound mitigation. So those long slogs may just swing in your favour more often. The Bonereapers have access to Death’s big two spellcasters, Arkhan and Nagash. Although there are no dedicated battalions these two top tier casters should not be overlooked. Lots of spells, lots of regen which is big outside of LoN. Furthermore, there are plenty of other lesser spellcasters in the Bonereaper's ranks. Granted these are only low tier wizards but they are plentiful and not too expensive. Each one is designed to perform a particular role so feel free to stack up or cover your bases. This alliance is very versatile in terms of unit types. Decent melee infantry and cavalry. Elite, monster units that pack a punch. The star here is the catapult, presenting a rare ranged unit in a Death army. However, like some other elite armies they lack variety. Although thematic this can be frustrating with the selection of battle line unit and battalions. This lack of variety is somewhat mitigated by the sub factions available to this army. Each one provides an advantage to a particular play style. I will give a brief overview kind of play style each one benefits. The Mortis Praetorians are your most bog standard, Death themed option. They debuff your opponents bravery and are geared toward the factions named characters who have abilities and command abilities tuned to them. Either only affecting them or providing additional bonuses. The Petrifex Elite are similarly bog standard, just not in a Death kind of way. All of their bonuses provide some bonus in combat. These bonuses are mainly defencive. The most interesting to me is the Unstoppable Juggernaut ability, this adds 1 to save rolls that target Petrifex Elite units. This means that it can be used in conjunction with any abilities you can dredge up that affect your save rolls. Stalliarch Lords are next. They are themed around cavalry units which makes sense when you look at their abilities. They are all based around mobility, namely running and charging. Although you don’t need to run them as a cavalry army, the already high movement of your undead horses compliment them greatly. The Ivory Host is where things interesting. Much like their Petrifex cousins they are combat based, but with a twist. Their main ability involves them getting a bonus to their attack rolls while in range of wounded units. This comes at a cost of a negative to their saves. Their other bonuses seek to either compliment or enhance this abilities. These are basically bone berserkers. The Null Myriad is a very flavourful subfaction. No big bonuses here but rather they can negate spells and endless spells. This can be quite situational, not much good if you are up against a non-magical army, but amazing against magic focused armies. The bonuses to heroes are decent enough giving you useful bonuses, but ultimately the usefulness of this one depends on how magic focused your gaming group is. Last but not least is the Crematorians. This is a fiery little number has a chance of dealing damage to a foe when a model in a unit dies. So another damage dealer, but a damage dealer that can turn your opponent’s advantage in combat against them. Especially when combined with some regen from Nagash or Arkhan. Lore The Ossiarch are Nagash’s true vision of undeath. They are formed from reshaped bone and the melding of souls. Each Ossiarch legion was created for a purpose, some are immortal guards, others berserkers, others still are living weapons to destroy and cities. Many of these legions are so ancient they predate many civilisations. They have been buried, locked away or even voluntarily resting since ancient times. They have mobilized once more thanks to titanic shifts in the magic of the Realms. Now they once again seek their most valuable resource, bones. The Ossiarch demand tithes of bone from civilisations. These Bone Tithes must be met by any means. Most do not seek ou violence when collecting the tithe, but it is often unavoidable when dealing with those who are stubborn and unmoving. As a result many give the bones of their dead willingly, preserving the lives of their people in exchange for the bones of their dead, hoping that they do not fall short of their arrangement.
  6. Thought I would share the list I’m gonna be working on. Bit of shift from what I had planned a year ago so I’m glad I didn’t blow all my cash in a hurry. Bit of a sneak peak into the future. Also it does mean my Tyrant will have to be converted into a Slaughtermaster.
  7. I have not forgotten about these, but I did not expect it to take so long for them to get their update. So here is a sneak leak at the next thingy.
  8. You have come to the right place. 😁 A ghost filled LoN army is definitely a thing you can do and be effective with it. I would suggest the Legion of Sacrament for your chosen legion as it has the least amount of waste. But before we dig in I want to point out the downsides of it, first off you won’t have a lot of battalion access so you will be short on command points and magic items. Also you open yourself up to Nighthaunt weaknesses with none of their specific benefits, but you can mitigate this a bit (I’ll touch on that in a moment). You could run Chainwrasp as your battle line, these will be great to bog down your opponents with a ghostly mass. Like all Nighthaunts focus them on those high rend units. If you opponents are using low rend hordes, maybe replace one of these with a different battle line (any will do really). General and hero wise you have access to Arkhan, who is great especially if you want to run his battalion. However, if you want to go for those vampires as your general then go for it. The vampire command ability is a boon to any Death army as it works on anything with the Death keyword. Same with the Necromancer and their spells. A Vampire Lord on Zombie dragon can be a very fearsome addition too. Finally a Guardian of Souls can keep those Nighthaunt alive (well undead) during the battle. Basically, keep it casty and build on the Legion’s strengths, but there is still a lot of flexibility that you can work with. I would recommend investing in the Malignant starting box. This will give you a Mortis Engine, giving you even more bonuses and a decent damage dealer. Plus you get some Spirit Hosts and Hexwraiths to round out your ghost theme and will compliment those units from the Soul Wars box. If you need more of a punch without the ethereal rule then sprinkle on some vargheists too (because you know, vampires). Hope this helps, feel free to ask away with anything else. Oh and Praise Nagash 💀
  9. Update: working on Ossiarch Bonereapers segment. It’s gonna be mainly theory craft stuff for the time being. I got a lot to work on with this but I cannot help but Praise Nagash for all the new content.
  10. Update: First page now has the google doc. I will be using the google doc as a "complete" version. Taking into account any mistakes or edits made from feed back. I am still going to post here first before it goes into the doc. This means that I can add new info to the guide fairly promptly, while still having a more presentable form available. There is still plenty more to add in the future so watch this space.
  11. I have saw people magnetise the mortarchs but I could not advise you one that. As I mentioned earlier, Arkhan is great for a caster army. While Neferata excels as an assassin. So I suppose it depends on what you want out of your army, or what you want to build on.
  12. Thank you kindly, there will be more when they finally bring out that new battletome.
  13. Big Momma Glogg is now table ready. All hail you queen of the kitchen, best of bellies and most Glorious of Guts! This is my first time using a lot of green stuff to make. It was hard work and a lot of fun. The frame is a lotr troll with green stuff layered on top, as well as extra bits like adding those missing fingers. Gotta say I am really proud of how it turned out. I can’t wait to have it leading my forces on the battlefield.
  14. With the announcement of the new tyrant I thought I would share how mine is coming along. It’s taken a lot of green stuff and the sacrifice of an lotr troll. Witness the birth of Big Momma Glogg!
  15. Right first proper post. Ogur kitchen hands. The lowest ranked ogurs in the kitchen. They have yet to embrace the glory of cooking, but are eager to learn (or maybe they just want a free meal). Each ogur must earn their uniform for completing tasks handed down by more senior members of the kitchen. Favourite food: Anything cooked raw (they are still very impatient)
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