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  1. Yeah I just didn’t like the Caucasian skin tone. I just cannot decide what other skin tone to use. An Asian or Pacific skin tone might work well.
  2. Painted this model a while ago but I was never happy with it. I’m repaint her and think that a different skin tone might do the ticket. What do you all think? Should I do a full makeover? What skin tone should I use?
  3. Did not expect people to jump on this and I love every comment
  4. I appreciate the level of sheer spite that he holds.
  5. Rock the army you like the most of tbh. You’re gonna be the one using them. If you are feeling the pull of the forest with Syvaneth then go for it and make Allariele proud.
  6. That is very convincing. Gold is nice and I do appreciate a good moustache
  7. We all have our favourite alliance/faction in AoS. I want to know why your favourite is better than everyone else’s. So what is your favourite and why is it the best.
  8. Update: I have started making changes based on some of the updated rules. These are on going, but some minor edits have been added to the google doc.
  9. I’ll have a mess around with that list and see what I can do with it.
  10. Another ranged list (quarantine is not helping). Duradin%20fleet.pdf
  11. Slaughtermaster is table ready. The Gnobblar in the big hat is Soup Chef Nibbz. He is accompanied by a crew of his kitchen hands. I will be adding more gnobblars as I get them.
  12. Made a bit of an edit and a trio of plague claw catapults can be thrown in. Ranged%20Nurgle%20%32.pdf
  13. I feel I have not tapped into CoS as much I could. I am quite proud of the Nurgle on though. Never thought you could make a ranged Nurgle list 😁
  14. Some ranged lists I have been tossing about the noggin Blessed%20Blight.pdf Ranged%20Cities.pdf Ranged%20Skaven.pdf
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