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  1. They are dirt cheap and you can build synergies around them. If you intend to do that then great. They are a nice gap fill otherwise. But skeletons will do the job if you prefer them or lack corpse carts.
  2. Oh wow, the absolute imagination of you beautiful people. Time for round two from me though. This time with Destruction armies. I can’t imagine I’ll get round to these ever because I have already started a 2000 point Gutbuster army. I had planned on doing a Beastclaw Raider army with a Christmas theme. It would be lead by Father Festag (frost lord) and Missus Klaws (huskard). The army would be nothing special, just an exercise in moulding fur out of green stuff. The beasts would be themed around rain deer with big red noses and some grots would represent the elves. I just like the idea of a great big ogur delivering presents to the good people of the Mortal Realms and eating the rest. I was also thumbing around with the idea of a Bonesplitter army from Chamon. They would be painted gold with green tattoos and many would have minor conversions to give them new shiny weapons. They would be lead by their prophet Badazar Git, another little conversion that would replace the prophets mask.
  3. Right, so we are all people here with limited time and income. Which makes picking the next hobby project difficult at times. So I realised I have hit a major snag. I get more ideas than I could possibly make. It’s maddening at time and I know I am not the only one. So, I figured I would start this thread so that people could share their ideas for those projects. Get them out of our brains and what not. Maybe other members of this community could be inspired to bring them to life or share tips to help make that hobby dream a reality. Now, here is the deal. Describe the project, whether it’s an army, single model, diorama, etc. Then describe what’s preventing you from doing it, so cost, space, skill level, time, etc. I’ll get the ball rolling. Skaven from Ghyran This is a bit of a multi-part one. The first is a Clan Skyre army, the general idea is that a group of Skaven founded a city called the Emerald Citadel where they run things from behind the scenes. Kind of like a messed up Wizard of Oz. The army would be made primarily from converted Adeptus Mechanicus models. Warp Lightning Canons made from Dune Crawlers, Skitarii would be Skyre Acolytes (but on metal stilts to keep their secrets). You get the gist. A couple of things prevent me from this one. Cost is one, but my friend plays Skyre and our lists would be too similar. The other Skaven army was a bit simpler. Either a Verminus or Eshin army with fluffy tails. Yup these would be Squirrel Skaven. A bit of a simple idea. I would paint them as red squirrels, with greys being fluffy tailed seers. Obviously they would be well camouflaged for the forest climate. Cost again prevents me for starting this one. I am also sceptical about running another horde army. I am also unsure of how I would go about making those fluffy tails.
  4. I did some purple ones. I’m not the best painter, I just really like purple 😀
  5. The correct answer is all of them. They would all look rocking in pink.
  6. Avatar Rage

    Where next?

    I would say Soulblight resembling the classic vampire counts.
  7. Lore Vampiric/Soulblight Bloodlines The vampiric bloodlines of the Warhammer lore shift in and out of importance. However, it is important to know a bit about their background, their origins and their equivalent in Age of Sigmar. The vampiric bloodlines hold their origins in Lamia and the first vampires. They were Neferata, Aborash, Ushoran, Vashanesh and W’soran. Each had a place in the Lamian court, each had their own obsessions that drew them forward and pulled them apart. The Von Carstein bloodline was the youngest bloodline hailing from Vashanesh’s blood. Vashanesh was killed by his kin after his rebirth into unlife, but he was resurrected by Nagash centuries later. Donning the alias, Vlad Von Carstein he infiltrated the Reikland Empire. They were among the most active bloodline in the Old World, responsible for the Vampire Wars. They were known among their kin, not for their physical or magical capabilities but for their tactical prowess. The Von Carstein name carries on now with Mannfred and the bloodline named Lords of the Night. Blood Dragons were the warrior bloodline under Aborash. Aborash was the crown guard in the Lamian court and upon being gifted with vampirism left to train in the Southland jungles to test his strength. He returned to Lamia in its time of need to save his queen before the bloodlines split. He traveled with his most trusted warriors until, searching for challenges worthy of their prowess. Aborash was drawn to a red glow at the top of a mountain. Atop it he found a powerful dragon that he duelled against for days on end. Eventually the vampire won and drank deep the dragon’s blood, curing his vampiric thirst. Aborash the Immortal left his followers with a single task, to defeat ever greater challenges. The believed it was the fight against the dragon, not the blood that cured the vampirism. So they traveled far and wide, honing their martial skills with duels against worthy foes. The ripples of the Blood Dragon credo are still alive in Age of Sigmar with the Blood Knight unit and the Dragon Warrior bloodline. Lamian vampires are arguably the oldest bloodline tracing their heraldry to Neferata herself. The queen of the vampires famously inducted many women into her ranks. Although some men found a place in her court, she found the majority of them to be boorish, too quick to act. The Lamian vampires had a tendency to focus more on guile and deception than raw strength or magical power. They would embed themselves into various walks of life, manipulating mortals over the centuries. Yet on the battlefield they are swift and deadly hunters. Moving onto combat and darting away for their foe can react. The Lamian bloodline is still alive and well with Neferata and the Swift Death bloodline. The Necrarch line are all disciples of W’soron. There are among the most monstrous of the vampires, appearing to be very withered and corpse like. Despite their fragile appearance they are more than a match for a mortal in combat. They focus on the necromantic arts above all else. W’soran himself was the first of the vampires to throw himself into the study of Nagash’s tomes and even sought out the Great Necromancer to learn under him. Necrarch vampires often lived isolated lives. Cloistered away from distractions they would study the arcane arts, aiming to grow ever more proficient. Their obsession with magic often draws perspective necromancers to their lairs. More often than not they would accept these mortals as pupils, with the most promising becoming vampires themselves. In Age of Sigmar the Necromantic Bloodline best represent them. Strygio are named after the fallen kingdom of the same name. This kingdom was a ruled by Ushoran after the vampiric lines split. Eventually found the other heads of the vampiric lines in his service, but treated them cruelly. He spread the vampiric curse among the warrior nobles of this kingdom. Ushoran’s kingdom fell, destroyed by orcs. His followers attempted to seek out the other bloodlines for aid, but the other vampires remembered their treatment and spurned them. So the Strygio were left to scavenge for their blood, often living in isolation. They were often surrounded by ghouls, often descendents of the Strigio mortals. Their spirit lives on in the Flesh Eater Courts.
  8. Update: more lore coming soon. The Flesh Eater Court has been updated for 2019. New Flesh Eater tactics coming soon.
  9. If you are starting off then I would suggest Legion of Sacrament. But the Grand Host of Nagash is quite beginner friendly. Legion of Blood works well with Nighthaunt, skeleton from line with ghosts in ambush. The abilities that effect Nighthaunt work regardless of the Death army. So if it says Nighthaunt then it works on Nighthaunt, regardless of if it’s in a Legion army.
  10. I may have mis read your op, but if Arkhan is in you legion of sacrament army he has gotta be general.
  11. Ushoran/The Carrion King Titles - Ushoran The Handsome, Spymaster of Lamia, Bloodrose Prince, Sumeros Summerking The tales of Ushoran and the Carrion King are often intertwined. Ushoran was one of the first vampires of the Lamian court in the World that Was. Smart, ambitious, strong and handsome, he was the spy master of the Lamian court. He found that his appearance grew grotesque after his change, but managed to project his influence on others to hide his change. Ushoran was unhappy serving his queen and began plotting her downfall. However, he never enacted his plans. Instead, he fled during a battle when Neferata was losing. He travelled far to the north away from her influence. He found a kingdom which he dubbed Strigoi. As it’s king he spread his vampiric gifts among those he deemed worthy. Eventually the other vampiric lines came to him and begun serving his whims. Unfortunately disaster struck and Strigoi was the first kingdom to be devastated by a greenskin WAAAGH! The other vampires did not appreciate their treatment under Ushoran’s rule and spurned his pleas for refuge. So the vampires of his line became outcasts. They fed off of scraps and the blood of the long dead. This turned them in raving lunatics, starved of a fresh meal. Ushoran was said to have haunted the the ruins of his lost kingdom. Slaughtering invaders with an army of deranged ghouls. He became known at this time as the Carrion King. Until of course The End Times where he died with the rest of the world. In the Mortal Realms, when Nagash claimed Shyish as his own. A warrior known as the Carrion King became one of the Death God’s greatest heroes. The Carrion King has been known by many names, one of which was Ushoran. It is unknown if this Ushoran was the resurrected vampire from the Old World or a new being all together. The Carrion King was once a just and handsome ruler. He dealt justice to those who disrupted the natural order of life and death. A mighty servant of Nagash, both feared and respected. A warrior, mage and king he was truly a figure to admired. He may have even been a contender for the position of Mortarch. There came a time when Carrion King displeased the Death God and was cursed with a hideous appearance. A bulging, vampiric form of bestial muscle and sinew. The Carrion King reacted to his new appearance by waging war against his god. The Carrion King was no match for Nagash and his forces. The God of Death chose not to destroy the traitor, rather he chose to punish him once again. The king was placed in a prison known as the shroud cage. The prison projected and reflected untruths upon on the Carrion King, slowly driving him mad. When Sigmar waged war against Nagash the shroud cage was broken open. The Carrion King escaped into Shyish. With shattered memories he rebuilt his kingdom and his court. Those who he gifted with his vampiric immortality shared in his madness and his horrifying appearance. Slowly but surely the followers of the mighty Carrion King spread far and wide across the realms. Ushoran or the Carrion King have a odd place in the lore. Few beings truly know his identity or allegiance. His servants may bow before the followers of Nagash one day and attack them the next. They are mad creatures, like their progenitor. Yet the Carrion King still exists somewhere out there. Whether he is a friend or an enemy, I doubt even he knows. Further reading: The is little AoS lore regarding Ushoran and the Carrion King outside of the battle tomes. But for the Old World you can read The Legend of Nagash books 2&3 (Nagash the Unbroken & Nagash the Immortal) as well as the time of legends book Neferata.
  12. Mannfred Von Carstein: Mortarch of the Night. In the time of the Old World Mannfred was a noble of Sylvania. It is unknown if he was born a noble or ascended to rank after being reborn as a vampire. His patron, master and father in unlife was Vlad Von Carstein. Vlad signified the first major vampiric threat to the Empire of Humanity, waging a great war against the living cattle. The first Vampire War. During this war Mannfred fought amongst the hordes of undead in service of his master. He was not the most powerful vampire in Vlad’s service, nor was he the oldest or the most popular. However, Mannfred was cunning. While others of his kind battled for supremacy, Mannfred waited. It was during the end of this first Vampire War that he made his move. He betrayed Vlad, stealing his family ring (a gift from Nagash). With Vlad’s ultimate tool of immortality gone the vampire lord died and Mannfred disappeared. He returned over a century later to wage his own war. While his kin fought for Konrad Von Carstien (or the Mad as he was otherwise known), Mannfred trained and studied. His martial skills and prowess in the necromantic arts grew to the point were he even rivalled Vlad in his prime. Like his predecessors Mannfred fought a vicious campaign against the Empire. It was his strategies in battle that showed him to be an excellent tactician and a true threat to the living. Despite his advantages he was inevitably defeated. Eventually Mannfred was resurrected by a rogue necromancer and he began his work again. He gathered allies living and dead from lands far and wide. He reclaimed his seat as the Lord of Sylvania. He fought many battles, sometimes aiding the Empire some times lashing out. He grew a particular dislike for dwarves but this could be due to their role in his initial downfall. Mannfred played a major role in The End Times. He made many of the preparations for Nagash’s resurrection. He fought many battles against the forces of Chaos in his new lord’s name. But serving never suited the vampire count and soon he betrayed Nagash. He crushed alliances and aided the agents of Chaos in the Old World’s destruction. Despite his misdemeanors he was resurrected by Nagash in the Mortal Realms. Mannfred is used by Nagash to strike fear into the hearts of his foes. Deception and ambush are his bread and butter and his Legion of the Night reflects this. He was granted his own underworld in Shyish, Carstienia. A land of perpetual night and dark forests where mindless undead are moulded into the shape of his enemies. A whole place created to appease his every whim. Yet Mannfred is never content with his place. He wants more, he wants conquest, he wants to be a god. His ambition, cunning and conviction matches even the God of Death. Sometimes this backfires on the Mortarch, leading him to be punished by Nagash. It is unknown why Nagash puts up with the potentially traitorous actions of Mannfred. Maybe the God of Death is amused by his attempts, maybe it is some sort of respect or maybe Nagash knows he has nothing to fear from the vampire. Regardless, Mannfred will continue to wait and horde power in the hopes that he will one day usurp his master. Further reading: Vampire Wars omnibus covers most of what you need to know about Mannfred in the Old World as well as the Return of Nagash novel. He also makes brief appearances in a few AoS stories. However he does appear in Soul Wars and plays a part in the Knights of Vengeance.
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