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  1. Thought I would share the list I’m gonna be working on. Bit of shift from what I had planned a year ago so I’m glad I didn’t blow all my cash in a hurry. Bit of a sneak peak into the future. Also it does mean my Tyrant will have to be converted into a Slaughtermaster.
  2. I have not forgotten about these, but I did not expect it to take so long for them to get their update. So here is a sneak leak at the next thingy.
  3. You have come to the right place. 😁 A ghost filled LoN army is definitely a thing you can do and be effective with it. I would suggest the Legion of Sacrament for your chosen legion as it has the least amount of waste. But before we dig in I want to point out the downsides of it, first off you won’t have a lot of battalion access so you will be short on command points and magic items. Also you open yourself up to Nighthaunt weaknesses with none of their specific benefits, but you can mitigate this a bit (I’ll touch on that in a moment). You could run Chainwrasp as your battle line, these will be great to bog down your opponents with a ghostly mass. Like all Nighthaunts focus them on those high rend units. If you opponents are using low rend hordes, maybe replace one of these with a different battle line (any will do really). General and hero wise you have access to Arkhan, who is great especially if you want to run his battalion. However, if you want to go for those vampires as your general then go for it. The vampire command ability is a boon to any Death army as it works on anything with the Death keyword. Same with the Necromancer and their spells. A Vampire Lord on Zombie dragon can be a very fearsome addition too. Finally a Guardian of Souls can keep those Nighthaunt alive (well undead) during the battle. Basically, keep it casty and build on the Legion’s strengths, but there is still a lot of flexibility that you can work with. I would recommend investing in the Malignant starting box. This will give you a Mortis Engine, giving you even more bonuses and a decent damage dealer. Plus you get some Spirit Hosts and Hexwraiths to round out your ghost theme and will compliment those units from the Soul Wars box. If you need more of a punch without the ethereal rule then sprinkle on some vargheists too (because you know, vampires). Hope this helps, feel free to ask away with anything else. Oh and Praise Nagash 💀
  4. Update: working on Ossiarch Bonereapers segment. It’s gonna be mainly theory craft stuff for the time being. I got a lot to work on with this but I cannot help but Praise Nagash for all the new content.
  5. Update: First page now has the google doc. I will be using the google doc as a "complete" version. Taking into account any mistakes or edits made from feed back. I am still going to post here first before it goes into the doc. This means that I can add new info to the guide fairly promptly, while still having a more presentable form available. There is still plenty more to add in the future so watch this space.
  6. I have saw people magnetise the mortarchs but I could not advise you one that. As I mentioned earlier, Arkhan is great for a caster army. While Neferata excels as an assassin. So I suppose it depends on what you want out of your army, or what you want to build on.
  7. Thank you kindly, there will be more when they finally bring out that new battletome.
  8. Big Momma Glogg is now table ready. All hail you queen of the kitchen, best of bellies and most Glorious of Guts! This is my first time using a lot of green stuff to make. It was hard work and a lot of fun. The frame is a lotr troll with green stuff layered on top, as well as extra bits like adding those missing fingers. Gotta say I am really proud of how it turned out. I can’t wait to have it leading my forces on the battlefield.
  9. With the announcement of the new tyrant I thought I would share how mine is coming along. It’s taken a lot of green stuff and the sacrifice of an lotr troll. Witness the birth of Big Momma Glogg!
  10. Right first proper post. Ogur kitchen hands. The lowest ranked ogurs in the kitchen. They have yet to embrace the glory of cooking, but are eager to learn (or maybe they just want a free meal). Each ogur must earn their uniform for completing tasks handed down by more senior members of the kitchen. Favourite food: Anything cooked raw (they are still very impatient)
  11. I started this project a few months ago but I keep forgetting to upload some pics and progress. I had this idea of an Ogurr chef, that has discovered the joys of real cooking. Travelling the realms for ingredients and customers. So here are a few pics of my slow build. I will start uploading more when I can, but I was dragging my feet. Unsure as to the viability of guttbusters in the future of AoS.
  12. Update: I’m still writing up some lore stuff but life has gotten in the way and the process is slow. I will be adding a section on the Legion of Grief. We can’t ignore the new kid on the block after all. Finally, I am compiling the Noobranomicon into a google doc so it is easier to read.
  13. That could work, I was looking at those for for my regular dragon ogres.
  14. I have a few ideas for some dragon ogre conversions. But I am curious about base sizes. A Dragon Ogre Shaggoth has a 90x52mm base, what big monsters can fit on that base? Even at a squeeze. I am especially curious about the Magmadroth, Araknarok Spider, Stonehorn and Thundertusk. Thanks in advance beautiful people.
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