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  1. So another playtest yesterday vs 4 Megas and surprisingly I won! The mission was the one with 6 objs and the burning option, I played legion of the first prince (2x10 pinks, 6 furies, 5 hounds, Epitome and the big 3). On my perpsective non Archaon chaos lists can win on secondaries against 4 megas, and on of them must be kill one of the 4.
  2. In fact, I don't think that setting the list towards close combat can fix things: maybe vs SoB would help, but it would unbalance the matchups towards other opponents.
  3. Really? mh interessting to read. My big problem was to count beyond 30 on obj controlled by a Megagargant. Pinks lasts one round against two Megas, cause he splits 2 and 2. But I mean... if you concentrate 2000 pts only on one, you may kill it.
  4. Ya mean we must wait dicember FAQs to deal with it?
  5. Yep, the new board control nightmare: 4 megagargants lists.
  6. Good Morning! Italian Legion of the First Prince player here! After some debriefing from the playtest of yesterday I feel in difficulty against that kind of threat. In my brainstorm I saw only a question of dices and mission: in some missions or with some bad rolls I can't win. Period. So what's your solutions? Any other alliegiances talks are welcome here 🙂 Let me know.
  7. I wanna believe...in Chaos brand fully revamped, from Skaven to Furnace kings... LET THE FINECAST BUUUUUUUURN!!!!!!!! Ehmm... anyway 😁
  8. In age of sigmar the competitive scene is much worse (I do not begin to argue why, otherwise we go OT), so I dont' think it's a fact of power balancing. In warcry where someone plays skaven I can choose any A tier warband and reap his ass off, same as aos, but with the difference that it cost way less cash/time/resources. The competitive rule set maybe a real fact, cause there is a crossroad in this game: allowing the exclusive use of the 8 bands would create a more balanced, but repetitive and poor game; while giving almost all other factions access to interact has created a varied but unbalanced situation. I believe that one of the main solutions is to keep the factions as they are now, but giving the possibility to mark the cultists, in order to have choices in the STD and in the 4 cults of chaos. Then rebalance points values in a "general handbook" style.
  9. Yeah, they need to push it more aggressively. 2022 will be its 3rth birthday, so new edish in summer, like Killteam? Anyone knows something about the competitive scene of warcry UK or America?
  10. I would like to reflect on a question, without going too far OT: now that warcry will be relaunched by the new expansion, do you think it will gain the popularity it deserves? I hope so, because it is one of the funniest rules written by GW and I don't understand why it doesn't have its own circuit 😐
  11. I think the Slaughterborn is the new champion of the marauder unit. So a Slaves to Darkness mini release. Using warcry to fill in the holes left by old kits would be a very smart move and at this point I hope they do it. I think GW is trying to satisfy a bit of all tastes: both the classic and the new and arguing that the old updated concepts are boring is quite funny. Instead, I can share the fact that the cultists in age of sigmar are quite boring to play, but that is a rules issue.
  12. Ok bruh, this shatter my aspectations...so: another chaos vs chaos! 😍😍😍
  13. Now -2 for the hakkas of the Gruntas...oh boy 😁
  14. I make some considerations on the Warcry situation: - If the next box of warcry follows the progression, chaos vs death will await us (1st box chaos vs chaos, 2nd box chaos vs order). And at that point, based on some the rumor engines, I would try to say Nighthaunts. - Tome of champions 2021 is still missing and will very easily come out together with the new expansion, before the end of the year. I think October 30th will be the day when we will have the full reaveal with eventual dates. - I'm really loving the fact that I want to explore chaos in its most disparate forms, far from the classic concept of "horned helmet and random spikes". Bravo, GW!
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