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  1. Any rumor about the battletome preorder? We have waited too much!
  2. The Portal of Skulls a terrain ability? XD Man, the only weak point of the bloodsecrator is the fact of being killed, if it were to disappear...it would be apocalyptic. I hope for a command ability wholly within 24" (Bloodsecrator it's leutenant, like the Deathbringers, so I think it's possible). It's stil a nerf, but not so brutal. Gw aim to sell his products, so I think they will rebalance most of the things in the tome. Look at the Skaven: from rags to stars!
  3. That's the point. It's all about placement and move, not units destroyed (maybe there are two exceptions). I'm curious how GW want to guarantee that for Khorne.
  4. I don't think so. Khorne must be able to compensate the lack of shooting and magic with the best melee units of the game, otherwise is a fluff army. The point around the hard 6s: yeah, we can't stuck buffs to hit anymore, but now we are immune to debuffs too (and in the current meta there are an avalanche of those; some samples: goblins, idoneth, Lon, skaven, stormcasts after deepstrike, nurgle...). If GW want to see more Khorne army around they must rethink the bloodthite (a new system for the evocations) and the possibility to stay in close combat on turn one. Bok it is not an army that will then allow itself to wait: we don't have anything that provide long range damage (blooboil without Gore Pilgrims is not so terrifying) or abilities to maintain units alive while running in front of the enemy (no fnp, no debuffs to shooting, no abilities to redeploy destroyed units). So, I saw the path of this army from the beginning of Aos and I want, in the new tome, a lot of movement AND close combat buffs.
  5. Ladies and gentlemen, good (late) morning! Today I want to discuss about some "deep madness", but first...theme song! The main question is some brainstorming about a competitive, lovecrafthian, "Ulgu themed" 2k list : Realm: Ulgu Enclave: Ionrach Wounds: 134 Points: 2000/2000 Royal Council (140): 1x Akhelian King (General; trait: emissary of the deep places; weapon: spear; artefact: doppelganger cloak) (240) 1x Soulscryer (100) 1x Tidecaster (lore: tide of fear ; artefact: dritchleech) (100) 1x Tidecaster (lore: vorpal maelstrom) (100) Battline: 6x Ishlaen Guard (280) 6x Ishlaen Guard (280) 6x Morrsar Guard (320) Allies: 20x Sequitors (400) Endless Spells: 1x Geminids of Uhl-Gysh (40) For now, I have not yet tested the list with my friends, but the idea is to prepare it for a future event. It deploys a few units, but has several answers: 4 support heroes, 2 spells/unbinds (with +1), 1 deepstrike, 5 tanky units, high speed and a very good combat phase. At first glance I think the possible problem is the horde lists, like daughters, plaguetouched and nighthaunt. I'm curious to listen to your reflections about. p.s.: "Lovecrafthian", because I imagined a cult allocated in the sea of Ulgu, where a degenerate and ambitious race, like the Idoneth, venerates one of the forgotten Godbeasts (maybe "Dagon"?). The sequitors are not other than human zealots of this cult.
  6. Hi Aaron! I have a mixed army of Blades of Khorne, Slave to Darkness and Daemons (with khorne I also arrived in the final, at some local tournaments) Lately I have approached the Idoneth, but ... they are still there, boxed on the desk XD...Damn laziness. And you?
  7. Hi all! I do not know if the rules requires that before intervening in the forum it is necessary to show up here, but ... here we are the same. I started playing from the 7th edition of Warhammer 40k, so I witnessed the birth of aos from the early days (and from the first weird warscrolls). I find TGA a great site, especially without futile quarrels (as often happens in my part/locals). That said...we get around, people! ?
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