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  1. Ha- just read this after not logging in for ages. I had to go have a lie down in the snow for an hour to calm down after all that NWA we were spinning at the tabletop. See you in August!
  2. Thenecbromancer

    Events UK: BLACKOUT - 02-03/09/17 - Firestorm Games - PDF pack

    Hi Chris, Not sure if you've seen the message I sent you but I'm afraid I'm going to have to drop out - have I missed the date for refunds? Cheers, Dave "Malcolm" Roberts
  3. Thenecbromancer

    For sale - Ironjawz

    Hi guys, Have for sale- 10 Ardboyz - all armed with hand weapon and shields, bit swaps for heads (all un-helmeted) & glyph banner. Primed black. 3 Goregruntaz - assembled with Ardboy heads and primed black except one which has been base coated. 1 x Warchanter - head swap 1 x Warchanter - converted so arms lowered. Grimgor- old metal Grimgor model. Hit me up if you're interested but I have them on eBay ending next Sunday (the 7th) as well so will be gone by then, I hope, if you're replying after then. Rubbish pictures below.
  4. Thenecbromancer

    Events UK: BLACKOUT - 02-03/09/17 - Firestorm Games - PDF pack

    Hotel booked and tickets paid for - looking forward to this! Only the three SWAG boys there to hand out points to everyone we meet though which is a shame.
  5. Thenecbromancer

    Events UK: Warchief Warpath II - Road to SCGT

    Hi guys, What are the minimum painting requirements? Have had a rummage through the thread but can't see it...
  6. Thenecbromancer

    Events UK: Warchief Warpath II - Road to SCGT

    All paid up- who haven't I played before that fancies throwing down in a grudge? @Paul Buckler?
  7. Thenecbromancer

    Events UK: Bristol Smash 2017

    Hi Mark, Just sent my payment in but it looks like Karl has already paid for me - sorry for being a pain in the ****** but can I have a refund please? Cheers, Dave Roberts
  8. Thenecbromancer

    Events UK: Sheffield slaughter

    That's what I thought, many thanks Pete. Will see if I can get the book sooner than Thursday as I'd prefer to play the new stuff but not hopeful. Might have to be "that guy"...
  9. Thenecbromancer

    Events UK: Sheffield slaughter

    Sorry Pete- being really thick and want to make sure that I don't turn up with something illegal, etc. Either new Stormcast or old Stormcast book. Can use old formations if pointed in GHB with new Stormcast but must use new model rules with them, can't pick and choose (e.g. Azyros without guiding light must be used in WB). Question is- if you use the old book (GA Order) can you still use all of the old scrolls or would you have to use the updated stuff where it exists? TL:DR can I take the classic Warrior Brotherhood/Skybourne with the old Azyros? Dont have time to paint up anything else this week... Cheers and sorry for being slow!
  10. Thenecbromancer

    Age of Sigmar Heat 1 Results – AoS Daily Ep 11

    Really interested to see the mixed Stormcast/Sylvaneth list- has it surfaced anywhere yet?
  11. Thenecbromancer

    Black Knight base size?

    Cheers guys- and for pointing me in the direction of the basing chart! Not sure how I missed that...
  12. Thenecbromancer

    Black Knight base size?

    What size oval bases do the Black Knights in the Start Collecting Skeleton Horde boxed set come on? Thanks!
  13. Thenecbromancer

    Competitive Seraphon

    My mate has had some success with his mono-Seraphon list which is essentially: Slann Engine 2 x Bastiladons Razordon pack + Handlers 3 x 10 skinks Chameleons Thunderquake Starhost + a few other bits (Temple Guard I think to circle the Slann...) The formation gives you re-rolls for essentially everything and a D3 heal for all monsters a turn with the combined Slann and Engine making it hard to breakdown. Suffers a bit from having to bunker to maintain ranges for buffs so it does struggle to win big in a few scenarios but it's just tough to beat. He's added the Chameleons in recently to help with that what with their popping up but I think the list has legs and it's always a tough game playing against it. It doesn't have any knockout punches but it just grinds you down and, if you play smart with Bastiladons to control board space, can be quite effective against a number of strong lists. Kroak suffers with the Rules of One impacting his spell so wouldn't recommend him at the moment. Without that restriction he is still very strong though. Depends what style of play you want but I'm not sure how popular you'll be bringing unchained Kroak to a narrative game, etc.! Skinks, Chamelons and Basties are all good IMO and should be in a mostly Seraphon list to claim objectives and provide some decent long range shooting through the turtles. Hurricanum is just a bit dear currently and, as the best shooting you have is Bastiladons, isn't really worth it IMO just to buff, at most, two units. You might want to consider dropping in some broader Order units but then you do reduce the synergies (which Seraphon rely on) and the flavour of the army by throwing in Kurnoth Hunters and Judicators, etc. Again, without watering down the Seraphon, I'm not sure Seraphon really have massive punchy units at the moment (assuming playing under GHB as Rippers uncomped are a nightmare!) so you might want to consider a more "grindy" approach when list building to just survive and then wear the opponent down as you heal and re-roll everything. Just some of my thoughts having played against them, never with, a couple of dozen times now so would be gladly corrected by any more experienced posters/lizardmen.
  14. Thenecbromancer

    Events UK: WARFARE 2016

    Hi guys, I appear to be down for the Age of Sigmar event still when I pulled out a while back now - however, one of our group (Alex Gilbank) I recall took my place so can my name just be replaced by his please? Cheers, Dave Roberts
  15. Thenecbromancer

    Lord Celestant on foot Kitbash

    Love it- bashed from Stardrake and?