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  1. Somnicide

    New Podcast! Comedians talk Sigmar!

    I am not them, but it is https://twitter.com/dewidiot and https://twitter.com/JohnRoycomic @AaronWIlson
  2. Somnicide

    What is "narrative gaming"

    I am doing a narrative campaign with my friend, and it has been a blast. We don't worry about points, the story evolves out of the game, and we are growing path to glory as we paint up our armies. Game 1: He had to stop my Spirit Torment that had captured the soul of a Lord Celestant. I had to get off the table - lists were designed basically for that. SCE win the match, and recover the lock with his soul. Game 2: The SCE all lightninged out (I know technically they don't, but it was narrative, so go with it), except for the lord arcanum on steed. He discovered this is why the nighthaunts didn't just vanish with the soul so he was left there alone. My ghosts came up from under the ground, but were leaderless. Narrative rules: he had "plot armor" where he couldn't be dropped below 1 wound, everything that did more just subtracted an attack before turn 3. On Turn 2 his dudes started lightning striking in. After that I could kill him and he just had to survive until turn 5. Nighthaunts won thanks to some lucky mortal wounds. The soul prize was recovered. Game 3: His lord arcanum knew now that I had to leave through a realmgate, so we set up the table with the realmgate, his guys were in garrison of it. Our armies both grew, and additionally he had a free ballista. It was a tough fight, and hung on a single dice roll - the initiative on the last turn. The Nighthaunts won, and went through the gate. Game 4: Different terrain set and table, now we are in the realm of death and heading toward nagashizzar to deliver the soul of a hero. The SCE get a free comet eternal spell on turn 1. His task is to recover the lock, and now we are both using the entire contents of the Soul War box and he has the bonus spell. The Nighthaunt objective is to wipe out 2/3 of his force. Game 5: hasn't been played yet, and the game will be determined by the results of game 4. But we are both already looking at our reinforcements for the next one. It has been incredible fun for us both to play fully painted as we grow our new forces and play on fully painted and interesting tables. This has been narrative play and has been so awesome, that our group is looking into other narrative paths we can play.
  3. Somnicide

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    Man I am starting to lean toward MSU style for Nighthaunts - has anyone else run this style? With many smaller units, and 1 big unit of chainrasps? What I am thinking about is an Execution Horde (Lord Executioner with 3 min spirit hosts), a Shrieker Host (tomb banshee, 2 units of 8 mymourn, 2 units of 5 dreadscythes), a few characters and an anchor unit of chainrasps. I am envisioning hitting bigger units on each side to prevent too many pile ins, and then just smashing in. It might be crazy and sucky, but I am obsessing over it so I thought I would see if anyone else here has already taken the lumps.
  4. Somnicide

    Wound allocation and Deathless Spirits

    Okay awesome thanks. I was missing the individual dice roll part!
  5. Hey there, I have a quick question about the Nighthaunt ability Deathless Spirits. So, let’s say I have a unit of 10 Chainrasps and have 5 wounds to allocate after armor saves. Is the correct way to do it as A or B? A. Roll five dice and get one 6, leaving 4 wounds. I then remove the 4 models I choose and can maintain coherency. B. Allocate the wounds to five specific models, roll one at a time and get a 6 on a model that leaves 2 out of coherency which I then have to remove at the end of the turn. Thanks!
  6. They would have released the pack before hand, so presumably you would have been testing using that.
  7. Somnicide

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    I am jealous. Are you in Southern California by chance? I'd be willing to drive...
  8. Somnicide

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    Even worse, I think you can only get it during the store anniversary celebration 😞 Mine just had theirs in May.
  9. These are fantastic and I’m not gonna lie, I am very disappointed that Lady Olynder didn’t come with one. Is there a card pack with everything?
  10. Somnicide

    Looking for a "scout" type scenario

    Cool, thanks for the ideas. Yeah, we have some ideas on the narrative, we were just hoping there was a rules framework. We'll knock something out and I'll post it here when we are done. Thanks again!
  11. Hey all, my friend and I are looking for a scenario to kick off a campaign, and I thought I'd turn here for some idea. We are looking for a scenario that is based around scouting something out, or a heist, or something like that. Can anyone think of any published scenarios that fit the bill (balance not necessary). If not in one of the books, how about something homegrown or local club you've played that is awesome? Thanks!
  12. Somnicide

    Battlemage 2

    Converted up a battlemage from the silver tower set to be in theme for my Stormcast Eternals.
  13. Somnicide

    Silver Tower Mage Conversion

    Converted up a battlemage from the silver tower set to be in theme for my Stormcast Eternals.
  14. Somnicide

    Tempestor kitbash

    This one was super simple, just an extra lord-celestant from starter set trimmed off the weapon hand carefully and had to trim the crossbow hand a bit to get the angle I wanted.