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  1. I thought the Spire Stalker was a leader?
  2. Variety is key, so every suggestion here for an event. If they all use they same rules/packs life becomes dull. Mix and match throughoput the year. Personal pref. Realms yes, scape chosen by TO beforehand, spells 1 selected by To (Just as it saves time and is easy to remember) Terrain/warscrolls use if they are present Scoring, swiss, secondaries then Fav game/KP third tiebreak. Properly painted (3 colours allows for some real borderline armies), everyone knows what properly painted means, if in doubt check with the TO
  3. The errata changes the rule in the GHB, the Commentary then tells you not to use that for the woods during the battle. So you just deploy them as the rules on their warscroll etc tell you.
  4. Honestly restart the rumour thread, condense know releases, and delete the whining as its posted. May be heavy handed but 100% needed. The nonsense posted by people here is mind boggling!
  5. Really looking fwd to this year, some new names in the mix, long season, should make for a great competition
  6. Amazing event, Marc stepped it up another level from year 1. Venue is great, food was good and on time, no issues with round timings. Massive thanks to all our opponents, had 5 brilliant games. Shocked but so happy with the best army award, thanks to all who voted for the big dinosaurs! Looking fwd to Blood Tithe 2020 already!
  7. The FAQ is pretty clear the 2d6 cant be modified. Prescident would transfer to grey seer as well. The big bonus is when he gets wounded as the 3d6 then is far superior
  8. Ticket Purchased, gonna chase up the doggers and see if we can get a group heading your way Which hotel are most folks staying at?
  9. Def interested, trying to get a few of the gang to join me.
  10. One of the best counters to DOK out there atm, 0 up save reroll 1's 4 up mortal wound save. Just soaks up all those attacks.
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