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  1. What a great list of players! Gonna be an epic RAW, fitting for its 5th Anniversary
  2. Ahh ok, possibly one reason to do that would be to let your units win combats and be free to move/charge, or keep your opponents in current combats to prevent them doing the same if you took the turn
  3. Potentially yes, also passing to keep in turn order. EG I go first, stand still, opponent goes and moves up but cant complete charges. I win priority, give them the turn so they get 1 go at charging me, leaving me the potential of 2 back at them. More likely Opponent goes first, I take turn 2 win priority and pass so they have no chance of a doubel turn at me. I may even do this all game if I keep winning prioirty, until turn 5, as it just takes the double out of the game. This is a good tactic with shooting armies to prevent combat armies getting 2 turns of charges etc.
  4. Happens a lot, passing the turn to prevent the double at you, or possibly for scenario scoring reasons is very common. I would say maybe 10-20% of my games I do this., and see it happen regularily on tables next to me.
  5. 100% be back this year, was a great event last time!
  6. So had a blast at EGGS this weekend, some feedback below. Positives 5 top games, all my opponents were great, plenty of space at the tables, scenery superb, mats on all. Timings were fine, in fact possibly 3 hours is a touch too long, I finished in plenty of time every game. Turn around was excellent, the next round went up very quickly and the final awards soon after last game. Nice bonus touches with the ice creams, and goody bags. Subway for lunch is always a great choice, really easy to grab and eat within the lunch time. 30 mins lunch was a good choice imo, still time to eat and you don't hang around too long. Social, the number 1 for me at this event, relaxed chill out evening at the venue, chance to catch up and chat with guys I don't see at every event. Even in the record heat, the fans around the room meant you could cool down Bar prices as always were good, (for someone from the south at least) Improvements Get the pack out early, and don't change it on the day. This is super important to grow the event, let people know what they are getting early, and stick to it, changing the scoring system on the day seemed very odd. Trophies, they were OK, but there are some really great trophies out there now and compared to what you are seeing at a lot of events they were a little lacking. Also pack had best in alliegence awards, which were not given out? Spare player, I have never been to an AOS event (done over 100 now)that had a BYE, if I had travelled 6 hours to the event and then not gotten my 5 games I think I would not be happy. Painting - Ritchie was the worthy winner (would have gotten my vote), but self nomination then judges choice? Little odd. Would have much preferred, judges nominations all displayed together, for everyone to easily look at. (They were so scattered I noticed a lot of players didn;t really bother walking around and looking, they missed out on some beautiful armies). Also 1,2,3 - painting is as much a part of the hobby as gaming, give it the same level of recognition that 99% of other events do. Kick off at 9:30 on Sunday, gives an extra 30 mins for folks with long journey and still is not too bad for a sunday morning, knock rounds down to 2:45 as there are no realms. Gives an hour earlier Sunday and 45 mins Saturday. Overall I would def go back to EGGS, its one of my favourites on the calendar, but this year it felt a little rushed, and no growth from the year before. Some points to improve and it could grow to one of the 100 player events on the calendar.
  7. I thought the Spire Stalker was a leader?
  8. Variety is key, so every suggestion here for an event. If they all use they same rules/packs life becomes dull. Mix and match throughoput the year. Personal pref. Realms yes, scape chosen by TO beforehand, spells 1 selected by To (Just as it saves time and is easy to remember) Terrain/warscrolls use if they are present Scoring, swiss, secondaries then Fav game/KP third tiebreak. Properly painted (3 colours allows for some real borderline armies), everyone knows what properly painted means, if in doubt check with the TO
  9. The errata changes the rule in the GHB, the Commentary then tells you not to use that for the woods during the battle. So you just deploy them as the rules on their warscroll etc tell you.
  10. Honestly restart the rumour thread, condense know releases, and delete the whining as its posted. May be heavy handed but 100% needed. The nonsense posted by people here is mind boggling!
  11. Really looking fwd to this year, some new names in the mix, long season, should make for a great competition
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