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  1. Paul Buckler

    Quick question regarding realm rules.

    That is correct, you choose where your army hails from and pick artifacts from there, the realm is selected before the battle and spells/traits apply from that realm
  2. Paul Buckler

    Terrain usage and placement at tournaments

    Def a whole different gaming culture here in the UK I think.
  3. Paul Buckler

    Terrain usage and placement at tournaments

    I do find this whole discussion a bit weird tbh. Having played the UK tournament scene from the start, this just seems 'normal'. SCGT has always had bring your own terrain, historiclaly the biggest event on the Calendar. (before @Ben says it, yep Blood and Glory is gonna be fighting hard and maybe eclipsing them) Guys have brought whole display boards etc to play on, Steve Footes Endless Deserts was a joy. Honestly if someone turned up trying to exploit anything with scenery etc the UK TO's are so good it would just be stopped ASAP, before it became a 'thing'. Custom terrain for your army should def be encouraged, it just enhances the appearance so much. Its just not how AOS plays in the UK, the community is so good that people don't even try to push the boundries with stuff like that.
  4. Paul Buckler

    AoS 2 - Spiderfang Grots Discussion

    Yep that chaff is 100% needed, my spiders all died before they could do any damage at the weekend
  5. Paul Buckler

    AoS 2 - Spiderfang Grots Discussion

    I won a trophy! ....for last place But got second place in best painted, which I am super chuffed about. Honestly, pure spiderfang is increadibly hard work, my list is not even close to optimal, which makes it even harder. Played nurgle with 60 PB twice, which is just an uphill struggle. Think If i wrote a competative Spiderfang its a 2/3 wins army, which is good and my level of play, but it wont run with the big boys without some luck. But it is one of the most fun armies I have ever played so would 100% recommend them to anyone thinking about it. Priority in the last game I might have won that though. Spiderfang seem more a drop in contingent in mixed destruction to be competative. 20, plus boss, plus arachnarok is a super killy combo. Add in chaff, artillery and another hitty unit and you have a solid list imo.
  6. Paul Buckler

    AoS 2 - Spiderfang Grots Discussion

    Yes and a 4 up with command ability. Still doesn't help that much. Had 5 great games at blackout, but if you are gonna run more than 2 Arachnaroks, good luck, you will need it.
  7. Paul Buckler

    AoS 2 - Spiderfang Grots Discussion

    No if you get a 6 or more to hit, not unmodified 6 so bonus's to hit help
  8. Paul Buckler

    Age of Sigmar and TERRAIN

    The whole AOS vibe for the last 3 years has been the look and feel, its a huge part of why I play, and it hasnt had any major effect imo in that time. With realm rules, endless spells etc, terrain is fine as it is. Folks are out there having fun, let them get on with it, no need to change what isnt broken.
  9. Paul Buckler

    AoS 2 - Spiderfang Grots Discussion

    Yes you can get +1 to hit in death I think
  10. Paul Buckler

    Nighthaunt win BLACKOUT.

    Second Gaming or Painting? If painting who are you? PM me and say hi!
  11. Paul Buckler

    BLACKOUT - Results, Feedback & Lists

    Niceto meet you guys, was a fun game. Hopefully catch you both another event soon
  12. Paul Buckler

    BLACKOUT - Results, Feedback & Lists

    Had a great time in Cardiff, such a brilliant venue, always a fab weekend away. Feedback from the event - Still a bit shocked with my painting trophy, massive thank you to all who voted, totally unexpected. Coming last, given my warm up games I knew any victories were going to be rare, and facing 2 Nurgle armies with 60 plaguebearers was really tough. Got some KP from my other games, and match 5 I could have won if the priority had gone my way. Coming last is actually hard work! Round times - Echo Lauries comments, the small extra few minutes really helped. (more to pass on to firestorm than for you Chris) - def need to get some more AOS terrain on the boards if possible, was good but room for improvement. Realm rules, I never had any issues, but the teleport then move is one I heard mentioned. I would however add to any future packs that a cheat sheet of realm spells is such a massive time saver and reccomend it to anyone playing.
  13. Paul Buckler

    Nighthaunt win BLACKOUT.

    If you had ever been to an event run by Chris, you 100% would never call him Lazy. Bens terrain was amazing, and he always gives his opponent the option of not using it. But why would you not want to play on a board looking like that! The internet strikes again!
  14. Big fan of this post, gives guidance to TO's who were unsure of what to do. Those with an idea for their event already will go that way, so this just helps out those less certain. AOS is a competative game, but perfect balance is almost impossible. These, for me, make the game have more options to be fun, and that's what AOS should be, first and foremost fun to play. The good players will find ways to be competative whatever system you give them, these additions just mean they have a bit more to think about, (maybe even bringing an even better standard of player to the top), while guys like me get to mess around in Ghur with their fun giant model they painted especially. Def some over negativity here, thought that of recent times TGA was moving forwards from that, shame to see it return. Be good to see these implemented in different ways across the UK tournament scene, help bring variety to events, so they dont all become the same pack over and over again.
  15. Paul Buckler

    The Fate of Sigmar - Narrative Event - 16/17 Feb 2019

    Messages sent to all Players, Bossfest this week, so if I can have your choice,i can maybe write a few lists there and send out next week. Also plan is to setup a whattsapp chat for you all to bounce ideas between yourselves Also I have 4 GM's so far, anyone else interested who reads this thread please let me know, you get to help write the cool battleplans and mess with the players during the games with some bonkers interactions