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  2. Balewind Vortex does not push units when it is set up. You must set it up 3” away from enemy units and within 1” of the caster or the spell fails. There is no ability to force enemy or any of your units to move with the balewind.
  3. oh interesting. Batallion are gonna get more important
  4. But these new scenery placements rules aren’t core rules, right? That’s the issue, the gnawhole warscroll doesn’t overwrite it.
  5. @Saodexan LOL or maybe a hook and string rig to recreate this kind of thing
  6. I heard you can only purchase 1CP through cutting points. 'ardboyz change is big, definitely going to be the backbone of most lists.
  7. Did you take the dwarf warrior point raise into account? Personally I would go hybrid from these three options.
  8. As obsessive as I am with the points changes, and I am obsessive, still waiting for other shoe to show itself for the Skaven (and BoK) points adjustments if any. Also, still waiting to find out if I need to rebase my Skrye acolytes back to 25mm bases, from 32mm , from 25mm originally....
  9. You can always play them on the side and call them stargate 🤣
  10. Only real disappointment for me is the flamespyre Phoenix. At least it’s a bit closer in points to the frost one now (although only because the frostheart went up so much) but there still seems little point in taking one over a frostheart except for thematic reasons. Aside from that most of my armies dropped down in points, so I can’t complain!
  11. Three lists I'm really interested in trying out with the new points (assuming the leaks are correct). Dropping the points for Skywardens, Khemists, and all the boats is awesome! Barak Urbaz Gunline 2 Khemists 2x10 & 1x40 Arkanauts 9 Skywardens 9 Endrinriggers 40 Dwarf Warriors Barak Zilfin Balloon Army 2 Khemists 1 Frigate 3x10 Arkanauts 1x12 & 1x9 Endrinriggers 9 Skywardens Barak Zilfin Hybrid Army 2 Khemists 1 Frigate 2x10 & 1x40 Arkanauts 40 Dwarf Warriors 12 Endrinriggers
  12. I thought of something interesting and im not sure whether it works how i think. I play Dok and thought of a way to push my units around the board. Mistress of illusions is a command ability that allows you to deepstrike a unit at the beginning of the hero phase. When a balewind vortex is set up it pushes units away by 3 inches along with the size of the base. im wondering if this could work. Lets say you have a unit of snakes with 8 move that you want to attack an enemy and the enemy is 17 inches away. Usually that means you would have to try for a 9 inch charge which is risky. But you have a bloodwrack medusa with mistress of illusions and balewind vortex. At the beginning of the hero phase you use mistress of illusions to place your medusa directly behind your snakes. You then activate balewind. With the increase in base size along with forcing units within 3 inches to be moved, you move the snakes about 4 inches closer to the enemy, so when you move and charge it is now only a 5 inch charge, does this work?
  13. Today
  14. Would you mind telling me what you're planning after the changes? I'm curious regarding Necromantic (and totally didn't take into account the other Bloodlines, pardon my ignorance)
  15. Just hate the marauders models And love to be kind of "100% true maggotkin" but true 20 marauders could be better as 5 blightkings. Especially because they are cheaper hehe
  16. The fancy of the day is old slayer models. I just have to say, and it’s the main reason of the post, I just love painting them. Simple but they ooze character. Inspiring poses but all details easily accessible. Good excuse to play around with both Edge paints and the new contrast paints. Painting them in two badges , one of 5 and one of 6, and will play them as hearthguard bezerkers and runesmiter in my KO and Dispossessed lists using the yellow and red contrast paint for the hair. But I’m not risking smudges on it so it will be the last thing I paint QUESTION: I didn’t know about the edge paints. Besides a cool pastel colour what’s the point? Anybody know because except some unboxing’s I can’t find anything on it
  17. Guaranteed teleports are huge. Opens up our toolbox what we can do with the skink alpha move allowed to us with steggys
  18. I think its a list that you can go low 2-3 to high 4-1. If a buddy of mine wanted to run that I would say go for it... should be fun and not bad. For a 80 point swap you can get 1 unit of 60 grots in there which is clearly a good choice but you will be fine with the above imo.
  19. for the most part it is for every two warriors unit you take a hero and your back to the old points.
  20. Too bad I guess. Edit: Actually you can make a decent 1950 Eurlbad list now. So that's something.
  21. But does so with 20 marauders. I find them great especially as a screan in the back against teleporting units. I still cant use my list though, i normally brought portal and geminids for 100 points. So no more geminids for me...guess ill have to bring the quicksilver sword.
  22. Wouldn’t the warrior points hike be somewhat counter balanced by the reduced price of the heroes?
  23. Okay, not a fan how the mwg lads were dissing the terrain set up rules.... but now that I’m watching their meeting engagement bar rep... that is a sparse table 😂 they are absolutely right, the terrain set up rules leave some need for house ruling. With min sized units it should work even better with more terrain Meeting engagement looks fun. But the scenarios so far look mostly like slug fests in the middle because even a 10 man squad can cover more than one objective. Will try it of course but not a big fan yet.
  24. I’ve a feeling Meeting Engagements is going to be the standard by which GW balance things now and that they’re going to push it as their major tournament/competitive mode. Has all the character of AOS without any of the bloat and unwieldiness that comes with 2000 points. If they’re interested in pushing a MOBA/Hearthstone/MTG sort of competitor (I have no idea if they are, but wouldn’t surprise me) I reckon they’ll be looking at this mode to do it.
  25. The new points work for me. I'll cut 10 warriors and upgrade them to 10 hammerers.
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