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April fools gw


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GW Acti-Dirt terrain kits. These kits contain high grade real dirt harvested from choice sections of real British Soil*. Soil is typically topsoil and will come with a booklet explaining proper care and a packet of varied seeds. You'll be able to grow your own green fields, leaving areas barren if you so wish for realistic mudflats and dirt. 

You can use your hobby clippers to keep the grass short; whilst GW will also sell GW brand rocks and boulders which you can use to further add more terrain features to the table. 


This is a new idea and presents the best in realistic quality terrain for GW's Flagship fantasy game Age of Sigmar. 

Furthermore (as if that wasn't enough already) worms and other natural beasties found in soils, will be kept in. Providing oversized fantastical beasts that will really move (no batteries required) around the board on their own! A new campaign booklet will contain rules for how to deal with beast-model interactions, adding a whole new dimension to battle in the Realms



*from the construction site of the new factory

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