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  1. Well no amount of me saying 'i don't see it's is going to change anything dude, hope this doesn't cause you to change tournament attendance to places like BOBO
  2. So as a new player dude, it's worth pointing out that armies with old or no tome like Everchosen and StD are going to struggle with newer tomes. There is almost certainly a new Everchosen book coming, or a StD as one of the big playtesters is building and using one, always a big giveaway. I would get the AoS app and filter for those keywords, and just have a general read of the scrolls for a starter, there might be something really obvious you have missed. One of the faction chats on here would be able to help you as well if there's a StD one
  3. Yeah I'm not hearing it. He was joking about making money from sports votes, and your expense. Nothing malicious, just playing on the fact you have traditionally been a super competitive player and not someone that has ever scored highly in the sports πŸ˜‚ He then jokes about he would never accept money, then winks to the camera to say 'yeah I would'. You sure there isn't something else here?
  4. Its like putting hot sauce on everything. It sort of defeats the point if everything has it. Warhammer: Age of Nuance this is not.
  5. I'll relisten then dude. From personal experience you are both absolute babes for AoS so this makes me sad.
  6. Who has he called out without facts? Names and times please.
  7. A brand new account made just to slag off Rufio πŸ˜‚ He's always happy to back up the comments he makes, and has cohosts that regularly disagree with a point. What he isn't afraid to do it call out poor practice. And it's doing well, since his audience has got him to Australia and the US. One of the nicest people in the hobby, and a good antidote to essentially the same group of mates determined to have the same clique that existed in WHFB. Stick to the official channels (but watch out, as the product lead is currently telling people the wrong rules, and not even having the decency to apologise to the people that bought models after his comments) if you don't want discussion
  8. Legends of the Painty men Rage of Sigmar Honest Wargamer (the best of the three IMO)
  9. A spray can that does multiple colours at once
  10. I sent on Monday but not heard anything yet
  11. Dan, I have messed up with work dates and doubtful I can now come, do I email you at the above?
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