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  1. Complaining about the names in the world of make believe toy soldiers is inherently childish.
  2. So basically if people don't agree with your opinion its childish? Doesn't really seem like you wanted to have your opinion challenged here.
  3. I'm 100% on board with Cities of Sigmar - I think the book is very well written with the capacity to play in several styles. The units in the book are generally close enough in power scope that even 'sub optimal' units can perform well enough to have fun. The book also lets you shift gears with your play style too, you can play super competitive with the book or take time to play far more fluffy and fun lists.
  4. That's not how the special shot works. You compare each roll to the unit's bravery which means a unit 7 or above is completely immune to the shot.
  5. Does anyone also want to point out that you have Adam Hall (GW staffer, not a known great tournament player) playing against Tony Moore (of Warscroll Builder fame) who is always a guy in contention/playing in the top quarter of events?
  6. Winter (December/January). AoS and 40k are on the same large FAQ cycle (twice a year) with a game update (CA/GHB) once a year. That said we are supposedly getting points adjustments twice a year now rather than once a year according to GW.
  7. The 2 Slaanesh Endless spells are really important to helping us deal with support characters (Hags, Castellants, FS Characters, etc.). One of the major things Slaanesh doesn't have is the ability to reach out and threaten well screened characters and both Endless Spells do an excellent job of rectifying that. They have reasonable threat ranges (initially 24" for the mirror and 18" for the wheels) and the mirror has the added bonus of having no impact on your own models. They're just all round effective additions to the list that help deal with a problem area for HoS. This is of course all just in my personal experience with the spells.
  8. Every single one of these rules was terrible. Animosity was the single worst rule GW ever wrote and continue to belabor an army with ever. Gimmicky rules that prevent a player from being able to control their armies are bad for the game and have no place in design.
  9. Don't get me in trouble here for wrongly labeling someone's event but I think it was maybe EGGS, Blackout, or Facehammer (again I'm not 100% I just know it was one of the bigger UK events last year). That said it doesn't appear to be in the pack for those events this year - I think it was an early 'summoning too strong' check that was being used before the edition matured a bit.
  10. I think he's getting at the fact that some tournaments don't allow you to do this. Some tournaments require a specific 'summoning pool' of models and you aren't allowed to use dead models as a part of that pool.
  11. You understand mechanically how summoning works but its very clear you don't understand how it works tactically. I understand this is a language barrier concern but I mean to say you are using summoning poorly - not that you don't know the rules for it. That said this isn't an argument worth continuing as you have a position that you don't wish to change and I'm not going to rehash the same argument you've had with actual tournament winning BoC players from FB. Think what you like about our summoning - I'm not going to try and change your mind anymore.
  12. You have 2 choices when using Brass Despoilers. You can either play the army as Beasts of Chaos with Beasts of Chaos allegiance abilities (Herdstone, Frays, spells, etc.) or you can play the army as Blades of Khorne using Blades of Khorne allegiance abilities (Judgements, Bloodtithe, artifacts, etc.). If you choose to play the army as Beasts of Chaos you may not take a Bloodsecrator as he is not a legal ally for BoC. If you choose to play the army as BoK you may since he is a legal unit selection in a Blades of Khorne army.
  13. You absolutely don't. Summoning is a situational ability and to try an evaluate it on a point for point basis is an abject failure. If you spend 150 points to summon a 60 point Ungor unit that takes an objective in Better Part of Valor and burns that objective for the win it doesn't matter how many points it cost to buy. Because, as above, you're attempting to assign a points value to a situational use ability. Some games summoning is a clutch ability that can win the board position and in some games it does very little. The idea that you think you should always be getting X points for Y investment is flawed thinking - you absolutely cannot properly value the game output of BoC summoning because it is flexible and changes from game to game.
  14. Feel the same way about here as everyone on FB does. You don't understand how to use BoC summoning so it seems really bad to you because you're evaluating a point for point summoning and not understanding the tactical value of adding units in as needed in specific spots.
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