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  1. Before providing any feedback, what city are you looking at running? Our Cities are almost different armies so its probably relevant to know which you're interested in.
  2. Why is this happening? Changehost is one drop, you're going to know exactly where the flamers are, their exact threat range and you get to compensate for all of that before deploying anything meaningful.
  3. Best army bar people building lists that exploit it effectively. Again null deploy or just stuff like untamed beasts in chaos armies.
  4. Terrible solution if you're going to buy an army to deal with them. You're relegating yourself to a 50% win rate at best, better to buy an army with actual tools to deal with them.
  5. Play null deploy - Changehost has almost no counter play to it what so ever. I've played against the two lists that won Heat 1 with Living City and had 0 issues.
  6. Honest question here - why do you think its reasonable to expect this? I love competitive play, I travel to events, run locals, the whole nine. However GW has never advertised the game as particularly well balanced, they don't make any real claims as to it being overly suitable for tight games. They obviously encourage tournament play by running their own events, putting in matched play, etc., but they've never really stood up and said 'this is our design intent'. I ask the question because I think this is the crux of a lot of folks' relationship with GW. Their how and why lacks alignment with GW's how and why which means that the end result is always going to be far less than perfect.
  7. 6" pile ins which are ubiquitous in HoS & DoK and a major issue when you're going for the double S&S line. One of the many reasons I divested from large buffed hand gunners to MSU 3x 10x. Don't disagree with your main point regarding the rest of the list tech - all pretty well spot on. Just wanted to point out that there are top tier armies out there that can effectively absorb handgunners without ever having to deal with their damaging elements.
  8. I'll PM you a few (so we're not taking up all of CoS General) but yeah I'm fortunate to have a really solid little team who wants to play as many games as I do.
  9. Usually at least 12 (assuming 12 against a variety of lists). Sometimes something gets dropped a lot faster but usually the goal is to try to get in double digits before making any major changes.
  10. To provide anecdotal evidence that's all my entire team does, we relentlessly test/practice all the time. Proxy games, open hands, the whole thing. I'm sure the bulk of the tournament field doesn't but I'd be willing to bet the top 10% do.
  11. I'm taking that as a very different conclusion. There aren't really any examples of actual gunlines because those players have tested the lists and decided not to take them to tournaments for a reason.
  12. 6 rounds, he won 5 of them. He beat Khorne x2, FEC, Mawtribes x2 and lost to Mawtribes once. There's also another Anvilguard player (Andrew Bigwood) who went 4-2 with a similar list (beat Petrifex Elite on stream during round 4).
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