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  1. Arkiham

    Terrain usage and placement at tournaments

    nothing new. happens all over the place in other industries Typically they arent as good as non employees as they cannot devote their time to being hyper good at 1 strategy
  2. Arkiham

    Age of Sigmar and TERRAIN

    i made a thread about this about a year ago. personally i think people should look to spend about half the cost of an army on terrain minimum. its a huge aspect of age of sigmar and people dont give it the respect it deserves.
  3. Arkiham

    Terrain usage and placement at tournaments

    ben johnson is the lead? project developer for age of sigmar. the boss, the person who chooses the direction the game heads towards and how it should be played ( this is my understanding of his job and is probably incorrect ) so if hes bringing alot of line of sight blocking terrain, surely he thinks that this is how it should be played and has naturally designed the game to be played like that? so who is in the wrong? people who bring next to no LoS blocking terrain or the ones who bring a fair bit ? ive tried to raise the issue about peoples lack of decent terrain for years. its quite frankly embarrassing alot of the time, you look at photos of peoples games and you may as well not bother at all, as it has little to no effect on the battlefield at all so why bother? look at the pictures where is the LoS blocking terrain? where is the forced bottle necks? where is the impassable terrain? in these pictures the terrain (other than that one house the size of a dwarf ) is doing literally nothing. something for people to think about - instead of dropping £300 on that next new army. buy some better terrain, and actually make your games more interesting. i dont want to dump on To's as i know its a hard job and its alot of effort and cost to provide for tournaments so any reading this please take no offence but moaning at a guy for bringing some decent terrain is shocking, instead of moaning at him for bringing decent terrain, how about you use that effort and up your own game and bring some
  4. Arkiham

    Nighthaunt win BLACKOUT.

    any pink horror heavy armies? genuinely interested. as i was repeatedly criticised for negativity towards their change " before they've even been played competitive level as i have no idea how it will work and shouldn't moan " - play tester who shall not be named
  5. Arkiham

    BOBO coverage

  6. i meant better in comparison to the mammoth. pretty sure the mammoth is on archaons base or slightly smaller meaning terrain/spells etc etc can be used to completely nullify him hes as much wounds as 5 blightkings basically, with the same save, dies just as easily if not easier due to having monster keyword and is on a huge base. if you cant kill the mammoth how you going to kill 5 kings??
  7. Arkiham

    BOBO coverage

    Live again guys
  8. Arkiham

    BOBO coverage

    The mid game report is amazing. It's setting the new standard to be honest.
  9. good.. or finally viable ? the EGUO is arguably better at 400 points, but no one takes him. it may be good, but it certainly isnt broken on the correct base
  10. Arkiham

    BOBO coverage

    live now guys.
  11. precisely, people always used to moan about named characters in 8th edition.... you could build more broken ones for cheaper and it was fine
  12. the mammoths cost is unchanged for about a year. the only change was marks added. banning forgeworld is a bad move, some games workshop proper stuff is equally as broken. its just a old stigma that has surrounded forgeworld and is an easy excuse to ban stuff people dont want to face.
  13. Arkiham

    AoS 2 - Archaon / Everchosen Discussion

    they're killing them off. they're basically doing to them what they done to compendium armies
  14. a few profiles changed also, chaos dwarfs got a little alteration on some
  15. Arkiham

    Tzeentch and endless spells

    thats not hard to do... just bring your own endless spells.