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  1. delete it and start over. imo chaos warriors need to be basically liberators but not as tyrannical and murderous of innocents ๐Ÿ˜‹ All the heavy armoured units, such as chaos warriors, gorebeast chariot etc need to be under archaon - everchosen the marauders and lightly armoured things, should be under darkoath, like daemons/mortals/bloodbound etc this would just been everchosen/darkoath but all still mortal, allow all the warbands as darkoath units. add some new possessed units in, rework chosen to be like the retributors etc, some varanguard on foot,
  2. it will be nice to finally be free of the shackles of the old world. get them while you can before you are scalped on ebay
  3. New colours and paints added. It appears that the bar on contrast shows what it looks like when lightly applied to heavily applied.
  4. Arkiham


    Everything sold. Ta for looking
  5. bump before i put away into storage
  6. Arkiham


    bump before i pack away into storage
  7. remember when mortal wounds were rare? they were super effective as not many things had them to use effectively, game feels now like if you're not doing mortals or summoning endless amounts why even bother turning up.. same with -1 to hit, used to be rare and nurgle was super effective as of it. now nurgle isnt able to consistently use it as avg spell cast, while others get it less than avg and nurgle is a bit eh. always fights is now the new hot ๐Ÿ’ฉ๐Ÿ’ฉand will be spammed loads and youll be forced to take redundancy beyond normal amounts to deal with it
  8. tbh if you believe we got sisters of battle from last years survey you have to be pretty gullible, we ask for it, an then like 2 months later, BAM they start production on something which normally takes 3-4 years and get it all done in ~1? hey, did you know the world is actually flat? shocker i know! if tomb kings are revealed after this its as theyre in production anyway, not as it was asked for. if all you put is " tomb kings pls pls pls pls " or "no tomb kings pls pls pls pls " then you've wasted a opportunity to improve something which could actually be improved imv. no salt, just realism.
  9. it probably sounds like that as they arent trying to suck up to gw as they want the early goodies for free. credit is given when its due, not when its expected.
  10. better proofreading, books/scroll cards which arent redundant 2 weeks after release, forgeworld and gw cohesion ( they're the same company after all ) dice you can read properly better rules for terrain better examples from warhammer world on what is good ( terrain ) forgeworld range in warhammer stores a bits service, or individual model purchase more collectors edition stuff better paint pots, update older models faster
  11. Arkiham


    dice are sold, dropping the price down to ยฃ250
  12. honest wargamer is best imo. best all round place to go for content, reviews, discussion, event review, stats on events/armies, live event coverage of better quality than WHTV no begging for subs every 5 minutes
  13. looking to sell as a lot tbh, leaving aos so i dont want hangers on
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