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  1. Arkiham


    Army sold
  2. Arkiham


    book weighs about 2/3 kg so not cheap.
  3. Arkiham


    Selling my slaves to darkness and everchosen. Asking for £350 +P&P Retails for £610. Warriors have bits included, as does archaon. Chariot sprue is only missing the pictured part. Throwing in the aos battleroster and counters as I don't use them. Books, £20 each for books 2/3 £45 for the collectors. P&P not included. Tamurkhan book selling for £65.
  4. Arkiham

    AoS 2 - Maggotkin of Nurgle Discussion

    Made from plaugeclaw catapult
  5. Arkiham

    whatsapp groups

    Could a mod please lock this thread, no one seems to be giving invites to people who ask and i rarely frequent this site for longer than 20 seconds anymore. just not into aos atm, maybe next update. to those who want invites to whatsapp groups, sorry no one has got back to you, myself included i had hoped this thread would be self running as people saw requests they'd be dealt with. not entirely by me i would suggest checking the relevant sections of this forum for the threads on the army relevant to you but if you want to join me i spend more time on discord now than forums, its instant chat, picture sharing, voice comms etc etc. this is the one i am on, its the honest wargamers one, i admin there https://discord.gg/BCuqVnh
  6. Arkiham

    The Rumour Thread

    Ignore me ! Already shared
  7. Arkiham

    The Rumour Thread

    Killteam aos suggested, as is a revisited ironjawz book
  8. Arkiham

    The Rumour Thread

    Aos has had the entirety of this year, I expect to see more about the khorne and slaanesh box coming Xmas, an that's about it, Black fortress is before Xmas it appears and Xmas will.be Xmas boxes etc, maybe we'll get a release announced on Xmas day again but I doubt it.
  9. Arkiham

    whatsapp groups

    Just a check up, are people actually getting invites to groups btw ?
  10. Arkiham

    The Rumour Thread

    made in china id assume. all the stuff made there ( this includes endless spells and maybe the easy to build stuff? ) is massively sub par compared to the rest of gw. they really should start to include a guide on how to fix it edit. quoted the incorrect person.
  11. Arkiham

    The Rumour Thread

    as theyre subs i think.
  12. Not mine. Pics I get sent or shown
  13. some size comparison pics for those interested.
  14. It's most certainly not grossly under costed, maybe a little cheap but not miles. Without a mark it's good not amazing, still dies like any other with a medicore save With a mark it's better granted, but the number of mortal buffs it can receive and the rest of the army still be functional is low.
  15. That reputation is unjust now. All forgeworld stuff sucks for aos now no one uses it. Edit. The chaos dwarves stuff isn't bad, totally forgot about them.