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  1. Arkiham

    The Rumour Thread

    Man, I was 3 months or so off
  2. Arkiham

    Selling Models: Painted vs Unpainted

    unless its a full army at high standard most wont pay much more than as new price tbh as it often wont suit their scheme or ability
  3. Arkiham

    The Rumour Thread

    Cause and effect. We only get these additional official pics or surprise articles as people share leaks. Let's not pretend otherwise,
  4. and when asked to back these fanciful claims up ? so you dont just get ignored as a wishlister you end up being dismissed so why even bother. i mentioned most if not all of this xmas' releases mid/end of summer, cant back it up as it gets deleted
  5. Some of those things mentioned in first comment already have solid grounding, from proven sources, but i get the feeling we aren't allowed to talk about actual rumours/leak stuff anymore on here,
  6. Arkiham

    Fatesworn Warband

    Run it as general chaos is fine
  7. up voting lists sends them to the top, so all the "less good" rundowns/lists or army explanations will drift towards the bottom, and we'll regularly remove the bottom most lists to keep it tidy. the better you write the list the more likely it is to be upvoted,
  8. indeed. any feedback let me know and ill pass it on
  9. i wouldn't call archery, dressage, darts etc particularly athletic sports, but they're widely recognised as " sports " try an do what professional esport players do, its exhausting, mentally, physically and emotionally draining, i wasn't professional level but i could compete at a very high ability at dota2, 12 hours of game time a day, requiring full concentration and sound knowledge of rules and abilities, timings interactions etc etc id argue that, playing 6 intense games of warhammer over a weekend against high level competition would also drain you both physically and mentally. we arent talking casual games over beer and snacks, similar to how a casual kick about down the field with a ball wouldn't be called "sport"
  10. It sounds cringey as it's new, esports is not much different an that is widely accepted as fine now
  11. Arkiham

    CP having more variation

    not all armies. excluding sylvaneth who no one seems to really have a issue with, and whose win % i suspect is less to do with summoning than the changes to their forests etc etc ( i cant confirm ) and again FEC who again no one seems to be moaning about, the win % of a LoN army compared to all of the chaos forces, and the seraphon force who are claimed to be equally abusive are 10% points and lower than LoN. seraphon who can summon like 800 points of models on to the table are 18% lower than LoN. so, this leads us to a few questions is LoN summoning is alot stronger? the others are alot weaker and need buffing? is there other aspect of death that need a bit more balancing. ( ie nagash point increase ) 40 skeletons are alot less scary when they start taking battleshock tests after loosing ~20 dudes.
  12. Arkiham

    CP having more variation

    its only death stomping the meta atm, not the other summon armies, so even with all their extra stuff, they still get stomped by death. clearly , they are not the issue. it doesnt need a rehaul, just a tweak, using cp as a beta rule ito the current is alot easier than creating a entirely new system just to trail it.
  13. Arkiham

    CP having more variation

    needlessly complicated?? have you seen other factions summoning ? ..its not hard. nurgles/tzeentch seems the most book keeping and thats not particularly hard. they even provide you with a nice little table of the unit size and quality of unit you can summon for your points gained. so there is president. its not hard to use those existing systems so having a similar system for death based around cp points required to summon units wouldnt be hard to create and implement... for instance. 10 zombies -free (once per turn) 5 dead doggos - free ( once per turn ) 10 skeletons free (once per turn) 20 skeletons - 1cp 5 spooky ghosts 1cp 30 skeletons 2cp 10 spooky ghosts 3cp etc etc etc. or what ever cp values seem fair, so trash units are still trash and represented as such, but bigger more deadly units such as 40 skeletons arent treated the same as 5 skeletons. khorne finds it just as difficult if not more so than death as their faction ability is directly tied into their summoning effectively replacing it.. each other faction has gained it as an addition to their faction "stuff" gravesties, fate dice what have you.
  14. Arkiham

    CP having more variation

    seems to just be an issue with death really tbh. just make a table of how many models in a unit you can restore for x command point. the bigger or more elite the unit the more the cp cost. the summoning for the remaining factions is tiered, why not death. the current method is clearly broken so alter it. aside from death, id be happy to see some sort of tier for command abilities, they arent all the same value. lets not pretend they are
  15. Arkiham


    Army sold