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How to become a daemon prince? - cult of Slaanesh in Hysh (update: Dark elf lord)


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@Speakerdad @ElectricPaladin thanks! always nice to get compliments:D 

a small update: I've started painting the first of my princes. 


I decided to go with NMM, just like with Thalion. Allthough the recipe is somewhat different. I might add some more darker tones, but I want to see how it all looks together before doing that.


also: don't forget to vote (for me :P) on the Slaughterpriest contest --> vote now!

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It was such a joy to paint this guy I already finished him (bar some static grass). This prince of Lothern was actually one of the last conversions i've done for the elven prince honour guard. The helmet is slightly over the top but I think it works. I used muted colors on the shield so it wouldn't take over the gold, white and purple color scheme. Both the inside and outsider of the cloak have some freehand patterns. 

The pics aren't that great, i'll take better shots when I finish more of these. guys.



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Time for some updates! I've been working hard on the honour guard. I finished three of them, princes from Lothern (Eataine), Cothique and Avelorn. allthough I think I need to go back to the Princess of Avelorn, her eyes don't look good and I'm debating with myself to change the colour of the sashes on her spear to green, similar to the sea dragon cloak of the Cothique prince. I've also finished the horse of the Elyrion prince. Somehow the white of the cloth was harder to paint then the NMM gold...

I find myself facing paradox, on the one hand I'm really enjoying painting these and want to keep at it, but I also really want them to be finished... 



mpSH6Wfl.jpg qIL8bznl.jpg


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Hello Elfhead!

Thanks for letting me know of this amazing community, somehow it passed under my radar!

Your conversions on the princes are incredible, I am so glad to see you did not abandon this amazing project, which was one of my all time favourites back on warseer!

Your painting technique also seem to have improved a lot since I last checked, your NMM is really impressive, I dare say one of the best of best I have seen around the web (and something I would never be able to replicate).

The kraken cloak on the leftmost prince is a stunning conversion idea and very well executed indeed... I might shamelessly steal it form you!

You are giving me now a lot of motivation to go back to my Aestyrions! If I will I will make sure to open a blog in here as it looks like a great space to share our visions of AoS!


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@JackDaw thanks man, I think it is a good sign if different people choose different models as their favorite. 

@Ademo I'm really happy with the shield design. as Cothique and Lothern are both known as seafarers, I wanted to give the Cothique prince different  haraldry, based on a different sea-creature than the Lothern Sea dragon. The kraken is also mirrored in his helmet design.

@Hagen YES! I'm so glad you joined this forum, I'm very happy to be the one that pointed it out to you. I think you'll like it here:) It would be really great if you continued your Aestyrion. They were a big inspiration for these princes. It would only be right if they in turn inspire you to return to that amazing project. 

My NMM and overall painting has improved I think. Allthough there is still so much room to grow. getting better brushes (Windsor&Newton series 7) and not holding the model itself while painting has helped a lot.

This project has become a lot bigger than I intended. When I first started I thought I had enough stuff lying around to create a small Slaanesh warband. But I have bought lots of bits and models to expand the force and find myself thinking about the backstory all the time. The amount of models that need assembling and painting keeps growing... But I'm having a blast. sharing my work on this forum and Instagram is an important part of that fun and I'm very thankfull for all the critique and comments:)

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It's your lucky day @Hagen, I just took some shots with a proper camera instead of my phone. Although I'm still not completely happy with the pics, they're not as sharp as I'd like. The mounted prince is actualy inspired by your conversion for prince Aelrik. Great to see you posted some more work on you blog!

I finished the honour guard, consisting of princes from six different elven realms. 


the complete unit


Prince from Elyrion and princess from Avelorn (possibly a former maiden guard?)


Princse from Caledor and Lothern (Eataine)


Princes from Chrace and Cothique


next up are sisters of silence as Slaaneshi warriors, accompanied by the Sigvald model.

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The princes/princess look great, you'd never have guessed they'd fallen to Slaanesh. ;) 

The Phoenix Guard legs and cloaks really help unify them, I''m especially in awe of how you've transferred the Phoenix Guard tassets to the mounted Ellyrion prince. Were they done using a greenstuff mould or just lopped off the original legs?

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@Darth Alec thanks man:) 

I don't play so I didn't really think about it, but I guess they would be chaos warriors or chosen. The 5 sisters will form a unit of six with Sigvald. The Sigvald model carries a big sword so they look good together. The black armour fits in nicely with my Marauders and dark elves (more on those later). 

I imagine the sisters and the Marauders forming a warband of seekers, looking for Thalion in the age of sigmar.

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work took up all my time, but two weeks of Christmas holliday are finally here. I've got a lot of projects on the go, my backlog just keeps growing. But I've managed to finish some things.

Here's what I'm working on. First up are the sisters of silence , converted (slightly) to fit in as Slaaneshi chosen. I've ordered the old female inquisitor to take the unit up to 6 models.




after finishing the sisters I got a little sidetracked by an idea I had for Sylvaneth. I thought it would be cool to sculpt mushrooms on the faces of dryads to make them look like 'clickers' from the Last of us game. Painting dryads was also a fun break from painting NMM and dark armour.


Right now I've started work on Sigvald the Magnificent. Always liked that model and I hope my NMM skills are good enough to do him justice. So far it has been fun painting him. When he's finished I already have more models lined up. Thanks to Made to order I finally will be able to create a unit of mounted daemonettes and I converted a dark elf sorcerer.





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  • elfhead changed the title to How to become a daemon prince? - cult of Slaanesh in Hysh (update: Dark elf lord)

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