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  1. It'd be more powerful on your opponent's turn.
  2. Not sure they've put anything out about the Harbinger release previously, but this indicates soon. Maybe it's old news and I just missed it.
  3. There's nothing out there to suggest it. They've got their hands full with Heresy.
  4. Stupid rule. Can't fault players for playing according to the rules though, especially clear ones.
  5. Marauders so you can actually camp an objective with something.
  6. If you're looking at Verminus (Clans and Storms) as the core of your army I'd recommend not getting too caught up on maintaining Verminus allegiance and rather looking at a generic Chaos army with a focus on Skaven. There are decent (if not top tier) synergies and nice models to work with within that brief. While pan-Skaven armies only have synergies generally within their Clans, there is still a good selection of individually strong units to fill most niches.
  7. There's a lead time on development to consider as well but I don't think that's actually at play here. Studios pay for IP rights for proven earners, not... whatever you can accept AoS as. It's possible GW aren't offering AoS but considering they'll license everything else out to practically anyone, for anything, I kinda doubt that.
  8. The 'Age of' naming scheme always suggested to me the potential for a turning of the ages but it's a hard lever to pull in terms of branding and marketing.
  9. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/11/03/news-codexes-heroes-blood-glorygw-homepage-post-3/ New female hero! Steps forw... nope, literally a plate bikini and a four-horned "viking" helmet. Sorry I skipped the lede for AoS: Redesigned logo. A little underwhelming.
  10. Have they given an actual time for this info stream?
  11. Short answer is no. Nurgle release has seemed inevitable for a long time and new Beasts of Nurgle, based on the new art from 40k, seem to be coming along with the ever-rumoured GUO kit. I would guess that these will coincide with an aos book. There's no timeline. Only other thing that's accepted to be in the pipeline is 'Cthulhu Elves.' We expected them to be out by now but it's all been quiet on that front. Maybe they'll have something at BnG.
  12. It's kind of awkward but the warscrolls can be taken at face value (so far), meaning you can take them all. They clamped down on Netters in goblin units (scroll says any number, kit has the three that were the cap in WHFB and that's the rule now) after it was made clear to them it was an issue though, so don't assume it'll last forever if you find an edge somewhere. I would not take Warscroll Builder's options as rules over the scrolls. It's not being handled by the rules team.
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