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  1. Hello there, I have recently picked up the Hedonites Battletome for my club's narrative campaign and have a couple of questions. For the allegiance abilities, the book says 'Slaanesh army' and not 'Hedonites army' , does this mean I can use the allegiance abilities as long as my army is all Slaanesh keyword? Say I have some Slaanesh Chaos Warriors or Slaanesh beastmen. Secondly, and related, does this mean I can bring in beasts and mortals without using up allies points? I'm assuming they then also gain the Euphoric Killers ability? Finally, are these additional Slaanesh units (eg beasts and mortals) included in my host? For example, if I take Invaders, could I theoretically choose a Herald, a Demon Prince and a Beastlord to be my 3 generals? Thanks!
  2. I agree the mangler is probably a bit big; however the new squig boss from Looncurse might work. I haven't assembled mine yet but looking at the sprue, it's somewhere in between the mangler and the regular squigs size-wise.
  3. My copy arrived in the post today, but I need to be good and finish my 40k stuff before building the new gobbos.
  4. As much as I like the revenant hero, I have enough painting to do eight now for aos and 40k so I've split a box with someone from the local club for the Gitz half. They add just what I need to my current collection to form a solid army core.
  5. I finished my goal to convert Kefka for my FF6 display. Got started with the painting but for now I have been sidetracked with 40k stuff so it could be a little while before I come back to this project.
  6. Thanks! I just realised I never did upload the pics of the Mangler after I finished the base. The Gitz are on hold for now while I work on 40k stuff, but I will probably pick up Looncurse and come back to them soon(ish).
  7. I love it! The Gloomspite half rounds out what I already have to a good size to start playing; I've also been thinking of starting Sylvaneth for a number of years now, and always preferred the Revenant aesthetic to the Dryads (plus I do have a box of Revenants I painted when they were released). This box is perfect for me, will most likely pick it up (the new Sylvaneth hero is gorgeous too).
  8. I was chatting with my local GW manager recently regarding finding motivation to finish projects, and he pointed out something kind of obvious but that I hadn't really considered before: 'I want an army that looks good on the table' isn't necessarily a particularly strong motivator to get stuff finished (at least not for me). Anyway, we got to talking about having concrete goals and deadlines and how that can help and he brought up Armies on Parade, which he is already working on himself for 2019. I decided that would be a good goal for myself also, and preparing this early gives me plenty of time to finish up a display to a good standard. Coupled with the fact that I've been trying to improve my painting recently, I needed an idea which would give me the chance to paint a range of different single minis, which would also keep the motivation going compared to painting a ton of identical rank-and-file. So, I have decided to act upon an idea which has been burning away in the back of my head for quite some time - a display based on one of my favourite games of all time, Final Fantasy 6. I recognised quite a long time ago that the Necron Deceiver model from 40k would make a great base for a Kefka conversion. I have nearly completed the conversion, with just some more detailing on the hair to go before gap filling and basing. I haven't fully fleshed out what the completed display will look like, but model-wise I would like to include all 14 of the playable heroes from the game. I am planning on giving each character a small AOS lore snippet to be included in the display, tying the characters into the Mortal Realms. So far, I have purchased the easy to build Castigators (SCE with crossbows) and am going to use the bare-headed chap as Edgar Figaro (I have added a tassel of longer hair). I want to keep the conversions as simple as possible and am trying to stick to kitbashing over attempting to sculpt anything. Any ideas of Citadel models that would make good bases for converting the other characters would be appreciated, here is what I have come up with so far for the others: Shadow: The Dark Elf assassin model should be great pretty much as-is, perhaps I'll swap out the knives for shurikens. The gryphhound from the castigators set will stand in as his dog, Interceptor. Setzer: Someone at my local club is giving away some models and I have laid claim to a 40k Commissar model, which should be a good base for this conversion. Gau: Since GW don't make child models, I am tempted to interpret this one more liberally, perhaps a Fyreslayer would make a good starting point. Thanks for reading and I will share all of my progress in this thread!
  9. I believe you are referring to this model; it has a similar stitched cape (which was also a rumour engine post) and was part of the recent CSM releases.
  10. I'll give this a go for some extra motivation! Beginning to plan a Final Fantasy 6 themed board for Armies on Parade (if I start early I may actually be done by October!). Going to start with the star of the show, by converting God Kefka from a Necron Deceiver. Also looking to source some models to count as the heroes, so far I'm probably going to get the DE assassin and maybe a Gryph Hound to represent Shadow and his dog. I'll be happy if I can get Kefka ready to paint this month.
  11. Two head options shown (so far at least) for the Keeper of Secrets.
  12. Not sure if it's been posted in here yet, but there are some variants in the new KoS kit, two head options and a left arm with or without shield:
  13. The Mangler is complete, apart from the base. I haven't glued the riders or the chain and while photographing, the model seemed pretty stable so that will make it easier to store and transport the model. I'm really pleased with the complete look, although it is an awkward model to photograph! Skragrott is on the painting desk right now but I am also looking to improve my painting skills in general and have ordered an unrelated model to try next. Therefore this will probably be the last update for the Gitz for now, although I will post final pics of the Mangler Squigs once the base is finished.
  14. The gums and tongue were base coat Mephiston Red, then layer Emperor's Children with some washes of Druchii Violet and Carroburg Crimson in between.
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