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  1. Luke.w

    Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    Hopefully Stormcast can get the old mystic shield as a unique spell. If only to use in mixed order. Castellant I can see as going up in points also.
  2. Luke.w

    Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    Hopefully we get access to our own spell lore. I'd like to see some damage and movement- oriented buffs because it feels like some of our top units (paladins) do not hard enough. Particularly I'd like to see modifiers to rend as this is something that order lacks in general. Has anybody considered that GW may release generic spell lores like in 8th edition (e.g life/fire/light etc.) Access to these could work also
  3. It has come to my attention that named characters often suffer in mathed play due to fheir inability to take artifacts, and particularly command traits. For example, Vandus Hammerhand rarely sees play over a Lord Celestant on Dracoth because he is more expensive in points and can not take the staunch defender command trait that stormcast players typically run he Celestant with. How would you propose to fix this issue and make named characters more viable when taken as your general?
  4. Luke.w

    Let's Chat: Mixed Order?

    Here're my mixed order lists: List1: Dragonlord 340 -General -Dragon Lance -Aelven War Horn -Quicksilver Potion or Relic Blade -Legendary Fighter Anointed on Frostheart Phoenix 240 Loremaster 100 Archmage 120 Branchwych 80 10x Skinks 60 -Boltspitters 10x Skinks 60 -Boltspitters 10x Skinks 60 -Boltspitters 5x Dragon Blades 140 5x Dragon Blades 140 6x Kurnoth Hunters 440 -Scythes 3x Vanguard Palladors 220 -Javelins List2: Anointed on Frostheart Phoenix 240 -General Celestial Hurricanum 380 -Celestial Battlemage Loremaster 100 Branchwych 80 10x Skinks 60 -Boltspitters 10x Skinks 60 -Boltspitters 10x Skinks 60 -Boltspitters 10x Executioners 180 10x Executioners 180 6x Kurnoth Hunters 440 -Scythes 3x Vanguard Palladors 220 -Javelins
  5. Luke.w

    Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    Thank you for the feedback. The synergy I was trying to go for was for Concussors to have +1 to hit from Templar, +1 to wound from Amber Wizard and so the MW would go off on a 5+ and intolerable damage would as well. The loremaster is there to make the Templar a more reliabl beatstick, and it makes the +1 to hit from the bow more reliable as well. Vandus should be running with the Concussors and maybe the Templar in tow, giving them all and himself +1 attack on each weapon. If I have my maths right, the Concussors would average around 35 damage against a 4+ save unit. Am I missing something? Could somebody direct me towards the synergy of LCoD and LCoSD? Thanks for the advice
  6. Luke.w

    Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    Hi everyone, I wanted to get some input on this list. I face largely mixed chaos and destruction. Vandus Hammerhand 280 -General Drakesworn Templar 500 -Strife Ender -Lithe Limbed Lord Castellant 100 Loremaster 100 Amber Wizard 100 10x Skinks 60 5x Liberators 100 5x Liberators 100 3x Prosecutors 100 4x Concussors 560 2000/2000
  7. Luke.w

    Order 2500 Points

    Dragonlord 340 Anointed on Frostheart Phoenix 240 Celestial Hurricanum 380 Loremaster 100 Archmage 120 2x 5 Dragon Blades 280 6 Kurnoth Hunters 440 (Scythes) 4x 10 Skinks (Boltspitters) 240 2x 10 Executioners 360 2500 points The general tactics are for skinks to screen, Hunters to hold down the center (hopefully with mystic shield) all the wizards and Phoenix stay close so the phoenix can get rly tanky. The executioners should be able to do a lot of mortal wounds with +1 to hit from the hurricanum. The dragon can hopefully pick up hand of glory, blow the war horn, and dish a lot of relliable damage with the dragon Blades in tow. What would you change about the list? What do you think are its weaknesses?
  8. This month I pledge to paint 10 Dragon Blades, a Dragonlord, a Loremaster and an Archmage On Aelven steed
  9. Luke.w

    Dark Elves Question

    Here is a mainly high aelf order list that I have run in the past: Dragonlord 400 with war horn, master of defence and quick Potion Anointed On Frostheart Phoenix 240 with Relic blade Loremaster 100 Archmage On Steed 120 5 Dragon Blades 160 5 Dragon Blades 160 Dragonlord Host 80 10 Eternal Guard 80 10 Eternal Guard 80 5 Reavers 160 6 Kurnoth Hunters 360 with greatswords 1940/ 2000 For 2500 points you can add in a Hurricanum and a unit of reavers. The list has worked best at 2.5k but is still strong for 2k. If you want, you could drop the Kurnoth Hunters for 20 executioners should you opt for the dark elves theme. However I must vouch for both the staying power and damage output from this unit. On that not, Eternal Guard reach a 3+ save rerolling 1/2 if they can get fortress of boughs in cover. This works really well for such a cheap unit as it can hold objectives easily and sometimes opponents divert mortal wounds into a unit which is 8 points per wound. The Loremaster is there to give rerolls to hit/ wound to Phoenix or Dragonlord. The Archmage adds a bubble of 6+ save to units within 18". This is a similar save increase to mystic shield and works agains mortal wounds. In addition the phoenix gets tangier the mire magic is going off.
  10. Luke.w

    Chronicles of a Sky Pirate

    @Paul Buckler As much as there are many vulnerabilities for a zilfin alpha-striking list, Scotland won the AOS six nations using a zilfin list, taking five majors. This proves that it works. If you need to remove units you can dive them with aethercannons blazing and reliably remove linchpin units. Here is the six nations list: Skyport: Barak-Zilfin - Additional Footnote: There's No Trading With Some People Arkanaut Admiral (140) - General- Trait: Stickler for the Code:There's No Reward Without Risk - Masterwrought Armour Aether-Khemist (100) - Artefact: Aethershock Earbuster Aether-Khemist (100) Aether-Khemist (100) Aether-Khemist (100) 10 x Arkanauts (120) - 3x Light Skyhooks 10 x Arkanauts (120) - 3x Light Skyhooks 10 x Arkanauts (120) - 3x Light Skyhooks 12 x Endrinriggers (480) - 4x Grapnel Launchers 3 x Skywardens (100) - 1x Aethermatic Volley Guns - 1x Drill Cannons Arkanaut Ironclad (440) - Main Gun: Aethermatic Volley Cannon - Great Endrinworks: Aetherspheric Endrinds (Barak- Zilfin Skyvessel) Iron Sky Command (80) Total: 2000/2000
  11. Luke.w

    2500 Mixed Order Quite Competitive

    Hey all, my friends and I have recently got back into Age Of Sigmar. I could do with a list that can hold its own against the likes of Ironjawz and mixed Chaos that I regularly face. Here is what I had in mind so far: Dragonlord (400) -Master Of Defence / -Quicksilver Potion / Dragon Lance / -Aelven War Horn Anointed On Frostheart Phoenix (240) -Relic Blade Celestial Hurricanum with Celestial Battlemage (320) Loremaster (100) Archmage (120) -Aelven Steed 5 Dragon Blades (160) 5 Dragon Blades (160) Dragonlord Host (80) 10 Eternal Guard (80) 10 Eternal Guard (80) 10 Eternal Guard (80) 5 Reavers (160) 5 Reavers (160) 6 Kurnoth Hunters (360) -Kurnoth Greatswords 2500/ 2500 So the ides behind the list is to run one flank with the dragonlord host. The archmage keeps up, but stays back far enough to make sure to stay within 12" of the Phoenix so that he can get +1 save from Attuned To Magic. With 3 wizards in the list, he should get a 2+ or 3+ save very easily. The hurricanum does typical hurricanum things like giving +1 to hit to the units that need it most as well as averaging 5.5 MW a turn. The eternal Guard can hold objectives and green to an extent whilst the reavers can harass and snip fragile heroes with relative ease. The Kurnoth Hunters are the meat grinder of the list. The battlemage can give them a reliable mystic shield and with +1 to hit they become truly deadly. They can charge in and drop tangle-thorn thicket before the second combat phase (re-roll saves) or sit on objectives and dare anyone to challenge them. The loremaster can give the Dragon or Phoenix retools to hit and wound. Would this list work? What is this list vulnerable to?
  12. Luke.w

    Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    Okay, got my list mostly worked out: Barak Urbaz, additiona footnote: there's no trading with some people Aether Khemist 100 with autotinkerer and fleetmaster trait Aether Khemist 100 with autotinkerer Aether Khemist 100 Ironclad 440 with great cannon and incredible self-healing hull. 3x 10 Arkanaut Company w/ 3 light skyhooks 360 15 Thunderers 300 with aethercannons 10 Thunderers with aethercannons 200 9 Endrinriggers with saws and pistols. 1960 15 Thunderers and Khemist in Ironclad. Everyone else slogging on foot. The Khemists give buffs to Thunderers and double buff to Riggers once everyone is out. Otherwise, fire with buffed skyhooks. With three Khemists, on 3 units, you get 27 skyhook attacks averaging 15 wounds against 4+ save elites and 20 wounds against 4+ save heroes for a decent alpha strike from 24". The companies then hold objectives and screen for Thunderers while also chpiping in here and there for the rest of the game. Once deployed where they are needed, everyone knows the insane damage output of 25 aethercannons with double Khemist buffs.
  13. Luke.w

    Order Draconis or Order Serpentis?

    Order Draconis all the way. Here is a top list: Dragonlord 400 Quicksilver Potion and Reckless Trait. 2x 5 Dragon Blades 320 w/ full command Dragonlord Host 80 Dragonlord 400 Quicksilver Potion 2x 5 Dragon Blades 320 w/ full command Dragonlord Host 80 Dragonlord 400 Quicksilver Potion This gives you a first- turn charge list with all the movement shenanigans of the dragonlord host. On turn one, you only have 3 drops so you can choose who goes first. When you go, you can charge in with all your dragons and Knights. The dragons should take Lances and Aelves War Horns. That way, when you go for that charge, they all blow the horns whigh give stackable plus one to each melee weapon within 10". This works best if you can position yourself correctly to get most units habing 2 or 3 overlapping buffs. The enemy gets eliminated on the charge. The Reckless Trait will help get everyone in reliably. If you go first, you can hit them before they get buffs off, which could be key, otherwise you have more chance with making it in with the third Dragon that is not in the battalion. This army is also not too expensive to collect. Gd luck!
  14. Luke.w

    GHB 2017 Points changes

    Reduce gore-gruntas to 140. Make Ardboyz battleline regardless of allegiance. All the 1 wound 4+ save, 2 atracks 3+/3+/-1/1 elites to be reduced in cost. Don't make wildwoods free. Phoenix with Anointed to have separate, inceeased points value. Sisterso the Thorn and Wild Riders both decreased slightly.
  15. Luke.w

    Guardians of the Dawnspire armylist!

    I really like @swarmofseals list idea. The swordmasters are fragile so the frosty could do well to keep his aura close to him. This way, enemies nearby get -1 to wound. The phoenix becomes a very tanky unit once multiple wizards cast near him and the attuned to magic ability grants him an extra point to his save on a 2+ until your next hero phase (includes enemy wizards). He also has an additional 4+ against wounds and mortal wounds after damage is applied. Stick a Relic Blade on him and you're looking a 12 attacks at 3/3/-1/2. This character is simply a steal for 240 points! The Loremaster works really well with him to make sure that more of those attacks got through. The High Warden is more fragile, bit still packs a punch. As others have said, he is more suited to backline fighting whilst the phoenix tanks out obscene amounts of damage up front. The swordmasters can do good things for you in combat, but are very fragile for their cost. The Archmage's '6+ vs wounds and mortal wounds' bubble should negate some of this, and the frosty's aura will help as well. If you are looking to raise the list to 2500, throw in a Hurricanum for those mortal wounds (replace the Battlemage on the model for your spare Archmage to make it fit in a bit more) and 10 Phoenix Guard. This way, your elite infantry will all have 2+ to hit, with swordmasters rerolling 1s, and the PG are a heavier anvil unit that can take damage that SM cannot. The Hurricanum also averages 5.5 mrtal wounds a turn to help snipe linchpin heroes. Good luck with the list, hope it works out for you.