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  1. Hearthguard berserlers at 120 for 5 is gonna be ridiculous
  2. An 'anvil' is a highly durable unit that can soak up the hits fron the enemy but does little of the damage in your army whilst a 'hammer' hits hard but is usually fairly fragile.
  3. Im hoping that there will be a 'defenders of the realm' type book with a lot of the stuff from the remaining non-battletome order factions. This coukd be an improvement over what firestoem was trying to be with particular allegiance abilities for alligning to one particular city with a smaller unit roster
  4. The real impact I see is the fact that the MWs spill over in the target unit - guaranteeing 24 damage
  5. What is everyone thinking in terms of new top tier lists for Khorne? Still gore pilgirms? Tyrants of blood? Mulitiple battalions? Would be interesring to hear some thoughts.
  6. Here's what I am thinking for a list. Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage 280 -slaughterous Thirst -Halo of Blood Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster 320 -Blade of Symmetry Skarbrand 400 Bloodsecrator 140 -Talisman of Burning Blood Slaughterpriest 100 -Bronzed Flesh Slaughterpriest 100 -Killing Frenzy 10 Bloodreavers 10 Bloodreavers 10 Bloodreavers 5 Wrathmongers Gore Pilgrims 140 Tyrants of Blood 140 Bloodlords The Bloodthirsters are all super killy. The WoK gets +1 damage. Insensate rage will be target for +1 to hit and save from slaighterpriests for more reliable damage and survivability. All the bloodthirsters rr 1s to hit now from the new locus allegiance ability. They will also rr 1s to wound against heroes/monsters from being bloodlords. The WoK can also dispense rr to hit with command ability and this can be used on multiple targets in key combats given that you start with 2 extra command points. The bloodsecrator is carrying the talisman for +1 to run and charge for a bit of speed when needed. The Insensate Rage has +4 movement and rr charges to ensure he can get into combat on key turns. Once in, he will ummediately pile in and attack. This will activate the tyrants of blood ability which lets the WoK and Skarbrand immediately pile in and attack. This also comes into effect on the enemy's turn so that even if you are charged, you can still hit really hard. The wrathmongers provide +1 attack in a small bubble. These will sit near skarbrand for two reaons. It will prevent enemy units from encircling the big guy and give an extra attacj on carnage. The aim is three attacks on carnage for guaranteed 24 mortal wounds on enemy unit of choice. These can be spread into multiples of 8 which is nice for killing squishy heroes in the backline. The list is 3 drops so most of the time you can choose to let the enemy go first. The list is not that fast and skarbrand isnt angry until battle round 2, so thats when it looks to engage. With 30 bloodreavers, chaff should not be a problem.
  7. Im definitely considering just such a list. When u say he had that before, do you mean his rage mechanic because before it just gave him rerolls etc. And he only got to high attacks and 1+ carnage when he had actually taken 13 wounds. Tyrants of blood may be really strong with skarbrand in the mix
  8. What do we think of Skarbrand's new warscroll? For those who don't know, if he is not in combat for at least one phase in the battle round, he is treated as having taken 13 wounds on the damage table for the next battle round. This is a huge buff imo. Carnage goes to an immediate 1+ and slaughter to 9 attacks. With access to reroll hits from WoK, Skarbrand is a real threat. Also no need to hit with carnage any more and although it is mortal wounds applied now, they spill over within the enemy unit. With bloodsecrator that is a gauranteed 16 mortal wounds + slaughter. He is still fragile as anything and slow, but if screened correctly I think he can be a real powerhouse.
  9. I love taking swords. I would only ever take them in a unit of three as in the unit of six the range of the scythes comes into play, but in a unit of three do more damage against 4+ save or better, and are going to be more effective against things which ignore rend (e.g. nighthaunt)
  10. This is he current mixed order list I am running, with 3 wizards in it. Dragonlord 340 -Legendary Fighter -Realm Artefact that gives -3 rend Frostheart Phoenix 280 Luminark of Hysh 240 Archmage 100 Loremaster 140 5 Liberators 100 5 Liberators 100 5 Reavers 140 5 Dragon Blades 140 3 Kurnoth Hunters 200 -Scythes 3 Kurnoth Hunters 200 -Scythes Quicksilver Swords 20 The phoenix synergises with the mages to get a reliable 3+ and often 2+ save. The Loremadter uses Hand of Glory on the luminark turn one to try to snipe key targets. After that, Hamd of Glory goes on the Dragonlord which turns him into a murder machine. The luminark and archmage provide 6+ save-after-the-save bubbles which, when stacked, block 30% of incoming damage across the main force. The reavers are fast objective grabbers and a general annoyance, often a unit which goes under the radar and ends up coming in clutch. The frontline is fairly solid, and mainly present to soak the brunt of the assault, with the phoenix handing out -1 to wound in a bubble. Despite being a mix of a numaber of factions, it has actually worked out quite well for me so far. I have run my dragonlord with the horn and lance, for one turn of maximum, Nagash-Killing, damage. The quicksilver potion or doppelganger cloak artefact are also very good artefacts to ensure value in close combat.
  11. Thanks, maxxing the weirdfidt definitely seems the way to go. The golden toof sounds like a good idea. I also like the sound of the boss skewer as it is more reliable (not dependant on the megaboss getting into combat and killing something, hence more protective against shooting damage early in the game. With the brutes in two units of 5, the best target for the warchanter will most likely be the MBMK. Since he is already survivable with Ironclad, I may consider using the sword of judgment on him to pump out mortal wounds in hero fights.
  12. What are everyone's thoughts on this weirdfist list? The cogs can be cast by the backup shaman so that the battalion shaman can cast the balewind vortex on turn 1 and then has two more spell casts for foot and green puke with +24" range and +3 mortal wounds on average. Megaboss on Maw Krusha 440 -Ironclad -Miasmatic Blade Megaboss 140 -Sword of Judgement Warchanter 80 Weirdnob Shaman 120 Weirdnob Shaman 120 10 Brutes 360 10 Ardboys 160 10 Ardboys 160 3 Gore Gruntas 140 Weirdfist 180 Balewind 40 Chronomatic Cogs 60
  13. If you couple Archmage with Hammers of Sigmar, you can stack two 6+ward saves on multiple units. This will block 30% of incoming damage in average.
  14. Follow warhammer.memes on instagram for your daily dose of warhammer
  15. Luke.w

    Astreia Solbright

    The hammers of sigmar trait is really good (6+ save against all wounds and mortal wounds in a 9" bubble) so I would not reccommend tsking astreia as the general if running hammers of sigmar. However, if you do take her as your general, you can take sequitors as battleline (because she has Lord Arcanum keyword). If you want, you can play the astreia model as a generic Lord Arcanum on Dracoline and gain both the above benefits for just 20 points more. A list for 1750 could be: Lord Arcanum on Dracoline 240 Knight Incantor 140 10 Sequitors 240 10 Sequitors 240 10 Evocators 400 3 Evocators on Dracolines 300 Cleansing Phalanx 120 Chrinomatic Cogs 60 1740/1750
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