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  1. Really wasn't expecting more LRL models this soon. What a nice surprise!
  2. Ah I neglected to put it in my post but my list did have the Alarith Temple battalion. It definitely helped me to hold on a little longer. You're right the second game was way more fun. I think my key mistake was positioning my cathaller in the setup phase, if I had been more familiar with Kroak I would have put her out of range and the utility of her kit could have made a big difference. I think dawnriders would have made a big difference too - even if their damage would have been terrible against his list (no extra attacks on any of his units) their mobility and ability to threaten objectives would have made him play a bit more conservatively I think, instead of marching his whole army across the board in one big line. I think something can be said for them as highly mobile casters of Protection of Hysh too. I think some people read my post as whining about the army. It's definitely not. Out the the three armies I play (nurgle, tzeentch, LRL) I think this is my favourite. I love the book and the interactions between kits. All the models are brilliant (if you ignore the stoneguard's preposterously top heavy cow-pope hats). But it's an army where you make a lot of decisions and it rewards tactical gameplay over smashing and bashing. I think it's important not to get discouraged by a few losses and with a few more games of practice I'm positive I'll start seeing better results. Next list I think I'll try will be Iliatha with Dawnriders and wardens. Maybe even Eltharion. It's still early days for me, throwing things at the wall and seeing what sticks.
  3. Played a couple games this week and I'm struggling. I ran: Zemetrica Avalenor Cathaller General Stonemage 15 x Stoneguard 15 Stoneguard 15 x Stoneguard 20 x Sentinels Hyshian Twinstones Sanctum of Amyntok First game was against Deepkin. I thought the immunity to -2 rend and rerolling saves on stoneguard would help mitigate the damage from Eels a little but they still managed to kill all my heroes and enough stoneguard to make the others run away without any heroes left to use Inspiring Presence. Pretty brutal... Eels made a 13 inch charge to kill my cathaller, and without her around I couldn't stop my Stoneguard from fleeing in battleshock. It was a riptide list and he double turned me, so my first turn was 15 mins long and I failed all my spellcasts and then the next 2 hours and 45 mins were watching eels kill everything in my list without me being allowed to fight back... Not being able to use defensive command abilities on the second turn is heinous. In my sole shooting phase, my 20 sentinels were forced to shoot his general, who had an artefact that made him unable to be targeted to they did absolutely nothing. Avalenor had +2 attacks from command ability and not charging on top of rerolling hits of 1, improved rend by 1... but only 1 attack went through for a total of 5 damage so 1 dead eel. Felt totally hopeless from start to finish, probably the least fun game I've ever played. Feel like I lost that one before we even set up. Then I played a Coalesced Seraphon Saurus Knight list with Ymetrica again. This was actually close, and it was mostly positioning that caused me to lose. I gave away first turn and won priority on the second turn. I managed to kill lots of Saurus knights because of that but I couldn't withstand the Kroak MW spam which killed the Cathaller, Stonemage and Avalenor (he is terribly flimsy to mortal wounds without protection of Hysh). Cathaller died before my first hero phase. Thought I was being smart hiding her behind overgrown terrain but didn't realise that kroak just ignores the need for line of sight. If I had known, I would have put her further back so he could only hit her with 1 spell. With the heroes gone my Stoneguard melted to battleshock and Carnasaurs. I also failed lots of charges, and spent 2 command points just to engage the enemy so I was lacking for buffs. Even though not a single unit in my opponent's army would have granted them any extra attacks I wish I had taken some dawnriders instead of the Sentinels. Killing Kroak was out of the question, but if my dawnriders had just stood there threatening to run on to an objective then he would have had to play more conservatively and I think I might have been able to eke out a win. As it was there was nothing stopping him from pushing forward with everything he had and ultimately I couldn't withstand it.
  4. Nurgle: Most fun models to paint Tzeentch: We're bent Lumineth: Everyone starts the battle with 1 baggie of cocaine
  5. Depends on your opponent and how nitpicky they are but for this reason I've been thinking of cutting my own movement trays out of rubber steel to ensure tightest possible formations.
  6. Did a test model while I wait for my basing supplies to arrive. Going to tweak a few things but overall I'm happy with it. Going to be based on cobblestone streets with a light dusting of snow. Regardless of how they play, I found this guy a joy to paint, but definitely not an army to rush out in time for a tournament. It really rewards taking your time.
  7. They're 2 drops. 1 for Grashrak, 1 for his despoilers.
  8. I don't really expect the new GHB to change anything for us. We might get some point tweaks, but they would have to do something extreme to upset the internal balance enough to make a difference. I would love to be surprised though!
  9. We know that Eltharion is 50mm round, Wardens are 32mm round and cavalry are 60mm x 35mm oval from GW preorder page. Stoneguard and archers should be 32mm too by the looks of it. Hard to tell with the stonemage and cathallar but they could be 32mm too or 40mm? They definitely dont look bigger than that. As for the cows and teclis, no clue.
  10. I only have limited experience because I only managed to get\ a few games in before lockdown. However, I really like the Fateskimmer. Positioning your heroes to provide buffs, particularly the locus buff for horrors, and to set up for summoning is extremely important. Even if you're going changehost, you'll want heroes with high mobility to support without using up your teleport. Both the fateskimmer and the fluxmaster fit the bill perfectly, but for only 10 points more than the fluxmaster, the fateskimmer gets an array of bonuses like extra wounds, extra abilities, better damage profile, a better spell and a larger base size which means a larger surface area for the locus and any other aoe buffs from artefacts like the Aura of Mutability. The biggest downside to a fateskimmer is that due to it's large size, it is also slightly harder to screen against melee threats.
  11. You could definitely make a fun, viable Tzaangor army. There was a lot of complaint when the new book dropped because they lost the daemon keyword on disc, so you can't use fold reality on them any more. But they also gained things like agendas which are brilliant.
  12. My guess is that its a decorative nurgling on a new hero/new sculpt of an existing hero. A new sculpt for Epidemius is a big contender, as a character that is likely to have nurglings on the base and it is one of the oldest, ugliest sculpts in the game. Fingers crossed!
  13. Fluxmaster and Fateskimmer have 16" move speed, which can be really useful for keeping your units wholly within 12" for the -1 to be hit Locus buff. I find that really vital to mitigate the really poor armour save of Horrors and keep those flamers alive long enough to do damage. It's also really useful for zipping off to summon a unit in the best possible position. I personally like to take Fluxmaster or Fateskimmer for those reasons and out of the two, I prefer to take the Fateskimmer if I can afford him because A) it's only an extra 10 points for more wounds, better attacks and the ability to deal mortal wounds on a flyover and B) it looks like an absolute pimpmobile and that's worth 10 points by itself.
  14. What are people's Hosts Duplicitous lists looking like? I'm veering away from endless spell spam, now that Seraphon are in the mix.
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