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  1. Dreadmund

    AoS 2 - Maggotkin of Nurgle Discussion

    Hey could someone clarify for me: Do Feculent Gnarlmaws activate the Sickness Blossoms ability of their warscrolls in both players' hero phase, or just friendly hero phases? The wording says "At the start of the Hero Phase", so I would interpret that as being in both hero phases, with the player whose turn it is deciding the order of abilities that activate at the start of the turn. When I showed the wording to a more experienced player though, he said it was only in my turn and that it would be a bit too powerful if it was both.
  2. Dreadmund

    AoS 2 - Maggotkin of Nurgle Discussion

    Wow, good work! Bit conflicted about a nurgle player raising money for sick kids though... Seems like a conflict of interests I had my first games the weekend before last and had a great time. I played Seraphon and Nighthaunt at the 1250pt level with a lot of proxies for models I haven't built or painted yet so the table looked pretty silly but I still had a blast. My biggest surprise was Horticulous who I only took for the extra tree and to activate Locus abilities (I had a Daemon heavy list), but ended up being an all around star during both games. He's surprisingly tanky with that 3+ save, Disgustingly Resilient and healing himself 1 a turn with his "In Death there is Life" ability. I also loved the flexibility of tanking a single enemy unit/hero or running away when surrounded to get in some cheeky mortal wounds to multiple units. Not sure if he would suffers in bigger games, but at the level we were playing he was a real MVP. Such an amazing model too.
  3. Dreadmund

    Blight Kings - No Plaguebearers

    This is a good point actually. Plaguebearers can be summoned, and that's huge - especially in low point games. Even if you want to focus on blight kings, it's worth having some plaguebearers on hand to reinforce in the mid game. I love plaguebearers personally. They're incredibly hard to shift. In an objective based game where model count matters, 30 Plaguebearers with mystic shield and/or the harbinger buff is one of the thickest tar pits you can get. The comparison with Marauders always seems a little odd to me since they serve different purposes. Very much an apples and oranges situation. Plaguebearers shouldn't be used to deal damage or charge into the fray: they should be used to zone out areas of the board, tie up important enemy units, guard your important units... Between a couple blobs of Plaguebearers and feculent gnarlmaws, you can exhibit amazing board control even in the first round. But hey, that's just my preference!
  4. The great unclean one's Bileblade says that it can be used to add 1 to a spellcasting or unbinding roll in exchange for a mortal wound, but it's unclear to me if you have to declare it before you roll or if you can choose to take the mortal wound and add 1 after the roll has been made. I'm sure this has come up before, is there a definitive answer? Thanks in advance!
  5. Dreadmund

    Blight Kings - No Plaguebearers

    Blight kings are great, but they're low model count units. If you rely entirely on blight kings you may find it hard to capture objectives. Of course, for some scenarios that's not a big deal so it's a risk you have to weigh up the pros and cons of yourself. If your bro isn't a fan of plaguebearers, there are other battleline options with higher model counts that he could consider - specifically Skaven Pestilens Plague Monks and Slaves to Darkness Marauders or Chaos Warriors. However at the end of the day you should play what you want to play not what you feel forced to play, so if he likes blight kings, get a bunch of blight kings and go nuts! They have some great synergies with the Rotbringer heroes and the models look amazing and varied.
  6. Dreadmund

    Poxbringer 1

    My first ever hero painted
  7. Dreadmund

    Poxbringer 2

    My first ever hero painted
  8. Dreadmund

    Poxbringer 3

    My first ever hero painted
  9. Dreadmund

    Nurglings Detail

    Gazing across snot lake
  10. Dreadmund

    Nurgling Bases

    My first attempt at these Nurgle Cheerleaders
  11. Dreadmund

    AoS 2 - Maggotkin of Nurgle Discussion

    I never implied it was a strong casting value, simply that it was not likely to fail as you said. I just wanted to correct a common misconception in case anyone took it as read. 7 is a common value in Nurgle abilities. People struggle with probability for the outcome of more than 1 dice and I think an understanding of it can be helpful to weighing the actual value of a spell, command ability or warscroll trait. I wouldn't take plague squall over the other available lore spells either - but it's important to understand why and not just copy "the meta" blindly imo.
  12. Dreadmund

    AoS 2 - Maggotkin of Nurgle Discussion

    On the contrary! Out of 36 possible outcomes to rolling two 6 sided dice, 7 is the most statistically likely outcome with 6 out of 36 potential outcomes resulting in 7. In fact, 21 of the 36 possible outcomes result in a 7 or higher - roughly 58% chance of success. It's true that unbinding rolls make things more complicated, but don't look down on the humble 7. It is our sacred number after all!
  13. Dreadmund

    gluing magnets to bases recommendations

    Make sure you are layering super glue on both sides of the green stuff. The layers should look like: Base Super Glue Green Stuff Super Glue Magnet What size magnets are you using? If they're too big the attraction from the magnet may be strong enough to weaken the hold of the glue each time you remove it from a magnetic surface.
  14. Thanks for the perspectives guys! We've talked about it and we're going to do a slow grow campaign similar to path to glory but based on matched play points instead. That way we get to have a slowly escalating series of games like we wanted but hopefully it will be more consistently balanced.
  15. Yes! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks they're crazy. He has 2 Mortis engines...