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  1. Chaos Marauders have the potential to get a +1 to hit when they pile in because of an ability on their warscroll. That makes them decent recipients of the blades of putrefaction spell. No way to buff blightking to hit though sadly.
  2. GW customer service is kindly sending me a replacement sprue for the stone head because a part was missing, so I will be really lucky to get a second chance to glue it together without having the gate attached. I wanted to shout out the good support. But still, people reading this who are gluing the kit together, make sure you check the waywalker article first so you don't make the same mistake!
  3. They've added it to the waywalker post since. I made the same mistake. Sucks but oh well.
  4. This end piece on the head platform. Some of the cards have it there, some don't so you should avoid gluing it in place if you want to use all the cards the game comes with. I didn't realise and I used plastic glue so im not going to bother ruining the whole thing by cutting it apart again.
  5. The terrain in general seems to not be very well co-ordinated. The terrain in the starter set has instructions to build, but they don't match the layout cards and it instructs you to glue together some pieces that should be left unglued if you want to be able to use all the cards. I followed instructions online to match the cards and still managed to glue on a piece of wooden wall that needs to be removable, despite instructions in the box saying otherwise. On top of that a part was missing from my sprue! So far I've found it all pretty frustrating. I strongly believe that the terrain layout cards are going to be ignored by most players and they will just set the terrain up however they like most of the time. You really have to be careful not to mess something up when assembling the terrain, so most players won't have cards that match their kits.
  6. Just bought a couple boxes of Chaos Marauders and was surprised that they had enough parts to construct 5 drummers, 5 bannermen and 5 leaders per 20 because of the way the sprues work. Judging by the warscroll you can only have 1 leader, but there doesn't seem to be anything preventing you from taking multiple drummers and bannermen, or from having both types of bannermen in your unit. But that means that you could conceivably have more special models in your unit than regular models which seems totally wrong to me. Is there an FAQ or something I should be aware of before deciding how many special models to construct? Can I have both banners? Are my models likely to be invalidated by a new battletome if they get one? Edit: Thanks for the replies! I'm going to play it safe and build 1 command group per 20 to keep them future-proof.
  7. Finding it really hard to stop myself from buying 40 chaos marauders :') I keep telling myself there is likely to be a new united chaos mortals book and maybe even new sculpts but... they're so juicy when buffed and would fit in my list so perfectly...
  8. Wow, very nice! Can't wait to see this whole thing painted.
  9. As far as I'm aware, it doesn't matter who sets up the scenery. Once it's on the table, all scenery is neutral. There wouldn't be "enemy gnarlmaws and friendly gnarlmaws". There would just be gnarlmaws, providing the same benefits to both sides at the same time. You shouldn't consider the scenery models of any faction as an "enemy" model for the purposes of summoning, setting up, teleporting etc unless it's warscroll specifically says so. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  10. Damn that's a great idea. I have some spare shields knocking around, I should do that too!
  11. My collection of paints has grown quite large and no longer fit in the box I was using before. What do you guys use to neatly store and organise all your paints? Ideally something that takes up more vertical space than horizontal space.
  12. I don't like how much impact a single roll has and I don't like standing around for a really long time while my opponent plays the game and I watch. I have come around to appreciating the tactical impact, but I definitely think it should be more complicated than just a single dice roll. Let a player spend a command point to reroll their priority dice, maybe. Or give a +1 to the priority roll to the player who has less victory points. I don't think it's something armies should be able to build towards having bonuses in, but I think you should be able to do things during your turns that increase or decrease the chance of a double turn occurring. I would also love it if there was more to do for the player who isn't taking their turn. The predatory spell mechanic is an example of this and I love it. There aren't many reasons to turn down acting first on a priority roll past the first turn. But if there's a nasty endless spell ready to wreck your army, it might affect your decision. More like this would be great.
  13. Yes. The wheel affects "NURGLE" units. It doesn't specify friendly or enemy. All that matters is that the unit has the Nurgle keyword. Likewise, the GUO's bell affects your units. And you are immune to the damage aura of Blight Kings. And you get healed by the GUO spell, instead of damaged. And like a dozen other things.
  14. The Lord of Afflictions also grants RR1's to hit. He has a great damage profile and works well with a unit of Pusgoyles because his command ability can really rocket them across the board to get to a juicy target. If you are willing to spend 400 points on flies, 1 of him and 2 pusgoyles seems like a better investment in my mind than 4 Pusgoyles. I do wish Plague Cyst was stronger. If you do decide to take a Lord of Plagues in your list, consider giving him the Ghyrstrike artefact. It makes him so badass. 2+ to hit and wound, rerolling 1s to hit and with exploding attacks on a 5 and a 6 for -1 rend and d3 damage. I would love to try him out in a meeting engagement.
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