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  1. Yeah losing the witherstave is a huge pain, it really changes fights in your favour a lot. I could take muttergrub on one of the lord of blights for foul regenesis though. I get that it will be boring but with nurgle where it is right now I sort of feel like i need to choose between being boring or just being a dead weight to my partner.
  2. Going to a 1k doubles tournament soon. I think I'm going to lean into being the anvil to my partner's hammer, so my list at the moment looks like this: General: Lord of Blights - 140pts Poxbringer w/ Favoured Poxes and Witherstave - 120pts 30x Plaguebearers - 320pts 30x Plaguebearers - 320pts Balewind Vortex - 40pts Extra Command Point - 50pts 990/1000pts The Lord of Blights is my general to give him look out sir. I plan to buff the plaguebearers to double up on their minuses to hit with Lord of Blight's command ability, with the Poxbringer standing near one group of them to give off the witherstave debuff and activate their locus. While I hold objectives and act as a tarpit, my partner can try and cripple the enemy heroes with deepstrike shenanigans. Balewind is there to get the most out of the Poxbringer. Any feedback on this? Definitely concerned that the Lord of Blights has a big "Kill Me" sign on his back.
  3. The errata changed the description of changehost from the book to be "At the start of the hero phase". So no, you can't do that, because spell casting happens after changehost swaps occur.
  4. RIP Plague Toads. You were too beautiful for this world.
  5. Sad that Tamurkand's Horde is getting shelved. I never got any of it because the warscrolls seemed pretty poor, but I love plague toads. I always thought of it as something that I might get in the future when I had finished painting the rest of my Nurgle forces just to have on the shelf or break out in a couple of friendly games. Fingers crossed that one day we get a Plague Toads plastic kit
  6. Could it be something for Aeronautica Imperialis?
  7. I really like the idea of 3 Mammoks in a trench coat as a Chaos War Mammoth conversion concept.
  8. December, so we probably won't see much else than was revealed at Blood and Glory for a few weeks. It's going to be a long wait! I want to see those warscrolls! I got a good feeling about that start collecting box
  9. For some reason I thought Glot was a single spellcaster, but you're right. It looks like a good list. I gotta get some plague monks eventually. Sometimes it feels like the strongest Nurgle lists contain the smallest amount of actual Nurgle models as possible lol.
  10. If only the Glottkin was 20 points cheaper, you could ally him in to Skaven Alliegence instead and drop those dead weight plaguebearers for another 40 plague monks Honestly I think 360 points on 3x10 Plaguebearers is too much, since they seem to be purely for the battleline tax. You could swap them out for minimum unit size chaos warriors to save 90 points. That would leave you with 120 Points left over. That's enough to squeeze in a sorcerer to cast Blades instead of Glottkin, leaving Glottkin free to use his warscroll spell to buff the Monk's durability by doubling their wounds characteristic.
  11. Is there a list of confirmed entrants? I paid but I never got an e-mail or anything and I just want to check we're on there.
  12. 1) He is a named character. Only generic heroes like a lord of blights can be given Artefacts: named characters have abilities according to their Lore in the world. Think of it like this: you can customize generic heroes as you wish, but Characters who exist in the books are off limits. It would be like giving Aragorn a lightsaber. It would be awesome, but sadly it is not meant to be. 2) I guess the big downside is that you have to take Nurglings which are expensive for what they are capable of without blades. Also, with no access to +1 to hit (other than the new Felhoof hero) they will run into problems with -1 to hit blocking their damage potential. The best recipient of the blades spell are generally models who have a natural access to +1 to hit such as marauders or Plague Monks as that allows them to deal mortal wounds on a 5+ instead of a 6+, or mitigate the effect of a -1 to hit debuff which is very common. It's an interesting thought though. I would love to have a reason to take Nurglings because they're great little models that just don't see any play these days. 3) It has to be a different spell. 4) They stack!
  13. Yup, a unit of 10 pink horrors when slain would give you enough points to summon 2 units of 10 blue horrors. And then those 10 Blues can be used to summon 10 brimstones if they are slain. That, along with being magic users, is why Pink Horrors are such an excellent Battleline. Yes, you can make a battleshock roll even if you can't fail. And you can use a 1 from your pool of destiny dice to guarantee you get some Pink Horrors back. This means that you can potentially gain more pink horrors than you lost, since it ADDS models, instead of RETURNING SLAIN MODELS. For example, you start with 10, 1 is slain, you get a 1 on your battleshock and add between 1 and 6 models to the unit.
  14. I get where you're coming from, but what's REALLY unfun is buying and painting an army because it's supposed to be tanky and that's the playstyle you want to lean into and then finding that your stuff still gets deleted in a single combat phase and not having the tools to put out that kind of damage yourself.
  15. I like the OBR heads, since they're shaped that way and not natural. Nagash seems to be purposefully perverting the design of the Stormcast in the design of the Bonereapers and the heads seem like a perfect counter to the stoic, frowning stormcast helmet design: a grinning, gloating mockery of life. The OBR in general seem to be Nagash's way of saying "Anything you can do, I can do better" to Sigmar. That said, all you need is a box of skulls and you can convert them into some excellent models with a proper skull shape if you wanted.
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