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  1. I'd like to be the first to congratulate Stormcast on their new mounted hero
  2. Lauchon teleporting big units of plaguebearers/plague monks/marauders around is obviously great. There a few ways that movement during a hero phase could be interesting. For example, it seems like you could use Lauchon to retreat units away from a threat, allowing them to move and charge later in the same turn... It will make it a lot easier for slow armies to get a big unit to either engage the enemy or move into a strategically advantageous position on turn 1. I bet there will be some creative use of that spell enabling some new strategies. I'm way less interested in the bridges. Kind of like a convoluted way of granting units fly, but the restriction of having to place your models more than 9" away from enemy units limits how you can use this a lot. With all our movement shenanigans, I don't think we'll benefit much from that spell.
  3. Oh god yes, when I tell my opponent that the Gnarlmaw only has a 50% chance of doing 1 mortal wound they always look both confused and relieved. They always start by saying "so I should avoid standing near that?" and end with "So I need to stand something near that?" I love the idea of a Gnarlmaw being able to return slain models to daemon units nearby. Very thematically appropriate. You could tie it to the battleshock roll returning models that Plaguebearers and Drones already have, like "if a unit of PLAGUEBEARERS or PLAGUE DRONES are within 3" of a feculent gnarlmaw, you can treat a battleshock roll of 2 or more as an unmodified roll of 1". Enemy armies then have to at least try and give a debuff to our battleshock rolls to prevent it: there is a clear counter to it. There are so many ways a rewritten gnarlmaw warscroll could help us. What if Gnarlmaws could also activate Locus abilities like a Daemon hero? Or NURGLE WIZARDS standing within 1" of a Gnarlmaw can add 1 to spellcasting rolls by taking advantage of the mystical energies emanating from the Garden of Nurgle? Or units without the NURGLE keyword within 3" take a minus to bravery because they're close enough to glimpse the horrors within. Or the damage from a gnarlmaw could increase with unit size (0-10 models: 1 MW, 10-20 models: d3 MW, 21+ Models: d6 MW) making it better against big battleline units but not making it unreasonably strong against heroes. I don't think we're going to get any re-written warscrolls though. Historically that's not what the GHB has been used for.
  4. Truth. I find that I always either summon a Gnarlmaw to allow run and charge or I save points to put down as many plaguebearers as possible to reinforce a unit of 30 plaguebearers that just got massacred on an objective. I honestly think that if you made no changes except buffing our summoning mechanics we'd be in a much better place. It seems thematically appropriate to me that Nurgle Daemons should multiply and spread quickly over a landscape like an outbreak of a virus. Compared to other summoning armies I've played though we definitely very slow. Seraphon seems to summon a whole second army worth of skinks every other turn. I know there are builds to maximize summoning potential, but it comes at the cost of all the other things we have that keep us relevant. Nurgle's menagerie for example will net you tons of contagion points, but you have to take Nurgle's menagerie. Also if my opponent was taking Nurgle's menagerie you know I'm going to prioritize killing Horticulous as fast as possible so the battalion becomes a dead weight. Command traits and artefacts that grant additional contagion points tend not to generate much or generate them reliably (usually 1 point at a time based on a set of conditions being met). And if you take those, you're missing out on things like the Witherstave, Rustfang, Grandfather's Blessings etc etc...
  5. I think it's important to consider how changes to Matched Play Point cost of some units will affect things like their perceived value for summoning. For example, if Spoilpox Scriveners and Sloppity Bilepipers have their value reduced to 80, that means that they would cost as much as 10 Plaguebearers to summon but be worth almost half as many matched play points. Are they going to readjust the summoning point values along with the matched play points? Also, they may have a worse damage profile than a feculent gnarlmaw, but a unit of 3 Nurglings has 12 wounds and self-healing. A beast has 7 wounds and can actually do a little damage, even though it's infuriatingly swingy and unreliable. I actually agree that they could both do with going down to 80, but I also think there's a really good chance that won't happen. I don't want people to get their hopes up too much and be disappointed. I would love to see some of these predictions come true, but they're very optimistic.
  6. Normally I would be cagey about allying in something because so many of our abilities have negative effects on units without the NURGLE keyword. However, with that 2+ Mortal Wound save she's protected from the worst of it... Allied wizards can't take a Lore spell, either from their own lores or Nurgle's I believe.
  7. I think we suffer a little from being the first battletome made with AOS2 in mind. We got the unique scenery, but no endless spells. Newer armies have lots of abilities that emphasize things like being able to attack first or attack twice which we don't have. Like you say, some of our best tools are powerful buffing/debuffing spells but we have very few ways to improve our spellcasting, which means that some of our best lists also have some of the hardest counters. We're probably going to be at the bottom of the list for further rebalancing or new toys too since there are many more factions waiting for their AOS2 battletome release. Best get comfortable with what we have, it's unlikely to change for the foreseeable future except for some gentle point tweaking in the GHB2019. That being said I think we're doing better than a lot of other armies. We have a great set of tools, they're just not as dependable as the newer armies benefitting from a bit of power creep. We have to pursue our unique strengths to win games, like our innate tankiness, excellent unit synergies and easy access to units from Skaven Pestilens and probably the upcoming Slaves/Darkoath battletome. We're in a fairly middle of the road position now, but these things change and when they do you won't have the heartbreak of being overpowered and seeing your uber-powerful army get nerfed to a shadow of their former selves. By the time we're the new hotness again, your experiences playing with an average powered army will have made you a better general because you won't be able to rely on whatever overpowered gimmick is currently the flavour of the month.
  8. Beautiful! Will look great on the table. What size games are you looking to play at first? I recommend getting 10 more plaguebearers so you can field a full unit of 30 where their unit size buffs improves their tankiness substantially. But that will only leave you with 1 unit of battleline. IMO you should have no less than 2, ideally 3 or more. You start with one for free and will regularly summon them even without horticulous slimux. They're very useful.
  9. Nope, minimum 3, maximum 6. I actually really like your idea of replacing Glott with a GUO. Not least because Glott isn't painted yet and that's going to be quite a big project since that model is so wonderfully detailed. I'm going to have to tinker a bit more and come up with a list that I'm happy with. Oh yeah, all the best cheese needs a name for people to use when they demand a nerf in the next FAQ Rancid BS? (Balewind Spellportals)?
  10. That seems like a really solid list. The Harbinger will make a great combo with the marauders and you can never have enough blight kings.
  11. You quoted a version I posted by mistake halfway through. The edited version above is dead on 2k. You make a decent point about the warshrine and I vastly prefer the model. Epidemius is my least favourite model in the nurgle range by a mile. Maybe my least favourite model in general. It's worth switching just for that. I'm keeping the Plaguebearers though, because I already have those and they're already painted lol. I'm holding off picking up any marauders until the Slaves to Darkness/Darkoath battletome comes out hopefully later this year. I suspect there will be some changes to warscrolls and maybe even some new models so I want to hold off on investing in them until I know it's a good investment to make.
  12. Here's my first draft of a list I could paint up to make use of this. Any thoughts/suggestions? I wouldn't normally bother with Epidemius but surely this is the list for him. Apart from potentially getting all his buffs on the table much faster and easier than usual, he won't be the main target for deepstrikes/sniping while that sorcerer is on the board. Leaders: Epidemius, Tallyman of Nurgle [200pts] The Glottkin [420pts]: Blades of Putrefaction Lord of Blights [140pts] Sorcerer [120pts]: Muttergrub, Rancid Visitations Units: 30 x Plaguebearers [320pts] 5 x Blight Kings [160pts] 5 x Blight Kings [160pts] 5 x Blight Kings [160pts] Battalion: Blight Cyst [220pts] Balewind Vortex [40pts] Umbral Spellportal [60pts] ++ Total: [2000pts] ++
  13. That definitely seems to be what that FAQ implies, and that's how I'm going to play it! I haven't heard a convincing argument otherwise and I've shopped it around with a bunch of people in my local scene.
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