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  1. Really happy to see that Wrath of the Everchosen has given Nurgle a shot in the arm. Seeing a lot more discussion around nurgle lately!
  2. It's no longer the be-all-and-end-all, but it is still very strong and probably going to remain the most popular build. The teleport is still an amazing ability, even if you can "only" use it once per turn now. It also has the huge benefit of including everything you need for a powerful army, allowing you to make a 1 drop army if you want. There are lots of ways to build a good Tzeentch army now though, so I don't think anyone should feel like they -have- to go changehost. Although, I will be lol.
  3. The whole unit would die. He's got good stats, but he lacks synergy with other units. You can find a good place for him in a mortal focused army though, I think. I don't think I'd take him with Tzeentch Daemons.
  4. The available models for a Warband are Pyrocaster (flamer leader), Flamer, Exalted Flamer, Iridescent Horror (Pink horror Leader), Pink Horror, Blue Horror, Brimstone Horror and Screamer. No options for banner holders or musicians for the horrors.
  5. I ended up taking a Pyrocaster, 2 Flamers and 5 Pinks against my opponent's nighthaunt. The combination of bodies and ranged damage really worked well for me. Although I found that the more expensive abilities were not that great. the Triple that adds your value to other abilities was especially useless, since I almost always just wanted to use those abilities instead of buffing them further. Ideally you want as many doubles as you can get, and that's what I ended up spending most of my wild dice on.
  6. Haven't played Warcry since it came out but having a game tonight using the new Tzeentch Daemons cards. Any tips on how to build my Warband from more experienced players would be appreciated!
  7. Apparently the community account later deleted the thread? It's like they did everything they could to give both sides of the argument as much rhetorical ammunition as possible to make it as hard as possible to reach a consensus in the community. I would be totally fine with losing the ability to use DD to bring back pinks via battleshock. But I want that written down somewhere official, not a facebook post.
  8. Wounds are allocated 1 at a time. So one pink dies, spawns two blue, then another pink dies. So yes, you still get blues. And furthermore, if you take 12 wounds, 10 pinks and 2 blues die, because those wounds are still inflicted on the unit which now contains blue horrors. Hope that makes sense.
  9. This one seems way more manageable. It would be hard to get more than 1 unit of Plaguebearers wholly within range of your general, it doesn't stack, it activates on wounds not hits so it triggers less and it's only 1 damage and because it only works on Daemons, you lack the superior combat potential of something like Marauders. If they nerfed this, I would take it as further evidence that GW hate Nurgle, and only use their battletome as a way to trick people into buying StD and Skaven models.
  10. Do you mean Arcane Transformation? Arcane Suggestion is an Arcanite spell, so the changeling can't take it.
  11. Hey, are there still places available for this?
  12. I had a small bubble on my copy of Festus the Leechlord. I ended up making it look like a chunk of missing flesh oozing blood and slime rather than fixing it. I can't imagine how annoying it must be to work with if your army isn't supposed to look like a mess. My sorcerer has a big crack running down his face that I still need to fix.
  13. I love to wildly speculate about things that will never come to be. You all must too! What's a faction that doesn't currently have it's own endless spells, and what kind of spell would you love to see for them? I'll start. For Nurgle, I'd love to see: A Gnarlmaw-like wall of feculent plants summoned from the Garden of Nurgle that can block movement and slow enemies by entangling them with seeking tentacle vines. A geyser of slime that deals Mortal wounds or heals NURGLE units within in a small radius. Nurgle's cauldron. Every hero phase the cauldron tips over unleashing a torrent of diseased filth on units within a medium radius. Roll on a table, and apply a random effect to all units within range. All of them are negative, even to NURGLE units, so correct placement is critical.
  14. Another slight advantage of the tome of eyes is that it's on a 40mm (approx. 1.5") base and can be set up within 1". Caster and Tome are considered 1 model, so things like spell range and endless spell setup range can be measured from the Tome, giving you another 2.5". So altogether the Spell gives you an extra spell to cast (great for changeling, situational for all others), re-roll spellcasts and 2.5" extra range on spells. I actually rate the Tome pretty high, I'm definitely going to have one in my list.
  15. The player whose turn it is decides the order things resolve if they happen at the same time. So yes, you can resolve an effect like Rampant Disease, then change the wheel forward or back and have that effect resolve too.
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