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  1. This came about due to both of us only having played a few games - him pretty much just Stormcast and me only with Sylvaneth so you're right in that he may not have seen wizard warscrolls and I've not seen priest scrolls. We didn't have a diasagreement, just neither of us we sure and he chose to rule in my favour. Thanks to this thread next time we play we can rule it correctly.
  2. No, sorry - I may not have been clear here. It was to his disadvantage. I'd not played against Stormcast before so didn't really know the prayer mechanics. I asked him about whether it would trigger my wyldwood's ability. Neither of us have played many games of AoS and it didn't affect the game's outcome at all in the end.
  3. Does a prayer cast by, for example, a Stormcast character trigger the wyldwood's 'Roused by Magic' ability? This came up in the game I played today with my Sylvaneth - my first against Stormcast. As written the Wyldwood warscroll just says 'whenever a spell is successfully cast'. So I assumed that prayers wouldn't trigger it. However, my opponent chose to count the prayer as a spell, therefore triggering it. I'm just wondering if there is a consensus on this, or what people's thoughts are.
  4. That's fantastic. Hats off to whoever put that together.
  5. "Stickybluetoffee"... is that a reference to a certain Liverpool based football team by any chance?
  6. I find that each model can matter more in AoS but it depends on which faction you start collecting. I got the Sylvaneth Getting Started box - gave me 18 models, not many at all. It also contained a good variety - sure 16 were dryads but there are so many builable and posable options with them. Then there's the large treelord and the branchwych (tree wizard with a millipede thingy). I was able to pick up another set of treelord sprues cheaply from ebay. My first game was a lot of fun and used just those models. None of them have the ability to raise more units so that wasn't an issue. My second game was 500 points - less models than my first! And I found that more tactically as we were playing a scenario from the General's Handbook. I'm now working towards a larger army but I don't have much money and I paint slowly. I generally buy and then completely build and paint one box at a time. I am currently the 3 Kurnoth Hunters on my desk away from having a 1000 point army fully painted. This is in about 9 months and I have been able to play games along the way. I'd suggest looking at factions with lower model counts such as some Sylvaneth lists or Beastclaw Raiders. I think the Start Collecting boxes are a great way to get the foundation of an army. For some, like mine, they give you around 50-60% of, say, a 1000 point force.
  7. Oh man, I'd forgotten about those cards. I wonder where mine ended up.
  8. I originally got into GW when I was 10/11. Some kid at school had a copy of White Dwarf, I loved the pictures of models. This would have been about 1993/4. A teacher set up a lunchtime club where he taught a few of us a D&D style game called Dragon Quest. And then I got 4th ed. Warhammer Fantasy for my birthday. I played and collected on and off for a few years until I was 16 or so around 1999. Then got back into it earlier just under a year ago with AoS. For the survey I ticked just since AoS as I really didn't do anything miniatures/tabletop since I was a teenager and I'm in my 30s now.
  9. Most of the basing materials are from Basecrafts Deep Forest and Woodland basing kits. I'm not sure if Basecrafts still exists as a company but with a bit of googling you should be able to find a few of their basing kits around. They cost between £12-20. I am trying to diversify what I use due to the difficulty in getting hold of the Basecrafts stuff. There are 3 model railway books where I live so have bought some stuff from them. Those woods bases are made with a mix of 2 different types of model railway ballasts, a little of Basecrafts soil scatter (which I use on all the miniatures' bases) and some good ol' Yorkshire tea from the bags. On top of that is Basecrafts forest scatter - around the trees and a bit on the bases too. Then a whole load of PVA.
  10. Chaos. Not because I don't like the aesthetic or the lore but because they scare the hell out of me!
  11. I like trees, forests, folklore, nature-spirits and Guillermo del Toro. I wrote my MA dissertation on Anglo-Saxon perceptions of landscapes. I like horror, especially nature based horror. And I like animals. So, quite naturally, Sylvaneth are my thing. But, my very first love when I was 10 were the Dwarfs.
  12. Just finished my first 2 homemade wyldwoods. Picture is poor quality due to the crappy lighting in my study. The bases were from here: I am planning to make my own trees eventually but I got a whole box of these old skool model railway one cheap off ebay.
  13. ælfe is the Anglo-Saxon/Old English for elf. And as far as I can remember from my studies it is pronouced more like 'elf' than 'A-elf'.
  14. No he hasn't. I might be interested in that. I need to get more games in - feel like I need to practice as I'm terrible at remembering all the rules! Not the best for a Sylvaneth player!
  15. Not sure I can help much on display board. I've got 2 wyldwoods done but drying after a second sealing layer of PVA. I've been watching terrain tutor youtube vids. Still need to get my board and am thinking of saving time by covering it with ready flocked sheets/mats that they sell in the model railway shops. They I can put the wyldwoods and other trees on top. Won't be winning standard but my aim is for it all to be useful for using in games etc.