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  1. As the title says... Both abilities say "in the combat phase". Does this just refer to the Sylvaneth player's turn or can they be used in their opponents turn too?
  2. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    I've played a fair few games at 1000 points now (have my first 1500 point game next week) and have had pretty good success. My usual list is: - TLA: Gift of Ghyran, Regrowth - Branchwych: Silverwood Circlet, Verdant Blessing - 3 Kurnoths bows - 20 Dryads - 5 Tree Revs Either an allied Order wizard or another 10 dryads. I set up a 2 base wyldwood in one deployment zone - ideally over an objective. If I win the roll off I'll choose the opposite deployment zone - this causes issues for my opponent when deploying. If they win they they either have to choose to pick side with wyldwood which will dictate their deployment or give it to me knowing they've gifted me my launchpad. I keep the Tree-revs in the hidden enclaves usually until round 3 onwards. Their job is to take an objective once I've cleared that part of the table of enemy units. I aim to get another 2 x 1 base wyldwoods down ASAP using the TLA's ability or the Branchwych's Verdant Blessing. It is a risk not taking the Acorn but the pay off is that with the Silverwood Circlet I can keep the Branchwych out of trouble whilst often being able to put a wyldwood down in my opponents deployment zone (if they've given me the board side with the wyldwood in at the start). The 20 unit of dryads is used to hold an objective and will be in a wyldwood with Inspiring Presence and Mystic shield on them. They normally all die but it often takes until round 3 or 4 to finish them off by which time I can bring in another unit such as the tree-revs to hold it. The Kurnoths try to keep out of trouble and use their shooting to harry my opponent. I'll try to back thier damage up with the TLA's missile attack and any Arcane bolts I can get off. I tend to be fairly defensive and try as far as I can to use a combination of grinding my opponent down alongside hit and run tactics. I'm not a super competitive player and have played less than 10 games but I enjoy this style of play and think suits Sylvaneth. I hope this helps. I feel that at lower points it can be difficult for Sylvaneth to play to our strengths.
  3. Letting go (is hard to do)

    I've sold on ebay and donated some to charity. I run a bookshop for a large international charity and have donated back issues of White Dwarf and some older army books etc. We've also started using my knowledge to sell donated miniatures online.
  4. Hobby Goals You'd Like To Achieve

    I want to have my Sylvaneth army to a point where it feels complete. By this I mean I have c.2000 points built and painted. Then I can add to it and start to flesh out my more general woodland themed Order army.
  5. Age of sigmar & terrain

    These look great. But... where do I place my wyldwoods?
  6. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    I am working towards building variations on this list. I tend to have at least one of the Kurnoth units with bows as my play style is prefers that. As I don't have Drycha yet my current list has a Spirit of Durthu instead (saving the other points by having less dryads - usually one unit of 20 and one of 10).
  7. Painting my Sylvaneth

    Thanks, that's me now being able to actually achieve what I've been aiming for. Partly through practice and partly through better brushes. I was really worried about how bright the quiverlings are throwing the colour balance off but they don't seem so bad now I've finished - I think the flowers have helped.
  8. Age of sigmar & terrain

    I've found a really quick, cheap and easy way to get some terrain is from the fish section of the local pet shop. As someone who has only been into the hobby for just over a year, I found the main barriers to getting terrain were the cost of buying and/or time to build/paint which are in addition to building up a playable force. Fish tank terrain was an easy solution.
  9. Painting my Sylvaneth

    Next up I'm taking a little break from painting trees (pretty much all I've done for a year!). I'm going to do a wizards project so that I have options when playing gnarlroot. I have Mistweaver Saih, an old metal High Elf mage that I'm going to use as a Loremaster (he has a sword) and I've just bought the allies box of battle wizards from which I'm going to an amber and a jade wizard. Am planning on trying zenithal priming with the wizards.
  10. Painting my Sylvaneth

    Nearly finished these guys - just waiting for PVA on the bases to dry before painting the rims. Took my time and learnt so much. Enjoyed painting them far more than anything else I've done. I'm pretty pleased with them too. First models I've painted with W&N brushes and felt they helped with the new techniques I was trying out. Also feel I'm getting better at my layering and blending as well as trying more fine edge highlights. Apologies for the poor quality picture - realised it was too late to get the best light so tried outside just as the sun is setting!
  11. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    I usually place my first wood (at start of game, before deployment) in one of the deployment zones and, where possible, on an objective. If I win the roll off - great I'll pick the opposite table edge. If my opponent wins then they have to choose to either deny me my launchpad wood but then have it in their deployment zone and know that I'll be putting more woods down close to my deployment or allow me the launchpad wood and hope they can prevent me from growing more woods in places I want. I normally take Silverwood Circlet to give me larger range to cast wood growing spells.
  12. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    Using them with Sylvaneth allegiance, I keep them back in the hidden enclaves and bring them on later in game to claim objectives or to stop an enemy unit from making their desired move. I generally bring them on into areas I've cleared with either my Kurnoth greatbows or somewhere that my opponent doesn't think needs protecting. Note: I pretty much expect them to die quickly but that might hold a unit up for a turn or gain some victory points.
  13. What's your FAVORITE thing about AoS?

    The modular rule design. How the basic rules and all the warscrolls are free. The freedom to choose between grand alliances or more specific forces.
  14. Post your rarest models!

    I had every Gang Escher model from Necromunda. Selling those as well as the original Gotrek and Felix enabled me to buy Sylvaneth Start Collecting from my FLGS and an additional treelord from ebay. I had a large dwarf army from 90s which also included a lot of 80s models. Dwarf spearmen, 2 original flame cannons - the 2 dwarfs holding it up with the bellows at the back, several imperial dwarfs, a few of the original Bugman's rangers. Selling those last year helped to pay of some debts. My favourite model was the old metal gyrocopter from early-mid 90s. I had 2 and could never get them to stay on the flying stand.
  15. A background material misstep?

    I think that much of the current lore of AoS is being told almost from the point of view and understanding of the people living in the Mortal Realms. This means that whilst we know about the Old World and the events there, we are now being told that story as it has been handed down, most likely orally, over 1000s of years. In this context the passage quoted could be seen as a creation myth. Sure, there maybe some truth in it - perhaps "the world before time" was the Old World or maybe there some stories from the Old World which have got mixed up with other events. Or due to the Age of Chaos, people are drawing on stories of how Chaos led to the destruction of a previous existence to give them hope that there is a possible future after Chaos - the Old World was destroyed but it gave rise to us type of thing.