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  1. Why 2 branchwyches and not at least 1 branchwraith? A branchwraith can summon more dryads. And what is your thinking behind taking the bow hunters instead or scythes or swords? Don't get me wrong, I think bows have their place and I've run them a lot. Just trying to get a feel for your list.
  2. This is pretty much how I feel too. Obviously other people will approach the hobby differently - be more focused on gaming, especially if doing competitions. But I am a fairly slow painter, partly through not being able to do it as much as I'd like (present circumstances excepted) - I aim to get in 30 mins each day. Basically this means that if I buy a box of models then it will take me several weeks, often months, to get them built and painted. If I could afford to buy a whole 2000 point army at once then the vast majority of it would sit around unbuilt and unpainted for possibly years. A box of models - or a large centre piece character - will cost a lot of money but I will get a lot of hobby time/enjoyment out of building, painting and then playing with them. This does mean that I have to make choices over whether to do things like go to the cinema, go out for a meal and some drinks or buy some AoS models. I, therefore, make value judgements on what I want to do more. My lifestyle now, as opposed to a few years ago, means I'm not able to go out as much (we have 2 dogs and my partner works nights so I have to be at home for them). It also means that I'm probably never going to buy any of the largest models such as Alarielle but then I probably never was anyway - if I did it would be my only hobby project for a year or so.
  3. I don't have a lot of money to spend on any hobby. But I've been into AoS for about 4.5 years now and I don't spend too much on it. This is because I've managed to build up enough paints etc. and models waiting to be built/painted that I don't feel I need to get anything new. When I do it tends to just be one box. Now, I'm not really a competitive player and, before this pandemic, I was only playing about 2 games a month. I see my hobby as more working on projects with the aim to build up an army/collection of built and painted models. I have around 2500 points of Sylvaneth. It took me 3 years to get 2000 points together! Show the speed at which my hobby goes. I'm now looking at building a Living City army. This year all I have spent hobby-wise is on a few paints/paint additives. We're nearly half way through the year and I have probably spent less than £30. Last year I spent more as I bought the new Sylvaneth battletome, their endless spells, the Warscroll cards and one of the new Wyldwood boxes. Add in a few paints here and there and that is all I bought myself. I was lucky in that my partner bought me some boxes of miniatures for birthday and Christmas - apparently being into AoS makes me easier to buy presents for according to her and other family members. This is ending up longer than I meant it to! To get to a point... the price increases don't mean much to me as I've got projects I'm working on and I'll add to them one box at a time. I've always tended to do this but have still ended up with a backlog! This is mainly through the odd additional purchase when I've had a bit of spare money or purposefully saving up for something (like when I knew the new Sylvaneth stuff was coming). To add to this point - when I got (back) into Warhammer, I didn't have anymore money for it than I do now. I used to go out and see bands at least once a week - this would cost between £10-30 a week. I stopped doing this as much and the money I saved went into AoS. I also sold some things on eBay to fund my first Sylvaneth Start Collecting box. I bought this and the battletome. I couldn't believe that the general rules of the game were free and even that the Warscrolls were free too. Nowadays the access to the points are free via Warscroll Builder. I used to buy one paint per week (I'd already bought a starter paint set a couple of years earlier). I quickly built up a decent selection of colours. Yes, it sucks that prices are going up. But, at least for me, it won't change anything. Nor would it have made it much different to get into it if I was starting out again.
  4. I'm working on building a Living City army with a strong forest/nature theme. I've got the basis of a list or two and am looking for a bit of feedback/things I may not have thought about. I'm much more of a narrative/fun player than full-on tournament competitive type. However, it would be nice to win some games! My ideas so far (some of these I already own and others are included for thematic purposes, i.e. the models look like they live in the woods!!)... Leaders: Nomad Prince Battlemage Battlemage Drycha Knight-Azyros Units 20 x Eternal Guard 20 x Dryads 10 x Shadow Warriors 10 x Shadow Warriors 10 x Freeguild Crossbowmen (using old Empire/Freeguild archer kit with a few Glade Guard) 10 x Freeguild Crossbowmen (see above) That's what I already have either built/painted or with a plan for what I'm going to do with them. That leaves me with 400 points (current points; as this project will take me possibly a year to finish, I'm well aware they might change with new GHB) to play with. I'm interested in some cavalry but not sure what. I like the look of the Dark Riders and I think I can paint/convert them to fit with my theme easily. Other things I've thought about include Vanguard-Palladors. Also, either as an alternative or in addition I've been looking at a Flamespyre Pheonix. The way I'd be looking at playing would be to have the Dryads, Eternal Guard and Nomad Prince to hold and protect objectives in my back field or move onto hold others later in the game. Shadow Warriors and Crossbowmen to harass enemy units and use movement shenanigans to take objectives elsewhere. Drycha to take the attack to the enemy (along with some of the other units I'm undecided on). Knight-Azyros to support either the shooting units or the Drycha led attack. Thoughts, strengths, weaknesses, advice all welcome.
  5. I've been a bit out of the loop with this forum recently so apologies if this has come up before (I have tried searching for it and couldn't find anything). If I summon 10 dryads in a wood using my branchwraith's Roused to Wrath ability, am I able to teleport to another wood using Navigate Realmroots that turn? Roused to Wrath says the dryads cannot move in the following movement phase and this is how I've been playing it - they sit in those trees. However, I had a thought that Navigate Realmroots is a set-up, right? Does this mean they could teleport?
  6. I'm currently trying Gnarlroot out at 1000 points. I'd say it is less spells, more healing and buffs from wizards. Sure, maybe I'm splitting hairs but it doesn't bring a lot of spell output. What it does bring is some nice healing and buffs with your wizards. I've been running 3 casters and taking extra healing from the Deepwood lore spells. Each wizard has units near them to take advantage of their buffs. It plays fairly defensive but, in my experience, very resilient. You probably won't be alpha-striking but entice your opponent to break their units on you and then counter attack and mop up the rest of their army. I generally play 1000 points so not sure how it would scale up.
  7. Speculation here, and only my opinion - I have no insider knowledge. I think that the medium-longterm state of these factions will be either reimagined smaller aspects brought out into full factions (e.g. Kurnothi) or they will be part of the cities. So, Cities of Sigmar will be full factions with humans, duardin and aelves and this is where you'll find your ordinary people. I suspect there won't be Dispossessed, Wanderers etc. Obviously I could be wrong but I feel this is the way GW is going.
  8. I suspect Wanderers as we currently know them will be done. GW will lean into the wardancer aesthetic for a new faction (a la DoK) - maybe Kurnothi. And then there will be the Cities factions including Wanderers. Only speculation but GW do seem to be streamlining the AoS range and bringing it all into line.
  9. I was at the Open Day and spoke to several GW staff about the Cities of Sigmar. At no point did anyone say anything to me about old units coming back. I wasn't at the seminar though.
  10. I have a 1000 point game against Skaven next week. I have never played against Skaven before and am not sure what to expect. What are people's experiences playing against them? How do they play? What are our counters?
  11. I've not read the article but Open Play can be anything you want. You discuss with your opponent how you're going to play, how you're going to balance (or not) etc. This evening I'll be playing an Open Play game with a young lad whose only just got a Start Collecting box. Last week I balanced my army to his based on points. This week I think I'm going to play with slightly less units as, despite using points, it still felt like I had an unfair advantage.
  12. Not sure if this has been discussed, or will have to wait for the FAQ, but I'm interested in people's thoughts on the wording of the Spirit Paths ability the treelord type characters have. I'm thinking about where it says "...if this model is within 6" of a friendly Awakened Wyldwood..." and "...set it up wholly within 6" of a different friendly Awakened Wyldwood...". Does the use of 'friendly' mean that if we're playing against another Sylvaneth army that we'd not be able to teleport to and from the woods they have put down?
  13. To clarify - he wasn't specifically talking about warscrolls here but more helping out weaker units with some of the rules in the book. He was intentionally being vague but my impression was that there might be allegiance abilities which could buff cavalry amongst other things. I did find it interesting that he specifically mentioned cavalry as not being very good in the game in general. It suggests the rules writers are aware of the weaknesses and are looking for opportunities to address them, although maybe with imposed limits (my speculation here) such as in certain factions.
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