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  1. Finally an update. I finished converting and painting my Lady Celestant. I had been struggling to find a head for her for a while. When the excellent ETB Sequitors were released alongside Soul Wars I knew my search had come to an end. Pics aren’t the best but they’re what I have. Here is Lady Celestant Kàra Sigrùn.
  2. I’m making a custom stormhost inspired by 40k Space Wolves: Grey armour, furs etc. I quite fancy painting my sacrosanct guys up in pre-heresy Thousand Sons colors and running them side by side.
  3. Working on my Lady Celestant.
  4. That could work. I'll eventually use some Prosecutors (the winged Stormcast guys) as Vargheists in my Soulblight (vampire) army.
  5. Fluff wise no as Stormcast bodies disappear in a flash of lightning when they die, returning them to Azyr to be reforged and come back again. But fluff aside Stormcast are much too small to be Morghast. Check out this pic (not mine) for a size comparison That being said, this is your hobby so you do you. The concept sounds visually cool. Others have done undead versions of Stormcast ad made some great models so go for it.
  6. It is linked to the Apple or Google account that the purchases were made on so no cross device utilization. Which is a pain. It would be better if they allowed you to sign in with a GW account which wouldn’t care what device you were on.
  7. Wolfman

    A vampire army

    Not as much as you have done. I like the spikes, sort of a Vlad the Impaler thing. I shaved off the raised chaos symbols on the horses and torsos. I have a bunch of heads converted from Khorne Blood Warriors (the ones wth fanged skull helmets), replacing the bunny ears with various sets of wings and dragon icons. I found a Blood Angel terminator bare head with no techy bits and fangs that I grabbed a couple off too. The first set of 5 are armed with swords, mostly from the battlemage kit. I also converted a Sister of Silence as on of them using her upper half and legs from a Cold One Knight. The second set of 5 will be armed with axes I got from Shapeways that have dragon icons on them. Still figuring out weapons for the third set of 5.
  8. Was thinking the same thing myself.
  9. According to the Warhammer Fest Live Blog post on the Community site that lady is a Sequitor Prime. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/05/11/warhammer-fest-live-blog-2gw-homepage-post-1/ Saturday, 4:40pm Sacrosanct Chamber info shows the upscaled version of the same model.
  10. Last 4 Liberators done. Now I need to decide if I want to work on Judicators or Paladins.
  11. Hello all. I’m a long time GW hobby participant that loves to convert and kitbash. Figured I’d make a place to share the things I come up with. Knights of the Black Chalice This is the start of my Soulblight force. I want them to be an army of knights so I’m converting a lot of counts as units to keep the knightly theme. The plan is to expand it to run as a Legion of Blood force too. We’ll see if I ever get there. Chaos knights as Blood Knights. Shield arms left off for ease of painting. I plan on having 2 more units of 5. This is the start of my counts as Blood Palanquin. Instead of a platform carried into battle by an ethereal host it is a war machine around which spirit hosts will cavort. My converted Knight of Shrouds for Malign Portents who madly believes himself to be a Knight Questor. More Death will eventually follow. I have plans for counts as Vargheist using Stormcast Prosecutors, huge vampire knights borne aloft on ethereal wings. Aetherwings painted as huge ravens to count as Fell Bats, Executioners with head and weapon swaps to be Grave Guard etc. Storm Scions (name still in flux) My custom Stormcast warhost. Taking my inspiration from Viking myth (Sigmar as a mix of Odin and Thor), the god Ulric from the World-that-was, and Space Wolves. First 6 Liberators. 4 more planned in a similar vein. Lord Celestant is still WIP, based on the Neave Blacktalon model. I had to stop working on my Liberators to make this guy once I saw the Warscroll for the upcoming Knight Incantor. Since they are described as stormcallers and I’m using some Space Wolf inspiration I knew I had to make me an AoS version of THE Stormcaller, Njal himself. So I took the leader of the Farstriders as the base since he has a bird on his arm. That gave my my Nightwing, Njal’s Cyber raven. I swapped the head and hands and voila. My Stormcaller Knight Incantor. Up next will be a Lord Relictor then the rest of the Liberators. Other plans include Judicators, Paladins, Raptors and Palladors. Let me know what you think so far.
  12. Big one is Space Wolves Terminator, smaller are Wulfen thunder hammers with power packs removed.
  13. Stormcast Liberators for the Storm Scions (custom warhost).
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