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  1. No jokes, I guess the GW guy slipped up and said that KO, ID and Seraphon were all getting updates soon. But hey this is second hand info from a GW rep. Might as well be a “my uncle works at Nintendo” level of rumour. But he still said it!
  2. My local store can’t get in the KO or Idoneth battletomes anymore because they’re being “updated”. Helllo!
  3. TristanGray

    My AOS - Ogors

    My goodness, those lobbed off giants feet are disturbing. A++
  4. I might turn blue, but damn it I’m here.
  5. I also am a simple man, this is how I discovered there’s a cap on reactions for a day. Really pleased to see how many other people love Tomb Kings as well! I love those newer kits and would love to see them back in production. I asked for Katophranes for Underworld as a reworking of Tomb Kings. Feel like with the lore they’ve developed they could slot into that story easily.
  6. I know Ben Johnson is painting Slaanesh right now, he posted a Chariot on Twitter today - so I suspect they’re out sooner rather than later. He usually is sort of a bell ringer for what battletome is getting an update with his hobby.
  7. Thanks a ton! Really pleased how well they’ve turned out. I took a chance on the blue armour and it payed off.
  8. Erupting from the sands, glowing eyes sucking in the souls of all who meet their gaze. The Sepulchral Stalkers of Ahomtep work as his eyes and ears across the Endless Deserts. A vanguard force who’s abilities to sink beneath the sands help hide their movements and give them the ability to spring an ambush against any unsuspecting or ill prepared interlopers.
  9. I'm a huge fan of the horsemen. Super fast with the run and charge - they've been my mvp in many battles. Keep us posted on what you decide!
  10. @Ndabreaker Whats the word on Tomb Kings? Are they next year or the year after?
  11. No specific rules for Skirmish in the tome, but you can convert the points for units pretty easily. Did you pick up the latest white dwarf? It has new, updated rules for Skirmish and next month will have campaign rules. I'm going to be setting a few skirmish battles in the endless desserts for a Tale of Four Warlords that i'm running. I'll be adapting the Time of War rules in the Unofficial Battletome - pg. 56/57 - to give them some realm flavour. Check out this table by @The Golem for some PtG goodness. Have fun!
  12. Settra as a Demi-god who’s trapped within a shade glass construct. That could be the big reveal from shadespire- his consciousness is found trades deep within the glass. Settra then leads an army of Katophranes in their own shade glass bodies as a death army that’s rebelling against Nagash. That way they could bring back the TK plastic kits! Add in a new construct troop choice and a big Bone Giant/Settra kit. Oh but a boy can dream.
  13. I really like the posing you’ve done. Nice and dynamic!
  14. More pictures! Ecstatic to have this big beast of a project in the books. All and all I used 7 different kits, and had a blast with it. Now on to some more snakes ?!
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