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  1. Ehhhhh, stoked to have y’all back! I loved the daily shows, and I’m excited to see how this develops. Seeing tomes from the eyes of some play testers on release is going to be really interesting. Can’t wait for time to go by so we can all see if things worked out how y’all expected.
  2. I enjoy the irony that I waited till the day Ben brings back Bad Dice to announce this. 🤪🙃
  3. https://anchor.fm/takethecharge Hey gang, I started a short, about 6 minute podcast. It’s a wide ranging one that touches on all parts of our favourite game: Age of Sigmar. I like talk about specifics and look at the game through a more creative and hobby focused lens. I’m hoping it will be perfect for all those interstitial moments - when you’re pumping gas, or driving across town - where you want to listen to something Sigmar but don’t have the time to dedicate to a full pod. Think of it as a homage to Bad Bice Daily. BDD was one of the things that made me fall in love wi
  4. Definitely not Air-Brushed. I’m too cheap 😂 mill take that as a high compliment though! and thanks! One of my goals with my TK is to make them bright and punchy. Rad Surfer Skeletons or Bust was my starting point.
  5. Working with one of my all time favourite sculpts - I present to you Ishtar, the Reclaimed! Scarab Prince of Ahomtep. Updating the idea for AoS I decided to include spirits coming out and mirroring the original sculpt. In my mind, a Scarab Prince in Sigmar is something like a soul stealing assassin. Searching out and killing the generals and leaders of armies, to help bolster and repair the ancient souls of the Tomb Kings. They specifically enjoy wrenching the soul stuff from Knights of Shrouds and other traitors, to give them a new lease on their afterlife as a part of a greater go
  6. All done. 😎😎😎 Going to run it as a wild Chaos Gargant in Warcry. Excited for it to start taking heads. ————————— A dry wind sweeps low on the bloodwind spoils. Skin cracks and mouths become parched. Something brings an old death to the Eightpoints. Something big.
  7. Trying to finish this beast for the release of Warcry Monsters! It’s a fun conversion using the out of print Necrosphinx kit.
  8. Cue *Since U Been Gone* I’ve been pretty busy starting projects and noooot quite finishing them. Here’s what’s new in the Carrion Isles: The Golden Hawks have been built. An elite unit of Skeleton Horsemen. For this I chopped up some Tomb Guard and Black Knights. Then added some green stuff head pieces to help give them a more TK vibe. Included a shot of my other Horsemen to show how I expanded on my original concept.
  9. My best guess is next AoS reveal is at the end of August at Nova. We’ll hear more about the upcoming warbands for Beastgrave and get the larger reveal of Tithe of Bones. or at least that’s my hope!
  10. No jokes, I guess the GW guy slipped up and said that KO, ID and Seraphon were all getting updates soon. But hey this is second hand info from a GW rep. Might as well be a “my uncle works at Nintendo” level of rumour. But he still said it!
  11. My local store can’t get in the KO or Idoneth battletomes anymore because they’re being “updated”. Helllo!
  12. TristanGray

    My AOS - Ogors

    My goodness, those lobbed off giants feet are disturbing. A++
  13. I might turn blue, but damn it I’m here.
  14. I also am a simple man, this is how I discovered there’s a cap on reactions for a day. Really pleased to see how many other people love Tomb Kings as well! I love those newer kits and would love to see them back in production. I asked for Katophranes for Underworld as a reworking of Tomb Kings. Feel like with the lore they’ve developed they could slot into that story easily.
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