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  1. Also large units are vulnerable to spells like the foot of gork or the great maw. That lesson was hard learned. Nothing like losing an entire elite unit to one luck spell.
  2. Bahh sorry misread. I'll put my vote to blood reavers. There what I wish marauders were.
  3. I would like to see deep subterranean dwarves. Heavily based on mining and blasting. Stone hewn armor and tunneling machines. Golems maybe.
  4. In theory I love the firesayers, in practice.....ehh. I still love my Kragg the grim.
  5. Honestly Even thought the monsters look great their performance has been kinda lackluster I would recommend a runesmiter on foot and 20 vulkites. Gives your army a deepstrike ability much better than the pick.
  6. I love the idea of runelords having some bite of their own. maybe "summon able " versions of the warden kings oath stone or just like a line of ghostly ancestors which add to bravery or defense in some manner.
  7. In yalls opinion is it ever worth taking just gun haulers without anything bigger? I have been having trouble with khorne banner men hiding behind terrain and was thinking of using them as sniper units as allies to my dissposesed. Thoughts?
  8. Allegiance: Dispossessed Leaders Runelord (100) Runelord (100) Runelord (100) Runelord (100) Unforged (100) Warden King (120) Warden King (120) Warden King (120) Battleline 30 x Hammerers (420) 20 x Ironbreakers (280) 20 x Longbeards (200) - Axes or Hammers 40 x Warriors (280) - Axes or Hammers 10 x Hammerers (160) 40 x Warriors (280) - Axes or Hammers 40 x Warriors (280) - Axes or Hammers Units 10 x Irondrakes (180) 30 x Quarrellers (360) 30 x Thunderers (360) Total: 3660 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 0 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 310 To be fair loosing all the war machines kind knocked down the point total. Yet the throng stands strong
  9. I never lose fairly. If i did it was because the enemy cheated and refused to fight like a proper dawi. Then the cheaters name goes in the grudge book. But.... man does khorne have a lot of entrys in that book.
  10. The warden kings grudge ability. Just the idea of mid battle him popping open his grudge book and looking up a grudge to repay against that particular enemy is great.
  11. Hey yall. What is the base size on the charnel throne? I'm thinking of making a custom one to fit my army better but I've no idea of scale.
  12. Hey just to throw it out there, what percentage of your games as disspo are you fellas winning? I've played about 10-15 games and won only once. To be fair I've mostly fought khorne and bcr, but I have very little luck no matter the tactics I try. I'm starting to consider shelving my dwarves until some sort of update happens. when I play as my gut busters I usually win or at least come close but with my dwarves it's usually a crushing defeat.
  13. He's in the app as the only remaining clans eshin model. I plan on proxying them for death masters anyway
  14. I'm pretty sure his utility lies in his lead by example command ability. No battleshock within 12 of him. And he has a 3 up plus look out sir so he's pretty hard to range down.
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