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  1. Black Blade

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    I agree I would say he is kinda meh (something I would say is typical of a lot of first release stormcast). Running him as Vindicators has seen more success for me, sometimes with -3 rend artifact etc. I havent tried ignax scales on him but thats probably the final thing I have yet to try. His command ability would be good if you actually had to take battleshock tests regularly. I think he would be a lot better with one more wound and one more attack on his weapon. Yeah he is better at smaller games but most games are 2k. You are right there are more tools to deal with him and it's usually a lot of mortal wounds coming his way. As stormcast you get one artifact and one only most of the time. So I've always tried to take different artifacts to trigger the thunder hammer but then he gets mortal wounded to death. So I will try ignax scales and barring any good results Im dropping him until his condition changes in points or rules.
  2. Black Blade

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    I'm trying my damnedest to make the Lord Celestant on Dracoth work. Anyone have any tips? He just seems to die so easily and he himself dishes out so little.
  3. Black Blade

    Local 8 Week Escalation Results

    Ironjawz player is one of the better tacticians at the shop. Usually runs A maw crusha, fungoid shaman, mega boss, boss on pig and a war chanter. Usually 1 unit of got gruntas. Two big units of brutes. One of hard boys. And shadespire warband. Pestilens was 80 monks. Verminlord. Catapults. Bunch of priests. A great unclean one. And some censor bearers. I try to take an Arcanum over the incantor whenever possible. The superior arcan bolt, the soul saving ability and additional attack/wound plus a strong basic spell make the Arcanum always worth it.
  4. Black Blade

    Sheffield Slaughter 23/24 Feb 2019- AoS

    Hope this an OK place to ask, what is the benefit of eliminating the realm spells? Does it end up excluding Nagash lists? Ask for future insight for my own events.
  5. Black Blade

    2. Your Units Cost Points but they have no Value

    I don't know if @Lemon Knuckles is a genius or insane... most likely both but this metaphysical/ philosophical talk about the very essence of Age of Sigmar is what I live for.
  6. Black Blade

    Local 8 Week Escalation Results

    The Core of my Army was often a Lord Arcanum of some variety and the Cleansing Phalanx. It seemed the only sensible battalion out of 25ish that we have access to and I often wanted two artefacts, especially if I had to forfeit one essentially by taking a stormhost. My most difficult games were vs Nighhaunt, Blades of Khorne, Nurgle Maggotkin and Ironjawz. All of those were close and went down to the wire.
  7. Black Blade

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    I'm proud to say I won my FLGS 8 week escalation league. First event I've ever been in and i was the only one to go undefeated. All with Stormcast. Thanks to the folks here that helped me understand my faction better. I started a thread below about it.
  8. My FLGS hosted an 8 week escalation league. I am proud to say I finished 1st and was the only player to go undefeated. The idea was to grow a community for AoS at the store and it seems to have worked, more people have fleshed out their armies as well as people buying into the game for the first time after watching our matches. I'm posting the top ten here (there were twelve but two players dropped out) and would be happy to discuss the meta of the shop and how things ended as they did. You were assigned a single match for a week starting at 1k and each following week the points were upped by 250 from the precious week. You never played the same person twice. Both the battleplan and the realm were decided randomly each week but they were the same for everyone. Realm features were determined individually. 10. Stormcast 9. Nighthaunt 8. Pestilens 7. Seraphon 6. Sylvaneth 5. Maggotkin 4. Ironjawz 3. Deepkin 2. Blades of Khorne 1. Stormcast It was matched play rules but your army could change entirely from week to week. I dont own everything or even most things but I did get to experiment with a lot of combinations from Stormcast and would be happy to answer your question of you have any.
  9. Black Blade

    Crowdsource Points Project: AoS Gunkulator

    The one I am most surprised by in my faction are Fulminators, but maybe thats just because of how I roll. I've had the discussion with folks at my local that most cav units are overcosted disproportionately with other units UNLESS the cav unit can also fly. So the eel cav results ring true to me. Then again maybe it's just the meta narrative like you were saying about ranged hunters being costed right here but not being equal to its other versions in the current meta.
  10. Black Blade

    Crowdsource Points Project: AoS Gunkulator

    In my local scene, everyone seems to really think Evocators are super OP. Have they been run yet?
  11. Black Blade

    Artefact + Hero Megathread

    Yet another reason to take him. Literally the only reason to not play a Shaggoth is because you don't want to work with resin, he's just too cool.
  12. Black Blade

    Artefact + Hero Megathread

    If you're speaking of the Doppelganger Cloak then this reading is incorrect. The hero cannot be targeted by melee weapons until it has gone itself first.
  13. Black Blade

    The Lingering Shadow of AoS 1.0

    @Gothicwaltz I wrote a lot there and I noticed you replied with a "laughing reaction." Which part did you find laughable?
  14. After participating in my local escalation league I've noticed a trend in AoS when it comes to units that were released during different periods. Just for some background, I sold all my 40k models and dove into Fantasy right at the Endtimes. Those of you who know your history will recall that it did not take very long for the Endtimes to transition to AoS. I played for maybe the first two months but just kind of gave up after the only opponent I could get locally was a guy who played 40k demons and that became very stale quite fast. Fast forward to AoS 2.0 and I'm back in the saddle diving into the Sacrosanct chamber and playing against all these colorful armies like IDK and Nighthaunt etc. I'm having a blast but in my more competitive games I'm seeing a trend that almost everyone else notices, the new stuff is just better most of the time. However not being cynical I have some thoughts as to why this is the case that don't involve intentional marketing practices. (I'm examining this from a Stormcast perspective because that's what I really know but I want to hear others input on where else this might be the case like Blades of Khorne, Ironjawz etc because I am certainly not making the argument this all applies to Stormcast only). The obvious units left behind by the conditions in which they were developed [first run AoS] are Liberators, Judicators (w/x-bows), Paladins of all stripes, Desolators, Celestant-Prime, and Prosecutors. Some of this could be attributed to the under-costed nature of the new releases which is not too extreme in my opinion; Sequitors and Evocators going up 20 points each would feel right to me but also their rules and profiles lead to this disparity. Sequitors have more than twice the grand weapons, a better special rule and their base weapons have a better profile across the board. Thematically and from a game-play perspective there is just too much daylight between the two units. Looking at Evocators, they are better than every paladin option, better than every dracothian guard option pushing out almost all other elite options. Again partly due to cost but also due to rules. Evocators don't have much in the way of defense and this is where I think they could be competed with along with a points bump. The other elites should fall about 20 and Evo's rise about 20 (I actually think Dracolines should fall 40 but thats for another chat). In addition though Paladins should have the 5" movement have better attack profiles and get a defensive buff. I think Evo's are a good unit, if undercosted but I dont believe in punishing a strong unit just for being strong. When Paladins were developed they were put into a game without points and with a very casual bent. All Paladins have reliquaries on their backs which would be an excellent excuse to give them a save after the save or something to that effect making them more durable than Evo's, then upping their attack profiles by 1 would put them on Evo's damage output level. The Celestant Prime is not a bad unit necessarily, he finds himself allied into a lot of lists but he offers very little to his home faction. His biggest issue is being a special character with 8 wounds and a 3+ flat save. I don't have to tell you that seems incredibly fragile on a 360 point unit that is supposed to be trading blows in combat. He needs more but I'm not even sure how to adjust him. First run AoS has a very bad binary problem. Protectors, and the Stardrake I think highlight this issue the most. Protectors were taken because shooting used to be such a problem in the old edition but their monster hunting design makes them very binary in combat and easily avoidable. The Stardrake is an awesome model that still see's a lot of play but it's presence on the game board is disappointing to me. He is an unkillable mountain, probably too unkillable for my tastes. His combat output is clearly dated however. A lot of his damage is locked behind conditional checks. He's not very effective at fighting other monsters which is something you would like him to be able to do as well as engage hordes. Right now though if he fights some elite cavalry? Probably kiss those tail and bite attacks goodbye, won't pass the checks. Even worse when fighting a Mawcrusha. Those claw attacks? They are bad, at best they are equal to a Dracolines claws. That doesn't make sense to me and he would not be designed this way if he were released today, the only reason he sticks around is his tankable nature which keeps him limping into lists. He should probably make Dracothian guard battleline as well. My bottom line is the first run AoS releases were largely developed without matched play/ points in mind leading to intentional binary unit design where the binary/ specific nature of the unit WAS THE BALANCE in a system without points and this should be remedied. Thank you for litening to my TED talk, please share your thoughts on this topic, I'm expecting to hear about Blood Warriors and Goregruntas below.
  15. Black Blade

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    I play casually and we have been in a escalation league over the past 7 weeks at the local shop. I am one of three SCE players, the other two are at the bottom of a list of 13 meaning so far they have won the least. I am undefeated though and the current resident villain. Its not a super competitive environment, there are zero DoK or Nagash armies and I don't have access to the best lists because I just don't own those models. After playing this league which is the first of its kind I have ever participated in I think i have a good feeling for how the army is ( or isnt) balanced. Sequitors and Evocators should go up in cost. They are not just good for their points but they make all other options in their category not be taken. Every list I write I look at my Fulminators and my Retributors and think about including them but then I think Evocators are better than both AND cheaper than both... That is not all Evocators fault though. I think 220 is fine for them but ALMOST ALL our "old" elite units should fall in cost. Sequitors are in the same boat, having 5 great weapons in a 10 man unit vs 2 in a 10 man Liberator squad is enough to justify the additional 20 points. However I would never take Sequitors at 160 which is where I have heard some people say they should be. A lot of this imbalance in my opinion comes from GW finding its footing in AoS 2.0 which means first run Stormcast are often weak or underwhelming. Liberators having a worse profile across the board vs sequitors, paladins being slower than other units and have only 2 attacks per man on an elite unit, Dracothian Guard not being conditional Battleline.... all these are relics of a game system developed without matched play in mind, with no consideration of points cost balancing and I hope GW addresses them in the next Stormcast update because some of these deserves buffs as well as points changes.