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  1. I really like what saw so far and I think people are over reacting. Yes there are some trash units like black knights. But there are a lot of good ones too. Look at Prince V, Belladama, Blood Knights to name some. I think this army will see a lot of good lists that we will see in some tournaments too. In Moment everything is just theory, nothing else. Yeah it’s not that over the top overpowered like Lumineth. But it’s even not trash like slaanesh or stormcast or some other army’s.It’s a Solid Battletome. Yeah if you want to play a wight king and black knights, I understand you’re disappointmen
  2. If you don’t want to add something, kastelei will work just fine for you. Take your 3 Heroes and put in your Vargheists. That gives you 1820 points, a necromancer gives you nothing in this list. So 180 points to fill left. Maybe one more unit of Vargheists or 20 Skellies.
  3. Hope so, but doubt it. It’s not like Lumineth where you have a half book. It’s everything inside. And a new book for what? New models that will replace old ones? Don’t think so
  4. Here is my try on 2000 points Kastelei: LeadersPrince Vhordrai (455)Belladama (200) Vengorian Lord (280) - Rousing Commander, Fragment of the Keep Battleline10 x Dire Wolves (135)10 x Dire Wolves (135)10 x Blood Knights (390)10 x Blood Knights (390)Total: 1985 / 2000 Thinking about maybe replacing 20 wolves with 30 skellies or 40 zombies+ Command Point. But like that synergy between Belladama+ Wolves. And Zombies doesn’t do much without support. what do you guys think?
  5. I can’t choose between skellies and zombies either for my kastelei list, so I go with dire wolves + Beladama I think. 😁 something like this seems pretty nice and could be competitive too. Prince V Vengorian Belladama 2 x 10 Blood Knights 2 x 10 Dire Wolves
  6. I think Belladama will do some serious work in every list!! our only 200 points, 2 spell wizard. Has 2 very nice spells.9 wounds, 10 move,+1 cast/Bann, very resilent with a unit of wolves, and a good attack profile for a more wizard type of Hero.and can summon. for me: an Auto include in every list
  7. What do you guys think about allies in soulblight? Maybe Lady Olynder? 2 spells, Mw output, 4+ save ignore rent. Also her spell is very Good. question: if you ally in a archregent, can you summon Crypt Flayers? If yes he will be an auto include.. wizard 2 spells, free flayers or Horrors, 2 Banns. Can cast his spell on his summoned unit or himself and a mystic shield,240 points, ok attack profile.
  8. No he don’t gets the kastelei keyword. Sorry No pictures allowed..
  9. Nice rundown, thanx. I think in a Kastelei list where you already have spent a lot of points into your punch, skelllies+corpse will fit best. It will be a resilent unit That you could even teleport on an objective.
  10. I think the intention of Gw was that they can charge, but some people read between the lines, you know... in our playing community(20+ people btw) all agreed that they can charge. Because a normal move is a normal move in our opinion, not a retreat. And in other languages it’s clear stated that it’s not a retreat.
  11. Was thinking about the same. Kastelei army with 30 skeletons+ corpse cart seems nice. Even 20 could be enough.Rest the points BKS and heros. Zombies are Good with buffs and for offense but if you only want a unit to sit on objectives, I think skellies are perfect combined with a corpse cart for that. something like this im aming at: Vengorian Prince V 2x 10 Blood Knights 30 Skellies Corpse Cart 3 Vargheists
  12. Have found a good alternative, I’m going to take these. Not all of them but some. Like some blood Elve Vampire style. 😌
  13. I really like the Vyrkos Blood born models from Cursed City. Do you think it would be ok to play them as Vargheists?
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