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  1. My other thought is to drop magic entirely and go for prayers+cauldron buffs: Allegiance: Daughters of Khaine - Temple: Hagg Nar Slaughter Queen on Cauldron of Blood (270) -General -Devoted Disciple -The Ulfúri -Catechism of Murder Morgwaeth the Bloodied (80) - Crimson Rejuvenation 30 x Witch Aelves (300) - Bucklers 20 x Sisters of Slaughter (240) -Bucklers The Blade-coven (0) 9 x Khainite Shadowstalkers (100) Total: 990 More of a classic Hagg Nar playstyle - blocks of aelves buffed by a cauldron. 4+/5++ helps them stick around and grind down my opponent's line while the Shadowstalkers add a touch of mobility and objective play. I played a test game with a friend and Mindrazor was very hard to get off on 8+. With that in mind, and opting for aelves instead of snakes, I feel like this list can leave the medusa behind. Hagg Nar makes the cauldron reasonably quick, at 9" move with the temple's command ability.
  2. I'd love to see a write-up on our different unnamed leader choices in the near future. We're a bit spoiled for choice - we've got hag queens, slaughter queens, medusas, plus the cauldron/shrine versions of each, and now we have the ironscales as well. If you're going snake-heavy, then a bloodwrack or ironscale general is a no-brainer, but otherwise, I think it's easy for newer players like myself to get overwhelmed with all our options. When to cauldron/shrine vs when to footslog is one matter in particular that's been on my mind.
  3. Shadowstalkers have the shadow leap ability, which is more or less the same effect as the Khailebron command ability. However, in a Khailebron list, enemies will be at -1 to hit them with both missile and ranged weapons. Shadowstalkers aren't as hungry for synergies as our mainstay units but I keep coming back to the idea of taking them along in a Khailebron list because they fit the shadowy spy/assassin theme. With their ability to scoot anywhere on the board, combined with Masters of the Shadowpaths on other units, I'm thinking it could be a very mobile, unpredictable list.
  4. Quick question about the Masters of the Shadowpaths ability. The last line says "That unit cannot move in the next movement phase." However - it doesn't say "in your next movement phase." As written, if your opponent takes the next turn, they cannot move in that movement phase. After their turn, if initiative falls back to you, they'd be able to move in that movement phase. Is this interpretation correct?
  5. What was your list? I didn’t see a link at the top of your post. You said the blood stalkers’ shooting was hit or miss - do you think they’re overrated? I’ve seen a lot of hype for them with the release of the new book. Could they shine outside of Morathi lists?
  6. Allegiance: Daughters of Khaine - Temple: Hagg Nar Bloodwrack Shrine (160) -General -Devoted Disciple -The Ulfúri -Mindrazor Hag Queen on Cauldron of Blood (220) - Catechism of Murder30 x Witch Aelves (300) - Bucklers10 x Blood Sisters (260)Total: 940 Not much to see here, just a vanguard-level list to get my collection up and start playing. Hagg Nar needs a cauldron to make use of the command ability. Should make it easier to keep everything in range of the hag queen's buffs. Needed the shrine to make the blood sisters battleline and provide better insurance for the command trait. I feel like it's a bit light, but we're also talking 1k points.
  7. Just a simple question - when do you remove slain models? Let's say you have a unit with multiple weapon profiles, like Chaos Knights (melee weapon of choice + hooves). The melee weapon attacks are resolved first and cause X unsaved wounds. Do those casualties have to be removed immediately before resolving the hoof attacks, or do all of the units attacks get resolved before you start removing models? EDIT I think I have my answer. Looked a little harder at the rules.
  8. Morgwaeth is 80 points but must be taken with her coven. The coven is free - it doesn’t actually cost any points when you add it to a list on Azyr.
  9. I’ve yet to get my hands on the new battletome, but I’ve had the old Devoted of Morathi box for a while, largely untouched. From what I’ve read, our warscrolls became a lot more viable across the board and big blocks of witch elves aren’t the sole way to go now. That said, does it seem better to pick one element of the faction and focus on supporting that (say, witch elves vs melusai) or is there any merit to a varied list containing many different units from the roster? I’m planning on getting started with a vanguard list and deciding how to assemble the units in the box.
  10. I'm tempted to plop Morathi on the table and watch her shrug off whatever comes her way, but I'm also not keen on the infamy it would get me. 😅 I don't own the model either, so there's that. What I could do instead is take along 5 blood sisters to mince other MSUs and either a slaughter or hag queen on a cauldron.
  11. My local Warhammer store is running a Meeting Engagements league next month and I've been thinking of participating. I haven't played this game mode before but I've read up on the gist. I'm wondering what a solid force might look like in this format. From earlier posts in the thread, I've gathered that Lifetakers are actually worth bringing due to their speed and the size of the board in ME, particularly when buffed by a Hag Queen.
  12. The warbands aren’t specified to be aligned with any one god in particular. They all worship Chaos in different ways. If anything, the mortal realm they come from is the deciding factor in their aesthetics and culture.
  13. How has everyone’s games with the Beasts gone? I haven’t given them a try yet, but I’m putting mine together and hope to do well in my store’s upcoming narrative campaign!
  14. I’ve been using the same pair of clippers for at least a decade until they recently vanished into thin air. Went and got a Xuron 2175ET sprue cutter and highly recommend it! It’s sharp - cuts cleanly without much effort. The handles are long and provide decent grip. Big improvement over the old pair!
  15. You can see an eye slit in the veil where the real head is!
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