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  1. You’d need to run despoilers for the helm. It makes him always strike first on a charge. fun note, chariots get +1 to hit for the unit champion, khorne gets +1 to wound around the general. Not bad!
  2. New chaos stuff says “a unit [has] models, each armed...“ This is the first instance of a warscroll being worded this way. Dragon Ogors and tzaangors which allow a mix say, “...each model is armed...” Other units, such as liberators, state specific numbers of models that may be armed with special options. Although it can be interpreted either way, prior to this new book, you couldn’t mix armament nor does the wording in the rest of the warscroll support mixed armament. Until GW releases a FAQ, I will assume that you can’t mix.
  3. Pay close attention to the warscrolls that allow a mix of weapons. Tzaangors allow a mix. Their shield rule reads: “...unit that has any model armed with...” Chaos warrior shield rule reads: “...a unit that carries...” Continuity doesn’t hold up for mixing weapon options for warriors. Look, I’m not saying that you’re reading it wrong, but don’t count on it; GW messes up its grammar all the time.
  4. Khorne general with Helm of Many Eyes in the bloodmarked warband. You give your big knight unit +1A, to wound and hit!
  5. “Each” references “a unit” and not “models”. Not the best choice of wording, but this is GW. Units get one weapon option.
  6. My plan is to buy some sisters/shadow warriors boxes to replace the Guard bows with the sisters flaming bows. And then I also get a bunch of shadow warriors. I feel icky simply using them as “counts as” without some kind of conversion.
  7. Unless they’re cleaning up the catalog for all new chaos stuff, like weapon upgrades!
  8. I doubt the warscrolls will change at all. Instead, there will be effects from characters which only affect S2D units and significant allegiance abilities. Perhaps a mechanic like that in Cities where units gain keywords for being a part of the army.
  9. Well, the adjutant isn’t reliable. I just played one game and didn’t roll a single extra CP!
  10. The durthu ghyrstrike alpha combo is a no-brainer. But I expect a faq on the “strike and melt away” ability. It doesn’t seem to fit the intent.
  11. Just noticed this tidbit. Anyone use the same spell for all their wizards?
  12. Crypt Flayers have a special attack sequence for their Death Scream. But they come in units of 3 and it’s listed with an attach characteristic of 1. Do you roll the 2D6 attack thingy 3 times or only 1 time for a unit of 3 Flayers?
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