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  1. In this case yes, a LoN general can revive an allied SUMMONABLE unit. Gravesites can also heal/resurrect allied SUMMONABLE units.
  2. I think loads of people picked it up as a second way to play, it's a new little format to make smaller games more interesting. Around here people are hyped about it and it's being played about as much as regular old 2k. Then again, we also like 1500 or 1250 games here to break up the lists a bit. It allows for a lot more variety in listbuilding.
  3. Nurgle generally has a pretty good matchup against magic-heavy armies because the 5+ saves they get. What's his army like and is he playing objectives properly? You might just be better then him at the game, in which case you could try to help him with his tactics/list building or play unfavorable scenarios to give yourself an extra challenge.
  4. There is no "Wyldwood" terrain feature so that would currently not be a viable choice. Since the Sylvaneth wyldwoods are a new kit called "Awakened Wyldwood" I'm assuming they refer to the regular old Citadel Woods, and those don't do anything extra for Sylvaneth. Personally, I think abusing the terrain setup to further boost your own army instead of trying to create an interesting battlefield should be heartily discouraged. Imagine every LoN player bringing only Mausoleums, every Gaunt summoner bringing a free unit of 10 horrors and every Sylvaneth match starting on a table filled with Awakened Wyldwoods. I think the terrain table was made with some unintentional oversights benefitting a few specific factions.
  5. This clears it up for me. Teleporting is allowed but will remove the Vortex when it leaves the battlefield as per it's own warscroll.
  6. All I read from that topic is that everyone agrees the rules say it's not allowed but someone knows someone who says differently.
  7. 1. No. Since a battalion drop is still multiple units, the restriction still applies. 2. Im unsure but my gut goes with yes. You deploy multiple units at the same time, but you still get to choose where each unit goes. The only part I am unsure about is wether you need to check how many units are on the battlefield before you deploy your battalion or if you can add then during.
  8. In this case I believe it wouldn't be possible to teleport at all since Balewind Vortex says the unit cannot move, and Lords of Space and Time counts as movement. You'd have to dispel the Vortex first. EDIT: This is wrong, the Core Rules Designers Commentary clarifies that it doesn't actually count as a move.
  9. I think this is wrong. The Judgements of Khorne fall under their Allegiance abilities and there's a line that reads: "KHORNE PRIESTS in a Khorne army can summon Judgements of Khorne" Seems to me they have the same restrictions as the blessings & spell lores have.
  10. Seems very much in line with other updated tomes.
  11. No. You don't get to choose a command ability, since they're all part of the stormhosts.
  12. I get that Gristlegore is really strong and hard to counter. That goes for Ballistae and Evocator bombs too. I'm also not saying everything should be liberator levels. All I am saying is that I find it strange that people winning their games with strong combos suddenly start complaining about other combos while still denying the power of their own. I would prefer if the game had less of these obvious power-picks but at least a lot of factions have some options now. No need to pretend your own battletome is terrible just because the meta shifted. Also a lot of examples given about why FEC is so strong are straight up wrong, so I'm guessing some people here don't even actually play the game.
  13. I really fail to understand the logic that goes around in this thread. How is it that wiping out enemy generals turn 1 with 3+ Ballistae, autocharging Evocator bombs or unkillable super-dragons are fine, but when FEC can cripple you they are broken OP? Every army should have some powerful tools, but pretending Evo's, Sequitors and Ballstae are fair whilst complaining about other stuff seems very entitled to me.
  14. Multiple facebook posts confirm that all Kurnoth hunters variations will cost 200, no point changes there.
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