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  1. Sedraxis

    Chameleon skinks summoning

    By this logic a LEGION OF NIGHT unit can set up a unit in ambush with Ageless Cunning right after resurrecting it with Endless Minions, or even pop it out of another grave with The Unquited Dead's ability. I'm pretty sure the restrictions of abilities can't be overwritten this way.
  2. Sedraxis

    Chameleon Skinks Disappear From Sight

    Any subsequent turn seems pretty clear to me. What makes you question if they can bypass that?
  3. Sedraxis

    Why I don't like 'best army' style tables

    I also agree with Eldritch here. AoS has too many variables and extra layers that aren't comparible to MtG, HS and the like. Even in those games the lists don't decide everything, but their influence is way bigger then in AoS. I believe that looking at tournament lists and data is useful to get certain information, but it is far from able to determine the best army or best anything really. It mostly shows popular choices and a part of their influence.
  4. Sedraxis

    Deathless minions and Undead Minions

    The way I see it UM always triggers first. UM reads "before you allocate a wound..." DM reads "roll a dice each time you allocate a wound..." So to get the DM save you must have already allocated the wound and therefore cannot use UM after.
  5. Sedraxis

    Top 10 at Facehammer with Deathmarch

    I mean if your list is specifically tuned to alpha strike charge with 15 guys buffed up to dish out an unholy amount of attacks, it is NOT a casual funtimes "I'm just playing models I like" list. It's a "I specifically designed this to ****** your ****** up turn 1" list. Doesn't make you a bad man or anything, just don't lie to yourself.
  6. Sedraxis

    Top 10 at Facehammer with Deathmarch

    So you complain about him bringing a tournament list when you are bringing one yourself? Cuz this is in no way a "fun/casual" list. Anyway it seems that SC are very strong against no-rend attacks, so the alpha strike gameplan isn't great against them. His advice on playing the objectives is right, altho that doesn't automatically mean you win the game that way. I think a lot can be said for positioning and movement. Those details are hard to describe in a text-based battle report, but it at least sounds like you can still gain a lot of ground there. See if you can get a rematch with the guy, worst case scenario you lose again but you'll learn alot (assuming that is what you want in the first place :p)
  7. Sedraxis

    AoS 2 - Disciples of Tzeentch Discussion

    The lack of a describtion above anarchy and mayhem makes me extra certain it is an error. Otherwise they would've just added 2 to wound rolls to begin with. Skyfires have the same issue with the +1 from the shaman on both the warscrolls.
  8. Sedraxis

    Balancing the Stormcast

    I think Staunch Defender is a crutch that keeps the faction from actually improving. It's the best trait by far (for any faction pretty much) but kinda forces you to focus around that small 6" bubble and it heavily skews your playstyle. Still, since it's so powerful we can't really add more power to that playstyle because then it would go from borderline broken to bonkerstown. Instead if we remove it, there is suddenly a whole lot of design-space to work with. I like the idea of adding an alternative to Scions, but I also feel SC could do with something like a "charge-up the longer you wait with deepstrike" trait kinda like the newer factions tend to have. Deepstriking round 1 is same as now. Round 2 could give a small + to bravery to friendlies nearby and a small - to enemies. Round 3 and 4 more small benefit comes in (like shortening the range restricion to 6" or even less maybe?) up to round 5 where deepstriking a unit will make a world of difference when all those benefits stack together. This way you will want to plan around those benefits and picking flexible or multiple different units will be rewarded. The Vanguard chamber has no problem coming down turn 1 or 2, but your heavy hitters wouldn't mind waiting another turn especially if it can give them a guaranteed charge. It'll make the army much more versatile and fun instead of relying on a boring stat-buff.
  9. Sedraxis

    Balancing the Stormcast

    Not here to tell you to shut up, just to keep in mind that factions are supposed to have issues a.k.a. flaws and weaknesses. Don't forget the benefits you already have built in others might not have. I want SC to be more flexible and fun just as much as the next guy. I agree, especially when it comes to balancing out the old chambers with the new one. Seeing suggestions like a basically army-wide +1 save as an extra Battle Trait kinda blows it for me tho, as it is a straight up power-boost instead of an actually interesting mechanic. Same for adding more +'s or rerolls to hit/wound/saves etc. Battle traits should affect your gameplay and plan to make your faction unique, not just more powerful. Otherwise we'll just end up back in mathhammer country where buying the best stats wins the game.
  10. Sedraxis

    Balancing the Stormcast

    Kudos for trying to improve the faction and of course there is always room for improvements, but there is a lot of "the grass is greener" going on around here. People are comparing all sorts of other faction bonuses and traits to their own without taking into account the flaws and lack of options of said factions. Stormcast are in a pretty good place right now. There is room for improvement but trying to bring everything to top-tier level isn't going to make any non-tournament setting any fun. The whole faction is still way above the median as far as factions go. Please keep that in mind when thinking of improvements. Not everything should be Nagash-level madness.
  11. This is exactly how some armies work to begin with, the realms at least change it up a bit. And now everyone has access to it too!
  12. I think it's great! It shifts list building more towards "prepare for everything" and adds risk to "take this 1 gimmick and max out" style builds we see a lot now.
  13. Yeah the War Mammoth needs to be at least 440 in my book, and even then he'd still be very cheap for what it brings.
  14. Sedraxis

    AoS 2 - Seraphon Discussion

    More like the Scroll of Salt
  15. Sedraxis

    Can Age of Sigmar 2 be a competitive game?

    And this is exactly what AoS isn't made for. Matched play list construction allows for a limited selection of "broken" models and rules to dominate every other option. You can build a nice list with a few heroes, some magic support and a balanced selection of troops, but you will sure as hell lose to someone who picks the cream of the crop. AoS is not balanced and if players don't actively try to break the game it doesn't need to be, however it seems to be the main thing the most vocal players are into. Also don't underestimate the amount of people who play open and narrative AoS. They may not be very visible because they don't mingle in balance and rule discussions but the sales numbers don't lie. I think GW found a way to reach an audience that cares more about the hobby and the stories then they do about the rules.