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  1. I think this is wrong. The Judgements of Khorne fall under their Allegiance abilities and there's a line that reads: "KHORNE PRIESTS in a Khorne army can summon Judgements of Khorne" Seems to me they have the same restrictions as the blessings & spell lores have.
  2. Seems very much in line with other updated tomes.
  3. No. You don't get to choose a command ability, since they're all part of the stormhosts.
  4. I get that Gristlegore is really strong and hard to counter. That goes for Ballistae and Evocator bombs too. I'm also not saying everything should be liberator levels. All I am saying is that I find it strange that people winning their games with strong combos suddenly start complaining about other combos while still denying the power of their own. I would prefer if the game had less of these obvious power-picks but at least a lot of factions have some options now. No need to pretend your own battletome is terrible just because the meta shifted. Also a lot of examples given about why FEC is so strong are straight up wrong, so I'm guessing some people here don't even actually play the game.
  5. I really fail to understand the logic that goes around in this thread. How is it that wiping out enemy generals turn 1 with 3+ Ballistae, autocharging Evocator bombs or unkillable super-dragons are fine, but when FEC can cripple you they are broken OP? Every army should have some powerful tools, but pretending Evo's, Sequitors and Ballstae are fair whilst complaining about other stuff seems very entitled to me.
  6. Multiple facebook posts confirm that all Kurnoth hunters variations will cost 200, no point changes there.
  7. No. I don't see how you could. It literally says pick up to d6 enemy units, if you pick the same unit three times you'd still only have picked 1 unit in the end. Can you pick 3 words in this sentence? Can, Can and Can doesn't really make a viable answer. I think common sense is the best medicine here.
  8. This topic is a good example of where the "most people play matched play only" mindset comes from.
  9. Imo winning doing well in tournaments is exactly what validates armies as tier 1. If you think Seraphon will get buffed with a new battletome you might be very disappointed. They might get a terrain piece, spell lore, endless spells and the like, but they will probably lose all the things that make them so strong right now. No more cheap one-drop battalions, no deepstriking rippers 3" away and getting free rerolls on everything, no 40 pt razordons and no summoning free skinks everywhere all the time. Now this is purely speculation of course. I agree they need an overhaul, but mainly because they break so many basic rules of the game it feels like cheating sometimes. Beating someone because I can just teleporting some guys or flood the board with skinks for free never feels like a "oh wow well played" moment. I do hope the saurus part of the army will recieve some love. The current allegiance abities do nothing for them
  10. Please don't let all the initial negative reactions to nerfs ruin all the new goodies, bonuses and tools you are getting. Khorne was already in a good spot and I don't believe they'll be worse off after this new tome. Some people just have a hard time dealing with the loss of their abuseable mechanics like congalines, buff-stacking and other outdated rules. Nerfs always seem to hurt more then buffs seem to heal. Besides, in AoS you as a player has the biggest influence in wether you get crushed or not!
  11. This. Also remember that most of the complaints about DoK and LoN come from people looking up tournament stats rather then play experience. They aren't actually problematic unbeatable auto-win armies, AoS doesn't have any of those. If GH 2019 or an updates tome brings the changes suggested by Kenshin620 they will be at the same level as most factions are right now. I don't have any experience with Skaven or the new FEC yet, but while they appear strong I think the initial reaction will blow over as we've seen with Gloomspite.
  12. I think the new Khorne book will be a great example of this "power creep" while not actually making the army more powerful. It just brings it in line with current rules and gives them new tools while removing old "cheese".
  13. Seems like the Bloodthirster CA's have changed too. Wrath of Khorne now use the ability in the combat phase and allow reroll hit rolls of a daemon unit wholly within 16". No more Run+Charge. All these changes are pretty much in line with the changes from Wrath & Rapture. Less buff-stacking but more base power
  14. Thanks for sharing man! I think Khorne will do great overall with the new changes, the nerfs were bound to happen and the new stuff makes more then up for it imo. Looking forward to see it in action!
  15. How can people possibly already count Khorne as part of a power creep, the book isn't even out yet. I cannot take anyone saying things like that seriously. Just like when Gloomspite was on preview and people went nuts on how broken it would be. Then it turned out to be just fine. I feel most people complaining about a power creep or poor balance are mainly unable to take control of their own games. You can have so much influence as a player and you aren't just relying on your factions OP rules. Like Stormcast players saying they can't compete without Evocators or Undead without Grimgast Reapers. Complaining is omnipresent, but the game right now is in a great place and every supported faction can compete.
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