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  1. It would be fine if they didn't overtune the latest shooting units and one dead frog in particular. Especially since the armies that bring said units can also outdrop you and shoot your stuff without effort, essentiLly reducing OBR to a stormcast army without deepstrike in those matches. They should've turned Petrifex in an answer to that problem, keep the save against shooting only or something. The addition of the "1 negate max" rule doesn't help either. Would've loved to see a hardcap on mw output or something to compliment it.
  2. Shame they didn't turn it into something creative or conditional. Reroll save rolls of 1 in melee is the worst thing they could've gone with.
  3. I think the 3 types of play are very well named: Matched play focuses on playing an actual match where the aim is to win the game and defeat your opponent. Narrative play focuses on building a narrative and the aim is to create or recreate an interesting story. Winning is not the main goal and the rules aren't as strict because balance isn't important anymore. The narrative dictates who wins/has the advantage/uses which rules etc. Open play is literally anything goes. We are here to play with our miniatures and enjoy the hobby in whatever way we want. The game is open to any number of models of any kind and anyone can add their own fun in their own way. It's basically a sandbox mode. Now these 3 can overlap in any way shape or form but what seperates them is the main goal you want to accomplish: Do you want to play a match to decide a winner, do you want to create a story together, or do you want to leave it all out in the open?
  4. Hmm well if they're going for a Vampire Counts reborn sort of thing that might be cool. Especially if they were to throw a wrench is Nagash's OBR schemes.
  5. I'm assuming the GHB just copied the OBR book points, since the pdf with their changes comes later. They could still very well be 190. It does seem like all the old tomes are getting pretty much abandoned. Stormcast got some drops across the board but other then that it's mostly 1 or 2 units and some heroes. The aftersave rule makes me think they're prepping for a new baseline, since a lot of abilities, spells and artefacts are suddenly out of a job.
  6. If that leak is true Blightkings are no longer battleline and both Blessed Sons and Wanderers battalions are removed According to others Plaguebearers also drop to 100.
  7. The sad part is that this hits the lower performing armies where the top contenders rely on high damage output. I think it's a good change in the long run, but armies like STD will suffer even more. It also disables a lot of spells, abilities and artefacts for armies that are thematically durable or resistant to magic. I'd rather see a rule that disables stacking extra attacks and mortal wound output.
  8. Those are supposed changes that happen in the pdf after. GHB2020 only has changes for books pre-CoS and Orruks.
  9. He won me my first AoS game and his bits in the stories make me giggle every time. 10/10 would betray again
  10. Np I know you mean well, sorry if I sound harsh. Did you get the book early?
  11. Cities of Sigmar and every time since will get points updates in a seperate pdf after the GHB releases.
  12. Ossiarch Bonereapers tick all those boxes. They are very durable and allow for a defensive setup with their giant catapults forcing the opponent forward. They are also one of the latest releases and their models are very nice and detailed. There are other factions who can play a good defensive game, but most rely on some older (pre-aos even) models.
  13. I think the "hard" part in making SC stronger is the fact that their allegiance ability is a game-changer. Being able to just deploy anywhere on the map makes it so units start the battle already on objectives or in combat. I get that it's easy to forget how good this is when you are used to it, but it makes it so that they cannot be compared fairly to other slow units like Mortek Guard or Ogor Ironguts. Now surely SC could do with an update, most warscrolls are outdated and there isn't a lot of flexibility in the allegiance abilities, but I feel their design-space is limited in the fact that they have access to so many basic strengths. They need their weaknesses to keep them from being oppressive as we have seen in earlier years (hammerstrike force anyone?) That is not to say we don't have oppressive stuff right now (looking at you flamers, horrors, salamanders and Lord K) but I feel those are outliers and mistakes rather then examples of what to strive for when discussing balance. All in all Liberators getting a point drop is always good news and I hope some of the lesser used units like Hunters will get some drops aswell. Maybe drop some battalions too. But from what I've seen here and in other SC topics some people just want to be the best book out there where every unit is super strong and all possible problems are covered. You cannot expect to have the best of everything in a game where every army has clear strengths and weaknesses. And no, SC haters don't dictate GWs moves and they seem to have become the ultimate scapegoat for people to blame when discussing pretty much anything SC related. I just wish more people would look at the positive side and strengths this army has to offer.
  14. Because the Thricefold Befoulment lists bolded 3x GREAT UNCLEAN ONE keyword as requirement while Changehost lists the specific Lord of Change warscroll. Compare it to the HORROR HEROES listed in the same battalion. Bolded = anything with the keyword Normal = specific warscroll
  15. We have now shifted from interpreting rules to interpreting words, what a time to be alive! I think this topic has run its course. In conclusion: New Tzeentch book way to stronk, FAQ nerfed broken things, still needs more FAQ to clear up mess. Still really stronk, maybe too much stronk. I think it's still the strongest army around, even if everything regarding battleshock, destiny cubes and horrors no longer works. But who knows, it's a lot less insane then before. We will see what happens in a couple of tournaments, new subfactions coming out tomorrow might also shake things up. Peace ✌🏻
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