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  1. We have now shifted from interpreting rules to interpreting words, what a time to be alive! I think this topic has run its course. In conclusion: New Tzeentch book way to stronk, FAQ nerfed broken things, still needs more FAQ to clear up mess. Still really stronk, maybe too much stronk. I think it's still the strongest army around, even if everything regarding battleshock, destiny cubes and horrors no longer works. But who knows, it's a lot less insane then before. We will see what happens in a couple of tournaments, new subfactions coming out tomorrow might also shake things up. Peace ✌🏻
  2. The RAI part of the fleeing Horrors is pretty easy, since the ability reads: "Should a Horror meet his end at the hands of the enemy, it is capable of splitting itself into lesser daemons and renewing its assault twice over." The ability also mentions how to allocate wounds and what happens when the model is slain, but nothing about battleshock is mentioned anywhere. And going by the FAQ that has the clear intention to get rid of Horrors flooding the board... yeah.
  3. Because it clearly reads in the FAQ that Destiny Dice are unmodified except when using them for Save or Battleshock rolls. Its that simple. The intention was to stop DD from making units immune to battleshock, which is also what the banner does.
  4. I hope you are not talking about pink horrors, because that would be downright crazy.
  5. What!? One of our 4+ allegiance abilities doesn't give me insane points advantages anymore!? Inconceivable! I think it's great they responded fast for once instead of forcing us to wait another 6 months, and this ruling certainly has my preference since it always feels kinda cheaty to do. Especially after killing your own models with endless spells 😁 Hopefully they will answer some more questions sooner rather then later.
  6. Yet the ability even reads: "Should a Horror meet its end at the hands of an enemy, it is capable of splitting itself into lesser daemons". The ability also specifies that wounds should be allocated to pinks first, but doesn't mention Battleshock anywhere. How is the intention still unclear? I get that a community of Tzeentch players will read the rules in the best way possible, this isn't news. It's the sole reason I'm trying to shed some light on it because I think it is bad for the game as a whole.
  7. I disagree, both from a design perspective and from reading the rules. Battleshock reads: remove them and count them as having been slain. Just as some teleports read: the unit counts as having moved. When a model is slain through allocating wounds however a model is first slain and then removed from play. There is a separate section for this in the rules. Now these are all very minor things, same for the unmodified stuff on battleshocks and banners, but they have a big impact on the game. RAW they would both end up as not being allowed the way I read it, but those terms tend to just be put aside by populair demand when it suits. What ruins it for me is that Tzeentch is the only faction that gains a big amount of power from shady rules mechanics and lack of clarifications, such as the thigns mentionned above, casting spells without targets for extra fate points and killing your own models with endless spells since they don't specify enemy targets and then returning extra models through healing/banners. These things aren't tactical choices or faction mechanics, they're (likely unintended) bits and pieces of extra power that players draw out after interpreting the rules. I don't understand why we as a community applaud these things.
  8. Not necessarily, since "counts as movement" has been ruled to not be the same as "movement" when it comes to the Balewind Vortex for example. The GW rulesteam or whoever writes the faqs/tomes tends to have weird logic every now and then.
  9. If only players could practice this and have free reign in deciding how to place their units. The restrictions are good but they are no excuse for their insane stats/efficiency. Anyone can do this right with a little bit of practice. I wish there was more an opponent could do to interact with the Tzeentch mechanics in general, since randomness is already out the window.
  10. Maybe if the Tzeentch player is nice enough to deploy everything at once instead of drop by drop untill your last one. And even if you can adjust to it you're still at a disadvantage purely on stats and power. It's an uphill battle at best, or a total and utter defeat upon comparing lists at worst. This should never be allowed to exist.
  11. Yes because every army can just dish out 100+ wounds in 1 turn, especially after being shot at by 60+ 3+ 4+ -1 1 shots and however many flamers you want to get in range. At -1 to hit of course, good thing you also have free reign on objectives too. Have you never played another tome to notice the difference in power here? Destiny Dice is one hell of a drug.
  12. Yep, there is no doubt in my mind that this is the best army by a pretty big margin right now. The faq fixed the obvious errors, but the raw power of rulestacking and cheap stats all-around is still all to real. Tournament results will show.
  13. The biggest thing is giving our opponent a -1 on all their run and charge rolls. This disrupts a lot of things that people normally assume to be successful, give it a try. The extra 1" run is great when moving up in turn one since our movement is pretty low. Combined with a GUO and other movement boosts the odds of a turn 1 charge are getting bigger. It's free real estate! The Command Ability has it's uses as a bigger bubble and allows multiple rerolls for the price of one, so it could save you 1 or 2 cps per game. This was our only subfaction option for a long time and if you run a battalion to pick up a second artifact, you essentially just trade Grandfather's Blessing for all this goodness.
  14. Also, a reminder that the Tamurkhan's Horde still exists and is an absolutely viable choice: The whole pdf is downloadable on the forgeworld website, easy to find if you google Tamurkhans Horde.
  15. With the latest battalion cost reductions it's very possible to play one of the new subfactions and still get 1 or 2 artefacts from the Maggotkin book (witherstave🥰)
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