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  1. Sedraxis

    AoS 2 - Idoneth Deepkin Discussion

    I like how every faction has the exact same thoughts about how only their strongest unit is viable. It's almost like all the strongest units are too strong
  2. How is 230 points for 2 battalions, artifacts and cp's "a lot"? The bonus they get from those battalions are also among the best out there. Tree revenants might not be the greatest unit, but they only cost 80 points and do fine as area denial/objective campers. Any other army would kill for those options. I'm not saying they need to nerf everything about Sylvaneth, but don't pretend that their strengths aren't incredibly strong. There is a reason they are still kicking ass on all levels of play.
  3. Sedraxis

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    Let's play the new stuff and lists first before we all decide what sucks and all. Most reviews and podcasts I've seen/heard have varying opinions and seem to misread and misunderstand a lot of rules, and not all of them are necessarily good at the game either
  4. Sedraxis

    The Big Community Survey 2019

    Again, that's not my intent. Events are great, competitive games can be great fun. I play matched play games every week. I'm saying there are negative side effects to a competitive view on this game that isn't inherently designed for it and it is a shame that people try to force that view on others. Read my entire posts if you care to know what I mean.
  5. It's funny because all those thing are also part of Sylvaneth
  6. Sedraxis

    AoS 2 - Grand Host of Nagash Discussion

    It seems to me not a lot of people actually read the battletome rules and just assumed how things work. It reads: Legions of Nagash When you are choosing your army, you may decide it is taken from one of the Legions of Nagash. If you do, choose one of the following faction keywords. All units and warscroll battalions in your army selected from this battletome gain that keyword. • Grand Host of Nagash • Legion of Sacrament • Legion of Blood • Legion of Night This means that battalions like Deathmarch and Lords of Sacrement can be played in any of those 4 allegiances as long as you meet their restrictions. Next up, the allegiance restrictions. Each Host or Legion has a restriction right at the top: "A GRAND HOST OF NAGASH army may include any of the units in this battletome. If Nagash is included, he must be the army’s general." "A LEGION OF SACREMENT army may include any of the units in this battletome, apart from Nagash. If it includes any MORTARCHS, then it must include Arkhan the Black and he must be the army's general." This is the same for the other 2 Legions, Blood with Neferata and Night with Mannfred. So no Nagash outside of his own Grand Host and no command traits if you take a Mortarch in a Legion, since they have to be the General. Grand Host with Arkhan without Nagash will allow you to pick a general, just as any Legion without Mortarchs will. Are you still with me? Good! Next up is spells. The allegiance abilities read: "All WIZARDS in a GRAND HOST OF NAGASH/LEGION OF SACREMENT/BLOOD/NIGHT army know an additional spell from one of the Lores of the Dead". The Lores of the Dead state: "WIZARDS that know an additional spell (or spells) from one of the Lores of the Dead, as described in their army's allegiance abilities, generate their spells from the following tables". So no double dipping! Each wizard in a Grand Host or one of the Legions army's gets 1, except Nagash who gets 3.
  7. Sedraxis

    The Big Community Survey 2019

    Hate is the wrong word to describe it, but the amount of negative emotions and side effects the competitive side this game brings into life is saddening. It is a hobby, a game and whatever else we make it. So why do so many people make it a miserable experience for themselves and others? Competitiveness in itself isn't negative, the problem is that many people lack the ability to deal with it without it. The sheer amount of topics and discussions on balance and fairness show this and the fact that people don't play armies and models they love because they aren't viable sucks
  8. Sedraxis

    The Big Community Survey 2019

    This is very narrow since you don't know how many people play narrative or open play, nor do you understand it's potential. I hope GW keeps pushing open and narrative play mainly because it promotes a less stress- and hateful playstyle and it promotes creativity and freedom instead of forcing you in a corner. Matched play and competition are great too and I wouldn't want to miss it, but sometimes they sure bring out the worst in people (not aimed at you in any way Dead Scribe, just in general).
  9. Sedraxis

    Armies without Summons?

    Those stats have nothing to do with summoning, just overall army performance. It means literally nothing.
  10. Sedraxis

    Armies without Summons?

    Also, a common misconception is that summoning is this OP extra bonus armies get over others. All it is is a way to get extra value out of your pieces/army, just like rerolls, +stat bonuses, teleports, scenery and other bonuses. They are all calculated in the cost of units, just like all other abilities. It just appears more powerful because it directly adds points, its very visual and sometimes can have a big impact at once. There are 2 examples I would change because they feel a little off in their design: Branchwraith (summoning 100 pts of dryads every turn with a 80 point wizard) and Grimghast Reapers (or Nighthaunt in general) making use of gravesites that are designed around weak/expensive troops like skeletons & zombies.
  11. Sedraxis

    Armies without Summons?

    Sounds like you shouldn't listen to your store manager too much and play what you like. Most models and armies in AoS have wat it takes to compete with everything, albeit at a slight disadvantage. How well you play the missions and how your dice work out will determine the result of the game, using good units can make it easier but there are very few units that are straight up better then others. Nothing to worry about, especially for new players. Definitely play Snake ladies!
  12. That's another thing that I think might get changed. Sylvaneth battalions have not only a very low cost, they also allow you to add in "any number of other Sylvaneth units" after you fulfilled one very small requirement. It's a huge advantage available to very few factions, mainly those with older rules. I'm all for more battalion options, but then at least bring this create-your-own-battalion style build to all armies and get rid of the guaranteed first turn mechanic.
  13. I think the playstyle will remain, just with more restrictions. Right now it's a mess of old rules mixed with a few erratas. Restricting the placement of woods to 3" away from any other terrain & models and giving the army the wholly withing treatment will solve most issues without changing their style.
  14. Sedraxis

    The Rumour Thread

    Grand Alliance battletomes might also be a thing, which would be pretty cool.
  15. Sedraxis

    Restrictions for a small Tournament

    Limiting specific units is a bit tough because where will you draw the line? Maybe a cap to models for units equal to their max unit size and 2 - 3 models for those with no max size? No named characters is something I can get behind because they are responsible for some extreme abilities. Another thing I'd like to try is no deep strikes in the first round (unless an ability states it specifically needs to be used in the first round). This did miracles for 40k when the meta revolved around it and I think it will make for some interesting tactical choices.