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  1. Honestly, you should be able to play comfortably with Morathi + 10/15 Blood Stalkers (maybe even dominate) against the faction in your group. Hedonites are pretty fragile, you can easily shoot them to bits. StD and Khorne are very close combat oriented. With proper screening and positioning you can shoot them off. If your opponent brings Archaon, just use Morathi to tarpit him. Some of the new SCE units are not yet out so I am not too sure how we fare against them.
  2. Really depends on the meta. The new Kruleboyz and SCE battletomes have toolkits at their disposable to hard counter shooting armies Kruleboyz 12" visibility - LRL still can shoot them D3 units cannot be seen when in cover, this is a hard counter Forcing enemy units into reserves - remove screens to hit shooting units Counter shooting - they also have pretty decent MW shooting output SCE Dragon riders have hero phase move + charge to close gap and bypass unleash hell New decent shooting units to thin down fragile enemy shooting units IMO, GW will not nerf this combo but probably give other factions the toolkit to deal with shooting meta.
  3. How did this list perform? I'm interested in starting a Squig army and thinking of a non-horde - monster/elite fast moving army that is still somewhat able to put up a decent fight. This list looks pretty solid with well thought out strategy!
  4. Had a couple of games using DoK with different Temples against the following armies - SoB, Soulblight, LRL, Slannesh, Skaven & STD. Playing a few more games in the coming weekends against several other factions. Here are my findings; Smaller board makes it really easy for us to dive into close combat on T1 Smaller board gives Blood Stalkers have amazing threat projection Smaller board makes our wholly within abilities easier to proc New Unleash Hell can really hurt our bikini warriors, make sure to use Morathi or chaff to charge first New All Out Attack further amplifies our damage potential for insane damage output New All Out Defense is helpful but isn't as potent as armies with natural 3+ saves New limit on net +1 save modifier makes Melusai more durable than Witches The Shadow Queen is a Monster, combo her to Titanic Dual + Finest Hour other Monsters to death You can cast Metamorphosis to transform your Heros into a Monster If The Shadow Queen is weaken, use the Ghur Feral Roar to make her top tier again Try to get the Inspired Triumph (+1 wound roll), you can combo All Out Attack + Inspired for a super reliable hard hitting hammer Try to position your priests near Mystic (+1 prayer roll) terrain effect Morathi-Khaine is also a General, in case your actual General dies you still get the 1 CP every turn Pray hard Morathi-Khaine don't roll double 1s snake eyes on her first spell Morathi-Khaine's Worship Through Bloodshed ability happens during the Hero Phase, opponent cannot use All Out Defense and neither can you use All Out Attack Heart of Fury is pretty sweet - if your opponent faction has no Priests, they have absolutely no way of countering it! Once summoned, it only goes away on roll of 6s (probably pending FAQ) Pillars of Belief is probably the easiest Grand Strategy if you are bringing a Cauldron - since it usually is the last to enter any fights All our Heros count as 2 models - Shadow Queen is a Monster and count as 5 when contesting objectives Zainthar Kai extra Artefect allows you to forgo the Warlord or Command Entourage battalion Khelt Nar fall back can no longer run - cannot synergize with Melusai Ironscale 2D6 run anymore So far, my favorite combo is using The Shadow Queen and 10 Blood Sisters for an alpha strike. Give the Blood Sisters Mindrazor, Catechism of Murder, 2D6 run + charge, activate all out attack and inspired. Charge in with The Shadow Queen first and then the Blood Sister for 41 attacks 2+ (exploding 6s)/2+/-2/2 dmg.
  5. Great idea, they are cheaper than warlocks as well with better saves!
  6. You don't need to use a Prayer slot to summon the Heart of Fury. It is explicitly written in our battletome FAQ designer's note that the Invocation of Khaine is not a Prayer. They might override it in AOS 3 battletome FAQ though.
  7. I don't know if this is legal but technically the blade coven has the <Melusai> keyword and is considered a Melusai unit?
  8. Played tested the AOS 3 rules and discovered an unexpected "dark horse" for DoK The Doomfire Warlocks actually make great blockers with the new coherency rule... from end to end, they can form a 15" blockade 🙈 How is this possible? Doomfire Warlocks come in minimum unit size of 5. This means they only need to be within 1" of one (1) model in the unit to remain coherent and can be arranged in a single file. By positioning their 60mm oval bases at the widest point, you can form a rather long blockage. Comparison Table Additional Factors to consider They have 5+ natural save, this is important in AOS 3.0 when you can only net +1 to save roll after factoring in rend They are Wizards, able to cast Mystic Shield, Arcane Bolt or D6 MW with a +1 to casting roll at full strength... and can unbind They enjoy our allegiance 6+ ward save... cough Hag Narr 5+ ward save if near general
  9. I actually like the concept of coherency but instead of forcing unit coherency, GW can incentivize unit coherency like LRL Shining Company. At least it emulates the concept of formation fighting. If you stay in formation and get charged, you enjoy +1 save. If you charge in formation, you get +1 damage.
  10. This new table size (44x60) has been confirmed during the Dominion Unboxing video with the new AOS 3.0 rule book. I don't play 40k but several of my gaming group members who also play 40k on the new size since the new edition gave some general feedback about the smaller board size. Overall pointage increase across ALL units - this is to counteract the effect of a smaller board to prevent overcrowding More close combat oriented as units get into glorious melee more quickly - traditional long range shooting armies becomes unplayable Huge base sizes have a harder time positioning - terrain and meatshields can easily crowd out hot combat zones Less opportunity to outflank/deepstrike - smaller board makes it easier for players to protect their rear and flanks For those playing both gaming systems, what are your experience with 40k on the smaller board that you think will probably be emulated in AOS?
  11. 1. Expensive to Collect Before the new Battletome, the only competitive way to play them is to field hordes of Witch Aelves which are really pricey. They don't have a decent Start Collecting and even if you got the Batttleforce, you still need to supplement with boxes of troops which are expensive. The situation has improved recently with Melusai being viable and I do see more players starting DoK locally. 2. Difficult to Paint Their models have a rather varied distribution of fabric, metal, skin and hair. You can't just spam contrast on them like Nighthaunts or rely on 2 colour scheme like Storrmcast Eternals. I have seen many aspiring DoK players who spent a fortune buying a complete army only to completely sell it off upon realizing how difficult they are to paint. 3. Meta Reputation They are one of the rare armies to remain at S Tier for a long time and it's hard to make friends when you murder them into oblivion. You see them in tournaments but in more casual setting people tend to play more palatable armies. 4. Diva Powerhouse DoK is lead by a shrewd power hungry demi-goddess (now full goddess) supported by tons of murder queens navigating a man's world. This concept does not resonate well with the predominately straight alpha male Warhammer player base (cough... 40K Emperor and all-male Primarch cast). It does have it niche audience of power gamers, pro painters, girls, LGBTQ and kinks though. 😆
  12. Played a small local tournament for a 1000pts Vanguard using the new temple Khelt Nar as I wanted to test how Morathi perform with retreat and charge. I placed first with 3 wins. You may see the final scoring and all the players list here https://tabletop.to/gallant-games-aos-28-feb-vanguard-pb HERO Morathi-Khaine (210) - Mindrazor The Shadow Queen (390) Bloodwrack Shrine (160) (General) - Gaisa's Falx, The Circling Flock, Steed of Shadow BATTLELINE 10 Witch Aelves (100) 5 Blood Stalkers (140) KEY TAKEAWAYS The Shadow Queen with retreat and charge makes her really shine. You can have Morathi-Khaine make her fight during the hero phase, retreat and charge another target. She can also disengage from really low value targets that attempts to lock her down and go hunt more valuable targets. It's a little wasted but The Shadow Queen will not be able to use her +2/+2/-3/D6 damage shooting ability after retreating The free Khinerai also makes a world of difference in competitive setting helping you secure objectives and score VP Mindrazor is hard to cast, but it synergizes well with KN considering you get +1 damage after you fall back and charge
  13. Khelt Nar Command Ability Unmodified hit rolls of 1 against the selected Khelt Nar unit will cause 1 MW to the attacking unit. This is the old temple nest battalion ability!!! 😍
  14. Took part in a local tournament with 12 players, 5 rounds over 2 days and came in 3rd place! My 2 losses are against the top 2 players (IDK and Khorne), both fantastic players with strong list. Below is a quick summary and my experience against various armies. Army List Morathi-Khaine (Mindrazor) Shadow Queen Hag Queen on Cauldron of Blood (General w Blessing of Khaine, Blood Sigil – Catechism of Murder) 30/10 Witches w Bucklers 10 Sisters of Slaughters w Daggers 10 Melusai Bloodstalkers 5 Khinerai Heartrenders 5 Doomfire Warlocks 1 Additional Command Point Total Conquest – WON vs Lumineth Realm lords Teclis, Scinari Cathallar, 20/10 Sentinels, 20/10 Wardens, 5 Dawnriders Keeping the Cauldron General behind out of full range from the Sentinels is critical as Hagg Narr 5+ soaked up plenty of Mortal Wounds. Sniping off Scinari is also important to lower their bravery when they use their Aether Quartz. Blood Stalkers were trading shots with the Sentinels and Shadow Queen was sent to hunt Teclis. As soon as Morathi-Khaine managed to unbind Teclis 5+ ignore wounds aura, I went on the offensive and their army start to crumble apart and running away due to low bravery which allowed me to secure objectives more easily. Shifting Objectives – LOST vs Khorne Archaon, Be’Lakor, Bloodthrister of Insensate Rage, 3 Slaughter Priests, Chaos Warshrine, 3x10 Bloodreavers 30 Hagg Nar witches with 5+ re-rollable FNP took on the full onslaught of Archaon and Bloodthrister BOTH attacking TWICE on T1. I managed to clear his Bloodreavers with Bloodstalkers and got Morathi-Khaine to tarpit Archaeon. Shadow Queen was shut down by Be’Lakor. The Bloodthrister went on to clear out my Bloodstalkers and Cauldron and I could not keep up with Khorne’s damage output. The 3 priests were spewing out D6 MWs and I was completely tabled by T4. Focal Point – WON vs Seraphon Lord Kroak, Saurus Astrolith Bearer, Skink Priest, 2 Bastiladon, 6 Salamanders, 4x10 Skinks 40 Hagg Nar witches was shot down on T1 with his Bastiladon and Salamanders! I managed to clear out his Salamanders and Bastiladon with Shadow Queen and Blood Stalkers over the next 2 turns. Eventually he was left with Lord Kroak and Skinks which my Blood Stalkers could methodically clear out for my Khinerai and Doomfires to secure objectives. Forcing the Hand – LOST vs Idoneth Deepkin Akhelian King, Isharann Soulscryver, 1x Leviadon, 2x Allopexes, 2x3 Ishlaen Guard, 3/3/6 Morrsarr Guard I took the first turn to play objectives with 30 Witches but his Allopexes prevent by Witches from further piling in to do more damage and I was relying on my 6s save MW to bypass his 2+ saves to deal sufficient damage. Poor positioning cost me the game as he managed to deepstrike his 6 Morrsarr and tag my General Cauldron. He got the double turn and killed my General on T2 followed by my Blood Stalkers. With lower mobility and no more 5+ FNP/Witchbrew and Prayers, my army started to crumble. I was unable to cap objectives and was tabled by T4. The Blades Edge – WON vs Ossiarch Bonereapers Katakros, Mortisan Soulmason, 2x Mortek Crawler, 3x10 Mortek Guard, 2 Morghast Harbingers, 6 Necropolis Stalkers I rolled Ulgu to hide most of my armies behind/within terrains and gave him the 1st turn. With limited shooting targets, he moved his army forward and I got 30 Witches with 5+ FNP to tie up the 6 Stalkers and 10 Mortek Guards, it was a slow grind fest on objectives. Shadow Queen was again shut down by massive debuffs. My break came with a double turn on 2B/3A which allowed me to charge the Shadow Queen into Katakros and both Crawlers, effectively shutting them down. The Bloodstalkers were also clearing out Motrek Guards and by end T4 he conceded. Summary 10 Bloodstalkers with the potential to fire twice is an excellent hammer compliment to the largely combat-oriented army Hagg Nar is still the most competitive temple, without the 5+ FNP there is absolutely no way to survive any super tuned list Blob of 30 Witches is increasingly getting outclassed in the current meta and constantly vying for buffs with Shadow Queen which arguably might be a better anvil/hammer herself, but they still make for a good anvil to tarpit multiple units and crowd out objectives with Blessing of Khaine activated If you are going to put the Shadow Queen into combat and 100% sure she will be taking 3 damage, use Morathi-Khaine as a secondary tarpit to lock up enemy hammer units The Shadow Queen requires Witchbrew and Catechism or Murder to becomes a reliable hammer, a secondary Hag Queen will be useful for this Doomfires Warlocks have no place in competitively play
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