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  1. Interesting survey. I have a theory that faction sales revenue is inversely proportionate to their power level in the game. Or will eventually be after 6 months. <looks over at all the now worthless Knight Castellan in 40k> But I wonder with DoK having such a low pick-up rate even after a year since release, will they still be re-adjusted in the upcoming GHB 2019? 🤔
  2. To each his own I guess? Even the recent Warhammer Community article on 'Battle Ready' is sending a message of community acceptance rather than explicitly guidelines, which is a great move!
  3. Can anyone share their tournament experiences on how strict TO are usually with Wysiwyg ruling. Or is it really up to how gracious your opponents are. Of course unit proxy with different bases or blatantly wrong model is a straight no no but how about the following? 1) Units with varying weapons configuration. I don't expect people to exactly model the weapons played because of looks and flexibility of use. Personally I am fine if opponents clarify at start of game what weapons they are carrying. 2) Treatment of standard bearers and musicians. I understand some are very fragile and people may or may not build them for convenience and flexibility of use. I have also seen several major event finals live on twitch with squads blatantly w/o banner and still get to enjoy the banner ability. 3) Conversions, kit bash or models with mixed parts of different units. Many kits allow for dual design, people often get creative and mix them up abit. 4) In faction similar units proxies. Like Morrsarr VS Ishlaen Guards or Khinerai Heartrenders VS Heaetseekers. TBH, they just look the same on tabletop.
  4. 1) and 1b), you can attack 3 times in your combat phase. This probably isn't FAQ because this temple is the weakest and so rarely used that it has not been disputed competitively. 2) Yes. It automatically deals 1 more hit that translate to D6 MW. 3) Yes. It is in the same phase.
  5. KhaineTec presents Will it blend? - Hearthguard Berzerkers Yes, DoK famous blender is able to blend them. But with great difficulty and losses.
  6. You might want to hold off until the GHB 2019 comes out next month. The Hag Queen and Witches are very likely going to get a considerable points hike.
  7. Because you are not playing Hag Narr that grants you 5+ ignore wounds and mortal wounds.
  8. Ariana Grande is correct afterall, God is a Woman.
  9. @DJMoose Do you have Morathi? I will highly recommend you to bring her. She used to be not worth her point cost but with the current meta of FEC Gristlegore AGKoTG Strike First Twice dominating the competitive scene, she is an amazing counter.
  10. The Infernal Enraptress and Fiends say hi 😘 Anyway, the battletome is so new, we should wait and see how they perform.
  11. Ah just wait a little. The new Slannesh might absolutely decimate your 30 Grimghast. Not only can they make you strike last, they have an 18" wholly within spell that allows them to roll a dice for EVERY MODEL in the unit and on a 6, it does D3 Mortal Wounds. You are looking at 5xD3 Mortal Wounds. Absolutely brutal against hordes.
  12. Hurray, I guess I can now team up Morathi, Alarielle, Olynder and Neferata. lol
  13. Seems like there is a new mercenary system in the latest announcements.
  14. Serve you all right for mistreating Morathi in the Age of Sigmar!!! Malerion not giving her property Sigmar rejecting her advances Nagash striking her down Boys, lay down your pride. Wipe the salty tears from your eyes. Morathi will take you back. Jokes aside, I play DoK and yes I admit Hag Narr is very overpowered at the moment. They are so strong I don't even bother charging them anymore. Anything that charges them dies instead from the shields MW and retaliation. Brings a whole new meaning to the term passive aggressive. lol But I ain't sorry about it in competitive settings. I mean your opponents are also going to bring equal amount of unfriendly cheese, so bring it on! If I really wanted to have a good time in a casual setting, I usually play an unorthodox DoK build for fun and laughter.
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