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  1. Next month is a good time to buy GWS stocks, it is crashing because of the virus...
  2. Someone asked something similar on AOS Reddit a couple of months ago, so just pasting here. Witch Aelves - Assembly Leave the head (w hair) separated from body Leave the standard bearer army with pole separated body Witch Aelves - Painting Follow this official guide -> https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/09/29/witch-aelves-made-easygw-homepage-post-3/ Take care to only spray only a thin coat of primer on the face to preserve the details Paint 1 color at a time across each batch (i.e Paint the skins for all 10 before moving on to the cloth) Paint in batches of 10 to preserve your sanity (recommend you to alternate with Melusais and Khinerais) You can consider air brushing the hair to speed up the painting (but it does't look nice IMO) Melusai Assembly Leave the hair and any obstructing arm (including weapon) separated from body Do not glue on the body to the base (so you easily paint some parts of the underbelly) Do not glue on the trinkets, quivers and ammo (it is easier to paint them separately) Melusai Painting Same painting strategy as Witch Aelves, except this time also spray a thin coat on the scales Painting Faces Unless you have the heart, time and determination to paint 70 eyes consistently, consider glowing eyes Watch make-up tutorials (no joking it works!) Final Words DoK is arguably one of the hardest army to paint because of the sheer quantity of models and design. It is quite difficult to speed up painting DoK with mass contrast or airbrush. Your greatest challenge is having the determination to grind though all 70 Witch Aelves / Sisters of Slaughter. Last but not least, find something to motivate you to paint. :)
  3. If you guys are interested in a Snake Heavy List, this is a semi-competitive list I have some success with. Takes some finesse to play but extremely rewarding and fun when played correctly. Reasonably low drop to give/take the 1st turn depending on your opponent's list. Allegiance: Daughters of Khaine | Temple: Khailebron LEADERS Bloodwrack Medusa (140) General - Command Trait : Mistress of Illusion Artefact : Crystal Heart Lore of Shadows : Mirror Dance Morathi High Oracle of Khaine (480) Lore of Shadows : Mindrazor Hag Queen (90) Artefact : Blood Sigil - Sacrament of Blood Prayer : Catechism of Murder UNITS 5 x Blood Sisters (140) 10 x Blood Sisters (280) 10 x Blood Sisters (280) 5 x Blood Stalkers (120) 5 x Blood Stalkers (120) 5 x Khinerai Heartrenders (90) 5 x Khinerai Heartrenders (90) BATTALIONS - Temple Nest (130) ENDLESS SPELLS - Soulsnare Shackles (40) TOTAL: 2000/2000, EXTRA COMMAND POINTS: 1 WOUNDS: 97 TOTAL DROPS: 5
  4. IMO GWS channel sales is quite immature. Their Warhammer stores directly compete with FLGS (3rd party retailers), which is a complete disaster from a partner relationship perspective. The proper way to do channel sales is to always redirect sales to the local re-seller so they make the margin. Warhammer stores should purely be for marketing and branding purpose. In a country as large as Australia, relying on channel partners is probably one of the best way to distribute and sell products. With the convenience of e-commerce and if you have a contact in Asia, you can always parallel import products. Not only is it much cheaper (even with shipping), you can buy products that are sold out in your region. Inter-country trade relationship also affect pricing. For example, it is somehow cheaper to import some products from Asia via Singapore to Australia than directly to Australia... The final resort which I think is pretty disrespectful to the game designers and which I do no advocate is to recast in China.
  5. If you want to be ultra competitive, field Morathi in Meeting Engagement, she is near impossible to be killed. Due to how your forces are deployed in turns, Khailebron and Draichi Ganeth are actually better temples in ME format. Spearhead 2 x 5 Khinerai Lifetakers/Heartrenders Mainbody Morathi Hag Quen (General) 10 Witch Aelves w Dual Knives Rearguard 10 Witch Aelves w Dual Knives Also remember to bankai Morathi and have her go Terrorgheist hunting. Despite the Always Strike First nerf, they still can output a obscene amount of mortal wound and fight twice in combat with Feeding Frenzy. Seeing 20+ Mortal Wounds being reduce to 3 wounds on Morathi is pretty much a downer for any FEC player.
  6. Aye... she is written to be the Disney Princess archetype of AoS! 😂 - Has magical powers - Rides a pet beetle sidekick - Communes with forest creatures - Suffers from some strange complex psychological issue - Makes silly mistakes and throws tantrums - Problems get resolve when a big strong man (aka Sigmar) shows up
  7. Well, they can always collect and play 40k. It seems highly unlikely GW will remove the double turn mechanism in AOS since they have already made 40k fixed alternating activation for the WAAC control freaks. 😉 One of the more common toxic habit I have heard seen in 40k fixed activation is opponents telling me to conceded because I will lose in 2 turns based on his predictions based on fixed activation. At least in AOS, we never know until we roll off for initiative. lol
  8. Too early to say. At 120pts it is now possible to field 2x20 and have Morathi make them shoot twice in a 2k list!
  9. I guess when the stockpile for Slannesh Keeper of Secrets and OB dwindles, they will also drop down to Tier 1/2. 🤣
  10. Assuming if you are referring to Bloodwrack Shrine and not Cauldron of Blood, running twin Shrines is just around 400+ pts. Honestly, putting a Medusae on a Shrine is a very cost efficient upgrade for increased survivability and a sprinkle of mortal wounds. But I feel they don't really hit hard and fulfils more of a supporting role. Think of it as an insurance against assassinations and tactical distraction. I have seen opponents committing 500+pts just to hunt down a Shrine... Running 2 Shrines don't really do anything. Having a Shrine and Cauldron of Blood is good but Morathi is just better in the current meta.
  11. This, they do not hit very hard and their main role is to tie up hammer units in combat. Remember AOS is an objective game, retreating to just outside of 3" to break out of combat, conserve your model count and capture objectives is the more appropriate move.
  12. Instead of trying to risk manage and analyse double turn mechanism to death, why not just let it go and learn to enjoy the thrill of winning/losing the double turn? Like this once my Morathi survived double turn of Nagash Hand of Dust, my opponent literally howled in rage Truly unforgettable
  13. Players need space, amenities, terrain and storage. These cost money to upkeep and maintain. Just curious, how do you finance an independent local gaming group? Do you do annual fundraisers?
  14. I am waiting for some mad dude to field 1980 DoK. Khailebron Temple 1 Hag Queen (General) 3x10 Witch Aelves 17x5 Khinerai Heartrenders Not even sure this is allowed. 🤣
  15. Blood Stalkers Mortal Wounds procs on a 6+, not unmodified 6s. Any decent player will position their support hero within 3" of a friendly unit to benefit from Look Out Sir. This means you are hitting on 4+ and can never score a mortal wound on a 7+, except for the Krone who has a +1 to hit.
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