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  1. Blood Stalkers Mortal Wounds procs on a 6+, not unmodified 6s. Any decent player will position their support hero within 3" of a friendly unit to benefit from Look Out Sir. This means you are hitting on 4+ and can never score a mortal wound on a 7+, except for the Krone who has a +1 to hit.
  2. Recently painted up my WOW Blood Elves themed Melusai Blood Stalkers!
  3. Not too sure how many drops an OB meta will have but a typical DoK meta army with Morathi will only have 4 drops. This means DoK players may still be able to seize the initiative and bankai Morathi to make her 12 wounds.
  4. This is something interesting for the Warhammer community. 😁 Back during my university days, someone started this concept and it was a massive hit among the students. It eventually even branched out to other universities and communities like LGBTQ. Some of the entries were just insanely hilarious, some were 'interesting' while there are some which were just heart wrenching. Have you ever had a secret you are too afraid or ashamed to share without get judged? You can now let it go anonymously and read what some other Warhammer players have been always too afraid to say aloud (and yes... we have already gotten quite a few strange confessions 😅). You may submit your entries anonymously here. Confessions will be posted on the Warhammer Facebook Page, but of course we will review them to screen out trolls before posting. "Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth." - Oscar Wilde
  5. The Withering is overshadowed by Witch Brew. Comparing a 100+ point Medusa or Doomfire Warlock that have to cast a spell susceptible to unbind for +1 to wound versus a 90pts guaranteed ability that allows re-roll wounds. The latter is superior is every sense. Mirror Dance has its limitations as both heros cannot be within 6" of any units. This is a pretty rare placement considering how fragile most DoK heros are and are ideally bubble wrap by units to prevent assassinations. Shroud of Despair is also rather situational and have to be paired with Mindrazor and other bravery modifying spells. Which again can be unbinded and may not necessarily go off.
  6. Mindrazor is a situation spell for the longest time. Look at Nighthaunts, they ignore rend and have 10 Bravery. The spell is practically useless. 🤣 The only spell in the Lore of Shadows that is not dependent on your opponent is Steed of Shadows on a Bloodwrack Shrine.
  7. We still lack Faction Terrain and Endless Spell
  8. Looks like we might be getting some attention with the STD update. 😍
  9. How did you build the terrain, they look amazing. Thinking of doing one for armies on parade next year.
  10. They look good, are free to field and almost all newer factions have them. They also help alleviate terrain scarcity problem and encourages a BYOT (bring your own terrain) culture. What are your thoughts?
  11. Morathi with Mindrazor. Keep in mind you don't always need to kill something to win. You can use her to tarpit just about anything while the rest of your army go on a mad rampage.
  12. Blah, many guys are just intimidated by strong women. They just can't take it when their armies get defeated by a force of strong independent girls. 🤣
  13. Yes but the problem with WarCry terrain is that some players are starting to emulate the 40k ITC 1st level block LOS rule. 🤣
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