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  1. Honestly, I think 40K might be a better gaming system for you if you like certainty. They have more flat damage BUT damage cannot spill over to another model. I hate this because it makes the game-play unnecessarily complex. In theory it makes sense but execution on tabletop is completely cumbersome. In AOS you deal say 12 damage in total and 12 wounds worth of models in a unit gets slain. In 40K you deal say 4x3 damage in total, but only 4 models die because damage don't carry over.
  2. No, it is in the Malign Sorcery FAQ that Wizards' abilities that increases the damage and range of spells does not affect endless spell. Yeah, GW conveniently to pitch Gotrek vs Morathi in their showcase. Even if Morathi were to die, she would have wasted 2 turns of his. lol
  3. DoK is the Ferrari equivalent. They are gorgeous, high performance but expensive as hell. Building a competitive 2k list will require you at least 2 Battleforce, 4 Witch Aelves Boxes and Morathi.
  4. ME is amazing and I have listed many compelling reasons why in another ME thread before. In fact, ME is more balanced than Pitch Battle at 1000pts. Honestly, I am fully expecting GW to adapt some aspects of ME into the Pitch Battles rules for GHB20.
  5. Just host Meeting Engagement, it addresses a lot of cheese in Matched Play. OR Host 2v2s and force the experience players to pair up with a newbie.
  6. I play Daughters of Khaine. What is Inspiring Presence? My ladies are just high on vodka shots the entire game. 🤣 But seriously, you need IP to level the playing field against armies that have abilities which completely ignore Battleshock.
  7. Look at their stats side by side, pt for pt Blood Sister is a more optimal choice. SoS w Shields Blood Sister Quantity 2 1 Pts 170 165 Movement 5 7 Toughness 4 4 Wounds 16 20 Range 2 2 Attacks (Twice) 12 10 Strength 3 3 Damage 1 1 Crit 4 4 Usable DoK Abilities 2 3 Combat stats do not degrade in Warcry when you are wounded. Losing a 8W T4 model, which is not too difficult for your opponent, will effectively half your damage output.
  8. I've had several games using DoK and here is my take on them. Khinerai Heartrender Shryke - The only viable Khinerai considering she is T4, 20W and keeps a safe distance shooting people w/o any min distance. If you happen to play a treasure game, she is practically broken. You need at least 1 Khinerai to grab objectives so this is probably the best choice. Blood Sister Gorgai - Crazy good stats at excellent cost, reliable but the opportunity cost is the Khinerai leader. Melusai Blood Sisters - They are resilient enough to take some blows before knocking out 10W models. Tough, mobile and deadly. Flexible unit. Witch Aelves w Daggers - They are so cheap, just spam them and literally out activate your opponent! Blood Stalker Krone - Reasonable damage but her min. range is a big issue. Also having 30 wounds when you are just shooting feels counter-intuitive. Blood Stalkers - I think running 1 is fine to capture objectives and pepper enemies with shots. Occasionally you may roll 6s and feel like a god. Best to use with the Universal Double for +1 A to a total of 6 shots. SoS - Well they have 4dmg crit and 2", but so does a Melusai Blood Sister, which is cheaper to run. Having mixed feelings about them.
  9. Just a few things about Blood Stalkers They cannot deal MW if shooting from Morathi's Command Ability, this is in the FAQ There is a new Command Ability to re-roll 1s on shooting! They rock in Meeting Engagement due to the way how the format counts VP
  10. This is my warband I could very fortunately pluck from my DoK army. I did a bit of painting touch-up on the Khinerai since she is my leader.
  11. Gambling is even more unpredictable but there are addicts and casinos everywhere. I wonder why 🤣
  12. What I think about Double Turn?
  13. The music sounded more Chinese Mongolian than Arabic. lol
  14. On the contrary, I think GW struck gold with Meeting Engagement. It is immensely popular in my local gaming community and many players have even switched over from 2k Pitch Battle to ME. I actually think they might even change some rules for Pitch Battle next year to follow ME. Here are the reasons why; It is mentally less taxing because units come in in waves and you don't need to go through the cycle of completing all actions for the full 1000pts from T1. You can easily clock in 2-3 games and still feel energized. It takes up less space in any game store, two 6x4 tables can accommodate 8 players. Having more players gathering also helps to build the community. It is faster and players can enjoy rotating around fighting different factions and army compositions. It makes shooting viable again due to the smaller board size and how VP is calculated. If you kill off just 1 model from range and stay untouched, you will lead by VP alone at the end of each battle round! It aligns with the Start Collecting box sets as the army composition just requires 1 battleline. GW you sneaky ******... It is more balanced than Pitch Battle at 1000pts because you no longer have to deal with the full might of broken synergy from Turn 1. It addresses the horde spam issue as you can only field double unit size for the battleline in the main body and any units in rearguard. No more triple max unit size and your double units only have 2-3 turns of effectiveness depending on the battleplan. But of course there are still balance issues, which is inevitable for any gaming system and will take time to rectify. But compared with previous formats, ME is the most enjoyable till date.
  15. Honestly, I am slightly skeptical if the rules are designed after 40k Kill Team. I played Kill Team and it feels like a watered down version of 40k and unnecessarily complex with the flesh wound mechanism. It lacked the 'feel good' exhilarating thrill of leading a team of highly trained soldiers on a top secret mission impossible. All I got was a bunch of common troops running about trying to do something and dying to unlucky stray shots exemplified by the flesh wound rolls. 😅 Also, the way they simply reuse existing models, repackage it with new rules and tokens to sell at higher price is an blatant money grab. However, in War Cry they bothered to release new models, so I will probably hold back until my FLGS give a demo.
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