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  1. Honestly, I am slightly skeptical if the rules are designed after 40k Kill Team. I played Kill Team and it feels like a watered down version of 40k and unnecessarily complex with the flesh wound mechanism. It lacked the 'feel good' exhilarating thrill of leading a team of highly trained soldiers on a top secret mission impossible. All I got was a bunch of common troops running about trying to do something and dying to unlucky stray shots exemplified by the flesh wound rolls. 😅 Also, the way they simply reuse existing models, repackage it with new rules and tokens to sell at higher price is an blatant money grab. However, in War Cry they bothered to release new models, so I will probably hold back until my FLGS give a demo.
  2. Damage also needs to be more consistent on elite armies. Statistically speaking, horde will deal more consistent damage due to the number of dice rolls. And consistency is what makes armies competitively.
  3. Even if you put Morathi in the spearhead, depending on the battleplan you cannot always the spearhead containing her first.... Not too sure about summoning though.
  4. I played Morathi and did fight against Gristlegore And yes, both my opponents and I think it is more balanced because of the staggered deployment Fighting Morathi and Gristlegore in a standard 1000pts Pitch Battle is worst because you have to deal with them from T1. In meeting engagement, there is a chance for them to deploy end of T2 and only actively participate in battle on T3. By when, the other player might already be leading by VP.
  5. On the contrary, I played multiple games against various factions and I think it is actually more balanced than 1000pts Pitch Battle We also realized that it is also mentally less exhausting because units deployment are staggered and you don't need to control the full 1000pts every turn.
  6. Daughters of Khaine makes me feel like a strong independent woman even though I am a man 🤣 Morathi needed no Nagash or Sigmar, she forged her own empire and is probably on her way to godhood It is also reasonable to say Teclis, Tyrion and Malerion owed it to her for being able to reclaim aelven souls And they are at the top of the meta
  7. Correct. Use Morathi to hunt the General and charge the other Terrorgheist normally.
  8. I mean you could but we have Morathi for this. Can you imagine how gratifying it is to watch the FEC player foam with rage when you charge his Ghoul King on Terrorgheist with Morathi in her Shadow Queen form. The sheer frustration when the 20+ Mortal Wounds become 3 Wounds on Morathi and you also deny him the chance to press Feeding Frenzy. You can just chase his general around the board. She will also deny his Unholy Vitality.
  9. You are looking at a trade-off between 1 attack and 6" pile-in. If you play DoK long enough, the 3 attacks 1" reach on Witches with Shields is far more versatile and deadly as compared to 2 attacks 2" reach on SoS with Shields w 6" pile-in. The synergy from just 1 more attack per model is just too good. You are looking at re-roll exploding hits (Turn 3 Hag Narr and Catechism of Murder), re-roll wounds (Witch Brew) and -1 rend +1 dmg (Mindrazor). In most cases, Witches will completely decimate anything on a charge and be free to do whatever they want in the next turn.
  10. I do recall reading the the GHB 19 for meeting engagement in my FLGS, there is a new rule saying any units coming in from reserves (probably include summoning) have to be 9" away from any enemy model AND enemy table edge. This means the FEC player cannot summon behind you.
  11. The new Forbidden Power Lauchon the Soulseeker ferry man is better. It gives a free 12" movement at the cost of 1 Witch sacrifice. 12" (spell) + 6" (move) + 6" (run w CP) + avg. 7" (charge) = 31" threat range
  12. I put her in the spearhead. The intention is to throw spells at long range before transforming her in mid game. However, some battleplans only allow you to deploy the spearhead at the end of Turn 1 or Turn 2 so you can lose 1-2 Turns of spellcasting,
  13. Hey guys, based on some initial play testing with the new Meeting Engagement Rules and points. This is my first impression of how DoK performs in the 1000pts Meeting Engagement. Factors to consider Reduced board size Army forces splitting up Different deployment timings Varied deployment locations along different edges High emphasis on MSU (minimum squad size) Meta seems to revolve around Glass Cannons blowing each other up Temple Tiers & Reason Draichi Ganeth - Essentially the board size is reduced so you can easily get a charge in and almost always enjoy the +1. Hag Narr - Still good but since timing and location deployment of Spearhead/Main/Rearguard is mixed up depending on battleplan, your General might not always come out at the start of the first turn. You forces will also split up and cannot always enjoy the 5+ FNP 7" from the General. The re-rolls to hit on T3 is also great but because of the deployment, you are not able to field max witches with the typical synergy to last long enough for T3. Khailebron - Situational. Because board is reduced there are some limitation on being able to teleport (you have to be 9" away from enemy and enemy board edge). Will be useful against shooting but since board is so small, a lot of shooting units don't get much mileage before you can engage them in close combat. A possible way to play this is to make your Hag Queen the General and teleport her around to give Witch Brew. The Kraith - If you are lucky play this. Tier 1 Units Witch Aelves - No brainer. Despite the points hike to 120pts, they are still a beast. Hag Queen - Essential unit, 90pts is still a great bargain for Witch Brew and Catechism of Murder. Khinerai Lifetakers - This is a surprise. Due to their mobility, they become phenomenal. At 80pts, they can easily wipe out 60% of any MSU, battle shock will do the rest. Blood Sisters - 5 is enough to wipe out almost anything at MSU. Almost essential to handle any high save targets. Recommend to bring 5. Tier 2 Units Morathi - Expensive and because of the changing deployment timing and location, she can become a big hit or miss. If she comes in at the end of Turn 1 or Turn 2, she runs the risk of suffering wounds in her humanoid state which is not optimal. But she is very difficult to deal with in a 1000 pts game. Medusae on foot (with Shadow Stone) - Mindrazor. With emphasis on MSU, she is also less prone to dying immediately in combat. Sisters of Slaughter - Great but Witch Aelves are still better especially w Draichi Ganeth Hag Queen on Cauldron of Blood - No pts hike (hurray!) and you can bypass the Draichi Ganeth tax on Slaughter Queen artefact. You likely need to give it Themalrider Cloak for +4" movement and fly, otherwise it has movement issues. Tier 3 Units Bloodwrack Shrine - This is viable with the right setup. Cast Steed of Shadows and you have a flying 16" shrine that deals reasonable high amount of MW. The Aura of Agony works well with the prevalence of MSU. Slaughter Queen on Cauldron of Blood - This is viable if played as a rape train. Don't expect it to be a buffer but a killer. But if you are playing Draichi Ganeth, you are forced to take a sub-par artefact. The Orgy of Slaughter is kind of useless in meeting engagement because most MSU just die off as soon as they get into combat with us. Khinerai Heartrenders - They got a 10pts hike. But given the reduction in board size, I find it really difficult to outmaneuver enemies w/o engaging in combat. Blood Stalkers - Still mediocre but with the price discount to 140pts and MSU running around, they can actually make an impact on the game. Don't just leave them shooting, send them into close combat if the opportunity arises. Doomfire Warlocks - They are still not worth 160pts. Doomfire is unreliable and degrades to D3 quickly. Their melee and shooting are both mediocre. Tier 4 Units Slaughter Queen on Foot - She moves slowly, is fragile and hits moderately. Command ability is not useful. Avatar on Foot - Really just an iconic figure head.
  14. There is a ray of hope, Purple Sun of Shyish got a 50% discount
  15. Unfortunately not but you can read about the general DoK strategies on the 1d4chan.org Wiki which are pretty accurate (and hilarious). From there, you have to make out what tactic is most optimal against each faction's "cheese". Take for example Morathi's Iron Heart of Khaine that allows her to only take up to a maximum of 3 wounds per turn is particularly effective against the hallmark Flesh Eater Courts (FEC) Gristlegore Always Strike First Twice Abhorrent Ghoul King on Royal Terrorgheist which can output 20+ Mortal Wounds before anyone gets the chance to retaliate.
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