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  1. The issue with that list is it’s slow as hell. The catapults will do nothing in as many or more games then they win by themselves, and the rest of the army can be bogged down in its own deployment zone by anything with a modicum of speed and survival ability
  2. You could be right. The other chaos armies are not built the way tzeentch is and I don’t believe any of them can teleport or deliver the amount of magic and shooting tzeentch can behind it. Again I’m totally on board with all of your thoughts, I just disagree and we can see how the next few months play out. My preferred fix would have been removing flamers from changehost.
  3. I’ve gone 5 and 0. Can I build an army to counter this ? Yes. Can I just run deepkin? Yes. But to build a list focused on dealing with this hamstrings you against others. And if you don’t build a list to counter this you lose without getting to play your army at all. I’m sorry I disagree with you and still think a one drop army that can take the best units in the book and auto charge turn one is a problem. But I do. I’m not mad at you for disagreeing with me and the stats will bear out which of us is right over the next few months.
  4. Alright you guys win it’s fine it’s totally reigned in. See you at the next GT.
  5. Ok lock up the important part of your army, play the semantics game. It’s great because we will have data to see whose right over the next few months
  6. If you think the problem with changehost was two teleports and not the fact that’s it’s a one drop battalion with every unit you want to take an option Then sure it was a nerf. I’m still gonna have 20 pinks charging my whole army and locking it up top of 1 every single game
  7. If I’m going to buy another army to play against them I’ll just buy changehost and hope to win the roll off
  8. And not nerfed. Long live three to four months of tzeentch dominance depending on next ghb.
  9. What do you plan to do against a one drop army that can either shoot your hero’s out or drop a massive brick you can’t get through in your deployment zone with an auto charge turn 1? beyond just the fact it’s a nightmare to deal with it sucks to play against. I’d rather fight an army of 2 up armor bonereapers all day every day. At least my army gets to move and do stuff. I don’t have every decision taken from me immediately.
  10. I agree it has some interesting elements. I would love to see more interactivity with reporting stuff directly the company beyond the yearly survey. I am also pretty sure the age of Sigmar stat show which the honest war gamer puts out makes its way into their vision. And I think those guys do a really good job for what is essentially a fan project
  11. Infinity is a different game. If you want to play infinity play Infinity, no one is stopping you. I don’t really like infinity (mostly because no one near me plays, same reason I don’t like 9th age or Kings of war) so I’d rather stick with the game system that in my area is not only strong but growing daily. We have so many new AoS peeps it’s awesome. Could stuff be better from jump yes, but if that means sacrificing the break neck pace of new stuff and content constantly being released for the game I’d rather have to deal with a slaanesh army popping up every six months or so. You know where slaanesh was never an issue? My LGS. If someone wanted to play the cheesy version they would ask if anyone wanted a hard game, otherwise they would play something fun with seekers and fiends and not the same copypasta six hero list. If you have a cancerous player who only is willing to play cut throat lists excise him from the community. If you go to a GT guess what your gonna see some stuff. Don’t bring your all infantry deepkin list and be disappointed you went 0 and 5. Bring your all infantry deepkin list and let every opponent know your there to drink and have fun.
  12. To be fair the tzeentch complaints came from everyone including the people winning with tzeentch. Usually not a good sign. And the OBR thing is why I support the six month update system. Cavalry were incredibly broken so they got fixed in the two week update, as changehost should be, now we get to see a few months of data on how they are performing and make additional tweaks as needed. OBRs biggest complaint should not be their power level for petrifex, it should be how boring petrifex is to play and play against. Either you get a mission with one or two objectives which they can most likely win or they get a mission with 6 to 8 they have little to no chance of winning.
  13. And then there are those saddest of us who have 8 armies. Ranging from new player Intro to let’s Cut each other’s throats out for fun
  14. I like how the narrative is switching to “but but but at Cancon he had access to buffed life swarm” and willfully ignoring the GT qualifier at warhammer world where they went 1 2 3 easily. Also with no life swarm.
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