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  1. Well if the opponents are a relatively equal skill there is still a lot to learned from these scenarios. There are ways to mitigate their losses and effectively counter. Seeing this in batreps would be very interesting. for me anyway. But to each their own!
  2. This is the correct interpretation.
  3. That guideline is the minimum , certainly not the maximum. If I show my opponent those guideline he would say ‘yes look 6 is the bare minimum and it even says more is better’ If I was negotiating with my opponent I wouldn’t point that it because it supports having more terrain not less. I really like this army but it starts the game out on a bad foot. I totally agree there are a lot of potential Negative play experiences in other armies like non-interactive Gristlegore, Skaven Warp Lightning vortex, unkillable Hagnar DoK, etc. but for some reason our Woods mechanic really is hated by other players despite the lack of overall power of the army. I was just hoping they would smooth this out but a las it will be up to us.
  4. This is why people hate Sylvaneth players. If I have to insist that our table can only have 6 pieces of terrain then something is wrong. This is certainly not in the spirit of the game to insist on something like this.
  5. Ah missed that its 3 to 6. That's interesting.
  6. From my understanding they will have a definite footprint as all three pieces need to touch each other forming a circle of sorts.
  7. Where is this rule about 1 piece of terrain her 2'x2' area? Is there such a rule? I am missing it.
  8. My question is how if this army going to function with 1 Awakened Wood on the table? Because that's going to happen frequently if Sylvaneth cannot out drop its opponent. Zoning out places for Woods will shut much of the army down. Even though it is very flavorful and unique I wish they had completely minimized the interaction with Woods.
  9. Thank you sir. DoK still holding strong despite the rise of FEC and Skaven.
  10. Just wondering if the results of the SCGT were posted any where.
  11. No this is not the conclusion to draw. The Question references a single unit. Let’s make that clear. Then it asks if that unit has an ability that allows it to fight after it has fought the first time, does it matter if it fought for the first time at the start, during, or at the end of the combat phase. The answer to this is no it does not matter. Then in the Answer they elaborate. Again this references only a single unit. If this unit has multiple abilities that let it fight again after it has fought the first time do you get to fight another time for each ability. So if a. Bloodthirster has two abilities had allowed it to fight again after the first time does it get to fight a second and a third time. And the answer is no, the BT only gets to fight twice. This Question and Answer does not have any application to the interaction between Tyrants of Blood and the CA Leave None Alive. The Tyrants ability lets BTs in the battalion fight for the first time after the first BT in the battalion has fought. The Command Ability from Reapers of Vengeance gives the ability to fight for a second time after the first time a Daemon unit has fought. The Q and A references a situation that does come up with this interaction. Also these example clearly reference fighting in that specific turn’s combat phase not all prior combat phases.
  12. I don't think there is much to FAQ honestly. Unless they expressly do not intend Reapers to work with Tyrants I don't think this needs any FAQ. Rules as written it works. It's not really broken either. It is so CP heavy to use you may get one turn with multiple BTs able to fight twice but after that you'll be out of CPs. Aside from Skarbrand and the Exalted BT unbuffed BTs aren't even that Killy for their points. Many close combat armies get very explosive combat phases such Gristlegore FEC/DoK/Hightide Idoneth. Agree think they intended Wrathmongers to effect all attacks. Back to the shelf go the Skullcannons if it is errated. Crimson crown is likely only CAs actually on Warscrolls so no Slaughterhost CAs which is still really good.
  13. Really this particular question of what triggers the cannons to fire in the combat phase needs no FAQ.
  14. I agree with you on all points. Khorne is a combined arms army now which I fine. There's still units that can blenderize up close. They just co exist with units that can support them mostly from mid-range. would love to see what kind if lists you've put together.
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