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  1. @Thiagoma, I think your post mirrors my thoughts pretty well. It feels like rend, an actually engaging game mechanic, is made obsolete by mortal wounds. You cannot do anything to prevent a mw (yes I know ward saves are a thing, sometimes). The player is reduced to a spectator, who’s simply watching how high the opponent rolls and removes models accordingly. And that’s boring as ******. Yawn.
  2. I think the power curve will even out as battletomes are updated. But I don’t like this inflation of mortal wound. This is just an unfun game mechanic. I actually liked it better as it was in 1.0, where it was rarer but also a good tool to have in the belt.
  3. @Nevar Thanks. Looking at Grims and Blades profiles, it seems like Grims are the better choice since I already have Spirit Hosts. Hosts are good but struggle with hordes, and Grims can help with that. It does not look like Blades have a lot to offer me then, especially since I don't have or care to buy Torments or Chainghasts (who also buff Blades). Is this assessment correct?
  4. One quick question: Can I confidently make an army with only Hex and Hosts as battleline, or are Chainrasps considered to be a better choice? I have a pre-battletome Nighthaunt army, thus the question.
  5. So how well does the Godsworn perform? I’ll admit I have not yet had the chance to test them out.
  6. The throne is quite large, and as a Sylvaneth player I feel with my FEC brothers and sisters. Unwieldy terrain is a hassle to bring along (so many woods...). If I had a FEC army I’d just use the Magewrath Throne. Heck, why did not GW use it in the first place?
  7. A lot of great feedback here, thanks. It is going to be a chill narrative tournament, so I’m not worried about being super-competative. Still, I’ve usually focused on playing a safe list (dryads, tla, kurnoths). My list was built on the idea that it is perhaps time to branch out (pun intended). 😜 @Ruhraffe sad to hear that about Drycha. However, I know there will be Skaven and Goblin players there. Is her points still better spent elsewhere?
  8. Hey guys. I’m going to a 1k point tournament in March and would appreciate some feedback on my list. The list is 950 points. - Branchwraith (general / wisdom of the ages / acorn of the ages / throne of vines) - Drycha (regrowth) - Dryadsx10 - Spite-revenantsx5 - Kurnoth Huntersx3 (schythe) - Kurnoth Huntersx3 (schythe) - Quicksilver Swords The idea is: To focus on getting down two large forests early on. To use Branchwraith as a Dryad-battery. To use Hunters and Drycha as hammers. No idea how S-Revenants perform, and Quicksilver is included because why not.
  9. I originally posted this on the Underworlds subforum, but perhaps this is more relevant here: I just got my [Godsworn Hunt] warband, and I notice that they are on 32mm bases (except Doggo the Good Dog). I wonder what this means for a potential future Darkoath release. I mean, I took it for granted that these models are marauders, who are on 25mm bases. Perhaps this warband is reflecting some other unit? 🤔
  10. I just got my warband, and I notice that they are on 32mm bases (except Doggo the Good Dog). I wonder what this means for a potential future Darkoath release. I mean, I took it for granted that these models are marauders, who are on 25mm bases. Perhaps this warband is reflecting some other unit? 🤔
  11. If we look away from Island of Blood no longer existing, I’d argue that Swifthawk is in a better place since GHB18. It made both Shadow Warriors and Spireguard into battleline if its allegiance is chosen. You know, so you can actually make an army of them. Come to think about it, having the absolute bare bones is no comfort at all...
  12. I am using my LotR and Frostgrave minis for Rangers of Shadow Deep. GW’s LotR line is nice and generic. The scale between the two brands is similar enough (I use to cut off the Frostgrave bases and glue them on GW bases). For monsters you should perhaps use whatever fits.
  13. This warband seems really squishy, or is it just me? I am getting these Darkoaths anyway, I like their style. I mean, why dig one chaos god, when you can dig ‘em all! 😛
  14. I like this, a lot. I have neither but, to be honest, I would prefer Zweihander over WHFRPG. I like my rpgs to be as independent from any ‘setting’ as possible. Yes, I guess Zweihander have a setting as well. It is just that I am personally more attached to WHF, and it would thus be harder for me to ignore said universe. I would however love to hear a comparison between the two rpgs, system-wise.
  15. @Kramer and with the campaign stuff in February’s WD, the magazine is suddenly relevant again. Let me see... Ha ha! The last WD I ever bought was in January 2010!
  16. These rules are probably what I wanted the most. No fundamental changes, some balancing, and fitting the rules whitin 2.0’s framework. Skirmish is still Skirmish, and not some KT copy. I am sure there are many who long for a new Mordheim (me too). Perhaps that is further down the line, but meanwhile we can enjoy Frostgrave/RoSD. 😉
  17. This. And this. I would like some kind of amalgamation between Mordheim’s and Skirmish. There’s a lot in Skirmish I allready like, such as its quick pace and diverse list of miniatures. A potential Skirmish 2.0 have to compete with other good skirmish-type games (Frostgrave, RoSD, etc.), and funny enough that includes GW’s own and old Mordheim + lotr. 😛
  18. I think it was toughness and morale(?) save that made it seem slower. It’s not much slower, but it adds up. 😜
  19. The last thing I want to see is Skirmish turning into KT 2.0. This is probably an unpopular opinion, as the general consensus seem to be that KT is a good game. KT plays on a tiny game board (yuck), has few units to choose between (yawn), and its combat is slower than in Skirmish (bleh). But Skirmish is far from perfect. Some units are uneffective, because their rules cannot function whitin the ruleset (skeleton warriors). And other units become murdermachines when put in skirmish warfare (stormfiends).
  20. Well, Sylvaneth can be tanky under the right circumstances. Dryads (in units with more than 12 models, with tla’s command abillity, and inside a wyldwood) has +3 save, rerolls 1 and -1 to hit. Treelords are also quite tanky. No defence vs mortal wounds though. Oh, and the entire army is very mobile (sorry, your opponent is in another forest!), while other tanky armies tend to be slower. In other words; Sylvaneth is quite good at playing for the objective.
  21. For a loooong ass time I got the Tanglethorn thicket (kurnoth hunter) rule all wrong. I thought the ability only limited a pile in, and not regular move/charge. The rule itself is written quite clearly, and I still feel dumb for misunderstanding that one. I am so sorry for all the players who had to endure my always-reroll-all-saves hunters... 😅
  22. Decisions decisions. There is enough Stormcast around, so why not try something different? My vote is on Beastclaw. 😉
  23. I have one quick question: If an opponent decides to run a model through a wyldwood, and lands on another seperate wyldwood, should I roll twice (i.e. one roll for each wyldwood) to see if the model is killed?
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