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  1. But some say "1-X heroes" Will the Grashrak's Despoilers count with that? Thats what i'm trying to find out. Its taken as 1 unit and has the Leader rule and is a Hero, both warscrolls are tagged as hero. Edit: Look at Phantasmagoria
  2. Yeah, the Grashrak's Despoilers i dont think can be in a battalion for us, will have to double check later.
  3. Yes, and battalion that says "1-X heroes" or "1-X Great-Bray Shamans" he can be apart of, so he can be in a few battalions.
  4. Wait, i thought you couldnt Ambush Chimeras? You need Brayherd, or as Darkwalkers Warherd and Thunderscorn, the Chimera has none of those. But i believe you can use the Darkwalkers Command ability on them, so you could do that turn 1, but it takes CP.
  5. Yeah, thats about it, if you can summon a 7pt turn one thats really good, Tzaangors on Disks turn 1 can change the game, or a Chimera turn 1, Come in D6 MW's and then a 7" charge to get into melee, the problem is if you get 1's on the D3's a couple times in a row, rng can be really mean. I tend to keep 1CP turn 1 and see how my first D3 is, if it is a 2 or a 3, then i go all out turn 2.
  6. Yes, 6CP rolls over 4 turns will get you 2 more CP (4 for 4 turns, 1 for battalions 1 for bought CP), there is always lucky and unlucky rolls, but going by pure averages. Turn 1-4 will give 4PC and 4CP for 8 auto PC's 4 turns of D3 sacrifice will average to 8 PC's 1 Battlaion CP, 1 bought CP will get you 2 more PC Then the 6 you spent with Aether broche for final 2 more (I forgot it was Broche and not Branch) for 2 more (33.34% of 6 is 2) I try to let everyone know that it will average be 20, so they can decided if its worth doing or not, i do like Allherd and it can work out well, specially if you just need a couple more PC's and you are willing to spend, or if you want a strong start with summoning, it also helps with Bravery and gives you rend, more rend on a Hero like a Shaggoth isnt a bad thing. I also think Allherd works well if you like to take lots of Dragons.
  7. Yes you have spend points at the start first. Just so you know its an average of 20 PC points for allherd over 4 turns (turn 5 is pointless to summon most the time) using all of you CP.
  8. Oh.. you miss understood, mine are either alive or dead, there is no between. 12/14 wounds is nice, but a 5+ save means nothing. The only time the dont die in 1 turn is from splash damage from spells/endless lol.
  9. Oddly, all my games with the monsters are different from you, my Chimera tends to always do well and my Ghorgon has been nothing but terrible. The Chimera, Ghorgon, and Cygor all die equally the same, they all have about the same wounds with a 5+ save, but the Chimera with Fly faster mvement and a D6 MW shot with lots of weapon profiles makes him work, 2 of them tends to out preform Archaon (and im talking about super Archaon, with + attacks and double melee Khrone stuff, i have a friend that plays him and he plays him well for his limitations). 3 Chimeras has been very fun to play time to time, with Ungors and centigors to rush up and tie up or put frontal pressure and Raiders in back, I was going to use it for AoS GT's until Skaven Stormfiends and KoS became a thing.
  10. 1 BL for sure with a good relic, 2-3 Shamans, lots of Bestigors, Ungors, Raiders, thats my core army and i do really well. You really need to relay on timing and movements more than most armies, we are not a top tier army so a miss play hurts us moreso than many others. If you like Ambushing tho, play Darkwalkers with Desolating and lots of Raiders, take the Relic Brayblast Trumpet "when ambushing get +1 to hit" on another Shaman or BL, use the hero to ambush at the same time with some Raiders, then take lots of Bestigors/Ungors, a couple chariots for a 1 drop, your General shaman now makes units move an extra 4" instead of 3". I've done that a few times, its actually rather fun, 1 shooting good heroes (not really tough ones, but many heroes) on a turn 1 ambush (40 shots, hitting on 3+, re-roll 1s and 2" 6's generate another hit, you CAN get more hits than shots).
  11. Its ok, its only 3" so you might get 1-2 units to splash damage, but i dont think we are damaging spell casting army so i dont try to play that way.
  12. I almost always take Steed of Tides, teleporting heroes is so good.
  13. So out of all the armies i have played and played against (Ones that i played: IDK, Untamed beasts, Iron Golems, Unmade, ones i played against: DoK, IJ, Untamed, Unmade, Goblin, NH). For sure Unmade are the strongest, then DoK second, followed by IJ's, but Untamed is the most fun for me so far, Unmade was just to.. straight forward even for this game, at least the way i played them, a friend plays them completely differently (all elites) where i play them with 2 elites and 9 spear guys, their double is something else, and spears being 4D crits, the elite (2 dagger guys) ability on triples is insane too, move 10-12" and aoe bomb an area, they will for sure go after him, prep you 9 spear guys and just laugh. The 3 games i played with them (I know a small table sample) just completely owned every game. The dagger guys easily dealing 60 wounds a game, and god help if you pile up a few games and i get 2 triples, its GG (happened the first game, so he learned, but still able to get 2-3 rolls every triple). And able to lower toughness, even by 1 can change the game, gets the leader in a good spot vs lower toughness, kill them off and move+attack again.
  14. Yeah i was thinking of something similar, but i was going to use 2x10 Reavers for the movements to help get to objectives and body block my opponent movements. Also IDK how good 2 Soulscryers are with Gotrek. I also want 2 Tidecasters if i'm getting the +1 to cast. Tidecaster Tidecaster Soulscryer Morrsarr x6 Morrsarr x6 Reavers x10 Reavers x10 Thralls x10 Gotrek Cogs 2,000pts
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