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  1. Yeah there is a way in Gran alliance Nurgle to get them +2 to hits, +1 to attack,s and 100% turn 1 charge, and MW's on a 6+ (so a 4+) but its a lot of buffs that has to trigger, and the most important buff is a spell, if it fails your whole plan is gone. But Centigors in general are fine, i just wish Ghorros Warhoof (or at least a Centigor hero) was still a thing to make them battleline and give them another buff.
  2. Easy for me Shaggoth Jabberslcythe Centigors (I love them, but they are metal/Finecast, small and old) Chariot BoC one
  3. AoS doesn't need that at all, they already limited the buff to what they want them to be on, in 40k a buff can work on literally full armies, very few things are like that in AoS and they have to be wholly within unlike 40k where its just within. Seriously its not a problem in AOS and won't happen.
  4. Nurgle actually might be very good too as you can pick from many armies and they have many similarities like Nurglings for Rippers, and many others, thinking about it more so I think General Nurgle might be the best fit.
  5. No question, the Jabberslythe. Not only is it glass with no hammer its unique ability will never work unless you go 2nd and get a double turn b.c its a 5+ save unit that no one will let you use and it only works on a 6+ as well. Its basically only worth 100pts for 160pts at its current point level and even then you are not taking it for its ability but its its move 12" with 10 wounds and hits slightly harder than Gors. EDIT: here is link to it https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/AoS_Warscrolls/aos-warscroll-jabberslythe-en.pdf
  6. Well nids has lots of small, mid, and large units, and with all sizes you can melee or shoot. So i'd say Sylvaneth would fit well, BoC and FeC as well too. But there is no 1 to 1.
  7. B.c Ungors are cheaper for the same thing, and from most experience whatever can kill 10 ungors kills 10 gors, so why spend 10pts more? Also the 4+ save is only better 1 to 1 units, when you are talking about taking 4-6 units of them Ungors being cheaper really adds up, 5 Ungors vs 5 Gors gives you enough points for a 6th unit of something else. Also really importantly, the +1sv from Shield is only in melee, yes you can be a 3+ in cover but not against shooting, which is normal to take now. DoT, Lumineth, OBR, Skaven, Sylvaneth, Seraphon, CoS, etc.. Now with that said, they are still fine for chaff to run and stand. The biggest problem with Gors are they are the same profile as Ungors which they should be 3+ to wound and +1 base attack, so they are in between Ungors and Bestigors, not as killy but can do some damage,s o taking 3 of them for 80pts each and then a couple Ungor chaff units with a couple Bestigors should be the normal, but htats not really good right now and serves no point.
  8. This depends on how you are using them, 10's or a block of 30-40? In 10mans you use the pre game move for more/better body blocking, take objectives easier, etc.. When i use a large 40man I pre game move to position better which depends on who and what i'm fighting, sometimes i just forgo the pre game move.
  9. The first list is better for sure IMO. You can get the 2nd list to work but it'll be harder. To make your 2nd list better take 10 bestigors to make 1x30, and 1x10, then take your Gors and make 1 unit of 30 into MSU's (if you have the points and room in batatlion, not looking at the points). Also Allherd is the weakest out of all 3, Gavespawn is the strongest then Darkwalkers. If you are Allherd though I would really make sure you have your General near your Hammer units for the re-roll charges and make your Doombull your General b.c he can get an Artifact that gives him +2" charges, that way he can get it really easily and give the Bullgors re-roll charges as they also have +1" to the charge.
  10. Are they coded as males, or do they just dont have wasted extra appendages and more muscles b.c that is what is needed. If you were to made an asexual bipedal humanoid built for war you would want thicker/bigger bones structure and muscles with no appendages wouldn't you? So wouldn't that look more male than female?
  11. Its a game about war, honestly how many women read, play, get into games about war? Yes it is fantasy and yes it is for everyone for the most part but in the end its fluff about battles, you are simulating a battle as well. There are ways to make full armies of females. So really for what type of game it is I honestly feel women are well representative for what would be if in real life if a chaos and death god kill off 90% of the population. At least their faces are better than 40k Female faces too... IDK who is doing 40k vs aos but dang, they need to learn to make female faces lol.
  12. Get a couple start collecting boxes b.c it is a really good deal, you are getting the Ghorgon for free. You'll want a few layers of chaff, so Ungors, Raiders, or Gors. You'll have your 2 Shamans from the SC's then you will want 2 more heroes, Doombulls and Beastlords are good beat sticks, the Beastlord is more niche (anti-hero) than the Doombull and the Bull is more wounds, so for sure take 1 of him. If you are taking Tzaangors then take a Tzaangor Shaman as your final hero. You want a hammer unit or 2, this can be Tzaangors, Bullgors, or a block of Bestigors. Having 10mans of Bestigors is also great, you'll have 20 from the SC's, getting 1-2 more boxes is always very good You need a box or 2 of spawns Finally get a couple extra boxes of stuff for summoning, a extra unit of Ungors, Gor, maybe a chariot or Razorgor, Cocktrice, etc.. PS get the Endless spells and Herdstone There are a few options you can do for sure, but in general BoC wins on speed and placement, you'll do a lot of running and blocking in your opponent, your gors, ungors, raiders, etc.. 99% the time will never charge and just stand in the way. You want a couple hammers to kill key units to make sure you can keep and take objectives. A general list is Shaman Shmana Doombull/Beastlord Tshaman/Doombull Ungor/Gor Ungor/gor Ungor/Gor Raider/Ungor Raider/Ungor Bestigor Bestigor Optional - Centigor, chariot, etc... another fast chaff unit Optional Bestigor x30 Bullgors/Tzaangors on Disk (this can be 2x3 or 1x6) 1 drop Battalion Optional 1 addition spawn (stay at 2 drop if possible) You'll use the 1-2 drop to take first or 2nd turn w/e the mission needs.
  13. Battleline is to give the army its feel. It can help in balance a little but its more of a "Hey this i an army we want it to look like this a bit, but here are some options too".
  14. You doing something to effect you is different than effecting your opponent. Thats like me saying "When you pick a unit to move, instead I move it" well that is huge levels of game changing compare "I get to pick one of my units and move it again". Giving in games like this is not as strong as taking away from your opponent.
  15. This would not work. Some terrain is way to important to armies, Sylvaneth would hate this. My BoC would also hate this and if it was a thing i would go back to playing 120 Raiders sniping your unit that can kill it otherwise I'll have terrible summoning and no Bravery boosts.
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