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  1. Not saying Deepstrike isnt good, i love it. But for this theory list it isnt needed, i need saturation on a couple units, i dont have that hammer unit to DS and kill off a unit right away.
  2. My first purpose was just using what is best potential, if i wont use other heroes abilities (IDK if i ever want to use Soulscryer ability) then why not take a caster? extra deny and cast and it helps with a couple missions.
  3. Very true, but without him i cant put the Soulscryer in, i could go back to 3 Tidecasters, IDK what do you think?
  4. Re-roll 1's on a potential 180 shots for 80pts (tho its more like 60-90 shots will get re-rolls) and its a cheap hero for some missions. I think i'll move an artifact to the soulscryer, Thermalclock or something.
  5. I changed it, i found that Lotan works better in the list, Sorry didnt edit it fast enough. I also think that 10mans might be better, I might change them to all 10mans, with Lotan i can have 2 units in range easier also we, or do 1 unit of 20 with Lotan. So something like: Tidecaster - Tide of Fear- Lord of Storm - Bauble BuoyancyLotan (re-roll hits of 1, and Brav) Soulscryer (Rituals and extra charge/outflank)Ishlaen Guard x6Ishlaen Guard x3Ishlaen Guard x3Namarti Reavers x20Namarti Reavers x10Namarti Reavers x10Namarti Reavers x10 Namarti Reavers x10Akhelian Leviadon
  6. Im actually looking at a crazy list idea, yeah it doesn have very hard punch, but the idea is to hit 1-2 units a turn and just out play/move the opponent with hard to kill units and units you cant reach that gets you. The more i play with Reavers the more i like them, they always do well for me, and i love the Turtle + Ishlaen. Feuthan (turn 1 run and shoot, and eels/turtle gets re-rolls to hits of 1 for the bites/tails/fins Tidecaster - Tide of Fear- Lord of Storm - Bauble BuoyancyLotan (re-roll hits of 1, and Brav) Soulscryer (Rituals and extra charge/outflank)Ishlaen Guard x6Ishlaen Guard x3Ishlaen Guard x3Namarti Reavers x20Namarti Reavers x20Namarti Reavers x10Namarti Reavers x10Akhelian Leviadon The man idea is keep 1 unit of Eels (6 man) near turtle with some Reavers, a unit of 10 + 3 eels for scouting/flanking, Rituals takes away Fly or Cover, Eels still melee and turtle can also, but not to early. 20 man Reavers only deals 15-18 wounds(if you re-roll 1's its 18) but for a unit that can not be shot at or charged that can move 8+D6 and still shoot turn 1 isnt that bad at all, you also have enough shots to kill key targets like a KoS, or some smaller heroes turn 1. With a Turtle to hit hard turn 2 (Mine always does well for some reason).
  7. Battalions dont change your army, just gives you that key word. Some do play it.
  8. Bulls, dragons, etc. 1/2 our units just need to go down in points.
  9. Just letting you know from my experience with playing the bull a lot, he isnt going to be using that relic much and you are not going to be wasting 1CP for his ability, 5 attacks to hope for 1 6 to deal 2MW isnt going to be as good as 2+ to wound on 3 damage weapons. But i'll leave it at that, let me know if it worked out for you.
  10. AH i didn't see it on it, but i still would take it, so what if the Doombull may deal 2MW with 1 weapon, give him + to hit or wound, something else thats better, he is rend -2 3D, making him into combat is better or getting him more attacks and or better to hit will be better. Finishing for a 6 isnt that good on a low attacking unit IMO. Like the Onyx Blade, that would be better, 2+ to wound is nasty.
  11. Why Magma Blade? Its not really good for the low attacks, i'd rather have Thermalrider Cloak from the same realm.
  12. Ah, well the rules are all small and you only need them while you set the game up, nothing mid game actually changed other than the wording of the missions and how many objectives are in some, oh and DZ sizes a bit. But b.c its charts and measurements cant really tell you.
  13. You kinda need it..... they changed a lot about some of the missions, terrain (tho the terrain is in a FAQ b.c they messed it up) new command abilities, mercenaries, new way to play 1k games, buying CP changed, etc...
  14. Morrsarr damage on that charge is basically double damage over Ishlaen tho, not counting the 1 turn of MW's. but i like them both for different reasons, having a 3+ ethereal (easily 3+ that is) with re-roll 1's to saves is very strong road block, only weak to MW's. Add to that tho, with Namarti getting cheaper, and Ishlaen also are cheaper in general, you might be able to make the damage up with more bodies to equal the damage and having more wounds over all. Tho i will keep doing what i was doing, 1 strong Morrsarr unit to take out major threats and a unit of 6 Ishlaen for a tank.
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