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  1. So, i'll be adding in the new Khorne DP for sure now. Yes it is 210pts, but its CP is very good, its an Aura that halves all Runs and Charge roles for all enemy units with 18". Combine that with our movements, Devolve, and Hailstorm, we can completely control the movement phase.
  2. Are you staying as BoC? B.c your question is kinda of hinting towards not?
  3. I have not seen anyone says this, kinda odd to me. Raiders works mostly the same in all lists other than Darkwalkers with Desolating herd.
  4. It an old battalion, it's no longer legal to play. Its a old 1.0 rule that has been gone for some time now. Edit: I think if you play 100% Brayherds you might still be able to play it (that means no chaos allegiances or Beast of chaos allegiances rules that also means no new warscrolls like the herdstone, or tzaangors, etc..) but only for open play. GH2 completely wiped out any units from that all book from match play. PS, if we had that aura i would 100% take it, +1 attacks and re-roll wounds of 1 aura on a BL, just insane! Edit 2: I also REALLY miss my Wargor Standard Bearer, he wasnt very good, but i have the model and its an awesome model, i really wish we could have a character banner again.
  5. Hey all, quick question. Anyone used the DP of Slaanesh at all? It gets to attack first if it didnt already attack. It seems it could be a pick for a cheap addition leader for smaller games NOTE: I'm looking at 1k team games. For 2k sure i understand it isnt good b.c you can just take KoS's, chariots, Contorted, etc.. But for 1k?
  6. There is also no rules that says i cant flip the table, but doesn't mean i can no say "when i lose i am allowed to table flip" just b.c a rule doesn't explicitly say you can't do it, doesn't give you the ok to do that.
  7. There is 1 battalion he can go in, just not his unit. The unit is taken together not matter what. EDIT" "These units must be taken as a set for a total of 140 points. Although taken as a set, each is a separate unit"
  8. Grashrak Fellhoof and his unit are 2 different units, it says this on their warscroll, they act as 2 drops in total. When taking in a battalion the his unit can not be in that battalion, so you'll have the battalion with Grashrak Fellhoof himself, then his unit will be a separate drop.
  9. Then its just luck, 4 + knowing is 5, +D3 for 8
  10. Ive showed the math many times but again here it is: Allherd CP with aetherbrooche and Knowing Eye. Bat:1, CP:1, Turn:1, Bought:1, Knowingeye: 50/50, With 4.5CP to start and 5+ to gain more thats 1.5 extra (so you have 1 or 2 rolls to get 1 more CP, on average you will get it 1/2 the time with knowing eye working), with the Herdstone and the free PC, its a good average of 8 every turn 1, with a better average of 9, lowest you can get is 6, highest you can get with 3 aetherbrooche lucky rolls is 12 (mean of 9).
  11. I'm playing around with all dragon ogres (well i was before Slaanesh......) I was doing no Greatfrey so i could get Father of the Storm, Horn of Tempest and Ghystrike (+1 to hit and to wound, thats really good on a Shaggoth), 3 Shaggoths + 18 Dragons, then some ungors for objectives. I also have Cogs, so i am almost 100% turn 1 charges, (D6 re-roll, 8" + D6, +2", charge 2D6+2", on average that is a total o f 18" then the charge +2").
  12. You right about the Trumpet , Its hard to keep all my games straight, we play all the time and i play different lists everytime. i had a +1 from Grashrak, b.c its 1 giant blob i put down (Raiders, Bulls, BL Hero, and sometimes a Ghorgon for fun games), the Trumpet was for the 30 block of Raiders, i like them b.c they are smaller footprint and can kill smaller units like Sinks or SCE birds. The Trumpet is only for Brayherd, so i'm guessing bulls targeted the Grashrak power, but whats really cool about the horn also is it works on all attacks (not just melee). B.c i Ambush turn 2 its easy to get the spell off (PS for some reason he isnt playing with Wizards and cant disspell, but he gets to freaking shooting 2-3x in the hero phase and shooting phase, with lots of Birds to move/block when you try to charge him)
  13. Something i'm playing with is Paired in Desolating, b.c they get +1 to charge already, ambushing them in Darkwalkers along with a 30man of Ungors (40man ungors on the table), and Cogs on the table if i can (2 turns to try to get it off) a BL with the +1 to hit relic, now i'm hitting on 3+, rr1's, +3 to charge, 6's to hit are 2 hits. It worked out really well the 2 test games last week, Ambushing turn 2 is needed a lot of the times b.c of screening units, 1 was vs SCE the other was vs Seraphon, the SCE player literally only won b.c i had to get 1 charge roll to win on a 5+ with re-rolling and i failed (snake eyes into a roll of a 4) but you know that happens sometimes (it was his competitive list for Adepticon too, so knowing i was a subpar list and i only lost b.c of a crappy roll). So i feel there are reasons to take Paired weapons, I also didnt need to spend CP on re-rolls to hit, but rather save my CP for teleporting and re-roll other things that are needed more. The -1 vs -2 didnt matter all that much, 6 of them did well enough damage, it wiped out 2 units without even trying (2 Liberator units).
  14. No not at all, if you start at the normal 12" away (lets say 15" b.c you have ungors in front), you cast it out 12" the other 2 can be set up 6" away from that, thats 18". Then when you move to it you get to move it 3D6 away, on average thats 10-11", low end is 7, high end is 15 (within averages and reason, you could get unlucky and move it 4) but even if it is 4" you can still place 2 more 6" up to make a smaller wall, you are just trying to movement block you dont need to block ALL movements, if they can only move 3-4" compare to 7-10" thats still good. You can also put it around in front of objectives to stop them from scoring (this is what i try to do), so you dont really need to get it all the way to their front lines.
  15. Ogres stats has always made me mad, i like ogres and have some of them. They are just better Bulls, we all know Bulls needs to be cheaper. My Doombull yesterday took 3 combats to kill 5 Liberators.
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