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  1. If i didnt already have 15 of the old metal ones, i would do that conversion, looks good.
  2. Funny didnt even look at the faq since i got it lol, i was thinking its in the core rules for some reason. EDIT: Looking over it, i remember now, it jsut gives you the Nurgle, Khorne, etc.. Keyword, i dont see how it can let you play out of another book tho, unless you dont play out of another book, but just use their units to gain the buffs?
  3. Where is it that i can find that rule to take a battalion of marked god to get around allies? My local was talking abou tit but couldnt find it. B.c 2 of use are talking about doing a teams as Khorne, but we cant use the same units, so i was think of BoC Khorne and wanted to make sure i can do that.
  4. 6 Eels is enough for now for sure. Get 2 units of Thralls and 1 eel unit at 1k. You will want to get either a tidecaster or a Soulscryer, both are really good. This is if you want to reverse the tides or get +3" charges. B.c you are getting the Star collecting box, i would get a Soulscryer for now and 1 more unit of Thralls, now you have your battleline and 2 heroes to help them. With a 2nd unit of Eels having a large 6 man or 2x3 mans is fine, depending on how much drops you want.
  5. For balance purpose you have to look at other armies tho. If you only look at each army in their own vacuum that wont help anything. And yes the ability to not be shot at is in theory good, until you look at other armies abilities to teleport, move, outflank, ambush, etc... BoC can summon a shooting unit right behind you, or just move them, so can skaven, Sylvaneth, and some others, heck some can do multiples, i had a game where i was saving my PC points for summon for a Chimera but needed it on turn 3 rather than turn 4 and just summoned 2x10 shooting gors (Raiders) killed them and took it next turn. There are many variables to look at, but we still need to compare somewhere, and i also dont think they need to not be battleline, if we can have dragons as battleline we can have Eels, after you balance Thralls, Reavers, Allopex, Levathan, Ishlaen guard you might find players not taking Morrsarr as much.
  6. I play both BoC and IDK and i have 12 Eels and 12 Enlightened. Both are very close to perfect balance, 20pts would be enough for them and both have another units (Skyfires and Ishlaen Guard) that should go down 20pts. This would be very well balanced. Anything more would be to much of a nerf, and personally i don't want them to go up. Each unit is strong but not over strong at all. I'd argue that Thralls, Reavers, Sharks, Ishlaen needs to go down. I'll use BoC as an example (I took them to adepticon, went 1 major, 1 minor, 1 lost, couldnt play day 2 sadly, i took them b.c my Deepkin wasnt finished painted). BoC Bestigors are everything the Thralls are but cheaper and better save, on the charge vs hordes, 3 attacks, 3+, 3+, -1 1D, they are worst against Monsters (no 2D and 4+ to hit), but being 2pts cheaper and a 4+ with Run and charge, +1 Pile in and run, the ability to gain +3" movement (Bray Shaman gives all Brayherds +3" movement like the Royal Council but for free), they move a minimum of 11" (6+3+1+1), max of 16" (6+3+1+6), and they dont need a tide to do that, they always have that, and you dont see large amounts of players with 60+ of them, its a healthy amount of players with and without them. AND they can still get bonus attacks. I had a 30man block the other night gain +2 attacks with re-rolls, saves, hits, and wounds of 1, it was a multi charge vs 4 units, 5 attacks each, i killed all 4 10mans in 1 go on turn 1. Sure Tzaangors on Disks are good too, but when looking at other possibilities you dont need to nerf them if other units are playable, So looking at it from other armies, if we buff Thralls, Reavers, Sharks, Ishlean, Turtle, are we to strong? I dont think, i think if each army is getting the new balance treatment we will still be equal in placement. Some of the new Fyreslayers (at least on paper) seem insanely strong with all the buffs that book can do, sadly with a low unit count army they have the same problem we have, 1 or 2 ways to play and thats it and will be easily played around only b.c its the only way to play. But their power level is still solid. Looking at FEC and Skavin as well. I think no nerfs are needed. PS, sorry about my English and grammar.
  7. For some reason i thought he was a monster, oh well thats good to know. And i knew King could, tho i put it on him a lot anyways b.c that way i can attack with the mount without him taking the -1 to saves.
  8. He cant get cover anyways tho... he has more than 8 wounds.
  9. If you do take the Eidolon make sure to give him Ethereal Amulet
  10. Yes but the Tidecaster is nothing compare the a General riding a sea unicorn! 😂
  11. Yeah, i would love to play more Kings and not take Tidecaster as General, but turn 2 tide is just to good i feel. Im hoping GH2 will change a couple points and maybe be able to do a horde army of Reavers and Thralls (I mean make them more playable in large units not nerf Eels to death lol). Tho i would rather play more sharks and turtles so i dont think i'll drop tidecaster general.
  12. I always used multiples Thralls and Reavers, tho i like Reavers much more than Thralls, i actually like Royal Council more b.c i dont used Soulrender at all, and the extra 3" movement helps Reavers/Thralls, funny i also use the Thermalrider Cloak, i use it on all my lists for the most part, even my BoC (I took BoC to Adpeticon, b.c i was board with deepkin, but after the event, im going back to Deepkin). Im am thinking of Trying Namarti Corpse tho, also i like Fuethan so much. IDK if i can play without it lol.
  13. For me, its either 10 or 30, 32mm bases are large, but as Gavespawn with 30, you can multi-charge gain +attacks and completely destroy. Especially if you have a Chaos Sorcerer on Mount for Re-roll saves, hit, wounds of 1.
  14. Why not do 2x30 and save points? Thats 120pts you wll save (600 vs 720) thats another hero or even another unit.
  15. Weaker in some ways, but stronger in other. It seems to be about the same power level, it just shifted some units. Summoning is weaker now for sure, cant summon more than 1 unit a turn.
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