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  1. Chaos, there is a new book that lets you use all 4 chaos armies in one if you wanted too. Skaven as well has a huge selection, some of the battalion are large units but you can also get some that are small units. Cities has the large single range with the most you can take, a lot of 5mans a couple single man units, etc..
  2. What about Skyre Acolytes? lol https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/AoS_Warscrolls/AoS_Skaven_Warscrolls_Skryre_Acolytes.pdf They can be in 30mans and can get buffed from many sources in Skaven, Sparks for +1D (they already are D3), re-rolls hits and wounds, spells, etc.. thats 30 attacks 4+/4+/-2/D3+1 with run and shoot, re-roll all hits and wounds. It can also teleport between holes.
  3. I think people just are playing them the 1 way and that 1 way sin't very good (Big boat bomb). When i read their book i first thought of no large boats at all lol. Trying to get a friend to play MSU army with them and use their small many mobile shooting with melee support. But no one wants to try it.
  4. The only bad thing is the Taurus will never work and they have fight first on up to 2 units i think. Thats going to be a problem way more than Bow guys or their spells.
  5. I read their rules and honestly their shooting isn't better than ours. KO, DoT, and CoS all has WAY better shooting, i'd argue SCE shooting is better. Yes they can do MW's but its only 1 shot and no rend that base hits on 4+. Its not really going to be insane. That unit is going to be more of a "Sit on objectives and harass small units and small heroes".
  6. Thats the point, there is a huge anomaly around dates on purpose in AOS. Its part of what makes it work in the story (not all dates just some parts of the dates). This way stories can be added at any point to justify something in the lore that might not been able to for future story writing. We are now in the Age of Sigmar, it was the Age of Myth then the Age of Chaos, we are only starting the Age of Sigmar and winning over against Chaos. Remember these time frames are long.. i mean very long. Age of Chaos could have been up to 1000 years, we are only ever told "In the hundreds of years" or "for centuries".
  7. I love my Chimera for summoning honestly. But only a few missions its good to summon in on. A lot of our summoning is just best to get bodies or fast moving units to sit on objectives, create back pressure, or to prep for next turn. The Chimera is higher chance damage dealer than Bulls, or other units. Missings with 2-3 objectives that you can not summon onto i'll wait for Chimera unless i need more bodies. As for it points, yes it needs to come down for sure like all monsters in our book.
  8. This time normally the Generals Handbook comes out and with 9th uber hyped, AoS is kinda slow for my local. I really hope the new GH brings down Dragon ogres, Shaggoth, and a few battalions, thats basically all i want for this round. I really just want some warscroll changes and a Monsters of Chaos book like the mercenary rules and let us use them without the cost of CP.
  9. Thats what i was hitting at in my other comments, If you are playing smash face armies and all you do is smash face with no utility units, and no thought as to how to win other than kill more stuff, then the stronger smash face army will always win.
  10. WHFB also had water battles, I remember those "rumors" only when new missions for them came out in the WD's
  11. 100% this ^ This, yes they can move 1 unit per Leader +3" but when your base movement is 4" a 7" movement is now normal for other armies, which many has good limited movements too if not better. Also about old SCE, when the new Points comes out in a month or 3 (IDK when sense its been pushed back) that should solve a lot of the problems for them, SCE right now is just in a general bad spot with a lot of their units, along with a couple other armies like Goblins, Sylvaneth, and NH.
  12. You missed my point. If players just want to put anything on the table and shoved it forward then yes it won't work against armies design to do that. Its a tactical game and you still should look at it as such. If you are not willing to have a balanced list then thats not a problem with the player. Not saying there isn't a power creep, as i said above there is power creep, but lists like the one you pointed out are not good vs someone that understand the game. Personally i would rather play against that list than many other OBR ones.
  13. 5 units is terrible to win games tho. Focus down the 2x10 man and stall the others, you can easily win bee turn 2 without doing much damage. Only 2-3 missions will you have a problem fighting this list (Knife to the heart for example) and mission with 4+ objectives this list will almost auto lose. The problem IMO is large amounts of players just wants to have smash face lists and a stronger smash face list will win most the time. Players seem to not want to take utility units at all.
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