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  1. "If everything is good, nothing is." Commenting on that with a serious of discussions. Someone said Battalions shouldn't give Artifacts, so I said then make them stronger, you came in and to "If everything is good, nothing is." well then you have less options to take so it should be more impactful if you can only ever take 1. Otherwise why even have artifacts then?
  2. The problem is, we have terrible artifacts to help are subfactions if we are taking a Greatfray. If you force Battalions to not give us extra artifacts then they better be good or no one will ever take them for any reason. So its just a waste of space for rules, you could remove them and no one would notice. Personally I would rather have more relics and make them cost points, 10-50pts. Nothing crazy but we can give each hero something and let us buff up our heroes to fit a role better and be more fun to use.
  3. 15-20 is perfect IMO b.c you want some good variety for different styles, this also means you want at least 4-5 Heroes if not more, a Centerpiece model, a couple battleline, etc...
  4. Ambushing T1 is the "not strong" part of it, you can give us Primal Fury or other buffs and leave Ambushing T1 still with Relics, traits, etc.. for turn 1 and turn 2.
  5. I'd rather the 3 Subfactions (Bray, War, Thunder/Monster) army wide rules get a boost first and then see if Ambush needs to be changed. Brayherd doesn't even have any traits other than Ambush which should be an army wide rule to begin with. If Brayherd Ambush would get better then make it better only for Brayherd and let the rest of the army have the we have now. But as is every other army has traits on top of traits for everything and we do not.
  6. 40k also has terrain that 100% blocks all LoS and you need 4-5 of those pieces on the table or its a terrible game. Then you have -1 to hit terrain b.c that still isn't good enough. Lists are also not as diverse though. Even though its a Ro3 many times its 4-5 Troops, 1-2 same HQ's 2-3 of the same Fast, 2-3 of the same Heavy, and 2-3 of the same Elite. Every Sister player has 2-3 Repentia, 2-3 Retributors, 3 Troops, Canoness, Triumph, Imagifier, then the last 300-400pts might be Mortifiers or Exorcists. Every Marines is 3-6 Intercessors, 2 Vanguard Vets or Bladeguard, Capt, Chap, Lieu, to start. Then 600pts of "What color marines are you special units" They do have more units for sure that are being taken, but its always the same units for each army with marines having the most, but marines also has 200+ units to pick from. When you think about the Raito of picked units out of all viable units, AoS has more units being taken vs not taken b.c 40k has so many units. There are many armies with only 2-3 viable units right now b.c 40k is so skewed.
  7. We really need warscroll changes and ability changes.
  8. Relics, triumphs, hero abilities, etc.. if you add that to Ambush you can't add other options that might take away from other units. Its just a balancing thing and depending on how you want the army will depend how you want to buff certain spots.
  9. But you have to consider that with re-roll charges.
  10. "why should the game push you into restrictive lists?" its not, some of the battalions are, you can still make a full army without them and many comp lists don't take them or takes 1 and adds more. They are "Fluffy" options to make your army feel a certain way. Just like how you can change your units to Battleline. Its the same purpose. You are almost not being rewarded, you are paying points to bring certain units to gain a buff. IMO the problem is many battalions are too weak. Why would I take my Thunderscorn battalion (Beast of Chaos Dragon Ogres battalion) as it literally does nothing for me, i would only take it if i wanted CP and more Artifacts. Taking DO's in the God battalions is just better b.c it actually helps them more so. The second problem is just MANY units are bad, and i mean REALLY bad, its why IDK spamed the same 2-3 units, its why BoC spams the same 3-4 units, its why many armies spams the same 2-3 units. For IDK their Akhelian Corps is one of my favorites and now it is finally playable. That has a lot of diversity in it and is becoming more and more popular. Before it was just spam Eels and Kings. Well now there are sharks, Leviathans, etc.. Over all they are doing what they should be doing, making you choose a fluffier lists for bonuses for take the most OP units over and over again to forgo the bonuses.
  11. Then give us more ways to get Artifacts or if every army is limited to just 1 then make them 2-3x as strong as they are now. Personally I think ost battalions are fine and do what they are suppose to do. They are supposed to push you into restrictive lists. Thats literally the point of them.
  12. Getting closer will be a huge problem, you would just ambush everything and always charge. Thats not tactical or fun. Ambushing should be used to forgo a turn on the table to protect you, to get into a position to apply pressure, and make your opponent have harder choices as to where to move, what to shoot/magic, etc.. Ambush does just that. What is a problem is we do not have units that are strong enough to really want to Ambush, so for me Ambushing is great, the units are not tough enough to warrant it most the time. Example: Imagine a unit of 6 Dragon Ogres, but pretend they are same points as now, 3+ save and a 6+++, with rule that lightning strikes the turn they are or did charge (like Morrsarr Eels) now they are a serious threat, you don't want to charge them but next turn they are getting a D6 move + 8" move so they will be in charge range. Do you attack them with magic or the 6 Bullgors coming closer from the front. Or if Hounds where cheaper and had traits for our Monsters to Ambush also and able to Run and Charge, imagine Ambushing 20 wounds for cheap as a 6pts a model. Now that unit poses as a serious tarpit threat, 16" move on a flank and charge. (though I would make them battleline if I could also if you had a Monster hero).
  13. I like our Ambushing rules personally. For its its mostly Warscrolls, battalions, Monsters allegiance abilities and Monsters has zero support in our book. PS our Summoning points are all off now that points has changed so much.
  14. My Beastmen currently don't play like this at all. So its not every army.
  15. We had a 1.0 version of it up until 2018 when our book was released. I honestly really miss the old Battalion "Wildstalker" I seriously would play this every game if we kept it lol. Though I mean the Primal Fury part and what you take, Ambush being a core rule is amazing.
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