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  1. This, but also Tzeentch in a couple ways, Skyfires double shooting with +1's to hit or Flamers.
  2. They did say you get extra CP for choosing to go second, we also don't know what other changes will happen. The worst part of the double turn is that turns can be long and not taking your turn twice can be annoying, if they address this then I am fine with double turns.
  3. They literally released new models for us lol. Now will we have some of our range removed? Yeah most likely but squated? no not at all.
  4. Im not in the Sky is falling mood at all yet, these are just rumors and even if true you can not judge 1 rule without know what else GW is going to do. Also marks could go away but we could be looking at the ability to play out of books without the need for battalions. And we can just paint/play w/e we want. Until i see something real and substances I really just don't care.
  5. Yes, they are needed but you need to make sure not to go to crazy on them.
  6. Yep i made a custom one, so something like this? Still a WIP
  7. A lot of older kits sitting around has squares in them, they just added circles to them. I've had many with both over the few years. Also some has special bases that are square and they leave it with them b.c some people like the, Examples, CoS Assassin and Grotss Spider Riders.
  8. Beast of Chaos New Plastic Centigors New Plastic Jabberslythe (and new warscroll) New Plastic Shaggoth New names characters
  9. Shooting and magic is way too strong, honestly if that was tone down by 30% at least then a lot more armies instantly becomes viable. Maybe GW ins't doing anything too much yet b.c they know 3.0 is around the corner and they already are addressing this. Who knows. But something needs to be done about shooting and magic.
  10. Let each player play what they enjoy, if you both are in love with the same army thats fine.
  11. Before i buy him i'm double checking the price. Just a quick idea for everyone is all if you want him for BoC ally.
  12. I swore it was in a faq but couldn't find. If you have a rule to have a rule take effect on a hit that stops the attack (Example, Scourgerunner Lay the Beast Low; hitting on a 6 stops the attack and instead deals X MW's) but your opponent has a rule that yes re-roll successful hits (like Archaon's The Eye of Sheerian; hits of a 6 needs to be re-rolled). Does the attack still need to be re-rolled? EDIT: Adding warscrolls to easily visualize the rules https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/AoS_Warscrolls/aos_Archaon_eng.pdf https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/AoS_Warsc
  13. No rules out yet, but he is bigger than a Bloodthirster, he also is a unique character and I feel GW is doing the large model treatment to be an iconic centerpiece model making him worth his points.
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