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  1. Hmmm interesting. It would sure dampen Sylvaneth in LC. Usually it's "allegiance" as the key word (two words there) to go by. When that aussie CoS player Simon on the HWG he talked about the same thing. Gotrek right now having a good solid place in LC. I think there is a 6" auto-run ability (tbh I always forget this). Overcome his limitations by having him shoot up halfway the board in one turn.
  2. Very excited. I'm always confused people attack more options and new ways to explore playing a game. If they don't get them right this edition, we know it's only 2 years for a campaign book and 3 years for a new edition. About the length of time for people to maybe consider they should start thinking about painting the dragon they own 😉
  3. oops i probably heard that wrong. Tell me more. What did have? what made it tough? They are universally considered below the worst,.. So went from worst to worster,..
  4. He is a good support addition and the new rules (monster, hero) benefit him. He also incidentally yeah had a cmd ability buff in this edition change. Also Sylvaneth have an endless spell to buff armour so you can increase his save pool to overcome rend with him. having a 2+ with another pip in a save pool and rr 1s makes him a bit tanky and he compliments the Warsong who appears to be an auto-include. I'm not sure how this person placed but they did well in a recent tournament. warsong rev in command, nurtured by magic, chalice of nectar, flaming weapon, ancient, spirit song stave, regrowth, drycha branchwych 3x 5 trevs 3x 3 Sword hunters 6 scythes spitswarm hive glade wyrm
  5. Is the IP change really as heavy handed as all content related is now removed? Social media promotes the sky-is-falling feeling before anyone stops and thinks. i'm also confused why people feel they owned some democratic right to something they pay for as a consumer product (internet included). The democratic right you have is to not buy it.
  6. I heard on the Honest Wargamer a guy went 5-0 with this TBH i'm not sure what he if anything he ambushed unless it was all the shooting. With smaller boards do the Irondrakes work up front? Also with the new Wildwoods it gives a Durthu 3 platforms to teleport around. Yndrasta is good for utility.
  7. Points are sure tight. Oh boy Sisters of the Watch going up and getting a few nerfs sure baffled me. What I think is GW really weighs in on MW output as top tier, and,.. if we are seeing 2+ rr1 saves with a save pool of +2/3 that's not totally unfounded... Are there some reliable benefits for Sisters of the Watch to get a casting bonus on their spell? I think a larger block of EG with some save stacking on it could be good but in a lot of settings getting a spell off on a 7+ with no bonuses in the current meta seems near impossible...
  8. It's both. (I'm in the same boat; even tempted selling off armies to prune down to one). I haven't bothered to play Warhammer 9th ed 40k because it added much more complexity and around End Times Fantasy I wanted to play casually and stopped competitive tournaments from getting so tired of cheaters and poor sports. I think when we got into Warhammer Fantasy Battles, we spent more time reading over rules, practicing games, being immersed and didn't notice the game was pretty hard to get into. Youth has drive that is unparalleled. I also think it's still waaaay easier to get into AoS than older versions. I pretty much have no understanding how my friends and I played 1st ed RT 40k back in the day. Even 2nd ed was pretty ugly. A kid now can start with a few units, even one and get started really fast really easy. What we tend to do is standardize on tournament-style play as the defacto. You can play this game stripped down, as mellow as complicated as you want. When I play random pickup games 90% of them my opponent says "let's just try to kill each other without all the extra rules (like scenery, etc). Even in a mission most people tend to not be strictly focussed on objectives as much as killing the enemy. I would say self-awareness and being up front what you want out of a game is key. I'm going to play my first game soon (picking up BRB and GHB today) and have started trying to organize the game. I was upfront I don't want to play competitive but casual pickup. I don't expect to win and my opponent is proxying his ChDwarfs as,. Greywater fastness? No clue actually. And it doesn't matter. I just want to chuck dice, figure as few things out and work on learning but also not getting so wound up about forgetting most of it. I was playing some Total War Warhammer recently and thought "no game of Warhammer has ever had this much fluffy lore immersion. It's always just come down to rolling dice and removing models". I wish narrative and casual play had more effort so people like us could just ****** around with pitched battles with a forced narrative structure making the game more cinematic over math-like chess manoeuvres.
  9. It's surprising to me no TE players have bothered with AoS 3 yet or posted here?? Sad panda. At any rate I'm thinking along the lines of Wanderers and mixing in a few other things. I think a Beastmage of Ghur (on Griffon) next to a Hurricanum is a good boost for +2 right now and it solves my problem of MSU vs large units for Sisters of the watch behind a larger units of Eternal Guard. Anyone else been playing TE?
  10. I've always liked putting Alarielle in Living City, and she's improved enough she's even more slightly better now stat-wise. However it comes back down to the simple points. She doesn't nothing well and costs a LOT. She doesn't cast as well as a Warsong Revenant, she doesn't have protection as well, and she doesn't fight as well,.. (the last two not specifically the Warsong). I've also always disliked the idea of her sitting back to cast for 740 points (or even 600). TBH I would still just reserve a hurricanum and command point her up the board. Probably try some debuffs to prolong her life. I mean do you think 740 points for a metamorphasis is worth it? A Warsong can do his MW bomb for pretty much the same and bring an Ancient and it still works. I think,.. like a durthu she's just better in Sylvaneth than CoS. However like you I've constantly gone back to trying to get her to work in CoS haha. What a model and what a miss,.. If you do get her working with some success please report back with it. I'm happy to hear about people using her.
  11. I love this list but I don't have hope for it 😉 I think it was dumb you needed 6 Bullgors to get a 2+ for the MWs on the charge,.. it should have just been 2+ on all Warherd. Not like hte Ghorgon getting 2D3 MWs on the charge was going to push BoC to top tier unbeatable.. GW always tosses a small bone to BoC end of Edition and do it completely cluelessly.. I would be keen to see 2 Ghorgons, 2 Cygors, 2 x 6 Bullgors then Gors for chaff actually. I doubt it would work I just miss playing Warherd effectively...
  12. Honest WArgamer Sylvaneth with mathmarshamallowmattmathetmatics or whatever his name is.  Great guy though.  Rob is always fun. I'm halfway through this (coffee break atm) and it's got some good little things to pickup. I'm.... suspecting it's someone here also but I could be wrong.
  13. Hmm okay thanks. I still haven't gotten into GW to pick up my rulebooks and have just been reading the rules and what Chumphammer posted (battle plans etc).
  14. No. This is a hobby based game whether you like it or not. And defining "competitive" to strictly mean your definition is limiting and detrimental to a healthy scene. If you don't like tournaments that allow for paint scores and sportsmanship to be part of the winner feel free to not ruin it for the other players.
  15. If you are playing narrative gaming what is stoping you from using Anvils of Apotheosis with new rules? You aren't playing in a tournament gaming system. I'm confused how this is a huge disappointment and not a minor setback you could talk to your opponents about.
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