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  1. That's true to some degree also but a 4+ and 3+ to hit is significant enough I feel. Paying for rend in a save stacking meta is tricky. Meh, maybe it's just my games.
  2. I paint a lot of classic models from the era of 1987 and 1991. Typical examples are Jes Goodwin slaanesh chaos champions, Wood Elves, Eldar range, Space Ork stuff. The biggest difference I feel is limitations on the medium forced the classics to be very characterful and unique. But they were not as finicky, delicate or detailed (plastic is catching up to hand sculpted/formed). Often I can knock out a classic model really fast and it is very rewarding. It's also fun and rewarding to have an old model rebased and built up for proper size. And it's reuse/reduce/recycle which while arguably infinitesimally negligible it's something I suppose.
  3. Playing games with people who are friendly and having fun. With models i've painted. The game is good. And the honeymoon period is always a trip. Just so much fun for 6-8 months after an edition drops. I'm also excited to learn and discover. Maybe paint a model that's been kicking around I could use now.
  4. Organizers (or at least locally) have a HUGE upfront cost and things cost more than people expect. The last 25 years+ have shown us cheap and convenience wins and people are entitled to free stuff. I would nearly always side with the TO in a price argument since my old best friend was one for a tournament of upwards of 150-200 people.
  5. The Ghorgon hits on 3s (or can be 2s). You can suffer some bad dice dice spiking with Bullgors. I also think a Ghorgon and a Doombull paired up together is a good combo compared to 3 bullgors. Just me, maybe different playstyle. I also historically have had good success pairing a Doombull and Ghorgon in 8th, AoS 1, 2. maybe 3? I want to try it. I use old metal bottom DOs and metal River Troll tops. it's a painful conversion so I onl have 6 done up. Plus these days finding those two models is hard. In older days the models were bad, not good in either army and you could pick them up cheap (as in $5 a model). Then AoS made anything old on eBay listed at stupid insane prices. I recall Hastings on Warseer saying GW held back those models and he knew people would be disappointed when they came out. They are just,.. not good.
  6. So the theme I saw in these armies was MW output and a double-slowing the enemy. The Khorne DP and Shaggoth spell of slowing movement by half. Then MW output by Cockatrices and Chimeras. If you could dump 16 MWs on Alarielle first turn it would 100% ruin that players day/game (not going to happen as Sylvaneth take 1st turn 1-drop). If only I owned more than one cockatrice and chimera
  7. The Cockatrice is the new Jabberslythe from AoS 1 where you saw 2 in every chaos list. There was a beasts of chaos list with 3 chimera's and 5 cockatrices do well (I think). BoC has not good tools but they have incidental MW output in a good manner and in a save stacking meta it's a hilarious counter from a garbage army (I say that with love).
  8. Something about AoS 3. Things that can reliably grind over turns is good. High T/Save is good. I would consider a Hero that has high W count and high save over Qulathis (I have him and man I wish he was better, WW Hero better). A hero/monster combination in some manner is good as it gets 1-2 benefits for free from the rules. TBH at 1k a Treelord would be an interesting choice. Or two. If you have a backup that can heal them reliably (perhaps Gnarlroot, healing?) they would do fine for a cheap ish price for the unit. Warsongs are really good. Kurnoth Hunters are fine but you won't see many in tournament lists compared to hero/monsters.
  9. There is always a 6 month "working out" phase in the edition. No surprised someone built on some ideas (DrOgures as BL, then little else that gives away Broken Ranks) and works to capitalize on unknowns. Happy to see some BoC success Very happy (just wish it was possible with Warherd haha).
  10. They have the best plastic range for wargaming (in a retail outlet) which is their aim. And then they also have bullgors, ... sigh...
  11. Gosh,.. it's depressing that this isn't even strictly a negative sweeping comment. We have that, and because our army sucks so bad the Warband bray-shaman isn't terrible GW is indeed tone deaf. sadly more likely. I wish we had positive things to latch onto.
  12. They are quite good now yes. It was indeed a shocking turnaround from AoS 2. Consider 6 bow hunters. 3 sword hunters cost a lot. Better yet drop the swords and ancient maybe BW to get allarielle in the list if you can. She's never been this good. Warsong does better with chalice too.
  13. The Apps are pretty bad overall. They themselves are negative play experience.
  14. Well,.. i think you (and most) have rose coloured glasses on. When was chaos what you described? I started in 6th. Warriors were trash, in 7th they were unkillable of two death stars (cool but negative game play experience), in 8th they were trash. As far as "old world" no one played 8th ed when it came out. It killed Fantasy. More than AoS because at least AoS in 6 years has brought people back whereas Fantasy killed itself nearly to death. I remember playing in our largest tournament every year from the end of 7th to 8th. One year I was the only local player. People hated the releases, they hated the supplements. I got one Storm of Magic game in. It was fun but people hated it. People who played a lot of 6th and 7th quit. With only 8 posts so far I would guess you are here more to be upset than play AoS and sow seeds of dissent.
  15. We kinda have that in the Herdstone. -1 rend, immune to Bravery, worshiped by the horde. I would love to see Morghur back. Since he is the spirit of chaos and cannot be killed, it would be logical and sensible for GW to bring him back as a large kit. But given,.. N'Kari has been written into both lores, novels, etc and they made uh,.. the hunter keeper,.. Shalaxi? It's anyone's guess....
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