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  1. If you are taking Grashnak for that +1 two Ghorgons get a good payoff on them. I've had a single one eat 20 KO (I can't remember what they were but infantry). I have been wondering about 4 of them screened out with Ungors.
  2. who are you stabbing for the +2 with the Sorceress? I assume the Darkshards? Are they your retinue also? I like the list a lot.
  3. Well it has +2 to charge. If you had cogs (something not a bad idea in Darkwalkers to begin with) it has good odds to make combat if you saved a CP for a reroll (I can't recall but you probably need a hero nearby?) I just don't think it should be 240 points and 200 points of Ungors is a better value.
  4. There has been no word of GHB2020 which is worrisome. Granted taking a bit of a pause on worrying is smart these days. Be calm. On Measured Gaming Joel McGrath just ran Darkwalkers ( a army I've played in the past a bit and quite like(. and to give you a couple TL;DR Joel is a better player than his opponent, the game hinged on the first turn of KO shooting doing nothing and Joel getting the double turn is what gave him the win. I also think I would probably load up on Ungors still. at least 60-80. I agree with you about BoC monsters coming down. I randomly rolled up some Chimera rolls the other night and boy,.. 240 points of swingy. Last time I summoned one it killed 19 ghouls. That was lucky. Cause the time before that I forgot the shooting attack, my rolls were bad and it died in combat. I see no reason to take one. In Gavespawn you could stack attacks but....
  5. Well 1 x 6 Swords vs 1x 3 Scythes is a backwards configuration (feel free to argue swords vs scythes again, and I'll ignore my findings and just quote some UK masters). You could run the spites a 3x5 in the Outcast battalion. 20 spites on their own are just.. lots of attacks. It isn't like you're getting the benefit of 40 Ungors in Slaanesh with 3 exploding hits or Beasts of Chaos and multiple stacks of rend and spamming +1A command ability. Seraphon are top dog and Sylvaneth are arguably bottom. AoS coach interviewed Hugh Laurie (spelling?) and he went into detail about the Dreadwood build and some key things in the book to be aware of in the book that helps (the Places of Power rule, or whatever it's called for immune to Battleshock) @scrubyandwells just did a good interview with Warhammer Weekly and they talked about the struggles of the book. Good listen, he's a good and smart guest, knowledgeable but if timing were an issue or well,.. I would just start with the Hugh Laurie interview on AoS coach first. I would almost argue it's recommended "reading" for anyone who wants to get serious about Sylvaneth as a competitive army.
  6. The Arch-Rev can only buff one unit if you take them in two as far as i know (no book on hand). If you were taking two units of 3 take them as Swords and don't take the Arch Rev.. If you were looking for a hammer unit take them as Scythes. Also keep in mind they are always within range of a Sylvaneth hero so the Arch Rev can hide while they get the +1A command ability buff.
  7. Yeah not a bad idea. It gets tricky as if you are making non-casters, able to cast spells you could lose the trait or item. I don't have my book near me but when glancing it seemed like a balance trick. Also I don't know what a Lord Arcanum is or does, i'm an old school WE player haha. I realized he maybe is a mtd caster?
  8. The idea was keeping up with them for the +1A spell but that puts her in a big threat range since she'll only have a 4+ save first turn and 5+ afterwards.
  9. I'm a big fan too. I ran mine in Slaanesh, not BoC. how are you running yours? I think they are good, and have merit.
  10. I think when GHB 2020 comes out Drakespawn and Scourgerunner points will swap. So I wouldn't rush into buying chariots just yet. It could end up coming out within a couple months. Sorry to be a downer.
  11. Ugh yeah sorry. I have 2 young kids so my brain is mush regarding details for channel names, etc. the other was Honest Wargamer. @Maddpainting I tried a spam unit list with the Nurgle Battalion before lockdown (lacked mages which was dumb),.. I think it was double all herd desolating? I was thinking of trying your style list (spam MSU Ungors, Bestigors) in the Nurgle Battalion. Is there a different reason for using Depraved Drove other than it's just cheap and can get all the heroes into the one drop?
  12. Nothing lives long. I think that's the point of Ungors. I'm sloooowly learning to stop trying to max combat efficacy and go for just "you have to do 180 wounds to wipe me out." style of play. (I was playing a lot of Warherd in AoS 1). If anyone heard Joel McGrath's interview on a couple podcasts recently (Honest Wargamer and AoS Coach I think?) he echoes the same sentiments as @Maddpainting. Bestigors, Gavespawn, Ungors. Ungors are there to score objectives and die as slow as you can make them. If no one heard them (I do recommend them) a couple points I took away was "If playing a friendly game and want to learn BoC more, don't charge with BoC unless you are charging to get onto an objective." This forces you to play in the movement phase and strictly look at objective scoring and table control. Last game I played my opponent pointed out I should have just used my crappy 10-man ungors to wrap his heroes (it was the hero objective mission) and force him to kill them off for a turn or two instead of charge them at the heroes (I had mistakenly thought at the time his ghoul infantry heroes could fly). Another neat tactic was ambush a spawn and Bestigor unit and try to max the command points to dump attacks on a disruption that will die in a turn anyway. See what they can take down. I'm pretty keen to get back at BoC once games around here start up again.
  13. I was chatting yesterday about Tempest Eye Dark Aelves. I"m sure it's been mentioned before but in light of the recent DE chat. With a Beast Mage, Cogs, Sorceress on a Black Dragon, in TE you can get a block of 30 Executioners really far. REALLY far. I also would look first about the Sorceress on Black Dragon for the +1 A spell. Move, Run, a few stacks of run bonuses, charge with charge bonuses,. I haven't thinkered (portmanteau intended) with it in a list but an Aetherguard Captain and Zephyrite Banner. Beasts Mage casts his spell(+1 from Hurricanum which is supporting the 40-60 SotW ), Sorceress stabs for +2 for cogs (making it harder to dispel). Best thing is you get to cast the spells before you move your unit. You just need to ensure you have the command points for the run and charge and maybe pocket one for ignoring Bravery Tests. 3" move (TE), 6" move, D6 run, +1 (TE) +1 (musician), +2(beasts) + 2D6 Charge (rr, avg 7-9 reasonably), +2 (cogs), +2 (beasts) +1 (musician), +1 (trait). 19" of move before you add in a run and charges which could easily add 10+" more. Even without fly they can blanket deployment zone. They get a lot of bonuses and why choose Executioners over Black Guard? MW output is pretty handy (ask any LC player who uses Sisters of the Watch) and I've noticed today on WarCom Lumineth can ignore Rend -1. The Executioners will also have a 3+ save first round. Nothing to shake a stick at. If only the Sisters of the Thorn spell wasn't keyworded to Wanderer. Just what I'm planning to run when games start up again.
  14. For those who missed the talk about Alarielle.
  15. I'll never get over the mixed army. I like classic WE so much. Granted, my list I posted had no Sylvaneth 😉 I also think it's good for there to be a discussion because if I'm thinking about it, others did before and more will come after asking about Dryad summoning in LC. A good discussion is valid. I wouldn't worry about that. I have the 4th ed WE dragon which will be my Dreadlord dragon and then the Sister's 6th ed WE dragon which I'm using for a sorceress (same model they changed the tail spike and added vines and spites). I'm making sure the base size matches. I've played against people using the metal DE dragon on a 50 mm square. Sure it changed a few things but overall I would rather people play and slowly convert over their armies than just not play cause of tournament restrictions. I found this guy in my bitz box and needed a break painting last night. I think I'll run him as an Annointed. Takes 20 Rend - wounds to kill him and he has dispel abilities that are handy. in LC he can camp for quite a while in that hero scenario. I might do some freehand flames or a phoenix on his cloak tonight.
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