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  1. Cursed city skeletons are easy to build models. Standard ones are a kind of modelling nightmare, with a lot of tiiny parts to glue together. I hated them
  2. Yes, in my opinion they gave the best flexibility in moving and deployment
  3. Zombie dragon conversion is awsome! How did you build It? Is It The seraphon realmshaper engine?
  4. Thank you guys, some interesting inputs to consider. I 'd avoid skeletons and zombies, too slow and not exactly fitting my theme. But I could consider some dire wolves, and even Belladamma Volga, but .. I really dislike this Vykros/Old Russian Theme. I was considering a large base, with the new female vampire lord (the bats/red hairs one) and a couple of wolves. It could be a nice model. And vargheists and dire bats are also interesting. How many of them? unit of 3 or 6 to be efficient?
  5. Dear undead friends, need advice. I'd like a Kastelai Dinasty themed army. What I have right now is: Prince Vhordrai (mandatory) 455 pts Vengorian Lord (I like the model, but we can talk about it) 280 pts Coven Throne (we also can talk about this, I don't even like the model.. or better, I'd like to build something more Kastelai themed, but no ideas at all) 310 pts 3 x 5 blood knights (mandatory) 585 pts. Total 1.630 pts. I'd like to arrive to a 2000 pts list, question is: anything to modify? And what else? More blood knights? Dire wolves? Fell Bats? Any suggestion would be really appreciated
  6. I have almost 250 zombies on a shelf waiting to rise, only 60 Painted.. seriously thinking of painting the others! I love new models
  7. Ok, this will be mine. Time to start a new army, my undead friends!
  8. Wow EnixLHQ, you made a really great work!! In my opinion, something a nighthaunt player can’t go withouth. Really thank you for sharing!
  9. Chaos knights seems too bulky to me, specially when compared to vampire lords of gw range (that look like younger brothers..). I would ho for drakespawn knights, or dark riders. I also saw a nice conversion from demigryph. All these models would probably fit well with beautiful Puppetswar resin vampire heads, and with gw von carstein resin gw conversion kit (shields and stendard). I would also suggest stendard from grave guard kit.
  10. The cover throne is beautiful, there is genious in this work!
  11. You know I’m a big fan of your list, I can’t wait to see how will it go during the competition 😎. Have a ghostly CanCon!!
  12. What do you think about the following list? Neferata 340 pts Vampire Lord on zombie dragon 440 pts vampire lord 140 pts 10 Chainrasps 80 10 chainrasps 80 40 chainrasps 280 pts 20 grimghast reapers 320 20 grimghast reapers 320. It should be exactly 2000 pts. Everything is fast, flyer and summonable. I would like to find points for a command point and some endless spells, but I don’t know where. And sadly no blood knights
  13. Charlo, your lists are always a great source of inspiration, and a reminder for me that this game is not only top tiers lists , all the same. It’s also fun, background, and for an old nostalgic vampire like me choices in soulblights are not so limited as I thought. Thank you!
  14. EnixLHQ, great battle report, thank you for sharing. Did you understand what could be our answer to shooting armies?
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