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  1. We'll definitely need something built in to help with objectives, which I imagine will be alligence related, but hopefull we'll get some cool sub-factions too in order to provide variety.
  2. I definitely hope they will have an after save or - to wound to up the survivability just trying to temper my expectations. Attacks wise I was definately a bit miserly, but I do think it'll be more attacks rather than more rend. But that's pure guess work. I just hope they have decent alligence abilities, so their is some motivation to have a pure force. Not some Gloomspite Gitz "+1 to hit if it's a Thursday afternoon and your opponent has a ponytail' nonsense.
  3. I'd be surprised if they have allot of -3 rend or 4+ saves. My guess 20-25ish wounds, 5+ save and maybe an after save. 10-12 move (starting). 6 4+/3+ rend -1 attacks, d6 damage.
  4. I don't think they miss out much as most of the buffs are wasted on them (don't need bonus to hit and +Save is a waste). Teef ruk is interesting as it gets rid of the high drops of MSU, but as you say encourages clumping and does mean even less points for support and screening units.
  5. I use 8 regularly and find them very effective at that number. Especially good in Drakkfoot where they just demolish a lot of the best combat units in the game (Meduci, Healthguard, Grimghast, Bonereapers etc etc) as well as being even more effective against those monsters with shrug saves. I usually run them as 2 units of four but if your going with lots I'd be temped to go for MSU (multiple small units) to help with survivability.
  6. I may have been half asleep and picked up last year's πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
  7. Just noticed that the GHB 2020 list Bonegrin/Icebone/Drakfoot Warclans as battalions. Does anyone know where these rules are? I've never seen them.
  8. I don't think so. Reroll to cast/dispell is really powerful, as is a 12" move hero. Throw in a solid built-in spell and 120 feels a bit cheap.
  9. Sooo, looks like Weird-nob is going up 20 points but no other changes for Bonesplitters. Seems fair (the re-rolls to cast and dispel, and 12' move are great) but pushes my 2000 list to 2020 just as I'm finishing the last few models!!!
  10. Thanks for the responses all, lots to think about. I need to start experimenting with the Battalions as some starting CPs and lower drop count would help. They just all feel such bad value!
  11. Anyone got any thoughts/advice against Bonereapers, especially Petraphex with Bone Splitters? Playing them later in the week and think I'll struggle with their armour saves.
  12. I agree with most of that but Guant Summoner and Manticore Sorcerer options are fine the way they are, if anything Guant Summoner could go up a bit. In my mind Chaos Warriors are the unit most in need of a price drop, say 80 points for 5 and possibly a horde discount on top of that. Also Marauders should go up slightly.
  13. Thanks. 😁 Fenrisian Wolves from 40k.
  14. Just finished my first 5 wolf rider conversations, not a fan of the pigs. Any thoughts on the best tattoo colours to compliment the ice theme? Also anyone got tip or technics for painting tattoos. Always struggled. On a unrelated note, how dependant on command points to people find Bonesplitters. I know we have no killer abilities but battleshock feels like a potential big problem. Trying to figure out if one a turn is enough or do I really need to supplement them with battalions etc.
  15. It is, you are right. No matter how far you can pile in or be selected to fight from, in order to select the unit to fight for the second time (using the Varanguard ability or Chaos Lord Command Trait) you need to be within 3" of an enemy before piling in (for the second time), so often quite easy for a decent opponent to take causalities to deny the second attack. Both abilities are crystal clear that they need to be within 3" to be selected for a second time and there aren't any abilities, traits or artefacts that effect those specific rules. Grasping plate does let you run/retreat to a position over 3" away then pile in and attack (for the first time) without charging, which is great.
  16. For single monsters, yes, but I'm thinking of Deathstars, so 3+ Monsters clustered togehter, 20 Hearthguard, 20 Medusai etc. They are fragile, but not ridiculously so and my hope would be against any but very shooting heavy lists we can protect them with screening.
  17. Anyone have much experience with big units of Big Stabbas? Feels like they would be great for breaking deathstars, especially in Drakkfoot, but don't see then in list more than the odd unit of two or four.
  18. I used Sisters of the Thorn with Claws instead of the non-shield hand and Wych heads (I used the Wychs bodies with Daemonette heads for Daemonettes). Looks good as they are all similar scale models and the Stags have some great poses.
  19. My worry with this list is that you don't have a lot of wounds (for Bonesplitters), you have lots of heros and Stabbas/Maniacs are our most fragile units (point for point) so I think you'll struggle late game. Personally I'd think about dropping a Wardoc and one unit of Maniacs for 30 Arrow Boys or 20 Arrow boys and 10 Maniacs on foot. Gives you a chunk more wounds, a shooting option for units that really need softening up before you engage them and a unit or two that is happy to hold back and sit on objectives.
  20. Hey All, Anyone have much experience running Drakkfoot? I'm tempted to give them a go, mainly because I hate Hearthguard Bezerkers with a passion, but worry the ability is only useful against a handful of other armies.
  21. I think your miss understanding the word consistent. Which means likely to produce the same result repeatedly. I talked about total chance of doing damage rather than chance of hitting etc, to simplify the argument. I will try another example: Unit 1 has an ability that automatically does one mortal wound every combat phase. It is perfectly consistent, always 1 mortal wound. Unit two has an ability to cause d6 mortal wounds, but only if you roll a 4+ first (so works 50% of the time). Less consistent (only works half the time) but much higher average damage (average 1.75 mortal wounds a turn). If you know you only need to do one wound say to kill a character) unit one is better as it is more consistent but in many situations unit two is better as it averages a better damage output.
  22. Nope, E.g.: If one attack does 5 damage 50% of the time (and none the rest of the time), and another does 50 damage 10% of the time (and none the rest of the time). The first attack is more consistent (more likely to cause some damage) but the second is much better on average (average 2.5 damage for first attach Vs average 5 damage for second attack) .
  23. No reroll from Sorcerer Lord, it can only target mortals.
  24. On an unrelated note have people played with Javlin horsemen much? Seem solid on paper once the unit has 10+ models they are throwing out 3+/3+/-1 shooting which is not to be sneezed at!
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