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  1. The command ability 'The Shadow Legion' uses the Daemonettes keyword (in bold, thus keyword not unit name), so seekers and seeker chariots are fair game.
  2. So, played against Beast of Chaos last night with the above list. Total Commitment, 2k. His list was roughly I must say I was surprised at how well the list played. Belakors command ability is just amazing, the fact you can do in your opponent's turn and you have icons for getting more back means even Slannesh units become surprisingly good at attrition. Over the course of the game I brought back 15 seekers, 20 Daemonettes and 5 Pink horrors. I didn't manage to summon a single unit, but in the end didn't need it as the Seekers, Soul Grinders and Epitomie just tore through his list. Having lots of fast units meant I could quickly engage almost all his units around the board and stop him focus firing to finish off my units before they got healed back up. The Epitome was definitely star of the show, rerolled casts/unbinding, Overwelming Aquiessence, Horrible Fascination and great damage output from the fourfold blade. Such a great toolkit to have available.
  3. As it stands, no. Legion of Chaos Assendent is a new allegiance, so can only use allegiance specific battalions (the four in the Wrath book). Hopefully they will FAQ is so we can and the Legion battalions can be used in the god specific allegiances.
  4. Going to be rocking the Legion of The First Prince tonight. Mostly trying stuff out, so don't expect it to be hugely competitive: Be'lakor- General, Bolt of Ruin Contorted Epitomie- fourfold blade, Echo of Hatred The Masque 2 * 10 Daemonettes 10 Pink Horrors 4*5 Seekers 2 Soul Grinders Host of the Deprived (all Slannesh units). I'm hoping the Seekers will be able to pull a lot of weight between the battalion bonus, two strike after death spells and Be'lakors awesome command trait returning models in both players turns! The Soul Grinder don't fit with the list very well, but they have just been build, so I want to get them on the battlefield. Battle report coming tomorrow.
  5. Ok, putting together my first list. Using a combination of Tzeetch and Slannesh. Mainly because I love the Slannesh Battalion and feel Tzeentch compliments it well. Legion of the First Prince Be'lakor- General The Contorted Epitome- Fourfold Blade Keeper of Secrets- Armour of the Pact Fateskimmer 10 Daemonettes 10 Daemonettes 10 Pink Horrors 5 Seekers * 4 Host of the Depraved (all Slaanesh units) Wheels of Excrutiation Feels like Seekers will be hard to deal with, 6 3+/3+ attacks each when charging with Soulhunters active, two spells that make them fight on death and a command ability that brings them back! Epitome has a lot of synergies being the best summoner available to us (although can't summon horrors how are obviously the best summonable). 9 attacks with 4 foul blade and the strike last ability. Keeper feels reasonably tanky with reroll to save, 6++ and probably the hand to regenerate wounds. Only 4 drops too. Thoughts/comments welcome
  6. Just came back from the UK Throne of Skulls and went 5-1 with my firebelly underguts. It was escalating with 3 1k ME then 3 full 2k pitched battles. Went 2-1 in the meeting engagements, only losing out to Petrifex and 3-0 in the pitched battles. Finished 2nd on tournament points but slipping out of the podium after favourite army and game votes. 2k list ME list Had a blast, Ogors feel like they are in such a great place at the moment being both competitive and fun. I'll do a writeup of the games when I get time/energy but thought I'd share some reflections while I remember. -If you can keep your opponent distracted Ironguts are absolute machines. With everyone worrying about the shooting and Forst (fire) lord they wrecked face in each of the 2k games. Only unit that beat them in combat was 20 Heathguard Bezerkers (who were also tanking the forst-lord at the time) but that was maining due to the dwarves passing 20 out of 24 4+ shrug saves. -Meeting Engagement is hard if your not bringing the monsters. With our only good shooting going in rearguard and no fancy movement tricks, I struggled to bring much damage to bear withing the 4 turns. I only went 2-1 thanks to advantageous pairings and some good priority rolls. -Iron-blasters are a great jack-of-all trades units. For 120 points they can tank, screen, shoot and even beat up non-combat units. Tempted to include them outside underguts as they spend most of the weekend shooting scattershots anyway.
  7. Combos amazingly with Marauders. 20 or 40, deploy as a screen in front of your army, then depending on how your opponent deploys either leave them there or pull them off the board for first turn guaranteed charge. Also great for protecting keepers from first turn shooting.
  8. I think Yhetees are actually in a decent place right now. The 6" pile in is massive, means you can retreat/run and still engage (don't have to charge). Move 9" with run and charge is nice. -1 to hit can but combined with Firebelly's Ash Clould, Butchers Greasy Deluge and Germinds. Being able to summon back dead models is always good. If the models weren't so dam ugly I'd be temped to try and build a list around them.
  9. Bah, your right. Forgot it needed Slaves as well as mortal.
  10. Another game on Tuesday and more success for the underguts. My list was the same as last time: (Tyrant, Firebelly, FLoSH, 4 Ironguts, 4,4,2,2 lead belchers, 4 Ironblasters, Tyrants Gutguard) My opponent has Pretrafex Bonereapers: Archon, Leige Karako, Soulmason, 20,10,10 Mortek Guard, 3 Immortis, 3 Stalkers, Crawler, 2 endless spells and the Mortek Battalion). The mission was Three places of power. I deployed in what’s becoming my standard setup, Ironblastser, Tyrant and Guts on one flank (near the Pot), Frostlord on the other and lead belchers covering gaps (and keeping to cover to minimise Crawler damage). His deployment was more castled up with the heros keeping close to the Immortis guard. He took first turn (in retrospect I think this was a mistake) advanced towards the objectives and laid a massive amount of spell buffs on his army. Literally every spell succeeded leaving the 20 Mortek unit massively buffed (including mystic shield and 5+ mortal wound save). The Crawler took out one Lead Belcher). Archo took the central objective screened by 10 Guard. My turn, he unbound the Ash Cloud with Archon then I push everything towards the centre of his army, with the plan to shoot the Blasters at Archon (3+ to hit, yay but knowing the imortis would take most of the wounds) and concentrate everything else on cutting down number of Mortis Guard on the field. I the Frost Lord did a great job this round with the Blast Keg killing 5 of the big unit of mortis guard (despite 5+ save), his charing killing 3 more from another unit, metal cruncher taking 5 more and poor rolling attacks doing just enough to finish off the last two (15 petratrex Mortek guard in one turn, nice!). The Ironblasters through 14 wounds onto Archon which wiped out the Immortis guard through redirected wounds. The combination of lots of charges and the Ironguts attacks crippled the big unit of Mortek (3 left at the end of the turn) while I only lost an Ironblaster (screening out the Stalkers from hitting Juicy targets) and a smattering of wounds on other units. The Tyrant failed his charge so I didn’t claim any objectives but with the Immortis and over half of the guard dead, I was feeling good. He won priority and had to take the turn (or I would have shot my units out of combat and charged his heros/crawler). This magic stung with the Frost lord losing 7 wounds and him dolling out rerolls like candy. Archon moved objectives to stay away from the bulk of my forces. His one full unit of Guard moved forward to try and finish off the Frost Lord. His Leigh moved around the main battlelines to help out the Stalkers and remains of the large Guard unit but ended up fluffing the 6” charge to engage (and take the objective). In went the Guard to the Frost Lord but metal chomper rolled a hot 6 again and gutted them before they could strike, leaving 4 as easy pickings for the Lord. In the main melee the Stalkers chomped through another Iron-blastser but couldn’t get to the Ironguts who lost a model to the Crawler’s shooting but still finished off the large unit of Mortek. My turn and with all the Mortek and Immortis dead, his heros exposed, and my army virtually unscathed it was basically a cleaning up job. Forst lord and 5 lead belchers took out Archon, the rest of the Lead belchers engaged his Mason and Crawler, and the, 2 blasters, Tyrant and Guts finished off the Leigh and Stalkers. End of turn two he just had the caster and crawler left, so called it. Lessons learner: -Fateseeker bigname feels like a waste on the Tyrant. Between the distraction of the Frostlord and Gutguard he’s only taken 3 wounds in 5 games. Might replace it with Longstrider or Giantbreaker. -The ability to do lots of little packages of damage in shooting, charging and combat is a massive advantage. Give s you such flexibility to engage enemy units in the way that avoids their strength (e.g. no reroll saves from shooting for Mortek) and means that damage is almost never wasted overkilling units. -Petrafex aren’t that scary if your packing enough rend and mortal wound output
  11. All good points, I completely agree that Chosen are great. I think most people avoid them because of the old and terrible models: conversion time! The War-shire is also great if your fielding a lot of mortals, Don't forget that even a marked one can use any of the Prays. So 3+ to give any mortal unit re-roll hit and wounds! Tempted to try a 10 model unit of hellstriders with it, once Soul hunters kick it their damage output gets crazy (for a 200 point unit). If your that way inclined the Syll Host battalion is also solid (makes the prays work on 2+).
  12. Yes to all this and the near universal -1 to hit in combat and plenty of ways to drop even more to hit modifiers. Also, as only some of the models are on the board they have build in protection against any horde control spells that rely on number of models in the target unit. No small thing since lots of the newer tombs have a 'roll a dice for each model in the target unit' type spells.
  13. Currently running this: Tyrant: general, trophy rack, fateseeker Frost Lord on Stone horn: blast keg, metal cruncher Firebelly: Ash Cloud 4 Ironguts 2* 4 lead Belchers 2 * 2 lead Belchers 4 Ironblasters Tyrants gut guard. Did a few short battle reps a few pages back.
  14. On a 120 point unit, 3 extra 2 damage attacks and 6 1 rend shots (all 3+/3+) is a massive difference. Also means it's often worth charging them in to get the bonus mortal wound and more damage on Rhinox. Changes it to a dual purpose unit, more so with a few of them. Screening scrap launchers is all fine but then your investing even more points in a pure shooting unit ( that isn't great). I do agree that Iron Blasters are indifferent outside Underguts, but scrap launchers still seem worse to me. Personally I am getting a lot of mileage out of Underguts (10 games unbeaten so far), it's not a gun line through it's a mobile melee army with a shooting threat that's hard to ignore or mitigate. Multiple small units of lead belchhers are particularly nasty.
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