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  1. So, Yes your right 18.5 on the spears (when re-rolling). I calculated it the same way but obviously make an error. Although that still only means 11.3% overall damage increase for enlightened on disks (well slightly lower but I'm ignoring the beak damage) or the damage of 31.6 points (280 * 0.113, assuming unit of 6 enlightened) worth of enlightened (which doesn't provide any extra wounds but also doesn't increase footprint). The point about negating -1 to hit is a good one, and increases the bonus to 50% extra spear damage or 30.6% overall increase in damage. My local meta I don't see a huge amount of minus to hit modifiers, but it definitely should be considered depending on where you play. My point isn't that Tzaangor Shaman are trash, they do give you a very fast caster hero (great for some missions) and a decent buff but I would hardly call them mandatory when your playing 180 points for a 6 wound model who is hard to hide out of LoS.
  2. Been hearing this allot and it's not reflected my experiences, so I did the maths: When re-rolling, you get an average increase of only 13.9% damage from the spears (, which means only 8.5% increase in damage done by a unit of 6 on disks (assuming all spears and disk in range). Without rerolls the impact is greater with 33% increase in damage from the spears, meaning 20% increase for 6 enlightened on disks (again assuming all in range). But since you want to get those rerolls 90% of the time, this number is less important. So all in all the damage increase is modest unless your talking enlightened on foot who aren't getting the rerolls. Definitely nice to have, but for a 180 point squishy model, not worth it if the bonus damage for a unit of enlightened is the main reason to taking it.
  3. Yeah, not going to play 4 in the same force as the Cygors and Raiders. See 3-4 as a good option for an otherwise combat focused force to make sure you can snipe support characters and grass cannon units that you don't want to go toe to toe with.
  4. I have just converted up two Cockatrices to try a similar plan. To make it more interesting I am going to have 2 Cygors, 2 Cockatrices and a block of ungor raiders. I imagine 3-4 Cockatrices is more efficient, so might convert up another two to try them out on mass.
  5. since you're pilling in after the enemy has attacked you can happily get all your attacks in range. Also, if it's a decent sized unit or enlightened chances are you'll wipe them out, so no need to worry about the next combat phase
  6. The +1 helps sure, but I have never found it necessary, there are few units they won't auto kill when they have the rerolls on. If nessary you can pop a command point with a summoned spawn to up the damage output but I've usually found that to be overkill. Worth saying those enlightened are on disks, so will likely a Tz shaman will only be able to buff 1 unit at a time.
  7. I've been thinking about what are best hard core competitive build is at 2k and come up with the following Great bray Shaman *3 300 3 * 6 Enlightened 840 8 * 5 Centigor 640 3 * 10 Ungor 180 Germids 40 So 3 killer hammer units, 3 casts/dispells a game and lots of wounds (197). Obviously dependant on the Enlightened to do the heavy lifting in terms of killing stuff but the Centigors can keep up and protect then. 17 drops, so won't get choice of turn one very often (ever) but with lots of screens and massive charge range it should be happy going first or second. I'd probably got for Grave Spawn for the free spawns and command ability. Only major weakness is low hero count, so might have to play quite defensively with them. Could possibly drop one/two units of centigors for a Beastlord and/or another shammy, but love the object claiming potential of 40 lightening fast goats. Any thoughts or ideas for your own 'killer' build?
  8. Yes, I think I'll have to really pay attention during deployment. I'd drop my Dragon Orgors and Centigors first, so by the time I have to make a choice on ambushing I will know if I have first turn and the extent to which my opponent is trying to Zone out my Ambush. The home is that that if my opponent is spread out then I can ambush the ranged units turn one and combine them with the Dragon Ogors to carve out space for the Bestigors. Also, as you say Savage encirclement reduces the risk of ambush being completely blocked (units can always ambush near my herd stone shammy and go straight for encirclement. In theory anyway, will hopefully try it out next week.
  9. Soooo, being thinking of trying out a Desolating Beastherd for a change and came up with the following 2k Dusk Walkers list: 6 Dragon Orgors (4 Crushers, 2 Glaives) 6 Dragon Orgors (4 Crushers, 2 Glaives) 5 Centigors 5 Centigors Desolating Beastherd (containing all of the following Beastlord with Volcanic Axe Shaman General Shaman with trash duskwalker artifact. 30 Bestigors 30 Ungor Raiders 10 Ungor 1 Chariot 1 Cygor Idea is simple, Dragon Ogors, Centigor, one shaman and the regular Ungor deploy while everything else ambushes. Mostly I will want the Beastigors to come on with a shaman and the beastlord, while the Cygor hangs with the raiders to focus on taking out support. Anyone tried anything like this out? Any thoughts on optimising it (except removing the Cygor, unreliable but can't wait to try and headshot some wizards (two hits on 6s, yum yum yum).
  10. Horn and bull are solid in the right list. The flock are a bit situational for me. Not any good against death or demons.
  11. Hey all, Just went 4-1 at the Warhammer World Throne of Skulls event with my Phantasmagora of Tzeentch gravespawn list. Only loss was by one victory point against skaven with all the tricks (plague monks, warp lightening cannons, Warpseer, warp lightening storm...), which would have been a victory if we'd had time to play 4th turn. My list: Dragon Orgor Shaggoth (general, Hailstorm, Horn of the Tempest) Beastlord: Mutating Gnarl-Blade Great Bray Shaman (Vicous Stranglethorns) 2 * 6 Dragon Orgors (each with 4 Crushers and 2 Glaives) 2* 5 Centigors 10 Centigors 6 Enlightened on Disks 10 Ungors 10 Ungor Raiders 10 Bestigors All in part of the Battalion for a one drop army. General things I learnt: 1) Beasts of Chaos can absolutely compete with some of the best lists out their. I play against several strong lists I was worried about (Skaven, Grimgast Reapers, Ariel) and never felt I my list wasn't strong enough. Grislegor and Eel list might change my mind 2) Centigors are AMAZING, 80 points for a super fast, 10 wound unit with 4+ saves in combat and decent attacks is just too good to be true. No objective is safe if you have a unit of these sitting near a Shaman and waiting to unleash a 30"+ charge across the battlefield (14" + 3" + D6" + 1" + 2D6"). 3) Horn of the Tempest is surprisingly good (if you running lots of Dragon Ogors), with this fast core to my force I could easily outflank almost any opponent. Combine brilliantly with Enlightened on disks: Ogors hold the unit in place, Tzaangor hit the flank and unleast the pain. 4) Phantasmagora of Tzeentch is surprisingly good, sometimes. Obviously one dropping is great (and won me several games) but having a massive quantity of unbinds is actually really useful against some opponents, I'm looking at you skaven. The only unit that didn't really pull it's weigh was the Bestigors, who generally Ambushed (alone), failed the charge then got taken out by incidental wounds and missile fire. They definitively need more support to be worth while as an ambush force, might be worth the beast lord going with them in future, but never tried this out.
  12. The FAQ makes an important clarification. Tzaangors are not Battleline in a BoC army without a Tzaangor Shaman, but ARE battleline in an other army regardless of who the general is (only really matter in DoT or Grand Alliance forces).
  13. Anyone had any joy with Cygors? I'm thinking of putting together a Darkwalkers list with desolating beast-herd battalion and wonder if a Cygor might actually work. Thinking of mainly using it as a mobile wizard sniper. 4+ to hit is a bit ****** but with the reroll against wizards and two hits on 6s, I recon it might well be a nasty surprise for my opponent if a little unreliable. Surely 80%+ of list have some sort of wizard, especially given that Overlords and Fyre Slayers aren't very popular at the moment (Khorne will soon bit a different story).
  14. Watching a Doom and Darkness vid the other day and saw a DoT list with a Great Bray Shaman (from Beast of Chaos book), but can't see how that would be legal (wasn't playing the Fantasmagora of Fate battalion), DoT can't ally with Brayherd and the Shaman can't have the Tzeentch Keyword (without the battalion). Am I missing something or was the list illegal? Would love to have that movement boost for Tzaangors and cheap caster, but not so much to get a full 200 point battalion for it.
  15. True, but even at 680, 183 wounds from one turn of combat is just rude. On the dual blades Vs blades and staves, I think the main considerations are 1) how big your units are and 2) how many Plague Furnaces your running. big units and those supported with Furnaces are going to do better with Staves, small/unsupported units are better with dual blades. This aside I think the main issue pure Clan Pestilence list are facing is getting around the board and putting early pressure on opponents. Gnaw wholes help a bit and Veminlords are obviously much faster than anything else we have, but other than that what tricks to we have to stop being out manoeuvred? -Filling the board with bodies is a solution of sorts (5+ units of 40 plague monks), but pushing 200+ models around isn't my idea of fun. -Plague Catapults give us an option of early pressure, but feel over priced compared to our other options and become really bad against any opponent without units with 10+ models. -Magic is another option, but we rely on a master-clan general and the Verminlord as only source of casting. I think Warp Lightening Vortex is a great way to 'encourage' enemies to come out of their deployment zone. I wonder if it's worth going for Thanquil as general and stilling him next to a Gnaw hole turn one for +3 to cast it. and a solid centrepiece for the army (Master of Magic Verminlord is a cheaper option with +2 to cast). Thoughts?
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