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  1. 2.0 or 3.0. The new edition is changing a lot of things: you now pile in to the closest unit rather than closest model and coherency is more restrictive for units over 5 models strong.
  2. Ability to take a mount trait (but cheaper than FLoST) is the only thing I can think of.
  3. I do think we're in a word place right now, lots of the changes feel like they hurt us, but we got off lightly with points and the meta moving to more monsters will definitely benefit us. I think Wardocs with curse is potentially a game changer for us, just wish it was possible to improve the roll to better than 4+. I do feel like Rogue Idols and/or Big Stabbas will become basically essential to get some rend with all the +1sv around now. Mercenary SoB could be a good call too, anything to get some rend to deal with those good save non-monster units.
  4. Yeah, I'm probably over-reacting as I LOVE gatebreakers, so the fact that there is only one efficient way to take more than one (2 Breakers, 2 Stompers) is a bit frustrating. 3 Breakers and 2 Mancrushers (or 2 Breakers, 5 Crushers) is possible but feels like your hamstringing yourself with a massively under point army.
  5. So been considering the new points cost and after initial annoyance at the 525 Gatebreakers have come to accept that we've gone up massively in power level and more restrictive list building is the price we pay (not having to take Mancrushers is an interesting twist though). Annoying that Two Gatebreakers and a Krakeneater isn't a realistic option anymore (loses an entire Maneater), as I feel it was our best build. Might thoughts on possible good builds: In your face, smashy list. Feels like the best for raw power but lacks tactical options: 2 Gatebreakers + 2 Warstompers: Gat
  6. What I really want to know is what is happening to Sons of Behemat points. A 10% price hike would absolutely kill them (could only fit 2 Megas in 2k) but if everyone else gets hiked and they don't (along with basically every new rule benefiting them) they will go up massively in power level. Interesting times.
  7. I've been thinking about this army since SoB came out, but now finally got my finger out and started converting it. I bring you the first stages of the Sons of Gorkamorka. The concept is simple, the more Orruks fight the bigger they get and boy do they love to fight. Do eventually some Orruks are going to get to gigantic proportions. Only got 1 mega and 3 mancrushas WIP at the moment as I'm waiting for the GHB to drop before investing in more models (points changes could have a massive influence on what a 2k SoB army looks like). Planning on taking my time with these, lots of green stuff
  8. That's a shame, one of the things I like least about 2nd Ed is that one play knows they will have the choice of first turn, soooo powerful. Thanks for clarifying!
  9. Thanks for posting, but what does 'Priority' mean in 3.0: going first or choosing who goes first?
  10. Also, have you seen the new generic spells Flaming Weapons, +1 damage to all the casters attacks (and only 4+ to cast)!
  11. The mounted Killaboss rules are really uninspiring. Solid stats (except the 1" spear) but was hoping for a cool command ability or something. Perhaps there is something good they've just not shown us?
  12. Don't forget that All Out Defence + (rumoured) New Mystic Shield + There Finest Hour are a nerf to most shooting armies. Having most of your damage focused on one Phase per round means you're generally going to be punching through much better saves. Sure, doesn't effect LRL too much but basically every other shooting army will do less damage when their number 1 priority unit is at least +1 save (declared after you start shooting them). The new victory points system is also likely to encourage more aggressive/combat approaches.
  13. Lol, depends entirely on how the shooting units work! Is they have low volume, high quality attacks, definitely not going to be worth escorting with a hero for better poison.
  14. Personally I think Battleshock itself will be largely unchanged but with inspiring presence reduced to once per turn (or hopefully once per game). I'd like to see some sort of cost for being immune to battle shock and think the Killsboss' aura is a great example of this. Reduce losses without completly ignoring it.
  15. While I get people being worried about unleash hell, missions/objectives/points changes could easily move the meta away from shooting. Similarly with the coherency rules, cavalry or large based models in general could have an exception which would fix this (less confident that this one will actually happen, but you never know). So while I'm not 100% happy with what we've seen so far, I want to see more before I go looking for another system.
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