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  1. On average a 8+ unit is only doing triple the damage of a smaller unit. So 4 *2 will average more damage than 1*8, and as you say will do much better after losing models. Big disadvantage of smaller units is in terms of combat activation, but feels to me like a hit worth taking.
  2. Anyone else though of using massed 2 Ogor units of Leadbelchers? In Underguts it's a solid standalone unit and small units maximise charging mortal wounds, extra attacks from champion and are generally more survivable than single big units (damage overflow being wasted). Thinking something like this at 2k points: Firebelly Butcher Slaughtermaster 4 Ironblasters 3 Units of 4 Leadbelchers 8 Units of 2 Leadbelchers Thoughts?
  3. Just reducing the cost of fiends and seeker chariots I assume 🤣
  4. Not worked out the details but pondering something similar. Probably going for more Ironblasters and a trophy rack on the tyrant for some serious anti-monster shooting..
  5. Only place he really shines is with a gruesome trophy rack in a shooting list. Ironblasters dual shooting with that should make a mess of most monsters.
  6. Nice, not a million miles form what I've been planning. An event report and thoughts on how it all ran would be awesome if you have the time. Particularly interested in how you found the 20 Gutter runner units, always felt too fragile to me (especially compared to hordes of Night runners).
  7. Awesome stuff. What list were you running?
  8. Nice, if you get a chance to do a write up, I would love to here how you felt with those lists.
  9. Yup, sounds like he lucked out with slayer of kings. Congratulations on the results HobbyKiller, what list did you run?
  10. Unfortunately true. The battalion calls for great bray shamman, not bold, so refers to the warscroll name, not any keywords. 😭
  11. Only if they are generated from a spell or attack, the mortal wounds caused by the chariots are neither, so don't produce depravity.
  12. Yeah, I must say the more I use my Exaulted Chariot Bladebringer, the more I want to use 2. The damage output is great, especially if you manage to charge multiple units, know one likes 4d3 mortal wounds before you even start attacking. Just a shame you don't get depravity from the mortal wounds. On an unrelated note, has anyone tried out the new warcry furies yet in their Slaanesh list? Sure they increase drop count, but 12" flighing move with retreat instead of fighting feels strong in a army that can had out always strikes last. First though is a screen for a Keeper, if anything scary charges just locus it and retreat over it's head with the Furies, who can now have fun in the enemies back lines.
  13. Yeah, typically I'll only use the Sword of Judgement as a 3rd artefact in 2 battalion list , on top of a Miasmic Blade on a Keeper and Rod of Misrule. Hysterial frenzy is often more of a deterrent than a offensive weapon. If keeping your epitome close to your keeper means it doesn't get bogged down in hordes, super. But generally I agree with what your saying, it's far from an auto-take but does give you a whole new bag of tricks. Not using one at the moment for many of the reasons you mention.
  14. For me, Horrible fascination is just an added extra (as is the 2+ moral wound save). The speed, offensive output and most importantly two spells/disspells with rerolls are what makes it good. Hysterical frenzy is probably our best anti horde tool and Epitome is the best caster we have for it (unless your allying in Fateweaver). Similarly if your using any big bang Endless spells (Cogs anyone), Epitome is the best model to try and cast it. Also, the combination of Epitome and Enraptress is the single most effective way to shutdown wizards. Them rerolling successful casts and you rerolling unbinds means they have 4 chances to fail casting any given spell, even Nagash struggles. Also great monster/hero hunter with Sword of Judgement (on claws) and the Fane (2+ save Vs the mortal wound to boot): 9 attacks and rerolling what you want gives you 18 chances to roll 6s.
  15. Personally I've found 2 is plenty and leaves room for more toys. With three you end up light on models (and wounds) and more at risk of getting your heros getting wiped out during a double turn. Even if you have more heros, less screens etc makes them vulnerable. We also have some great utility heroes like Enraptures and Epitome which I struggle to include with 3 Keepers. Also, I've found hordes to be the hardest armies to face and more keepers doesn't really help with that.
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