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  1. Recently played a few games against a similar list. First time round I tried pilling everything into the Bezerkers, but we just don't have the combat punch to do that reliably. Maybe if you're rocking 18 Enlightened on disks and a Wildfire Torus (make sure you hot the Bezerkers and not the hero, so the hero will have to fight and activate all the rerolls), but generally you want to keep well clear (unless you manage to take out all the heros first) Second game I went with a desolating beastherd list with plenty of Centigors and just out manoeuvred him. By the end of turn 2 I had a wide circle around his army and just picked off the straggling units while playing for objectives. Stark contrast to the first game, I felt in complete control for the entire game as he just couldn't hold more than one objective without splitting his force (which would have resulted in me swarming and destroying the smaller half). So yeah, main thing is play the mission and use your mobility to control the game. Ambush really throws them off their game (not enough cheap units to screen effectively) and a bit of shooting is invaluable, which basically means raiders and/or Cockatrice. Also remember the buffing heroes are generally quite squishy and poor in combat, so no hard doing a suicide charge to take one out if you get the chance.
  2. You only completely avoid getting hit when charhed, but with clipping and screening you can make sure only one enemy model can attack the enlightened. Harder to pull off without the disks massive move but still a solid tactic.
  3. Your missing the 2" range, which makes it easy to screen most damage with another unit and get guided from the past without getting slaughtered first.
  4. I think for pure value Ungor are probably our best battleline (in a deprived drove), closely followed by hellstriders who's speed and relative hardiness is great for our play style. Daemonettes are feel like they should be maybe 8 points each instead of 11. The Slave to Darkness options are ok, but mostly lack the mobility to keep up and lose some synergy by not being Hedonites (no Keeper command ability for them).
  5. Personally I think then unit costs are just about right. The problem for me is the cost of our heros and monsters. I could see an argument for Bullgors dropping to 150, but I can see why they stayed the same (native healing, solid battle-shock protection and one of very few units with -2 rend). I think the idea of reduction for Bestigors to be just mad. They are such a good unit at the moment. Yes they aren't as hardy as 'Ard boys, but they are so much faster (Move 4" Vs 6" with run and charge) and hit much harder (rend and a tonne of conditional bonuses, often double the offensive output).
  6. Main reason for Ungors is to get more warm bodies on the field. 40 wounds for 200 points is great and helps make up for Slaanesh's general lack if durability. Bestigors hit like a tonne of bricks but you pay twice the points per wound (5 Vs 10 ppw with max units), makes them a better tar pit and objective holder.
  7. On the monster side I've thinks, I've been trying out multiple Cockatrices recently and they really are quite good. If you've got a plenty of bodies to keep your opponent tied down, 3-4 Cockarices can quickly make a mess of a wide range of threats. Ignoring to hit penalties is great for hero hunting. Played a game with 3 last week, they all missed turn one, but then proceeded to destroy a hell pit abomination, and two Verminlords over the next few turns. They even did well in combat, as long as they are ganging up on something that's not too hardy (small units of clan rats and some weapon teams). Going to be trying out the full 4 I have converted up this week, probably facing storm-cast, so should be lots of juicy targets for those mortal wounds.
  8. If only, max out heros behinds an ever growing screen of flamers. Unfortunately you check for heros once each time a model is slain and then roll A dice if the condition is fulfilled. Only slain once, so only one roll. Still a nice (if crazy random) rule, the look on someones face when you roll 2+ 6s and spawn a big unit of them is hilarious. So instead of killing my inoffensive unit of 3, they have grown to 9 models and will now roast your army to smithereens.
  9. Thanks for your thoughts, definitely worth considering. I was trying to avoid an all or nothing Alpha strike, but the good options in the list really push you towards it. More food for thought
  10. Personally I'd drop the Taurus and Warshrine for more warm bodies. Warshine can't bless anything except itself (Beasts don't have the Mortal keyword) and doesn't seem worth it for just the 6++ aura. Taurus just doesn't seem worth it when you already have Locus of distraction. Those extra points could make the other two units of Ungors 40 strong, or add 2 *10 beast units of Bestigors and some cheaper endless spell fun.
  11. Humm, extra CP are always good but how are you getting two a turn from Sybarite battalion? It only triggers once in your Hero phase, so surely max one per turn and even then with only 4 heros it's 66% chance at best with my list. Still worth considering by I want to see how much value I can get out of the Cavalcade for a few games before switching from it. Epitome is definitely interesting but struggle with spending 200 points on a model with only 7 wounds, 5+ and meh damage output. I know you can spice it up with artefacts and it's great if you want to reliably cast Endless spells, but I'm not convinced it's be worth loosing the Herald on Exalted Chariot or 10 seekers for (in this list).
  12. Soo, planing my first pure Hedonites list and thinking about something along the lines of this (2k, competative). Keeper of Secrets (Sinistrous hand, Thermalrider Cloak) Keeper of Secrets (Sinistrous hand, Ignax Scales) Herald on Exaulted Chariot Infernal Entrapturess Seeker Cavalcade 5 Hellstriders with Claw-spears 5 Hellstriders with Claw-spears 5 Hellstriders with Claw-spears 10 Seekers of Slaanesh 10 Seekers of Slaanesh 2000 on the nose. Makes for 5 drops with solid Alpha strike (20 seekers and Cloak Wearing Keeper), with 10 Hellstriders, Keeper number 2 and Chariot to follow turn two, while the Entraptress and one unit of Striders stay back to cap objectives and summon reinforcements. 6" activation combined with double activation should make a mockery of all but the deepest screens. Biggest weakness seems to be lack of durability (less than 100 wounds, eep) but I'm hoping speed, summoning and killing power will make up for this. One thing I can't decide on is Host. All have their advantages but I'm really Torn between Invaders (for command points) and Seekers (for a touch more speed). Any thoughts/advice.
  13. I think switching to helstriders (over Daemonettes) will help lots. 40 of them are going to be more survivable than your 80 Deamonettes, a bit cheaper, much faster and harder hitting. Also, they aren't daemons, so don't get as ruined as easily by the Basilidons and are effective in smaller units so don't suffer as much from battleshock. With lots of casters and generally only ok spells, endless spells are also potentially invaluable. For only 30 points a well placed Prismatic Palisade can really mess is any opponent attempting to castle up and hurt you from range. Aethervoid pendulum is also great for shifting an opponent thats squished together. Germinds do a bit of both with some damage and the light one effects shooting, making the Basillidons only hit on 5+.
  14. I think shooting heavy armies (with good screens) are always going to be our worst matchups, but your not doing yourself any favours with all those Daemonettes. Annoyingly Daemonettes are just really bad, they are expensive, squishy, don't hit particularly hard and worse of all, they are relatively slow. Those 820 points could be -40 Helstriders: much faster, better save and aren't daemons (so less effected by anti-chaos stuff). Or -a Beast Battalion, Bray Shaman and 120 Ungor (30 points more including the battalion),: faster, harder to kill, better at screening, come with a caster, less drops and comparable damage output. Or go for minimum Ungors and some Beastigors to break people's faces. -60 Marauders and 460 points to spend on other stuff. Since out armies tend to spend a lot of points on heros, who are always easier to kill than the same points of units, you need to make sure the non-hero part of your list can pull it's weight and control the board, so you can pin enemies into a part of the board. Annoyingly we are in the position where we have one decent battleline (Helstriders) unless you add in some Beasts or Slaves to Darkness. Against lists who can shoot down our heros, you need to have some tough and hard hitting backup to support them. Against lots of armies it's a non-issue because your heros do all the heavy lifting and the army feels powerful. If your stuck for models you can change up your artefacts to help: Gryph Feather charm on an exalted chariot makes it -2 to hit from shooting once a unit is near by, making it near immune to regular shooting (and an extra point of movement is no harm).
  15. That is a sweet alternative, but not for me. Warhammer World is my local gaming store, which is generally great, but I ain't going to rock up with alternative models when they provide such amazing free gaming facilities.
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