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  1. Yup, as others have eluded too, just don't play his game. Feed Skarbrand trash while you win on objectives or just shoot him to death. Underguts with plenty of Iron-blasters and the trophy rack is almost an auto-win against this army as you just shoot Skarbrand off the board from a safe distance. Four of them shout comfortably do it in one turn, if they don't impact hits should do the job (although your shooting from 24" so their shouldn't be much danger of a charge anyway). For Death, just use an allegiance that lets you resummon units and let him murder away while you resummon and win the objective game.
  2. Personally I think you'll get more mileage out of +2 attacks than the extra Loathing (less situational), and 12 attacks on the flail is just gross.
  3. Thanks for the Ideas! Lots of interesting stuff, never even thought of Munificent Wanderers, that command trait is crazy good (only reason it's not ridiculous is that most Nurgle daemons are 'meh').
  4. Just what it says on the tin, I love the Soul Grinder models and am currently converting and painting up 3, but just can't decide what army to build around them. I know they are never going to be top tier competitive, but it'd be great to be good enough to challenge most people in pickup games and local events. Some ideas I've had are: Slaanesh- Syll'Esske Host: have a great battalion (only one for soul grinders) that gives them +1 to hit and Saves, but they don't synergise at all with the host abilities and with a shooting strong meta and realm artefacts gone the Host is very weak. Slaves to Darkness despoilers: has some nice synergies with the grinders, but feels like choosing a weak alligence on top or 630 points of meh units is crippling myself too much. Anyone had any joy running multiple soul grinder or have any ideas for a good army to put them in?
  5. Definitely looks like we'll be more about attrition than raw damage, which is fine, especially in the current shooting meta!
  6. Heavy shooting lists are never going to be easy and Archaon is only going to make things worse. Also warriors are basically zero value in a matchup like this, too slow to have any impact. If your going to tailor a list against that sort of thing I'd got for alpha strike, so Lurid Haze with some Marauders and tonnes of seekers/ in units of 5. The Masque is also great for these games either charging in where needed or hiding at the back to enable summoning.
  7. If you have a hunter too I can see the value in Cats, but I find them lackluster without and need the points for the big guns. Because Belchers come in units of 2, it's more like 12-15 small units instead of 3 big ones (if your investing that many points) which is a nightmare to deal with and gives much more impact damage and significantly more attacks (because of champions who have 50% more attacks). Different story with Gluttons who come in min 3 and, so not the same efficiency. Also different if you playing with single target buffing spells but for this list the small units are great. Played them against all sorts of opponents KO, Stormcast, Beast, Nurgle, Khorne, Bonereapers, Slaves, Orruks etc etc.
  8. I find the Ogor screens too slow/small/expensive. Much prefer using multiple small units to protect themselves rather then dedicated screens. Assuming you have a few hard hitting units that are using your first few combat activations and aren't competing for drops, small units are just more useful: don't have to worry about Bravery, you can split fire efficiently, 1" range isn't an issue, you maximise champions and opponents waste damage overkilling units. 120 points, so our cheapest hero and a caster to boot. I found that you really need a 3rd character for missions that need them and having one unbind/dispell can make a bit difference compare to completely abandoning the magic phase. 8+ to cast is unreliable, but lower cast rolls will tend to get easily dispelled anyway (never going to really compete in the magic phase outside bloodgullet). Stick near the maw pot and it's casting more than half the time and can be game winning, especially if you get it off before you get double turned.
  9. It's a lot better than it looks on paper. The small units are great as they mean you don't have to worry about Bravery, you can split fire efficiently, 1" range isn't an issue, you maximise champions and opponents waste damage overkilling units. So if you going with mass Leadbelchers I'd use lots of small units every time. The Battalion is mainly there to reduce drops and get the artefact but I prefer that one as it means you don't have to over invest in characters (while not being screwed by character focus missions) and you aren't forced into taking gluttons, who just don't fit with the rest of the list.
  10. My Underguts list that is undefeated at 2k after 12+ games: Tyrant: General + Trophy Rack Firebelly + Billowing Ash Frostlord on Stonehorn, Metal Cruncher + Gnoblar Blast Keg. 4 Ironguts 2 * 4 Lead Belchers 2 * 2 Lead Belchers 4 * Iron Blasters Tyrant's Gutguard. As others have mentioned it's not a pure shooting army, but has enough shooting to force people towards you. Personally I love the Iron Blasters as they are hard to kill, fast, mildly competent in combat and force people towards you. There presence also forces people to take first turn against you rather than out-dropping you they give you a not very productive first turn before potentially double turning you. Every unit (except the Ironguts) can do damage in Shooting, charge and combat phase separately which means you don't waste much damage output overkilling things. A massive advantage that's easy to underestimate. The Ironguts are usually the star players as people tend to focus on the Frost Load and Iron-blasters, so the Guts are relatively free to decimate stuff.
  11. Obviously followed by wave 3, Mega'est Gargants On a slightly more serious note, I'm considering converting my Sons of B into 'Sons of Gorka-morka' mega Orruks. The main problem being I'm not confident I have the skill to re-sculpt the heads into something more Orruky. Can anyone think of something (GW or not) that has an Orky head that would be big enough to not look silly on a mega gargant body?
  12. Wave 2, Mega-mega Gargant kit with options to assemble one as King Brodd. each 30" tall
  13. Are their enought that this is an issues? Hand of Dust and Slayer of Kings are the only ones I can think of (that effect models with lots of wounds) and both are on 800point+ unique characters and are highly situational.
  14. Could also try MSU ruin bringer battalion. His army feels really weak to mortal wounds, so 4-5 units of 1 chariot doing 4ish mortal wounds each on the charge will soon add up. The main things is to focus fire and make sure a unit is completely wiped out before moving on to the next. He's invested hundreds of points in healing and has very few wounds if you carefully take them down. Also make sure to force him to stretch out his lines so the Crawler isn't covering too many Mortek when you engage them.
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