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  1. How can people take such an easy to understand rule and overcomplicate it? If you charged successfully or end up within 3" you can pile in. Even if you have a 6" pile in, the above restrictions still apply and you must move towards the closest enemy unless the ability overrides that requirement. Simple surely???
  2. Yes. You can pile in if you successfully charged or end up within 3" of an enemy model. After pile in you can attack any model in range of melee weapons. The rules around this are really simple and, I think, should be easy to follow. But they allow a lot of tactical nuance.
  3. If you made a successful charge, you get to pile in. Doesn't matter how far away the nearest model is.
  4. Cool cheers I thought that was the case but it just seems a bit weird.
  5. But it could be that the unit you charged got totally wiped so then could you end up piling in towards a totally different unit 20" away?
  6. This is what I'm not sure about. Nothing in the rules says you can't but it seems weird that you might be piling in to an enemy you have no chance of reaching.
  7. If casualties have been removed due to another unit attacking first you can end up having successfully completed a charge but now being outside 3".
  8. No mate read the rules again. You do not need to be within 3" if you completed a successful charge.
  9. Model or unit... the point is you don't need to be within 3" to pile in. You need to be within 3" OR completed a successful charge. Question I always have is... can you still make a pile in move even if it won't put any models into attack range?
  10. You can pile in if you made a successful charge regardless of whether there is an enemy model within 3".
  11. They did nothing wrong. The rule is pretty simple and works the same for everyone. It adds a lot of tactical intricacy to combat.
  12. You don't have to pile in. It's an optional move. As for moving directly towards the nearest model, that would allow much less tactical manoeuvres. The pile in mechanic is one of the best things in the game.
  13. Yeah man. Most bits won't fit in either end and one bit won't hold in place no matter how much I tighten it.
  14. In related news their other stuff varies... The primers are good from my limited experience. The drill sucks, bits don't fit probably.
  15. Yeah I didn't say it was all the same... but it's all close quarters. The point is that you're only gonna get so much variety with some factions.
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