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  1. Because new shiny! πŸ˜€ In all seriousness though, people love new stuff (be it new armies/models or tweaks to the rules). It keeps the game from getting stale.
  2. I agree, that would make no sense at all. I don't mean just take the existing range and break it back up again. There's a lot of scope for fleshing out each of the clans separately with proper model releases over time (and by time I mean the medium-long term). The book that just came out is, as you say, just to make skaven playable (for now). I'm referring to the post-consolidation period that we are still going through. It's an easy way of adding more factions (and therefore more profits!), While minimising the amount of new models (and costs) necessary. Plus, who doesn't want a whole faction based around ninja rat-men ala Clan Eshin πŸ˜ƒ
  3. Would make a lot of sense. And open up gyrocoptor squadrons πŸ˜ƒ
  4. Was interesting to see the Ironweld Arsenal chucked in with the Dispossessed for the survey. A mistake or portent of things to come? Makes more sense really. The steamtank being a Dawi invention after all. Taught them manlings everything they know about artillery too... 🧐
  5. There seems to be an awful lot of speculation that GW will merge factions who already have battletomes... Seems extremely unlikely to me, the only previous 'battletomed' faction to be merged is Pestilens. and I think the only did that is because it would have being too much effort in the short-term to bring it up-to-date as a full faction. While their model lines are a little small, bonesplitterz and ironjawz only need (and will likely receive) a bit of terrain and an endless spell. I fully believe that once all the current model lines have battletomes or are retired, GW will actually break up some of these soup-tomes (like legions of nagash and skaven) into full sub factions. They're only here to make the model lines playable in the meantime.
  6. Mentioned Stormcast/Space Marine fatigue. Dispossessed Battletome! Could they please make the Asyr army builder (which otherwise is pretty great) accurate? Too many bugs! The latest pitched battle profiles should be accessible for free through the Asyr app and/or the website (and reviewed / updated every 6 months). Witch Hunter entourage for WU The double turn introduces doubt about what will happen in future turns, which is tactically interesting. The problem (for me at least, and apparently for at least a few others from reading this thread) is that it's too all or nothing. The only obvious way I can think of to tone it down without removing the extra doubt entirely it's to move to an alternating unit activation system. That would be a pretty big upheaval though. Can't see it happening anytime soon.
  7. I agree πŸ™‚ I don't think they really need many. I do think there is a chance for a centerpiece though, given that GW seem to want there to be at least one in every range and the Dispossessed are one of the few without one.
  8. That's true, perhaps for Tomb Kings it was simply poor sales (as a gamer at the time, I seem to remember they were not very popular)? Or perhaps GW didn't think they wanted to support two skeleton based armies? Do you mean what chance do the dispossessed have of getting a new battletome? Pretty good I reckon, they are mainly new kits that came out shortly before the end times. Since GW plans everything years in advance, that suggests to me that they were designed with AoS in mind . They have allegiance abilities in the general's handbook (so the rules team have already invested time and therefore money in them). The only glaring omission from the range is probably a big centerpiece model. Fingers crossed for Golems or a big tunneling machine!
  9. Oh I don't mean they'll get a new kit. They'll just be retired. I mean, how many 'infantry with hand weapon and shield / two handed weapons' options does one model line need? Crossbows and generic rifles don't seem fantastical enough for the new world. Especially when Irondrakes exist. I'm hopeful for at least one new 'big centre piece' model for us though. That seems to be a staple of AoS factions, and we haven't got one.
  10. I suspect the Warrior/Quarreller/Thunderer kit will be retired. They don't really (conceptually) add anything to the range not covered by our 4 'elite' infantry blocks, which all have lovely modern kits. Dwarves riding bears always looks ridiculous (e.g. LotR and Mantic). New cavalry units of *any* type seem in short supply since AoS started (only the IronJaws Gore-Gruntas?) I can't see GW going down that route. Golums seem all but inevitable (πŸ˜ƒ) perhaps with Duardin riding on top, ala the Araknarok? A tunneling machine would be awesome. I'd love a new Miner kit too, but pickaxes might seem abit twee in the New World...
  11. I doubt this. Everything canned since AoS started (Bretonia, Tomb Kings, Gitmob Grots, Greenskinz) have been old kits (and more importantly) that noone is buying. That doesn't apply to the Dispossessed, who have always been a popular range. Same goes for High/Dark/Wood Elves. Plus many of these (sub) factions have already had Allegiance Abilities in the GH. So development time (and therefore money) has already been invested by the Rules team. Not something I would expect of a business planning these ranges for retirement. Wanderers and Dispossessed seem like no brainers for Battletome treatment. They already have coherent model collections that people are buying. Chuck in a big centre-piece perhaps (that they both lack), a piece of terrain and an endless spell... Jobs a good 'un. Easy money ☺️ A few kits will likely be pruned from the rest of the Aelves, but I expect most of it will be used in some form. As has already been said, the high elves in particular have many recent, dynamic kits (Skycutter chariot, Shadow Warriors, Phoenix) that look like GW designed with AoS in mind. They plan this stuff years in advance, it would be incredibly unlikely for then to have poured all that money in to new kits only a few years before pulling them from sale. Ultimately, GW are not going to retire kits if they think people will buy them! Don't panic, it's going to be ok πŸ˜„
  12. Toddy

    Where next?

    Katophranes are trapped right now... But wouldn't be difficult to change things. Perhaps they could just orchestrate the battle from their prison? (While still being a badass Spellcaster) Or someone could forge gollums from the shadeglass...? Deathrattle needs abit more than that (though wish they'd kept the screaming skull catapults!). They don't really have much character in their current form (generic skeletons/wights), which seems a big deal to GW these days. Hopefully a major facelift is in the works.
  13. Toddy

    Where next?

    Ah! Well I have a theory that LoN is just something to ensure Death is playable until they get around to doing books for the *real* factions. Could be quite a while until that happens, but then LoN itself might be retired.
  14. Toddy

    Where next?

    I hadn't heard about this! Where was this sourced?
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